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  1. Everything needed will be in the full finished core series, assuming an optimistic life expectancy and writing speed for the author. This does not imply important details in Winds of Winter or Dream of Spring won't also get hinted at in the spin offs. I wouldn't expect major reveals, but if GRRM has been subtly foreshadowing something, he might do so in the spin offs too. I remember an interview with GRRM saying he hinted at a lot in the first book, and he wishes he could go back and make some of it less subtle and other things less obvious. I don't know if that referred to events in Storm of Swords and Clash of Kings, or events in the series as a whole, but Dunk and Egg would be a great way to fix things he felt should be less subtle.
  2. I remember GRRM discussing merchandise. Someone sells an official Dawn painted white, he said he is generally against painting swords, but in this case it is the closest people can make with real world technology. Dawn is definitely not meteoric iron, even though real weapons were and were probably the inspiration.
  3. If a man rides off with a women, it is a good bet they are having sex, consensual or not.
  4. Why and how would Ned tear down the tower to build cairns? He and Howland were the only 2 survivors, so it seems unlikely they physically demolished the tower themselves. Did Ned go to Starfall and say "Hey, I just killed your son, can I have 2 dozen on your men to demolish your watch tower?". It would also be much less work just to carry the bodies back or put them in ordinary graves, and as we know, the bodies were missed elsewhere. One possibility is Ned hated the tower because of what happened there, and this sentiment was shared by Ashara or another Dayne or nearby lord. Perhaps he went to Starfall with Dawn and explained what happened and the Daynes decided to tear down the tower. Ned might never even have gone back. I also find it odd the burial of Ned's 5 friends and 3 enemies was done exactly the same. The only reason I can come up with for the tower being hated is it was the conventional love nest of Lyanna and Rheagar that started this whole mess. I just don't see a random Ok Corral location being torn down after a fight.
  5. Yes, we've all seen enough on Jon's parents and some interesting things on TOJ have been said, so I hope to see the conversation go that direction. Lyanna, Ashara and Wylla all potentially play a part in that tale, but if Robert is the father, that doesn't seem relevant to TOJ.
  6. I suspect Ned chose the 6 men most loyal to him. Robert and Jon Arynn were not picked, maybe they were unavailable, but I think Ned wanted people who would obey without question. Robert and Jon Arynn being headstrong and seeing themselves as superior.
  7. Interesting idea, but Ned follows northern gods, the Kingsguard is 4 men short, and if this were the goal, Ned would pick 6 of the best fighters he could.
  8. If Lyanna is the mother, has anyone proposed a father other than Rhaegar or Robert?
  9. Why are the Kingsguard there? If they were good Samurai and simply would rather die than accept defeat, wouldn't they rather go down fighting on the Trident? Doesn't GRRM tell us they were following orders? If those orders weren't to guard Lyanna or her son, what could they be?
  10. If Ned isn't expecting these 3 are here and isn't there for Lyanna, what possible reason could he have to be in Dorne with 6 vassals?
  11. It seems clear to me GRRM intends the reader to believe RJL. That doesn't imply it is true, the biggest problem I've seen is it is too obvious, it could be misdirection. Agatha Christie wants us to believe someone is a murder, but that is redirection. It certainly would be less obvious reading the series start to finish without years or decades waiting for the next book. Besides RLJ, we have some evidence for Ned + Ashara. It is hinted they liked eachother and she got pregnant and died at times inline with when Jon was born. Why isn't anyone running with this instead of Robert? Having Ned be the father would be the ultimate redirection.
  12. 1 my theory is that the Starks knew Lyanna wanted to be with Rhaegar. Brandon didn't approve and got mad. He clearly didn't know where to look but that isn't much surprise if she didn't want to be found. 2 it isn't surprising at all details aren't given in canon, the same could be said for any other theory 3 She could have been knocked up before Brandon was killed or before she found out. She wouldn't be the first teenager to sleep with someone less mentally stable than would make a good father. 4 No one said Lyanna had no friends. Ashara would be a good candidate for that role, but we don't know. Someone besides Howland certainly could come forward and explain what happened. RLJ implies Lyanna didn't want Robert to know Rheagar was involved, so anyone who knows has a reason not to say.
  13. If you keep posting that problems exist without posting what the problems are, we can't be aware of them.
  14. Seems to easy to make this connection. So many characters die by the sword, and the ones still alive we could say have a sign that they will die by the sword. We could probably pick anything- people with curly black hair die by sword, people with green eyes, etc. All men must die, and swords seem to be the most common way to go.
  15. The only problem I have with the Kingsguard not being there for a member of the royal family or Lyanna is I can't come up with any other ideas. Maybe it was a secret mission to assassinate Ashara Dayne. Maybe Rhaegar set them for thousands of lemons for lemonade to celebrate winning the war. Maybe those are better than anything else I can think of.