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  1. the point is that Aerys is obviously able to produce a living female child with his wife. Even if there is no rebellion, he and Rhaella will still have sex at some point. You could say this child is a totally different Dany, but rebellion is not a prerequisite for the birth of Dany. By the way, Aerys raped Rhaella after he burned that hand of king. if there is no rebellion, Aerys will still likely burn somebody at some point.
  2. Aerys would not stop sleeping with his wife.
  3. Rhaegar will be disinherited and exiled with his wife and children. Then Viserys will marry Dany. Stormland will have a new lord. Swann maybe? North will have a new one too. Manderley or Bolton maybe.
  4. Most of these comments came from Ned Stark who is absolutely a biased person on Lyanna. Kevan said she had a wild beauty but he said she is not even close to Cersei. You can say Kevan is biased too but he is likely less biased than Ned towards Lyanna. Other than that, we heard from Aerys' guy that Lyanna is less beautiful than Rheagar's wife. We also knew that Howland Reed said Elia is more beautiful than fair maid of Whent and he memorized every dance Ashara did that night and also her haunting violet eyes. But he said nothing about Lyanna's beauty who actually was very nice to him. Ashara is the greatest beauty in the HH tourney. APP said that Ashara Dayne is one of the most beautiful woman of her time. Yet it only said Lyanna is a "slender beauty". Many many women can be called beauty, but very rare you can find one who can be called as one of the most beautiful woman of that time. GRRM claimed that he imagined Ashara as Elizabeth Taylor and Cersie as Nicole Kidman. I do agree Lyanna is a young and beautiful girl but she is not even close to beauty of Ashara or prime Cersei. It seems like Rhaegar chose her for something else, not her beauty.
  5. Aegon married them simultaneously at dragonstone by following Valyria tradition before Targ switched to faith. I did not see much problem there. Rhaegar eloped and secretly "married" Lyanna after he married Elia for around three years, obviously without approval from either king or Faith. Targ already followed faith for hundreds of years (Faith is obviously against polygamy). His king father, as mad as he is, has done a shame walk and swore to god that he would be loyal to his wife. So we know monogamy is quite serious even for a Targ king. Otherwise he can just marry multiple women. To be brief, how people thought about Anne Boylen, how people would think about Lyanna. Sure some people will proudly hail "princess Lyanna", but many people would still call her "northern whore of Rhaegar".
  6. and since when king's half brother can indirectly rule Westeros? Not to mention many people will still think Lyanna as glorified mistress even if Rhaegar somehow pulled polygamy and announced her as second wife. Her children will be called bastards by many people.
  7. Why Dragonstone? that is Aegon's and Aegon's son's. Summerhall is just ruins. There is no Summerhall to inherit. Lyanna's son does not have land to inherit. The best will be that Aegon can give her son some land like Daeron towards Daemon Blackfyre (unlikely considering what Lyanna and Rhaegar did against Elia). Normally Lyanna's son will be just like Daemon Targaryen, who had to marry Lady Rhea because she has land to inherit.
  8. I personally think Joanna wilingly became Aerys' open mistress in the begining.
  9. Why Tyrion has to be a bastard? Aerys as the king might secretly marry Joanna as a second wife by Valyrian tradition. Just like Jon and Lyanna case, and even more reasonably because Aerys is actually a king, not just a prince. Therefore Tyrion will be a trueborn Targ.
  10. If Cersei wants to seduce someone and use this person to influence king, it would be easier for her to simply seduce king Aerys. Her mother is the true love of Aerys. And Cersei likely shares the same Lannister beauty with her mom. Just like LF and Sansa.
  11. Cersei is daughter of Aerys's true love Joanna. we know Aerys did not allow Rhaegar marry Cersei, is it possible that he wants to take Cersei for himself in case Rhaella dies?
  12. I agree on most of the points you guys raised. And I think this is at least part of the reason GRRM is so slow on his book.
  13. you are simply using your imagination here. How do you know he did not spend time with her? And is it proper for an unmarried noble lady to stay with her fiancee a lot at that time by the way? When she was defending Howland, nobody else there, not just Robert, also her three brothers. This whole plot is designed to let Lyanna the Mary Sue show off her greatness by herself so that Rhaegar can meet and fall for her. It is funny and ridiculous to use this to blame Robert not being with Lyanna. does your spouse/partner/BF constantly stay with you everywhere?
  14. So whatever Lyanna and Ned told you about Robert is the true Robert and their words on him hold true forever even he has a different life? Seriously? Who do you think they are? Two Gods who know past, present and future? Who can say you know another person truly enough to predict everything about him/her? Parent? spouse? probably not. How many people said they finally knew about their spouses at divorce? Then how about a childhood friend? a woman who has not met him much at all? How much your childhood buddy knows about you now and can he or she predict what type of adult you will become? It is specifically ridiculous to claim that Lyanna smartly saw Robert's true nature by just hearing about him having a bastard in Vale. This is judgemental. What if Cat said same thing about Ned on Jon Snow? Environment and all kinds of events which happened to us shaped us. Robert might be a different Robert if he did not go through what he went through. He turned out to be like this later did not mean he would become this no matter what happens.
  15. interesting, how much one person (childhood friend) can know another person's true nature? and more importantly, how can one person know how different this person will be if life is different? Does Ned know how Lyanna will be if she became a middle-aged woman and married Robert?