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  1. There was an article I read recently, think it was Washington post, about an outbreak of measles in the Somali community in MN. Wakefield recently met with the community. here in a link to the article
  2. The whole article is bad. First of all, nitrogen is not synthetically made. Nitrogen is an atom, there is no such thing as synthetic nitrogen. There are synthetically manufactured fertilizers that contain the atom nitrogen, but in the form usually of nitrates or urea. Well, most fertilizers contain these. Over fertilization, and the individual chemicals used in fertilizer is a major problem. But if you want a real discussion, link to an article that at least pretends to understand the issue. Florida, where I live, has attempted to restrict fertilizer in residential usage - but of course commercial growers are not so limited. For example, see the sugar cane growers and the effect last summer on the Treasure Coast area.
  3. Thank you. My meeting was this morning, and I have chosen to install an under the sink RO system, with the other upgrades.. It is only a 3 gallon reservoir, but can "make" up to 25 gallons per day. Biggest benefit was I can now hook up the ice maker in my fridge, instead of buying ice. My new system will involve only one pump, instead of my two, and uses hydrogen peroxide to clean out the sulfur removal system. They are installing next Wednesday. So, no more buying 20 gallons of water to drink minimum per week, plus the individual water bottles. My electric bill will drop, and I'll have much less "things" to go wrong, that I pay for to get fixed. It's a bit pricey, but I think worth to be able to get a shower without smelling like sulfur for hours afterwards. Plus we will actually have drinking water. Its kind of amazing that this day and age, people in a settled part of the state don't have decent drinkable water.
  4. We are on well water, and our current system does not produce drinkable water. Therefore we purchase water to drink, in gallons and smaller containers. We do recycle the plastic. But we are in the process of updating our water system. One option is to also install an under the sink RO system, and if we do, we would be able to drink water from that tap. My initial thought would be of course the RO system is more environmentally friendly as we would no longer be purchasing a lot of plastic. But then I was thinking about the large amount of flush water that is a by product of an RO system. Does anyone know if an RO system even with all the flush water is more environmentally friendly than purchasing water in plastic? Oh, and I have two rainwater tanks that I use to water my plants, at least my more sensitive plants. One I purchased, (60 gallons) and it has connects to one of my downspouts, and then I have a plastic drum (55 gallons) that I drilled a few holes in the lid. Overflow from the first tank goes into the drum, and I have a pump to access that water. The drum also has another hole I drilled for overflow. If you install a tank, make sure you don't forget an overflow option.
  5. But Broward is <1% reported, and Palm Beach is only 25%. Lots of votes in those two counties.
  6. Thank you. Well as expected my county is definitely red, but I'm pleased to see not as red as I thought it would be.
  7. Where are you finding by county in Florida? I'd like to see what mine is doing. No there is not, at least in every place I've lived, in 3 different states.
  8. Florida - we are an ID state, but there are about 15 different forms of ID they accept. I want to add, my sister who lives in PA, voted for the first time today, she is in her 40s.
  9. I voted about two weeks ago, had to wait about 20 min in line to get my ID checked and signature confirmed, then about 5 minutes to wait to receive my ballot, then no wait to put my ballot in the scanner. We have three lines here you go through typically to vote.
  10. I'm curious as to how you see how this industry which is quite large, is because of the people I surround myself with. Are you suggesting I give up a 26 year well paying career because they are Trump supporters? Are you saying I choose who my managers and competitors hire? Because I can absolutely guarantee you I wish there were more women and minorities in my industry. I fully believe this industry would be better off if there were. I also absolutely guarantee you that I do not enjoy being one of three women at a conference, or too many times the only woman at a work function. And my original comment referred to people all across the country, many of which work for large international companies, which tend to be headquartered in cities I don't live in.. So I'm not quite sure how that is people I am surrounding myself around.
  11. Yes there are always exceptions, and really my specific industry is dominated by college educated white men. But it is almost everybody I know in this industry. The few women are not talking (neither am I), there is one gentleman that I am pretty sure won't vote for Trump, and one LGBT who I know is a Clinton supporter. To give an idea of the demographics of my industry - a recent conference with about 100 people attending had 5 women (two were girlfriend/spouse), 1 minority (Cuban) and white men. The presentation was quite boring, so I actually counted. My point is the perception of Trump supporters are uneducated does not bear out in my life at all.
  12. I don't usually comment on the politics thread, but this particular perception - that Trump supporters are uneducated - is completely untrue in what I see in my life. The vast majority of people I know, from personal and business have stated they are voting for Trump. In my community (middle class, small coastal retirement town, Florida), there are numerous Trump/Pence yard signs, and I've not seen one Clinton/Kaine sign. In my work community, which involves people from all over this county, educated people, which all have at minimum a BS/BA, many of which are chemists, are Trump supporters. Not just voting for Trump, but actually agree with him. I've been told recently the reasons: - good business man, when I commented that he inherited his money, I was told "no he didn't, he is a self made man" This from a guy who is a high level executive manager at an international company. - he isn't politically correct - when I responded that personally, when I am about to say something, there are many words that I can choose to get my point across. So why would I choose words that are hurtful? The response was humpf. - Hillary is going to raise taxes on me. when I responded so you are making millions, wow I'm in the wrong end of this industry, the response was no she is just like that asshole obama, she is going to raise my taxes. - SCOTUS is too important, have to elect Trump. My response was you really think Trump is going to nominate someone to further your interests? No he will probably sell the nomination to the highest bidder. The response was well that is possible, but I know Hillary will nominate someone who will destroy this country - undocumented immigrants - best part of this is the business owners I know that state this reason - have hired undocumented immigrants themselves. And on and on and on. My own son has said he is voting for Trump. At least my other son isn't.
  13. My employer offered plan actually decreased a couple dollars a month this year. Ours went into effect 10/1. We have a 5,000 deductible per person but 10,000 maximum per family, so it's not too bad. Also, regular check ups as well as specialist visits have a pretty low copay. The major change for us this year was dental went up about 5 bucks a pay, and they only cover children to age 18 now. Previously they covered children on our dental to 26. As I have two that are between 18 and 26, they lost their dental coverage. But, back in 09 when I was looking for healthcare, we were offered a plan, 1,500 dollars per month. Per month! With a 7,500 deductible per person. So, i'm definitely not complaining these days.
  14. I don't mean to be insulting, so please don't take this comment this way. But honestly evacuating 3-4 days in advance just doesn't seem reasonable. Yes keep an eye on the storm. Yes 1-2 days ahead of time, secure outside objects that could go airborne. But evacuate - no. Seriously, the storms path is not that predictable this far in advance, so why take extreme action to avoid? ive been through enough storms that were a "dead hit" on my towns 12-48 hours out, where the storm made a last minute turn, and we barely got a tropical rainstorm.
  15. Please forgive me, but I find it interesting that schools in SC are closing tomorrow, while here in S. Florida it is currently business as usual. As Matthew is not even going to get close to Florida until Thursday, why would SC close schools for Wednesday? Also down here, school buses are rated to 40-45 mph winds. 30 mph is just a storm. This reminds me of back when I lived in Charlotte, and schools issued a closing on a Sunday for Monday when there was a 10% chance we would have less than 1 inch of snow overnight. Woke up that Monday morning, no snow, and actually the temp didn't dip below 40.