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  1. And then the iron bank will do nothing because muh cersei .
  2. I dont think Cersei is dying this season. D&D have way too big a hardon for cersei/headey that they've ruined Jaime and given her this seemingly OC story and Aegon's role.
  3. They havent got any room to complain when they don't want to hire good security. it also comes with the times of social media and constantly touting being the "biggest" and "best" show.
  4. Please tell me how Stannis grow wings to fly back to Castle Black and burn Shireen because of some snow and Ramsay breaking him. It doesnt matter if grrm has Stannis burn Shireen in Twow because hes not going to character assainate and warp it all just to have Jon fight Ramsay like the show. Plus grrm's opinion of the character is completely different anyway so, it wont be for hurrr "Renly was murdered by an evil unlawful king." bs
  5. Whats your point? The emails got released in big dumps which get sorted through as a batch each day they're not tweeted about the moment they're released. Other people can go through them themselves before they say anything. It happened with the Sony emails.
  6. 1) no 2) derpdoor was so dumb i was dying on the floor from laughter b4 you say but grrm wrote it he didnt ruin brans story by making it solely about a minor halfwit for a whole book
  7. Theyre the same thing with an independent north its just asspulling fanservice for jon which again ignores Bran
  8. Sorry im just so angry. Its so clear that this is completely original stuff for the show. Theon is one of my fav characters and all seems to exist for now is for the d&d favs to shit on him he should have died last season.
  10. Welcome to the jon, dany, tyrion and cersei show everyone
  11. You would think her murdering the tyrells would be enough but, no of course not because military commanders on this show are utterly incompetent
  12. Oh alright. Yeah by all accounts overall it seems Mel isnt doing shit this year