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  1. Dunk was a knight. We don't know if Brandon was a "ser" or not. Aerion was not the heir to the throne and not in the same level of importance as Rhaegar. Unlike Brandon, Dunk never made any threats in front of the king in his home. Dunk made his threats under a very different environment. It was during a tournament where knights were present for the fighting. Brandon rode in with his armed men and they threatened to kill the heir to the throne. An act of terrorism committed in the king's home. Aerys was the king and he passed his own judgment on Brandon.
  2. The boy is definitely a bastard. He would be snubbed in the Reach and Ned could get an unfriendly reception. The Tyrells are loyal to the Targaryens.
  3. Yes. Have you?
  4. To threaten the life of a Targaryen is treason since they are the rightful rulers and they are the government. Brandon deserved what he got from Aerys.
  5. And Yoren paid for his mistake with his life. He let his personal feelings for Benjen and extended it to Ned. He should not have done that. Arya is of no use to the watch and she cannot take their vows. She is not a member of their order. Yoren was wrong to sneak Arya out of K/L.
  6. Squires get killed. Recall what happened to Ser Arlen's squire. Sometimes squires are not called to answer for whatever offense their knights are guilty of. In this case, Ethan was a squire and he was not held responsible for Brandon's acts of crime against the kingdom. Aerys was being generous with Ethan.
  7. Jon's sins were far more offensive than Robb's although both involved oathbreaking. Jon's was a betrayal of not only the watch but the whole realm.
  8. Wow. I think these girls will stay in and order out. Picture this. All will be wearing black lululemon tights and oversized shirts. Bare feet and painted nails. Beer and pizza followed by ice cream.
  9. No she has not and may not. That said, Craster's son is in mortal danger.
  10. Bowen did it out of duty. Jon hurt the watch and possibly all of mankind. Bowen is a dedicated man and obeyed rules. Jon just went over the edge and he had to be stopped. I don't think there was any hate on Bowen's part. He was just a loyal man doing what needed to be done. Bowen did the right thing under the circumstances. The comparison between Bowen and Jaime is actually a very good one. Both men were put in similar situations. The difference being Jaime felt no guilt over killing the king he was sworn to protect. Bowen obviously felt bad because he had to take down the man he was supposed to respect.
  11. many readers believe. George Martin is known for taking the time to describe his characters in detail. One of the physical details commonly used to describe a person is their eye color. With so many characters within those thousands of pages it is easy to understand why our author would run out of colors to use.
  12. Hello everyone. I thought this might be a fun exercise for those with time on their hands. We could do a SWOT analysis of each team. Today we will do an analysis of Team Stannis. I will check back next week and if the forum enjoys we can continue with Team Robb. The other teams will follow. S - Strengths W - Weaknesses O - Opportunities T - Threats S Are the advantages the team has over other teams. What this team does better than any other team. What resources the team has. W Are the weaknesses this team has compared to other teams. What can the team improve. What resources do they lack. O How the team can turn their strengths to achieve their objective. What the team can do to better the competition. T What could prevent the team from reaching its objectives. What could harm the team. What the competing teams can do that can hurt the team. The links below gives more info on this business tool. https://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newTMC_05.htm I so hope you will enjoy this exercise. You can make it simple or as complicated as you like. Please use the format below. ______________ Team Name: Stannis Team: Stannis, Davos, Mellisandre, Selys, Shireen, Tycho Nestoris. (List any other person that I could have forgotten to include). Team Objective: Time: Analyze the team during the time period before Stannis leaves the wall. This is the time right after Stannis crushed the wildlings. S: W: O: T: _______________
  13. (Stag + Direwolf) = (War + Suffering) In Bran I from A Game of Thrones, the Starks and their servants find a dead direwolf. The direwolf was killed by a stag. One popular theory presents that the direwolf was sent to awaken the warg ability in the Stark children. I am not impressed. My own interpretation of that event follows. The direwolf was a warning that the Starks failed to recognize. The Stag and the Direwolf make a bad mix. It was warning to keep the Starks from joining the Baratheon court in the south. We know this eventually led to the War of the Five Kings. (a) What if Rickard received a similar warning and either ignored or failed to understand the message. He brokered the marriage between Lyanna and Robert. This led to the rebellion, (b) Ned accepted Robert's job offer. This led to the War of the Five Kings, (c) Jon joined Stannis' war to take the throne and it lead to treason and war with the Boltons. The direwolf is a creature of the north and belonged in the north. The Stark went south when even a wildling like Osha knew they should have stayed in the north. The dead direwolf represent the death of the elder Starks and the cubs are the orphaned Stark children. Each time the Starks and the Baratheons joined forces it resulted in tragedy for many people. There are two ways to look at the joining. There is the symbolic meaning. The close friendship and the bond that exists between the stag and the direwolves. No blood mixing but when they work together war will soon follow. The other meaning has not taken place yet, at least not one that has been proven, but the actual act of making a baby. We know the Starks are "ice" in the story. What is it about the stag that when mixed with ice brings on tragedy? It may not be the stag itself but the small amount of "fire" in the Baratheons. The blood of the dragon. The small amount of the dragon blood that flows through the veins of the stags. If we take this idea up a notch to Dragon + Direwolf then we should get the same, war and suffering. So there may be a good foundation for the idea that fire and ice must never mix. Fire and ice must stay away from one another. And if R+L=J, then we are already familiar with the problems that caused. My theory? Fire and ice together lead to bad things. If stag + direwolf is bad, then dragon + direwolf is very bad. Like extinction level event bad for many people both noble and common.