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  1. What is the "power in king's blood"?

    Just what exactly is the power in king's blood? Burning king's blood creates magic. This is what Mel believes. This is not what I believe. Just about every Targaryen king of the last three hundred years were burned. Aerion burned himself to death. As far as we know, not a single time did it create a miracle. That's three hundred years of burning king's blood and nothing of note took place other than make a lot of smoke. Evidence does not support this theory. Someone with king's blood can perform miracles if they knew the right spells and rituals. Aegon V had all the ingredients. He had the large fire, he even sacrificed himself (king), and many others with king's blood. Rhaegar was born close to the time Summerhall went down but he was conceived nine months before. Is that a miracle? It sounds weak to me. Very underwhelming and not worth the trouble considering the baby would come out anyway. Daenerys had all the ingredients and the stone eggs hatched into dragons. We know for sure that Daenerys has king's blood and she performed the funeral ceremony. There is support for this theory. Descendants of Garth Greenhand have power in their blood. This is the idea presented by youtuber Order of the Greenhand. I recommend their channel to you if you wish to explore this idea. They explain it better than I do and there is support for this theory. I believe the Greenseers have a preference for the blood of the First Men, which Garth's descendants are. This is one possible explanation for why the Greenseer may dislike the First Men breeding out as it could dilute their blood. The blood of the First Men carry the genes that give the ability to skin change. Lose that ability and the Greenseers lose control of their birds and animals. Too many breeding out and the talent will go away. Perhaps bleeding a powerful skin changer and letting his blood soak to the weir roots is what will create a miracle. Let's bleed Bran and Jon and test the theory. Feeding on the blood of the First Men nourish the ability of the skin changers attached to the roots. The red comet is the king's blood. This one is based on the Dothraki legend of the sun and the moon. If the moon is goddess, then the sun is a god. The word god may have changed to king after thousands of years of translation. The comet is the broken piece of the moon or sun, or at least that is what they believe. It is the blood of the sun or the moon. Dany, the Azor Ahai, was reborn under the red comet. The dragons hatched under the red comet. There is support for this theory in my opinion. The red comet is the king's blood that "slays the season" and resets the climate. The sword Dawn may have come from the comet.
  2. Targaryen Morality

    The Targaryens left behind many of the darker customs of their homeland. They stopped the practice of slave ownership at some point in their history on Dragonstone. Aegon fought against the slave-owning state of Volantis and burned their fleet. Many readers believe the making of Valyrian Steel involve the sacrifice of humans. Even knowing the value of the metal, the Targaryens themselves did not make attempts to manufacture the weapons for themselves. Prominent Targaryens like Rhaegar settled for regular steel. Having possession of the last dragons, the Targaryens could have taken advantage and enslaved the Free Cities, made themselves very rich, but instead chose to unify an unruly land in the west. Allyssane stopped the brutal practice of the lord's right to the first night. Every family will have its share of asses but I think the Targaryens were pretty good people when compared to most noble families.
  3. Daenerys, Young Griff, and Stannis

    indeed it is
  4. Daenerys, Young Griff, and Stannis

    The Blackfyres are the main antagonists in the D&E tales. It would not surprise me if their role in the plot ended when Barristan slew the last of the male Blackfyres.
  5. Targaryen Madness is an Exaggeration

    It doesn't matter whether he's the most famous or not. The lineage table is accurate. The fact remains, if Jon is the son of Rhaegar, he has just as good a chance of going mad as Aerys. Thanks
  6. Targaryen Madness is an Exaggeration

    Targaryen Madness is an Exaggeration The prevalence of the madness that runs in the family is exaggerated. A careful study of the Targaryen lineage shows that this madness is not as prevalent as critics would have us believe. Targaryen + Targaryen = Maegor the Cruel Arryn + Targaryen = Rhaenyra Hightower + Targaryen = Aegon II Rogare + Targaryen = Aegon IV Velaryon + Targaryen = Baelor the Blessed Dayne + Targaryen = Aerion Brightflame Kiera + Targaryen = Vaela Targaryen + Targaryen = Aerys II Underlined - female parent. Italics – unclear whether these people were mad or simply just cruel. Vaela is likely someone who just had a below average mental capacity. What interests me most is that the majority of the “mad” members of the family were not the direct result of T + T but rather the result of what appears to be normal pairings. A second item of note is that the madness happens more often when the mother comes from outside the family. This can mean that the carriers of the madness are the male Targaryens. Thirdly, because we are dealing with a fantasy world in which real genetics may not completely hold true, we can safely assume that anyone whose father is a Targaryen will have an equal chance of going mad as any other member of the family with a Targaryen father. Notice also that we have not had a female Targaryen of whom we can clearly point out as mad. None. Alright, Rhaenyra was a b* but being a difficult person does not make one mad. Maegor was a cruel ass but that doesn’t mean he was mad. Probable implications are as follows: The Targaryens are the most prominent family in the whole of A Song of Ice and Fire. I do not believe George R R Martin will end this family line. I think the family just needed a fresh start and based on my theory that the males carry the potentially damaging gene it makes sense to eliminate the male line and begin anew with a Targaryen female. Who is, of course, the Mother of Dragons herself, Daenerys Targaryen. The Targaryen dragons also needed a refresh. The Mother of Dragons delivers once more and hatched three eggs. Daenerys Targaryen is just fine. She will not go mad. Her future children are not going to go mad as long as she picks a non-Targaryen to father them. Rhaegar + Lyanna = Jon. Should this theory of his parentage prove to be true, that Rhaegar is the father, it is very possible that it will be Jon who will go mad. My verdict? Jon has a much greater chance of going mad than Daenerys.
  7. Ranking the Targaryen kings from best to worst

