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  1. I think this is just an extra reason for Rhaena to surrend to Maegor peacefully. She did not want Maegor to destory House Farman.
  2. Maybe first quarrel of jaehaerys and alysanne was that J wanted to marry rhaena as second wife and took Aerea as step daughter and maybe future daughter in law to strengthen his claim. but alysanne got angry and said no.
  3. My two cents: 1. Jaehaerys stole iron throne from his niece Aerea. 2. House Dayne often produces lovely ladies who can be candidate for queen
  4. Ah, did not notice it at all. My apologies. How can I delete this post or just let it stay?
  5. I have not see similar post. GRRM published Sons of Dragon in a book called The book of Swords. It was released recently and I read it. It answered a little bit about the situation of twin daughters of Aegon and Rhaena. After Tyanna finding and capturing them, Maegor decided the elder one, Aerea to become his heir, and the younger one Rhaella to become a septa. So Rhaella was sent to old town (I think a Lord hightower IIRC) but Aerea stayed with her mom Rhaena in King's landing. Yet when Rhaena escaped from Maegor, she took her daughter Aerea with her. Then Maegor was angry so he sent somebody to kill Rhaella but the lord saved and hid her. So both sisters are still alive and they should be around 6-8 years old when Maegor died. So here is the interesting question: Aerea should sit on iron throne after Maegor because she not only was the eldest daughter of Aegon, first born son of King Aenys, but also she was the heir of King Maegor. Why Jaehaerys took her position? This all happened before the Dance, so a daughter should come before her uncle. Is Jaeheaerys a usurper? Is this the reason he made his second son his heir instead of Princess Rhaenys, the only daughter of his first born son? Another interesting person is Clarisse Dayne, a lovely and proud lady who was proposed by somebody to become wife of Maegor. It looks like House Dayne often produces beautiful and attractive ladies!
  6. wow, Rhaegar's ex-wife? Are not we in the book forum? I thought people know the difference between book and show?
  7. I think you do need a little bit Targ blood to ride a dragon. Nettles and three other low born riders are called dragon seeds. They are bastards of dragon lords thus do have a little bit dragon blood. For Adam and Arryn, their father is either Laenor, son of a Targ princess, or Corlys Velaryon, who also has Targ blood from his ancesters. Once you have a drop of dragon blood, you are possible to ride a dragon, but still not necessarily can ride one. Adam got a dragon but his brother Arryn was rejected. Jofffery was refused by his mom's dragon. Corlys and other Velaryon never rode dragons. So briefly, I think Quentyn was not crazy, he has a drop of dragon blood so it is possible for him to be a dragon rider. But he did not succeed just like Arlyn.
  8. Lyanna was never mentioned anywhere as a lady in waiting. Did you confuse her with Ashara, a lady in waiting for Princess Elia? She disappeared 10 leagues from Harrenhall, far away from any of her family. How she showed up there? there are a few possibilities. 1: she was in Riverrun with Brandon, waiting for his wedding. She ran away secretly from Riverrun (maybe claiming she wanted to ride in forest or visit isle of faces, after all she is a very wild woman and great rider) and met Rhaegar near Harrenhal. 2. she stayed in Harrenhall to learn some southern couresys and manners from lady Whent, or simply was a guest for some days. Lady whent likely is Cat's aunt (cat is Lyanna's future sister in law). So it is possible that Lady Whent invited Lyanna to stay for some days. She ran away secretly and met Rhaegar near Harrenhal.
  9. They are certainly not. All dragon lord houses died in the doom except Targ (well, one dude survived but he later disappeared in the doom too). Velayron is just a regular noble house of Valyria, not one of the 40 dragon lord houses. They moved to driftmark much earlier than Targ and they became rich due to trade. Some velaryon people rode dragons but they are children of Targ. Like three sons of Rhaenyra and her first husband who is son of Princess Rhaenys, grand daughter of Jaehaerys. Corlys never rode a dragon even he is a Velaryon.
  10. Honestly I think this is possible. For example, if Aerys and Joanna had sex the night before her wedding, then Joanna and Tywin had sex next night, there is a possibility that Jaime and Cersei can have different fathers. I know they look like each other, but how about both of them look like their mother Joanna? This could explain their resemblance. In this case, I would say Cersei is daughter of Aerys. Her love in wild fire certainly is similar to Aerys's.
  11. somewhere in APP said Benjen joined watch after Robb was born (thus Ned has an heir). I tend to believe benjen joined watch since many Stark sons joined watch, almost like a tradition. Of course if he knew Lyanna eloped for love, he would feel very guilty that he did not manage to inform his dad and Brandon that Lyanna ran happily for a honeymoon.
  12. Unless Rhaegar cried out"Hey cousin, Lyanna loved me back and eloped with me" before he died, I doubt Robert will think Lyanna did everything willingly. Rhaegar cried her name before death, this can only mean Rhaegar loved her, not vise versa. After all, if Rhaegar abducted Lyanna, he must have been extremely interested in/desired her, right?
  13. there is a theory that lyanna and benjen are closer to each other so he knew lyanna loved rhaegar madly. yet he failed to tell his dad and big brothers that lyanna might not be "kidnapped".
  14. True. Actually he became what he is by plot armor. But still, it is better for him to remain bastard.
  15. Honestly I would prefer NAJ because RLJ is so cliche, boring and meaningless. Jon should be a bastard who became king by his deeds, not a hidden prince with best claim to throne. What is the point for him to be a targ?