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  1. Heresy 196 and a look at the Wall

    I thought we had evidence the Others were active before Mirri Maaz Duur. Is there evidence of a man limned in flame with a great wolf in GRRM's books? Or is this just a reference to Tolkien?
  2. Heresy 196 and a look at the Wall

    England was invaded many times, and both the Anglo-Saxons and later Normans were small culturally distinct groups. But Westeros has the great barrow, which England does not. Could we have had a Alexander The Great or Charlemagne type leader lead the First Men?
  3. Heresy 196 and a look at the Wall

    The Andals of Westeros are the Anglos of England. I don't know if primitive people were there before, but if they were I doubt they were significant and GRRM himself might not know. I do think advanced people were there first. We have Moat Catlin, the Seastone chair, the first keep in Winterfell and the High Tower, none of which seems to be built by the First Men.
  4. Heresy 196 and a look at the Wall

    What 3 populations? Which chapter?
  5. Heresy 196 and a look at the Wall

    Exactly my point. King Arthur is too recent. He could have used Adam and Eve, which biblically are around 10,000 years back, further beyond recorded history. He gave 2 specific examples that are both the same age.
  6. Heresy 196 and a look at the Wall

    Back to timelines. GRRM said The Night's King was as removed from our time as Noah and Gilgamesh. Maybe I am taking this too literally, but Gilgamesh was written about 4000 years ago, which is also (according to bible) when the flood occurred. There are a lot of other mythological figures to choose from, he could have said as King Arthur or Santa Claus or Adam and Eve, but he chose these 2. The last thousand years is written history, so dates are probably correct. I suggest 3000 years for the oral history since The Long Night until the Andale invasion.
  7. Heresy 196 and a look at the Wall

    What is Melisandre's goal if she doesn't believe Stannis is AA? She obviously uses tricks and deception, like the fake Lightbringer, but I assumed she still believed Stannis was AA and felt the tricks were helping him.
  8. Heresy 196 and a look at the Wall

    The problem I have with the pact ending The Long Night is how far South the Isle of Faces is. If the Wall and Winterfell were a significant part of The Long Night the pact would have been signed in the North. The First Men moved South to North, so I assume the pact was signed when the Isle of Faces was the farthest North men settled, and The Long Night was fought later when the Wall was the farthest North men settled. This is why I keep going back to The Long Night being retribution for men breaking the pact.
  9. Heresy 196 and a look at the Wall

    The problem I have with a 'wiernet' is how much the Children have been bothered by cutting down weirwoods, enough to start a war with men. If all the trees are connected and everyone is inside all the trees, removing a few trees shouldn't be a big deal. I think we are onto something with the faces of the men 'carved' into the trees. We've heard the weirwoods before the pact didn't have faces, and the faces seem more human than Children. So what were the Children doing with the weirwoods and what did men do that is different?
  10. Heresy 196 and a look at the Wall

    I don't disagree. But nonetheless, his feeblemindedness prevents plot holes were Bran can jump into any character and control them. I don't believe Euron is being skinchanged, but if he is, he could be feeble minded or otherwise mentally weak. He clearly isn't right in the head, and it would fit GRRM to have a character who seems ridiculously powerful revealed as his mind is weaker than Hodor.
  11. Heresy 196 and a look at the Wall

    We don't have evidence the other Starks weren't watched, to the contrary, the direwolves suggest they were. All of them develop a warg bond, Sansa's is limited because of how soon her wolf dies, but all have various degrees of Warg-ness. Bran is the strongest. Suppose he died in the fall, would Rickon become a greenseer? Or maybe Bran is the only one beyond the threshold of how much you need. I've been trying to find evidence BR crippled Bran, but I can't and ultimately it doesn't make sense. The crows could have led him, but they'd have to know what he'd see and what would happen. What if Jamie smashed Bran's skull before pushing him? What if he landed slightly different and died? Or just had a minor injury? Why cripple him this early? Wouldn't it be better to let him walk at least to escape Winterfell, if not the way to BRs cave? Bran was crippled on purpose, but GRRM is the one who is guilty. BR doesn't have the same power or motivation.
  12. Heresy 196 and a look at the Wall

    Is Bran able to jump into anyone's mind and control them? We haven't been told for certain, and it would open a lot of plot holes. More likely Hodor is special. I don't see BR controlling Euron or doing more than he did with Bran. I suspect Euron's madness may be more logical than we think. Suppose he hears voices. Wouldn't that explain muting everyone on his ship, so he can be certain it isn't them talking. He is either someone BR reached out to, or maybe even someone he failed to reach.
  13. Heresy 196 and a look at the Wall

    Could he have literally jumped off a cliff because he dreamt of flying?
  14. Heresy 196 and a look at the Wall

    What's the connection between BR and Euron? Euron mentions the crow lied to him about flying. Any significance to them both missing an eye?
  15. Heresy 196 and a look at the Wall

    What is unusual about the Nightfort's location? East/West it is towards the western side of the Wall but it is in the center of Westeros. Every other weirwood face we see is crudely carved and doesn't move, while the Black Gate is described being a man who got older for a thousand years without dying, probably very intricate detail. Other weirwoods do cry, but it is sap or maybe blood, not tears. The Black Gate is something special.