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  1. I'm inclined to agree that if Walder was in any way in league with the Blackfyres, he was most likely playing both sides.
  2. True, much like Jorah Mormont.
  3. That's how I saw it too. Yeah, she was damaged goods, and therefore the best use she could be would be as a key part of a master plan.
  4. Remember that a knight having the name “Wells” does not necessarily mean that he has anything much to do with a house bearing that name. Lothor Brune is an example, and Podrick Payne. Lothar Brune is a distant cousin of House Brune, and was nothing more than a sellsword until the Blackwater. There must be any number of hedge knights with distant links through the male line to houses, who use the surname but have little else to do with them. You could easily imagine a younger son of a younger son of the Northern Wells ending up in the south and their descendants adopting the Seven. It’s also plausible for a member of House Wells adopting the Seven simply because they prefer that religion, have a particularly pious mother or wife, or whatever. Just because the Faith is less worshipped in the North doesn’t mean no-one converts. The head of House Tallhart, Helman Tallhart, is a knight. I don't know how closely he follows the Seven, but it's a ceremony before the New Gods, not the Old.
  5. I'd say that he was king gives more cover, but I take your point.
  6. That's how it appears, however, it may only seem that way because they thought they had support in the 7K that never materialized... But at that time the most famous Daemon was the first Blackfyre. Saying "actually, I named him after Prince Daemon, you know, the consort of Rhaenyra" would be somewhat less believable.
  7. I don't think the Late Lord Frey would have been at the battle. He may just have been a part of the original plot, only to bail, much like his father did in the Second Rebellion. But much harder to pass off if things went south. With Aenys there's the deniability factor of being able to claim he was named after a Targaryen king.
  8. Don't have a book handy, but at one point in Feast he's talking to Cersei, and says something along the lines of how he's not ashamed of loving her, just things he had done to conceal it. Then he mentions Bran. Before he had his hand cut off, he was decidedly breazy about that whole thing. No, but he experiences clear regret for letting it happen.
  9. I'm sort of hovering around this. He could claim it was named after either King Aenys, or Aenys Blackfyre, depending on who won. It could suggest a falling out between Egg and Walder at some point, which may also have pushed him closer to the Blackfyres by the Fourth Rebellion.
  10. He expresses regret for shoving Bran out the window, and for the deaths of Elia and her children.
  11. It's unlikely he would have known Dagmer captured it, as he took it some time after Rodrick left to retake Winterfell. He would have known Dagmer was at least somewhere in the area though.
  12. True. Though knowing Frey he could have benefitted significantly, if he changed sides at the right time. In the World book (going off memory), I think it says something like Aenys' death "hardened the hearts" of the Blackfyre pretenders, ensuring they would continue to concentrate on violent means. The Fourth Rebellion happened a few years after that, after a long, hard winter. It's conceivable that "vengeance for Aenys" may have been a rallying cry for them. Very possible. Certainly, we know that Walder's father at least flirted with the Blackfyres. It's not unsurprising given Walder's favorite tactic of playing both sides. It may very well be that his habit of naming children and grandchildren after various Targaryens/Blackfyres is nothing more than an example of him sucking up to all sides.
  13. Har!
  14. Well, I suppose it depends where you put the line between great and good. Defeating the Ironborn at sea is particularly difficult.
  15. I've started a separate thread about this