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  1. Ah, okay, that clears it up. Then maybe Bran got it wrong. He is only seven after all I was just very confused about him saying it was the 9th year of summer, since that would mean it is 8 years and some months, and Arya being 9 years and some months, that she would have been born in winter or at least spring. So that's a theory I can trash
  2. Hello! I was just checking something about when it was winter on the wiki. I found a list here: My problem is this. Arya was born 289 AC. According to the page that was in summer (288 - 299 AC). In Bran I, GoT it says: "It was the ninth year of summer, and the seventh of Bran's life." Since the book starts at 298 AC, that would mean it was winter or at least spring in 289 AC. Or am I missing something here? Greetings, Kimber