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  1. 1. Daenerys. She's my favorite character and the one whose chapters got me to continue reading AGOT. I hated AFFC because she was not in that book. I just love her story. 2. Theon. He's the gollum of aSoIaF. He will play an important role in the end. Maybe he will die and take out Bran when he does. 3. Jorah. Solid backstory. I agree about his arc of redemption. His love drove him to sell poachers to slavery and now his love is driving him to help end slavery. 4. The rogue prince. He's the rock star of Westeros.
  2. The dumbest is Jon. He knows nothing. He single-handedly destroyed the Night Watch just to get Arya away from her husband. What a moron.
  3. The Order of the Greenhand is one of my favorite programs on ASOIAF. They released an episode yesterday that I consider as one of their best. They present the theory that Jon is not the son of Rhaegar and Lyanna. I have always agreed that Jon is not the son of Rhaegar but I believed Lyanna was where Jon came out of. The father being Brandon or Mance. After watching this video, I am no longer convinced that Jon is the son of Lyanna, but rather Ashara and Ned. This theory also presents an interesting parallel to the story of Gillie, Mance Rayder Junior, Craster Junior, Jon Snow, and young Griffin. The story of Jon and Ned are similar in some ways. Ned sends a royal baby away to safety with the mother of his own child in order to protect that child. Jon sends away the baby boy of the king-beyond-the-wall to protect that child. You could say that both the child of Rhaegar and Mance have king's blood. Griffin is the equivalent of Mance Rayder junior. Craster junior is the current day equal of baby Jon. The irony is that the boys sent away to safety may play lesser roles in the story than the "lesser" boys who stayed behind. In Jon's case, he went with Ned to the north. I can see Ashara going along with this because she is loyal to the Targaryens. It also saved her honor because Ned was never going to marry her anyway. She had to disappear for many reasons. Gillie is the current day equivalent of Ashara in the sense that they agreed to care for the baby of another woman in order to save that life. Both women made sacrifices.
  4. I am a Dany fan and a Jon hater. I guess you are referring to me. I might add, I do want Jon to stay dead or get wightified. Jon doesn't really have a lot of character development. He's still the same prick that left Winterfell. He just likes the free folk now. He was always bad at keeping to the rules. That hasn't changed. It would not be a waste to kill Jon.
  5. The continent of Westeros is currently divided between the three rulers. Queen Daenerys Targaryen Dorne Reach Dragonstone Westerlands Cersei Lannister King's Landing Stormlands Crownlands Riverlands Jon North Vale - allied with the North but under Robert Arryn's rule. He has a boat load of dragon glass, thanks to the generosity of Queen Daenerys. Queen Daenerys has the best infantry, cavalry, and air force. Cersei has the best navy. The loss of Casterly Rock may seem like a minor sacrifice for now but I believe it will hurt the Team Cersei in the near future. The strongest castle in Westeros has great strategic importance. I also think the loss of Yara's Ironborn fleet is significant because it will prevent Team Daenerys from using a naval blockade to isolate King's Landing. Still, Dany has the advantage and she can take King's Landing at any time. Which is what Lady Yara and Lady Olenna suggested from the beginning. Dany should have ignored that little stump and listened to Yara instead. Team Daenerys would be advised to ask Illyrio, Daario, and Kinvarra for assistance. Team Jon should bend the knee.
