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  1. I don't really know why, but I cried reading Sam say this.
  2. “You’re too bloody heavy.” Grenn jammed his hands into Sam’s armpits, gave a grunt, and hauled him upright. But the moment he let go, the fat boy sat back down in the snow. Grenn kicked him, a solid thump that cracked the crust of snow around his boot and sent it flying everywhere. “Get up! ” He kicked him again. “Get up and walk. You have to walk.” Sam fell over sideways, curling up into a tight ball to protect himself from the kicks. He hardly felt them through all his wool and leather and mail, but even so, they hurt. I thought Grenn was my friend. You shouldn’t kick your friends. Why won’t they let me be? I just need to rest, that’s all, to rest and sleep some, and maybe die a little .
  3. Humans are related to every animal on earth.
  4. I know that the Baratheon's are all related to Dany. And that Sam and Shireen are cousins. But who else ? Fine narrowing it down! Close Family, Clan, House, family connections, Cousins, Aunts, Grandparents. (Living people from the start of Roberts rebellion to A dance with dragons)
  5. Well technically speaking all actors (actresses) on the show is too old to play their character. I can't think of one actor who started the show who was even close to the same age as their character.
  6. Jon Snow: After resurrection becomes a ''Christ'' like figure, he preaches peace for all humanity but views that the only road to peace is by using his flaming sword to go to war against another race of sentient beings the white walkers. In the end Bran will kill him for good. Daenerys: Is going to be absolutely convinced that she is the prince(ss) that was promised and that she must save the world or just westeros, A quest that she does not really want and in the end this will drive her to go mad. Jon kills her and draws out lightbringer. Tyrion: Will in the end loose his tongue and maybe even his dick (He will get more deformed before the story ends). Either he will end up as a court jester to the winner of the iron throne or he will serve on the small council. Won't get Casterly Rock. Sansa: Lady of Harrenthal, Lady Paramount of the Trident. Arya: She''ll cross of some more people on her list and in the end will either be a faceless man who roams around the world assassin people or she will commit suicide so that she will live on inside Nymeria and her pack. Bran: Will fuck up the past, the present and the future. Kills Jon. Jaime: Will get fatally stabbed fighting in a trial by combat with Brienne against the brotherhood without banners. They'll win and escape but before Jaime dies, professes that Brienne is the knight he should have been and knights her before dying (any knight can make a knight), She buries him in the rain (a scene very similar to the beginning of Dunk and Egg). Cersei: Gets killed by Brienne. Littlefinger: Will have Sweetrobin either poisoned to death or has Sweetrobin kidnapped and raped to death by Lyn Corbray. Sansa will have Littlefinger fly in the end. Too hungover to think of any others Ohh right this was a show only question. Well forget most of these then.
  7. Katheryn Winnick would have made a great Val
  8. Taking over someones body against their will is rape. Taking over someones mind against their will is possession (think exorcism) an act worse than rape.
  9. Brienne and Tyrion? I don't buy it.
  10. I wonder if Melisandre will get her hands on Eddard's bones at some point in the story.
  11. He was alright I guess. There was no one in King's Landing who could cough better than Lord Gyles, Rest In Peace Brother.
  12. The preview to the next episode again shows clear evidence that Jaime's storyline in the show is beyond redemption. Watch it and fill your souls with disappointment.
  13. Hold the Door
  14. Question is open to interpretation, whether humorous or seriously fucked up etc... I have two that hit me. Theon dreaming of the two miller boys (One of which is likely his son) he killed. Last night he had dreamed himself back in the mill again, on his knees dressing the dead. Their limbs were already stiffening, so they seemed to resist sullenly as he fumbled at them with half-frozen fingers, tugging up breeches and knotting laces, yanking fur-trimmed boots over hard unbending feet, buckling a studded leather belt around a waist no bigger than the span of his hands. “This was never what I wanted,” he told them as he worked. “They gave me no choice.” The corpses made no answer, but only grew colder and heavier. Tyrion He did not sleep at all that night. Instead he lay in the dark, staring up at the canopy and counting his ghosts. He saw Tysha smiling as she kissed him, saw Sansa naked and shivering in fear. He saw Joffrey clawing his throat, the blood running down his neck as his face turned black. He saw Cersei’s eyes, Bronn’s wolfish smile, Shae’s wicked grin. Even thought of Shae could not arouse him. He fondled himself, thinking that perhaps if he woke his cock and satisfied it, he might rest more easily afterward, but it was no good. Was Tyrion jerking off to all of those mental images? If so, not sure if funny or just dark.