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  1. Any thoughts on GRRM saying Melisandra is his most misunderstood character? Very different from how he talks about another zealot, Victarion which he calls a dullard and a brute. Melisandra's brute is her magic, but otherwise at a superficial level, these are similar characters. At a deeper level, GRRM clearly has more going on with Mel, but what?
  2. Invitation doesn't fit. If Coldhands could have been invited to cross, he would have been. I suspect the wights are not actually resurrected beings, but controlled bodies. The Wall does not stop whoever is animating wights from doing so on the other side. Similarly, the 3 eyed crow can talk to Bran through the Wall - it does not stop minds. However Coldhands is not a wight, and seems to be able to think independently, a magical creature. If Jon is resurrected as many suspect he will be, it will be interesting to see if he can pass the Wall or if it stops him.
  3. And no mention of anyone else coming back from the dead.
  4. Does anyone know where Beric was revived? Thoros gets credit, but hollow hill is a place of weirwoods, and Thoros was surprised Beric came back. Perhaps Beric came back by some other power, and Thoros just happened to be there.
  5. Euron told Cersei he would bring a priceless gift to the most beautiful woman in the world. Many people assume he will give Cersei the dragonbinder horn from the books. Other people think it will be the head of an enemy. My theory is Cersei is not the recipient, Dany is the most beautiful woman and his intended bride. Cersei will be the gift. Did anyone else get this impression?
  6. The moon's an arrant thief, and her pale fire she snatches from the sun. If this is a Shakespear reference, I don't get it.
  7. Besides red and blue fire, we also have a shadow in woman’s form, long and tall and terrible, her hands alive with pale white fire. We have several references to pale fire. I am lost on this. Not only don't I understand what this symbolizes, I can't picture it. Pale implies light color, so it could be almost white hot. But pale means dim as well. So we have a very bright, dim flame.
  8. I think bloodlines are important for 2 reasons. If someone's ancestor did something of consequence, they are tied to that. I think we will see a Targaryan ancestor either create, bind or become a dragon, thereafter all their descendants inherit affinity to dragons. We also have hints that Children and men married. I think we will see Bran and other greenseers, skinchangers and such have Children for ancestors. So ancestry is not circular, some people are special so their descendents are special.
  9. The Others, and to a lesser extent the dragons, are weapons, in some ways metaphores for nuclear weapons. They aren't written as characters with complex motives. They really aren't evil, as they really aren't making choices. I'd like to see more about what is going on with the Others. Jaremy Rykker was successfully assassinated and Moromont was attempted. Why are the wildlings looking for the horn now that the Others are back? I believe Craster is a slave (and a crow said he was) who's slave is he? Where is Benjen? I think there is a lot hidden in the text that hasn't been discussed yet.
  10. So far, ice and fire appear each fragmented. We don't have any evidence Melisandra and Dany will end up on the same side. BR and the Others appear to be on opposing sides. So we might see each side unified behind a single leader, and a big war between each side. Or we might see everything stay fragmented, with ice nd fire elements sometimes on the same side.
  11. We have seen no more than 7. If you believe Craster's son create a ww each, there are a lot more.
  12. So if the Others aren't controlled by a Night King type leader, what is controlling or motivating them? They dueled in a 1 on 1 fashion, when they could have attacked at once. They seem to be BRs enemy, but don't attack the weirwoods. They aren't marching South, at least not yet.
  13. Ramsey Bolton is a rotten, terrible and somewhat flat character. But Roose is far more interesting and Ramsey is the consequences of his actions.
  14. For all GRRM saying he is anti-darklord, look at Lady Stoneheart. Her desire for vegengence has a cause, and is directed at a specific target, but she is mostly evil, unthinking and only interested in destruction. If GRRM is okay with her, so I don't see a reason we couldn't have Others or a Night King with similar thoughts and motivations. Sauron (and Melkor) in Tolkien and Lucifer in Christianity are intrinsically evil, flat characters that only exist so we have an enemy to fight against and someone to attribute the evil in the world to, and everything would be happy if they didn't exist. This is what GRRM doesn't want - his evil is caused by human decisions, usually reasonable decisions. Any dark lord that fits that description will be okay with grrm. We need to remember the real reason The Others and dragons were created - without magic the story would be historical fiction and not fantasy and appeal to much fewer people. GRRM is against magic being too powerful as it overwhelms all other elements, however we should expect it to be a central element.
  15. The Others are back at the same time the dragons are. We also have the quote about how the trees have eyes again. Ice and Fire magic seems to be comming back and getting stronger. This could be a cycle of magic waxing and waning, or it could be something someone did. It seems likely the creation of the first dragon, the first Other, the seasons being off and the Long Night all happened at the same time. I disagree that the Others are essentially Orcs. Tolkien's Orcs were selfish brutes forced to follow orders. We really have no idea what the Others motives are.