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  1. I have high hopes for Arianne's POV. We will learn more about Dany and Jon's past through her if you believe they were both infants in Dorne. I also think we will learn more about the Daynes, Dawn, Ashara, the Tower of Joy, Darkstar and the next Sword of the Morning.
  2. Old Ghis was built by slaves, but the Valaryian Freehold overthrew them. Valaryia's own slaves became the faceless men, possibly deliberately causing the doom. Now Dany is obsessed with ending slavery wherever she goes. Could any of these be connected?
  3. Back to the Starks. Do we think the original Starks were important? Or maybe the Stark children are important because of nonStarks they descended from. We have Bael the Bard, The Warg King, The Marsh King and possibly other important bloodlines the Starks married after conquering. As far as I can tell, all of these happened after the Long Night, so if there is a Stark/Other connection or a Stark/Long Night connection, it was before.
  4. GRRM is selectively releasing parts of the book that don't advance the story. They are probably 1/7th of Winds by length even if they aren't by plot. GRRM's life is his own. If he chooses to spend most of his time watching and analyzing the NY Jets, I would be sad, but I wouldn't reasonably be able to say he is wrong.
  5. Valar Morghulis - All men must die. GRRM may have said he will finish the book and no one else will, but he has little control of when he dies or what happens to his work after.
  6. Be careful, it is easy for these sort of conversations to become negative towards GRRM. He doesn't owe us anything, and gave us more than the $100 or so we spent on his books. I disagree about no one reading the series. I read The Canterbury Tales almost 600 years after Chaucer died, and GRRM is much farther along. ASOIAF will stand as one of the most influential series of all times in this genera, even unfinished, possibly even the 2nd most influential author (after Tolkien). And if GRRM dies first, it will eventually be finished by someone else. We will lose a lot of the details and his writing style, as we did with "A Memory of Light", but all the questions central to the story will be answered, and the plot will play out as the author intended.
  7. These are stories of the Children of the Forest, who are the protagonists. The evil giants in Castles are the First Men.
  8. So we are back to the idea that the Children are really the bad guys, either BloodRaven and Leaf are bad guys,or there are several factions of Children. I am more likely to believe the Children created the Others and either lost control of them, or never intended to control them. We've covered this before, but has anyone thought about why the Last Hero sought out the Children? Even if the Children created the Others or knew how to defeat them, the First Men wouldn't necessarily know. Why not seek out Shadowbinders in Asshai, great Warriors and Kings, Dragonlords, etc? We don't know what the powers that be were 10,000 years ago, but 3 foot tall hippies that used to stab me with rocks wouldn't be on my short list.
  9. Maybe I'm more optimistic, but I believe this was a story about 5 central characters in 1993, and the Others were invented either as part of the backstory of the history of the world, or as something the main characters interact with. And I don't think his idea was ever Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Unite against the Evil Night King.
  10. GRRM has said the Ramsay was created because he was needed for Theon's story. This is also why I've argued Euron won't be around long. Both are powerful, evil humans who GRRM tries to make more human, but not with the same level of thought and care as the characters central to the story.
  11. Anyone else believe Snarks and Grumpkins were old Starks North of The Wall and Children of the Forest? Not much to go on here, just trying to turn the ship Starkwards.
  12. It isn't how evil the Others are. Theon, Ramsay, Lord Frey and others all do things that are plenty evil, but they are mutidimensional characters with reasons for what they did. GRRM specifically talked about obviously bad characters who look ugly, dress in black, represent the forces of darkness and only exist as one dimensional characters. This is the same if they have a hierarchy, a leader or are all equals. The show Others are exactly that, and if GRRM hasn't say he won't write this way, I'd believe the book Others were the same. Knowing GRRM, there will be more than subtle nuances showing us the threat isn't what it appears.
  13. The Others are clearly central to the story. They may or may not have a leader. We could have the Night's King like on the show, but if he exists, he won't be an important character. GRRM said he won't write a generic evil darklord, like what the show gave us. It might be a character we already know who is using the Others (Qyburn, Melisandra, Bloodraven, etc), or it might be an inhuman Darklord who gets replaced by a character we know (Jon is my bet). Either way, I'd bet big that the end conflicts are between characters we are familiar with, probably the 5 from GRRMs original letter (Tyrion, Daenerys, Arya, Bran, Jon Snow).
  14. On Jul. 12th, 2017 at 5:08 PM, GRRM posted: Followed by a cool picture of Valyria. This is an obvious substitution of Revelations 18:10 "Alas, alas, that great city Babylon, that mighty city! for in one hour is thy judgment come." in the King James Bible. Fans have speculated the reference to 18/10 was the date 10/18/2017 (or sadly October 2018) and that this would be the date "Winds of Winter" would be available for purchase, or now more likely, the date publication would be announced. There is no Revelation 10:18, so I am inclined to disregard the 18/10 vs 18/10 order of the numbers. I don't believe ASOIAF books have consistent page numbering between versions, so I don't have any ideas for what else 10 18 could refer to. If GRRM just felt the quote appropriate and liked the art, why the "enigmatic" mood and why is the post closed to comments? So maybe nothing happens, and I will sound like the next David Meade, but maybe we finally see the announcement we've all been checking "Not a blog" every day for the past 6 years! Either way, Happy Revelation Day!
  15. I am inclined to believe the Night's King tale was included as foreshadowing, most likely what will happen either to Jon or Bran. I've often suspected the power the Others' have was originally given to the Starks by the Children (hence Kings of Winter), and the White Walkers were created to kill the Starks after they betrayed the Children.