  6. This is a continuation of my earlier topic. I looked at every reasonable scenario and read many opinions from many forums. Here are those scenarios. Ned Stark + Daughter of a Fisherman = bastard Jon Ned Stark + Ashara Dayne = bastard Jon Mance Rayder + Lyanna Stark = wildling bastard Jon Brandon Stark + Lyanna Stark = bastard Jon Brandon Stark + Ashara Dayne = bastard Jon Rhaegar + Lyanna = royal bastard Jon Ned Stark + Wyla = bastard Jon Polygamy is not an accepted practice. Aegon married both his sisters before the conquest began. He was already married under Valyrian customs. While it is possible for Ned to have married Ashara, he later married Catelyn. This scenario makes Catelyn's children the bastards. I doubt this is the case. It is also possible that Brandon married Ashara, in which case Jon would be legitimate but then why would Brandon agree to marry Catelyn. It doesn't make sense. I can see Brandon doing something that doesn't make sense but too many people would have known and objected. Rhaegar was already married to Princess Ellia of Dorne. He cannot legally marry Lyanna even if he wanted to. Rhaegar was not the king and he doesn't have the authority to approve polygamy nor did he have the power to legitimize a bastard. Rhaegar's marriage to Elia was consummated and their children are the proof. An annulment would not be legal without approval from Aerys. My verdict? Jon is a bastard
  7. Tyrion is a dumbass whose advice costed Dany her valuable allies, Olenna, Yara, and Elaria. Dany should stop listening to Tyrion.
  8. The Tarlys made their own. Dany could not allow them to raise a new army. The Tarlys had to die, the Tarlys deserved to die. Dany, as the victor, had every right to execute them in any manner that she chooses. Death is death. That was a quick death. A fitting way to execute an enemy who refuses to concede.
  9. Littlefinger is the one who should lose respect for Sansa. Littlefinger saved those sorry Starks from getting flayed by Ramsey. The Starks fought with poor strategy and lacked discipline in the battle of the bastards. Ramsay deserved to win that battle. He fought a better battle than Jon and Sansa. Littlefinger came along and pulled their asses off the fire. It's Lf who saved them from getting flayed. The name of Ramsay's latest puppy was going to be Sansa until Littlefinger came along and won the battle of the bastards.
  10. I feel differently than you do. Dany gave the Tarlys every opportunity to prove to her that they will never threaten her again. To allow the Tarlys to go means they will raise another army to fight her again. Executing them was the right thing to do. It was the smart thing to do, to get rid of an enemy once and for all. Letting the Tarlys go would have a terrible mistake and bad war tactics. Tyrion's sentiments are inconsistent with his past behavior. Tyrion's advice has been terrible all season long.
  11. Daenerys is the female version of Haviland Tuf. More refined and better looking. She is the only person I would trust to reform Westeros. The slave trade in Essos has ended, thanks to Dany. Volantis and the masters have been defeated and the Harpy beheaded.
  12. May I suggest to the O/P to edit the title. "Jon is unfit to be king" or something along those lines. Saying "Jon will never be king" when the show has proven itself to lack consistency and continuity is less accurate. I don't like Jon and I would prefer Daenerys to rule. She is the most qualified to rule and she has a very impressive resume. Jon was a failure in his first real job. His own officers fired him. A lot good reasons have already been presented why Jon is a bad choice for king. I won't repeat them.
  13. I am a woman and a feminist and I simply LOVE Dany. She is by far my favorite character. Dany is the main hero in this story. She is responsible for the freedom that many millions of people now have at Slaver's Bay (now rightly called the "Bay of Dragons). That is more good than anyone in history has ever done. She put an end to the sadistic practice of slavery. She's a winner and deserves to rule. I hate Jon Snow and the Starks. The Starks are rebels. The lands of the north belong to the rest of Westeros. They had no right to elect a "king,"
  14. It is. But not for Daenerys. She has the potential to become the greatest Targaryen of all time. The liberation of 250 thousands slaves is a tall order for anyone. Daenerys has done it. Leading a weak khalasar consisting of the old and the infirm through an inhospitable desert is a tall order. Daenerys has done it. For a soft, young girl to survive the Dothraki is a tall order. Daenerys has done it. She won Drogo's love and respect. Waking dragons from stone is impossible. Daenerys has done it. Just admit it. Daenerys is awesome!
  15. Where do people get the idea that Sansa has become a skilled player of the game? Sansa does what Lf tells her to do without understanding the big picture. She has no idea what his endgame his. Sansa is at most an accomplice of Lf rather than his partner.