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  1. Interesting post. Viserys and Dany would have a pretty much same story line. Dany will still get dragons and her army. I guess Robert would still marry Cersei because there is no better bride around. Cersei is the only available daughter of great house and House Lannister is still very rich. Robert would need this marriage to make sure Westerlands is on his side and he needs money too. House Florent is not a proper match for King Robert. (Honestly I felt Robert made Stannis marry Selyse to slight him since Selyse is not from a major house and she is not even the daughter of Lord Florent and she is not beautiful either). Robert would still be a shitty husband since he can not have Lyanna Stark. But since there is no Jaime, Cersei would probably have affairs with other men such as Lancel or Aurane Waters. So she might still have three children with other men. Then Bran will still be thrown out of tower, but this time Cersei was with another man. Then Ned will do same thing and die eventually. War of five kings will still happen. But since Tywin was not there, Tyrion will be leader of Lannister army. He would not make a red wedding and he can make some peace with Robb. Then house Stark will go back to North. But Joffery will still be killed because of lady Olenna. Myrcella will not need to go to Dorne because Lannister did not kill Elia and Dorne is OK with them. Even she goes to make allies with Dorne, she will not be killed by somebody in Dorne. Since house stark is still fine and no Bolton issue, then jon will stay in wall. Cersei and Margarey will have same story line. But Myrcella is alive so she might become queen. Now when Dany invaded westeros, she will face Queen Myrcella.
  2. Well, I am not that familiar with quality of writing or presentation of story, but I remember this in the book: Elia died when she was around 25-26 years old and Arianne was only a few years old when Elia died. Yet a 20-year old Arianne told Arys and us "she (paramour of Lewyn) is an old woman now. " I would say people should check the "important detail" slightly more careful before they can make up a new incest relationship.
  3. oh wait, Aegon. You choose to whitewash Lyanna and Rhaegar by claiming they named Jon as homage to dead Aegon. convenient. sweet. But the fact is that there are plenty of babies died young (especially Targ) but nobody recycled their names for siblings. Even they only lived for a few days or hours they have their names and tombs which carried their names. Go back to check those dead brothers and sisters of Rhaegar. everyone has its own name no matter how long they lived. Name one case from book and show that one sibling used exact same name after the other sibling died please. A life is a life, no matter how short it is. A name is a proof that this baby has existed in this world and has been loved. If Lyanna named Jon as Aegon Targaryen when there was another Aegon Targaryen son of Rhaegar, (and this Aegon happened to die thanks to her brave beautiful romance), this will be just too cruel. But of course an annulment will make sense here because this made first Aegon into Aegon Waters/Sand, not Aegon Targaryen any more, no confusion no biggie.
  4. Wow, another person who is confusing show and book. When did the HBO show mention Rhaegar wanted to have three heads/kids? when did the HBO show mention Elia can not have one more kid? none. Half of your long post is completely invalid because they were not mentioned in the show at all. And "annulment" so far is a show stuff and very likely only a show stuff. Rhaegar has no excuse in the show (want to have third kid or create a promised prince). He annuled his marriage for his personal desire, just like show Robb. And Elia has no reason to feel happy with annulment that she does not need to die by birthing a third child. Because in the show, nobody said she would die with third child! seriously, even JonCon who said this does not even exist in the show. The other half of your post is about if annulment will turn kids into bastards. plenty of people in this post have said so and cited references. I will not bother to say again. please do your own research.
  5. She has the same claim as the one first Aegon has over westeros: dragons. she has the strongest claim in the world. Even if Rhaegar himself was alive again, Dany still has better claim than him. not to mention his offspring such as Jon Snow.
  6. You are a show-watcher, right? Not mean to offend or anything, I just feel like I got a better idea on how show-watchers takes the fact of Rhaegar's divorce and remarriage.
  7. first, you mixed show with book. In show, Elia was not declared barren. Rhaegar had no relationship with prophecy. and nowhere we were told he needed three children as some sort of three heads. In the show, he annuled his marriage only because he wanted to marry his "anne boylen". second, what is the situation of "the other children are in doubt"? you just made it up? Where did you get Elia's children are in doubt? or I misunderstood your English writing? third, you should not use 21st century attitude on a royal marriage in a medieval age like world. By your logic, 99% of marriages during that time should be annulled because nobles do not marry for love, including Ned and Cat. you might find it intolerable but those people were ok with it. Plus, even a dude in our time fall in love and run away with a teenager right after his wife just almost dies giving birth to their second baby and secretly one-sidedly divorce her-----even if he already lose his interest and love in his wife------he is still a jerk. Let me translate for you. "i do not love you! I love that hot teenager girl! you and our two babies are not my concern! love is so great! it is my natual right to pursue true love! good bye!" Sounds a little bit mean, right?
