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  1. I doubt it will be February. Last day of 281 KL got snow. Snow continued for the best part of fornight (two weeks) and river got half frozen (stuff like that, do not remember details). Aerys had to ask his people to set wildfire and wish they can drive off winter by magic. But Rhaegar was not there to see this because he left already. It sounds like Rhaegar left pretty soon. Here is the situation: 1. His firstborn son was just born. (you usually do not expect a husband/father elope with his new lover to enjoy honeymoon right after his baby son was born) 2. He decided this son is the promised prince since his conception was heralded by a red comet. (prince is promised for this world to do what? maybe defeat long night?) 3. His wife almost died during child birth. (this might not be important for Rhargar but anyway usually you do not expect a husband elope with his new lover right after his wife almost died to give him a son even this is just a pilitical marriage, unless this person is just too cold-blooded) 4. A strange and unusual winter suddenly came after a "spring" and it is so bad that Aerys had to try to drive it off with magic. Under such circumstances, there are two possible choices: 1. He suddenly decided that he had to elope with his new teenager lover to enjoy a secret honeymoon somewhere in a lonely desert for some time. (everything else can just go to hell compared to my lovely Lya!) 2. He believed his son is the promised prince. He thought this unusual harsh winter is a sign of long night. then he shockingly realized he can not get his third head to create a trio to defeat this long night. He kind of panicked. He decided that he had to take action to make this happen either by himself or with counsel of somebody (high heart ghost?). He knows this is a very dangerous act. but he is ready to carry this duty for the greater good. (of course Lyanna's loveliness made it easier, Rhaegat thought, thank god he did not need to run off with Maggy the frog) Which one is more reasonable?
  2. "With the coming of the new year, the crown prince had taken to the road with half a dozen of his closest friends and confidants, on a journey that would ultimately lead him back to the riverlands." This is the time when Rhaegar left his family (wife and young son), which is "coming of new year (282)" When was Aegon born? You seem to like checking wiki. Wiki said that Aegon was born either in very early of 282 or very late of 281.(in fact 282 seems to be more likely but I would not spend extra time to explain why it is more likely). Either way, it is relatively safe to say Rhaegar left him within a couple of weeks, if not a few days. Considering this is his first born son and his promised prince plus his wife almost died to give birth, I think it is not improper to say he left them immediately after the birth, what do you think? does "immediately after birth" have to be only one second after Aegon was pushed out of his mom's body?
  3. Not sure how familar you are with the timeline, it is relatively clear (within the limitation of vague words of GRRM) that Rhaegar left his family soon after his son was born. There are several months between tourney and birth of Aegon, yet we did not hear anything about Rhaegar and Lyanna. Once Aegon was born and Elia was announced to be barren, shortly after that Rhaegar abducted Lyanna. What usually made a father leave his newborn son immediately after his birth? His crazy love in another hot teenager girl? or some great duties he felt he had no other choice? You give me a choice.
  4. Well, by "final action", I was referring to his final decision of running off with Lyanna to birth a baby Jesus. He did not take any action on Lyanna after the tourney (well, you can surely imagine he was exchanging hot love letters with Lyanna behind the back of his pregnant wife, or even secretly met her somewhere having sex or getting married , but there is no such thing in the book). He only ran off with Lyanna after he was told that his wife can not give him the third head. So his love in Lyanna is somehow related to his wife's inability to carry one more child? how great this love is. if you argue about Rhaegar's last act, then his real last act before death is "whispering a woman's name (Lyanna)". As we have discussed before, prophecy definitely played a very important role in his relationship with Lyanna. nobody denied that Rhaegar admires and loves Lyanna, however, it is a combination of love and prophecy which made Rhaegar did what he did. If he only harbors love in Lyanna but no need to find another woman for a third baby (Elia gave him three children), then there will be no "abduction". If he only cares about prophecy but had no interest/love in Lyanna, then he would likely sleep with another woman who will cause much less trouble than Lyanna (but still we can not rule out Lyanna because Rhaegar might figure out that this baby has to be from a union of ice and fire, and Lyanna is the only woman available in house Stark). It seems like you really want to prove that rhaegar did everything only for his crazy love in a teenager. Sorry, it seems like Rhaegar is more than just a love-struck jerk husband. He is performing his "duties" for the greater good as well and this will be proved by Jon Snow's success in saving the world from long night.
