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  1. Tyrion is a dumbass whose advice costed Dany her valuable allies, Olenna, Yara, and Elaria. Dany should stop listening to Tyrion.
  2. The Tarlys made their own. Dany could not allow them to raise a new army. The Tarlys had to die, the Tarlys deserved to die. Dany, as the victor, had every right to execute them in any manner that she chooses. Death is death. That was a quick death. A fitting way to execute an enemy who refuses to concede.
  3. Littlefinger is the one who should lose respect for Sansa. Littlefinger saved those sorry Starks from getting flayed by Ramsey. The Starks fought with poor strategy and lacked discipline in the battle of the bastards. Ramsay deserved to win that battle. He fought a better battle than Jon and Sansa. Littlefinger came along and pulled their asses off the fire. It's Lf who saved them from getting flayed. The name of Ramsay's latest puppy was going to be Sansa until Littlefinger came along and won the battle of the bastards.
  4. I feel differently than you do. Dany gave the Tarlys every opportunity to prove to her that they will never threaten her again. To allow the Tarlys to go means they will raise another army to fight her again. Executing them was the right thing to do. It was the smart thing to do, to get rid of an enemy once and for all. Letting the Tarlys go would have a terrible mistake and bad war tactics. Tyrion's sentiments are inconsistent with his past behavior. Tyrion's advice has been terrible all season long.
  5. Daenerys is the female version of Haviland Tuf. More refined and better looking. She is the only person I would trust to reform Westeros. The slave trade in Essos has ended, thanks to Dany. Volantis and the masters have been defeated and the Harpy beheaded.
  6. May I suggest to the O/P to edit the title. "Jon is unfit to be king" or something along those lines. Saying "Jon will never be king" when the show has proven itself to lack consistency and continuity is less accurate. I don't like Jon and I would prefer Daenerys to rule. She is the most qualified to rule and she has a very impressive resume. Jon was a failure in his first real job. His own officers fired him. A lot good reasons have already been presented why Jon is a bad choice for king. I won't repeat them.
  7. I am a woman and a feminist and I simply LOVE Dany. She is by far my favorite character. Dany is the main hero in this story. She is responsible for the freedom that many millions of people now have at Slaver's Bay (now rightly called the "Bay of Dragons). That is more good than anyone in history has ever done. She put an end to the sadistic practice of slavery. She's a winner and deserves to rule. I hate Jon Snow and the Starks. The Starks are rebels. The lands of the north belong to the rest of Westeros. They had no right to elect a "king,"
  8. It is. But not for Daenerys. She has the potential to become the greatest Targaryen of all time. The liberation of 250 thousands slaves is a tall order for anyone. Daenerys has done it. Leading a weak khalasar consisting of the old and the infirm through an inhospitable desert is a tall order. Daenerys has done it. For a soft, young girl to survive the Dothraki is a tall order. Daenerys has done it. She won Drogo's love and respect. Waking dragons from stone is impossible. Daenerys has done it. Just admit it. Daenerys is awesome!
  9. Where do people get the idea that Sansa has become a skilled player of the game? Sansa does what Lf tells her to do without understanding the big picture. She has no idea what his endgame his. Sansa is at most an accomplice of Lf rather than his partner.
  10. Physical beauty is a necessary element in my opinion. Maybe your meaning of "hot" is too narrow. If you mean strictly sexual attractiveness but not necessarily physically perfection then any number of women are eligible. Sexual attractiveness is nothing rare. A common street whore from the Baelish Brothel franchise can excite most men. Physical beauty is very rare. The blood of the dragons are unmatched in this regard. Daenerys is the most beautiful woman in the world. So yes she will go to the top of the list when she lands on Westeros.
  11. Including "hottest ever" to the possible answer set will change my original answer slightly from Margaery Tyrell to Larra Rogare. Larra's Lyseni blood gives her the Valyrian look. Queens Rhaenys and Rhaella would make the top cut.
  12. 1/1000 is a skin changer. 1/1000 of the skin changers is a greenseer. Skin changing is not that rare. The genes could have come from more than one source family. One out of every thousand northerners are skin changers. Untrained to be sure. The talent goes undeveloped and the person may live a lifetime never knowing what they could do. There will be at least another greenseer if the population is at least 1 million people.
  13. Currently it's Margaery Tyrell. But yeah. Dany will be the most beautiful girl when she arrives.
  14. Or maybe we get a lucky break and Jon stays dead. Bowen may lose his life but somebody needed to stop Jon.
  15. So I guess there is a 20 page limit per thread? I see members posting part 1, part 2, part 3 posting the same stuff. I guess that is why. Anyway, I wanted to put in my opinion and answer some questions that had been brought up. Did Jon send Mance Rayder to Winterfell? My opinion is, he did. Mance has a history of getting in and out of heavily guarded places. He visited Winterfell during the feasts for Robert Baratheon. Jon must have come to the conclusion that this is the man who can get Arya from Ramsay. Mance is acting on Jon's behalf on the mission that Jon gave him. Jon is responsible for what Mance and his women do while performing the job that he sent them to do. So yeah, Jon is as guilty of the violation of guest rights as Mance is. Mance Rayder is still a brother of the NW. He took the oaths and said his words. Mance may consider himself a free folk, but he is still a crow. Meaning Jon is guilty of treason for sending a sworn brother of the watch to take Ramsay's wife.