  8. Some people seem to be confusing book Rhaegar and show Rhaegar. Book Rhaegar clearly was very into prophecy. his whole life was shaped by prophecy he read in his childhood. He might love Lyanna, but this is not the reason he ran away with her and hid for whole year. He did what he did in order to make sure a destiny baby will be safely conceived and born, not to make sure he can have some hot sex with a northern teenager in the middle of nowhere while his realm is bleeding. But show Rhaegar is totally another story. So far there is no prophecy related to him (does not look like D&D will add this for Rhaegar either). And Elia was not declared to be barren either. Therefore his motivation is straightforward and clear: he desires and wants Lyanna (and Lyanna him), nothing else. I will give credit to book Rhaegar because he at least partially did it for the greater good. If Elia can give him one more child, book Rhaegar would never run away with Lyanna, no matter how much love he has for her. But the show Rhaegar is just a horny jerk who was driven by crazy love, completely forgot his duty as a crown prince and was very mean to his wife and trueborn children. Another Aegon IV.
  9. Well, he did not save world. his son might save the world. plus Dany might also save the world. So does birth of Dany justifiy Aerys raping his wife after burning person alive? If not, should the birth of Job justify his daddy's jerkish move?
  10. Well, I know one of my college classmates who took her dead sister's name too. But this never ever happened in Targ family before. Plenty of babies died early but they all had their own names. even they only lived for a few days. A life is a life, no matter how short it is. They have existed, a name is a proof of that. No sibling recycled their names. Actually in whole ice and fire world we never saw this happen (please correct me if I am wrong). So nobody thinks this should be done to honor a dead sibling. A more reasonable explanation is that Rhaegar reserved this king's name for his important son. rathet than Lyanna used this name to honor little Aegon who ironically was murdered thanks for her brave and romantic action.
  11. ironically the same Baristan Selmy you trusted on his words about Rhaegar told us Elia is a good and smart woman with a gentle heart. Yet you told us since Selmy said so on Rhaegar therefore you are in favor of him. So how about Elia? Double standard. And to make it more interesting, you are wondering the reason I judge Rhaegar is because I have personal experience (bad experience with a man blablabla). So I guess I can ask you same question, did you have some personal experience so that you have a better understanding on Rhaegar's eloping with true love and divorcing his dutiful wife? Plenty of men divorced their wives so that they can marry a younger woman. noy something new. Let me tell you, the true reason is because I have a lot of sympathy towards Elia and her two young children. Rhaenys was stabbed fifty times when she was dragged out of her father's bed and Aegon was smashed against the wall. Elia was raped and murdered in front of dead body of her child. All of this would not happen if Rhaegar and Lyanna did not do what they did. They enjoyed shinning love, sweet marriage, having honeymoon, making a saviour baby, while Elia and children being murdered and Dornish people being blackmilled and suffered. And brave Rhaegar did not even bother (or dare) to tell people what he did with his marriage!
  12. Well, we know Rhaegar named Lyanna as his queen of love and beauty in front of his lawful wife and whole realm (all smile died). We know Elia almost died giving birth to his son but weeks after Aegon was born, Rhaegar disappeared with Lyanna and annuled his marriage secretly. We know Annulment means this marriage was never ever valid therefore Aegon and Rhaenys became bastards. All of these are facts. Do these facts sound like jerkish move?
  13. Your post is not that long and yes I did read it. Unfortunately so far there are facts to support Rhaegar is a jerk (divorce his wife shortly after she almost died giving him a son, left them at the mercy of mad king in stead of sending his ex-wife to her home, made his two elder children bastards) but there is no fact to support Elia is a jerk. Possibilities? Sure, tons of them we have. It is possible that Lyanna and Rhaegar tried to murder Elia and her children, they failed so they ran away. It is possible that Rhaegar used a sword to force high septon to annul his marriage. High septon did it to keep his head on his shoulder. It is possible that Rhaegar hold Elia and children on DS as hostage so that he can still have Dorne to help him although he already annuled his marriage with her. (thus also give chance to aerys to keep them as hostage) Yet among so many equally ground-less possibilities you only raised the possibility that Elia cheated on her husband thus deserved to be abandoned. Why? Because you are biased.
  14. This is simple to answer: If Lyanna sent message to her family (any time in that year), then people will figure out where she is. Then Robert and house Stark would come and try to take Lyanna away from Rhaegar (just like what Ned did later) Lyanna did not want to be taken away from her silver prince. So they chose to be silent.
  15. There is absolute no proof to even hint Elia cheated on Rhaegar like Cersei. Yet in order to justify Rhaegar and Lyanna, people like you keep saying: how come Rhaegar is a jerk? he must do this for very good reason! If he annuled his marriage, it should be that Elia did something really bad to him! like sleeping with Arthur Dayne or Lewyn Martell or Oberyn Martell! His two children were not his! Either you are JonCon, or you are biased. Hope you do not serve on jury if this is how you judge people.