    Queen Daenerys Targaryen, Empress of the Bay of Dragons, the Great Grass Sea, and the 7 Kingdoms of Westeros. Scion of Old Valyria and the free hold. Aegon I, the conqueror. Jaeherys the Concilliator Daeron II Viserys II I do like Maegor for standing up to the faith and refusing to back down.
  8. I looked at every reasonable scenario and read many opinions from many forums. Here are those scenarios. Ned Stark + Daughter of a Fisherman = bastard Jon Ned Stark + Ashara Dayne = bastard Jon Mance Rayder + Lyanna Stark = wildling bastard Jon Brandon Stark + Lyanna Stark = bastard Jon Brandon Stark + Ashara Dayne = bastard Jon Rhaegar + Lyanna = royal bastard Jon Ned Stark + Wyla = bastard Jon Polygamy is not an accepted practice. Aegon married both his sisters before the conquest began. While it is possible for Ned to have married Ashara, he later married Catelyn. This scenario makes Catelyn's children the bastards. I doubt this is the case. It is also possible that Brandon married Ashara, in which case Jon would be legitimate but then why would Brandon agree to marry Catelyn. It doesn't make sense. I can see Brandon doing something that doesn't make sense but too many people would have known and objected. Rhaegar was already married to Princess Ellia of Dorne. He cannot legally marry Lyanna even if he wanted to. Rhaegar was not the king and he doesn't have the authority to approve polygamy nor did he have the power to legitimize a bastard. My verdict? Jon is a bastard
  9. Most cowardly deed in ASOIAF.

    Sure, and the author also said he does absolve Sansa of the actions that eventually led to the death of her father. Sansa is a coward and it's not hating on her to say so though I admit to disliking Sansa.
  10. The stubborness

    I see this is another idea we disagree on. I see Jon as the possible successor to the king beyond the wall. He is unfit to rule the seven kingdoms but he fits in with the wildlings. I also predict the wildlings taking control of the north for the duration of the winter and Jon Stark will proclaim himself king in the north. His reign will end when the snows melt and spring returns.
  11. Most cowardly deed in ASOIAF.

    Sansa's age is irrelevant. It was still a cowardly act.
  12. The stubborness

    We know Mance is capable of leaving the wall undetected. He's sneaky. We know he's a talented bard who loved the ladies. Rules mean little to him. Lyanna is cut from the same cloth in that regards. Just like the original Bael the Bard, Mance deflowered a Stark virgin and got her pregnant. Bael's bastard son fathered a new generation of Starks. Lyanna is a tomboy and not one to swoon over a man. It takes skilled seduction to get down her pants. Mance is skilled with the ladies. Rhaegar played his harp and it brought Lyanna to tears? Why? Because the song reminded her of a former lover, Mance. Jon being half-wildling brings the story in full circle. The Stark bloodline will again be infused with wildling blood.
  13. Most cowardly deed in ASOIAF.

    I don't agree. Yeah, Ned did the dead but he was bound by duty to his king to do this. Sansa did it because she was mooning over Prince Joffrey and she didn't have the guts to tell the truth. I put the glame squarely on Sansa.
  14. The stubborness

    It is pretty much confirmed that Lyanna is Jon's mother. The identity of his father is the biggest deception in the series in my opinion. I don't think it's Rhaegar who sired that Jon. I'm putting my money on Mance Rayder being Jon's dad.
  15. Most cowardly deed in ASOIAF.

    That doesn't absolve Sansa Stark of anything. Sansa Stark is a very selfish and annoying brat.