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  1. Rhaegar can't pull a miracle. Only Aerys could grant an annulment and it would not make any sense for Aerys to do so. Jon was born a bastard and Jon remains a bastard.
  2. Jon was wrong. The mission to take his sister from Ramsay is treason. Jon was wrong but he can still be wight. Bran had a vision of Jon's body growing cold in the ice cells. It is logical for the NW to hold his body temporarily so they can prove to the warden of the north that they have cleaned their internal troubles and took care of their demented lord commander Jon Snow. His body is the only proof that the Boltons will believe and the ice cells is as good a place as any to deposit his corpse. If the WW beat Ramsay to the wall there could be trouble. The WW are the ones who are the most likely to reanimate Jon's body and make him their wight.
  3. Single women are not suppose to sleep around either until the pill came along. Bastardry is not as negative in Dorne but it's still not what you will want for a highborn child. Still, give Ashara enough wine and it's possible she lost her inhibitions.
  4. There were witnesses to her birth on Dragonstone. Darry wouldn't sacrifice everything he had to protect the baby of Lyanna Stark because that child will have no claim to the throne. Aerys disinherited Rhaegar's family when he named Viserys his heir.
  5. A dark-haired guy claiming he's a long-lost Lannister heir will be looked at with more skepticism and more suspicion than if that same guy were claiming he's the heir to a hovel. A dark-haired guy with a very long chin will be looked at with a lot of suspicion if that guy were claiming kinship with the Targaryens. The guy claiming the hovel will be required to provide some proof. The guy claiming the keys to the treasury will be required to provide absolute proof.
  6. She's filler material like Sansa is.
  7. Can you know the thread author's intent? Are you a mind- reader? Writing "Arya is boring" is not off-topic. It's a fair point to discuss for those who wish to do so. It's not inflammatory to me.
  8. You may be right. There is only so much you can do with her. Arya herself is not an engaging read. Perhaps Martin was inspired by the real life Manson family when he created Arya. Lost girl joins a cult of crazed murderers.
  9. Sansa is not average. She's less mature than even today's teen of her age.
  10. There are no average girls and women. I guess "average" doesn't make for good drama. The people, female and male, are on the ends of the scale. Does that make them unreal? Not in the world that the author created. I really love Dany and she's not average. The average woman (girl in her case) is not resourceful enough to survive the transition to Dothraki life. So the character of Dany was written a lot smarter, braver, and resourceful than the average girl. I'm an adult and I don't have the smarts and the discipline compared to 13-year old Dany. I'm not put in a situation to end slavery so my capabilities don't have to be at her level. I'm confident with my own abilities. I'm confident with my own appearance. I get positive feedback on both. I don't have to be the most beautiful girl in the world to relate to Dany. Catelyn hungers for prestige. She wants to increase her social rank. That's why she talked Ned to take the job. Sansa is like Catelyn without the brains. Arya needs to be put in a straight jacket in a high security institution for the criminally insane. She's one that I can't relate to. I don't think we're meant to understand Arya. Shae came up the hard way. She knows where to find the next rich daddy. She has street smarts.
  11. Doran is skeptical. He should be. The default belief is the real Aegon perished with his mother and sister. Arrianne will not care whether Aegon is real or not, but she will still lie to her father because of her ambition. She will send a raven to convince Doran that Aegon is real. Aegon is her ticket to power. Arrianne is a braver and bolder version of cowardly Sansa. Both of them want to find a man who can make their dreams come true. Jon doesn't have a legitimate claim. He's not in the line of succession. Jon is not a Targaryen.
  12. My opinion? Mance's physical description is not important to the story. It only serves to show that the man is average. His looks doesn't stand out. That is the reason why he can disguise himself very well. Nothing stands out about him. He's easy to disguise because he doesn't have any unusual features.
  13. Ok, so the op already did an awesome job on why Jon is not in the line of succession and he's right. Jon should not be in the line of succession at all for the reasons listed by Lothar Frey. I already talked about the topic of Jon's bastard status in this topic.