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  1. A search of the eBooks on my Kindle yielded nothing.
  2. That's only on the show. She won't make it out of the Eyrie.
  3. Rhaegar was a fool. He thought he had the advantage at the trident and threw it away to do the gallant thing and fight Robert one on one. How stupid to let the outcome of single combat decide the war. Westeros is lucky that fool never sat on the throne. The will of the Great Council is not going to be enough to remove King Aerys from his throne. It will take force to do that. So if Rhaegar really wanted to call a Great Council it was to overturn his father's decision to pass the crown to Viserys instead of him. I don't think it's a matter of removing Aerys from the throne. Only force could do that. So let's say Aerys is out of the way. What is the need for a Great Council if Rhaegar was the next in line? He becomes king automatically. That is, unless Aerys had already made provisions to replace him with Prince Viserys. So the purpose of this Great Councial was to overturn the right of Prince Viserys to inherit from their father.
  4. Daenerys is my favorite character. She is everything that I love about a character: smart, noble, beautiful, witty, brave, compassionate, fierce. She's a superhero with dragon riding abilities. I love a lot of theories. Craster is a Stark. Daenerys is Azor Ahai. The dusky woman will betray Victarion. Benero and his red priests will support Daenerys. Hizdahr zo Loraq is the harpy.
  5. You can take the girl out of the wild but you can't take the wildling out of the girl. Gillie will be out of place in Slaver's Bay but she was already out of place. It will be hard for a girl with a baby to survive.
  6. Ned Stark died because he played the game poorly. It's not because he was too honorable. He was already in over his head before he told Cersei of his plans to reveal her secret to Robert. It was just a matter of time. Even if he made it back to Winterfell and wrote a letter to Robert to tell him about Jaime and Cersei. Robert would call on him to raise an army and help him against Tywin soon after Cersei and Jaime gets executed. If Tywin went to war for Tyrion, think what he would do to Robert if Cersei and Jaime gets executed. I like Catelyn but she was a liability to Ned. Sansa is another liability that Ned could have done without.
  7. I don't think it's her plan to wipe them out as long as they don't oppose her. She can forgive as long as they don't block her path to her throne. That is what conquering is all about. No different than Aegon. That is what happens during a take over. Although Dany will have a much easier time than most because the people are ready for a change. It has been said and written, the Baratheons and their allies failed to hold together a prosperous kingdom. They are failures in many respects and they failed the people. Westeros has never been this low before. Many folks will be ready for a change in leadership to the extent that they will throw their liege lords to the dragons like the slaves of Volantis are ready to do to their masters as soon as Dany gives the signal. So far as the people blaming Dany for Aerys. That is pure nonsense. The only ones who may try to block Dany from her throne are the Lannisters and the Greyjoys. The Starks are in no position to block anybody. If they're smart, they will kneel to Dany and ask for help. They have nothing to offer Dany but she has a lot to offer them if they behave like good little boys and girls. The Baratheons and the Tullys are nearly finished, thanks to Petyr Baelish, Lords Walder, and Roose.
  8. Psychological battle tactics. Sun Tzu would be proud. The Art of War being skillfully employed.
  9. That's just too good. This is one of the best conversations in all of the books.
  10. The Freys were coerced to participate in the red wedding. They had to do it to protect themselves and the family fortune.
  11. House Targaryen is the most famous family in the known world. Somebody knew what it was for what it is. It's in a rich family's collection now. It would be nice for Daenerys to have it. Is it likely? I don't know. A lot of people have taken keen interest on the Targaryens and the Dragon Queen. The current owner may offer to sell it to Daenerys.
  12. Going mad might make Jon more interesting. Still, I think he comes back as a Wight. It's the only way to come back from death.
  13. The sand snakes. It just goes to show how culturally diverse this continent is. Poor Brienne had to live a sad and lonely life because she wants to fight. Dorne respects women who can fight. Dornish law allows women to inherit. It's the Andals who discourage women from fighting. For all its civility, it's the Andals and their religion that attempts to limit their women. This is not to say that I am a fan of the sand snakes. They're on the path of vengeance and it's not likely to end well for them. But, I can respect their bravery.