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  1. Ranking the Targaryen kings from best to worst

    Queen Daenerys Targaryen, Empress of the Bay of Dragons, the Great Grass Sea, and the 7 Kingdoms of Westeros. Scion of Old Valyria and the free hold. Aegon I, the conqueror. Jaeherys the Concilliator Daeron II Viserys II I do like Maegor for standing up to the faith and refusing to back down.
  2. I looked at every reasonable scenario and read many opinions from many forums. Here are those scenarios. Ned Stark + Daughter of a Fisherman = bastard Jon Ned Stark + Ashara Dayne = bastard Jon Mance Rayder + Lyanna Stark = wildling bastard Jon Brandon Stark + Lyanna Stark = bastard Jon Brandon Stark + Ashara Dayne = bastard Jon Rhaegar + Lyanna = royal bastard Jon Ned Stark + Wyla = bastard Jon Polygamy is not an accepted practice. Aegon married both his sisters before the conquest began. While it is possible for Ned to have married Ashara, he later married Catelyn. This scenario makes Catelyn's children the bastards. I doubt this is the case. It is also possible that Brandon married Ashara, in which case Jon would be legitimate but then why would Brandon agree to marry Catelyn. It doesn't make sense. I can see Brandon doing something that doesn't make sense but too many people would have known and objected. Rhaegar was already married to Princess Ellia of Dorne. He cannot legally marry Lyanna even if he wanted to. Rhaegar was not the king and he doesn't have the authority to approve polygamy nor did he have the power to legitimize a bastard. My verdict? Jon is a bastard
  3. Most cowardly deed in ASOIAF.

    Sure, and the author also said he does absolve Sansa of the actions that eventually led to the death of her father. Sansa is a coward and it's not hating on her to say so though I admit to disliking Sansa.
  4. The stubborness

    I see this is another idea we disagree on. I see Jon as the possible successor to the king beyond the wall. He is unfit to rule the seven kingdoms but he fits in with the wildlings. I also predict the wildlings taking control of the north for the duration of the winter and Jon Stark will proclaim himself king in the north. His reign will end when the snows melt and spring returns.
  5. Most cowardly deed in ASOIAF.

    Sansa's age is irrelevant. It was still a cowardly act.
  6. The stubborness

    We know Mance is capable of leaving the wall undetected. He's sneaky. We know he's a talented bard who loved the ladies. Rules mean little to him. Lyanna is cut from the same cloth in that regards. Just like the original Bael the Bard, Mance deflowered a Stark virgin and got her pregnant. Bael's bastard son fathered a new generation of Starks. Lyanna is a tomboy and not one to swoon over a man. It takes skilled seduction to get down her pants. Mance is skilled with the ladies. Rhaegar played his harp and it brought Lyanna to tears? Why? Because the song reminded her of a former lover, Mance. Jon being half-wildling brings the story in full circle. The Stark bloodline will again be infused with wildling blood.
  7. Most cowardly deed in ASOIAF.

    I don't agree. Yeah, Ned did the dead but he was bound by duty to his king to do this. Sansa did it because she was mooning over Prince Joffrey and she didn't have the guts to tell the truth. I put the glame squarely on Sansa.
  8. The stubborness

    It is pretty much confirmed that Lyanna is Jon's mother. The identity of his father is the biggest deception in the series in my opinion. I don't think it's Rhaegar who sired that Jon. I'm putting my money on Mance Rayder being Jon's dad.
  9. Most cowardly deed in ASOIAF.

    That doesn't absolve Sansa Stark of anything. Sansa Stark is a very selfish and annoying brat.
  10. Most cowardly deed in ASOIAF.

    Most cowardly act? Sansa siding with Joffrey. Had that sorry excuse for a girl told the truth, Mycah and Lady might have lived. Sansa sided with Joffrey not for any noble reason but for selfish reasons of her own.
  11. True or false?

    I think so too. I would say Robb, Jon, and then Arya.
  12. Jamie's Role In The Red Wedding

    I hate to dissapoint Jaime's fans but he knew Robb will die. Roose just let him go. Which is treason against Robb. Robb would execute Roose for letting Jaime go. Roose chose his side. Robb has to die for Roose to continue living. Jaime also guessed his father approved the deal and offered something enticing to Roose and the Freys. Jaime didn't know the details. The rw was secret. But he knew Roose would attempt to assassinate Robb and do it through betrayal. Jaime knew Robb was about to meet his maker.
  13. Big Walder Analysis

    Big Walder could have been a better match for Arya than Elmar. I can see Arya bowing to her intellectual superior, which Big Walder would have been. Trade places between BW and Edmure and the Riverlands will be in better hands. I would love to see BW succeed Lord Walder.
  14. Dany as Lightbringer

    Daenerys is the only person who fulfills all of the requirements for Azor Ahai, including the signature sign, "wake dragons from stone." Which she fulfilled. To me, Dany is Azor Ahai reborn and Drogo is her Nissa Nissa. I don't think Aerys is AA but for entertainment let's consider him. I would rework your theory like this: 1) Plunging his sword is another term for plunging the penis. In other words, Azor Ahai impaled his women with his penis. 2) Rhaegar was the first sword but died in the water. Good catch there. Notice though that Rhaella didn't die. The sword died, or shattered. 3) Tyrion is the second sword. Joanna Lannister, the lion, died. The sword is still alive. I believe Tyrion is a Targaryen bastard. Her death paid for Tyrion's life. 4) Daenerys is the third sword. The third child. Rhaella's death paid for Dany's life. Daenerys lived and she brought back the dragons.
  15. Jon's pointless end of story death

    To the O/P, Jon sacrificed the greater good to rescue his sister. Jon is a traitor who chose Arya over the welfare of the realm and betrayed the Night Watch. It is a fitting end for him to die from his stab wounds. He is a tragic figure who can't put aside his personal feelings to do his duty.