  5. of course GRRM will say "love struck prince". he needs to keep consistent with his text in book. he is not going to speak the truth to you easily. if he says "a prophecy driven prince", then suddenly people know that Jon snow is the promised prince and the savior of the world in long night war. but actually you can say that Rhaegar did everything for his crazy love in Lyanna. Prophecy is just a noble excuse he used to persuade himself to abandon his family and duties. This is definitely possible. but you still can not say phophecy did not play an extremely important role in his final action.
  6. You obviously took the text " Rhaegar loved his lady Lyanna thousands of people died for it". However we should know that authors like GRRM do not usually tell truth straightforwardly. There might be some love, but that is just part of the reason. I do not think it is bad to be obsessed in prophecy, in fact, Rhaegar is quite likely to be right, he managed to bring the promised prince to save this world. however, Does this make his action completely correct? probably not.
  7. if you need to see actual words from GRRM saying Rhaegar is obsessed in prophecy, then I am afraid you will be disappointed. Many authors including GRRM do not always telling something straightforward. In fact, if he says something straightforward, it is quite likely that it is not true or not completely true. like Jon is son of ned. It looks quite clear that Rhaegar is really into prophecy and willing to do something he does not want to do for the sake of prophecy. He probably admires and loves Lyanna, but this is not the reason he ran off with her. If Elia gives him another child, he would never take this action. Lyanna would still marry Robert and Rhaegar would be just fine with his wife and three children.
  8. you claimed that I am "cheapening the love (and suffering) Jon had", I would say you are cheapening the suffering and sacrifice of other people such as Robb, Ned, Cat, Ygritte, etc. Sure Jon has all kinds of trauma, but he is way more fortunate than many other people in this book. He survived and thrived. Those dead people lost their chances forever. no wonder many readers said jon is a whiny person. He is already very lucky.
  9. I do not agree with you. If Jon and Dany sit on the throne as lovebirds ruling the country with their children around (just like Aragorn and Arwen), this is not a bitter-sweet ending. They lost their family members and friends, that is upset, sure, but they at least survived (and became more and more successful). Their family members and friends suffered and died, it is more proper to call their endings bitter, not Jon or Dany. Do you know how many people said Dany has plot armor?
  10. a beautiful person is still beautiful even he or she is shy and low key. a plain person is still plain even he or she is cocky and outgoing. Ned is plain because he did not have a handsome face, not because he is shy.
  11. you must be kidding me. Tons of people knew Lyanna very well in Winterfell, yet nobody mentioned anything about Jon reminded them of Lyanna. If you say it is because people simply put it on Ned, however Lyanna is not a female version of Ned Stark, she probably has her own unique traits and features (Rhaegar would unlikely fell in crazy love with a female version of plain-looking Ned). why nobody found that?
  12. To be fair, there is a decent chance that Aemon has never met Rhaegar in person. Aemon was born in 198 and Rhaegar was born in 259. Aemon went to the wall in 233 and it seems like he never left there, not even when RR happened. when Rhaegar became an adult, Aemon is already like 80 years old. We never heard that Rhaegar visited the wall in person (if he did, we should have heard about it).
  13. I do wish his daddy is Aerys! Then he will be brother of Dany. by the way, I would prefer also that he is son of Ashara and Ned, much better than Rhaegar and Lyanna.
  14. Well, maybe in the next book Jon will come back from death with a head of silver hair and purple eyes, plus he suddenly can play harp and sing sweet songs. And yes, he will marry some girl but then run off with horse-faced Arya at some point and create another bastard baby somewhere. then everybody will say he is rhaegar's son through and through.
  15. it looks like he pretty much took the appearance from his mother and took the personality from father. Rhaegar is counted as the most beautiful man of the world, Jon is not in this category at all.