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  1. Thankfully at 40 I have almost no gray hair, less than Ned at 35. I've know people fully gray in their early 30s. My father is still not fully gray at 74. About all Mance's hair tells us is he is between 30 and 80 years old. Bloodraven disappeared in 252 AC at 77 years old, which doesn't completely exclude the possibility he fathered a bastard after that, but I'd say it is unlikely. If Mance was born in 252, he'd be 48 at the start and 58 most recently and I think that is too old. I don't think BR had much interest in women after Shiera. He mentions he still sees "a woman I desired" along with a brother he loved and a brother he hated, but doesn't mention children or other women.
  2. Mance and Bloodraven are as different physically as any 2 characters, and Mance is probably too young to be Bloodraven's son. Qorgyle is as good a candidate as any I've seen. Mance was young and unimportant when Qorgyle was LC, and talking about the LCs bastard probably didn't do you any favors. When Mance became an impressive ranger and later King Beyond, Qorgyle was mostly forgotten. So I think it is plausible that it wouldn't be widespread knowlege and those few who would know haven't told any POV character. Melisandra seems awfully interested in burning Mance's son, and makes some interesting remarks about needing him later when she fake burns him. I bet his father's bloodline is more important than Qorglye's.
  3. "By sight" implies Benjen did know Mance, just wouldn't recognize him. How many of us would recognize GRRM if we didn't see him on TV or Internet? Do you work with another employee you don't see face to face? Either they never met face to face or weren't close enough. But Benjen and Mance definitely knew about eachother.
  4. Again, he invested a heck of a lot of effort given his belief in the likelihood of this bluff working.
  5. What he found is just as useful, if not more useful, than the real horn, and he knows that. Why go through all that trouble if you just need an impressive looking horn? There was no guarantee they'd find one, and if they just needed something impressive looking, there were probably easier ways to make or find one. Look at Yohn Royce's armor, which is hinted isn't really all that old. Just make a large brass fancy rune encrusted horn - a better bluff than what Sam has if he has the real horn.
  6. Does anyone know why Mance was looking for the horn? He clearly had no intent to bring down the Wall, and without doing so, could never prove the horn is the real deal. If it was only meant as something he could use to threaten but not act on, the wildlings invested a lot of effort for a horn that was no better to Mance than the one Melisandre burned. And if he found the horn, he'd run a very high risk that sooner or later someone would use it and bring down the Wall. And why did Mance and the wildlings stop looking for the horn? I can only think of 3 possibilities, from most to least likely: 1) Mance was looking for something else. It might just be something the wildlings wouldn't care about and he tricked them into helping him find it. Or it might be something he doesn't want anyone to know he has. They stopped looking for the horn once Mance found whatever it was he really wanted. 2) Mance wants the horn for a reason other than to bring down the Wall. We've been told it can "wake giants from the Earth" and Joramun had it for reasons other than bringing down the Wall. 3) GRRM didn't put enough time into thinking this through. Has anyone considered that Mance really did find the horn? If Sam has it, it was lost for thousands of years and showed up as soon as Mance stopped looking for it.
  7. I've also suspected Patchface may be from an important bloodline. Steffon Baratheon was on a mission to find a wife for Rhaegar when he found Patchface. It is possible they encountered Patchface by chance and just decided to buy him on a whim. But they went to the Free Cities because of Bloodlines, and may have been investigating anyone claimed to have descended from important blood from Valaryia, someone could have brought Patchface to their attention because of his ancestry.
  8. I have 2 different takes on patchface. 1) He was just a talented fool and the ship went down in a normal storm. Either he was the sole 'surviver' by luck, or something chose him. Some higher power or magic user brought him back from the dead. 2) He and the storm were special to begin with. He caused the ship to go down, either by wanting it to sink, or someone wanting him to sink. Thoughts?
  9. I have high hopes for Arianne's POV. We will learn more about Dany and Jon's past through her if you believe they were both infants in Dorne. I also think we will learn more about the Daynes, Dawn, Ashara, the Tower of Joy, Darkstar and the next Sword of the Morning.
  10. Old Ghis was built by slaves, but the Valaryian Freehold overthrew them. Valaryia's own slaves became the faceless men, possibly deliberately causing the doom. Now Dany is obsessed with ending slavery wherever she goes. Could any of these be connected?
  11. Back to the Starks. Do we think the original Starks were important? Or maybe the Stark children are important because of nonStarks they descended from. We have Bael the Bard, The Warg King, The Marsh King and possibly other important bloodlines the Starks married after conquering. As far as I can tell, all of these happened after the Long Night, so if there is a Stark/Other connection or a Stark/Long Night connection, it was before.
  12. GRRM is selectively releasing parts of the book that don't advance the story. They are probably 1/7th of Winds by length even if they aren't by plot. GRRM's life is his own. If he chooses to spend most of his time watching and analyzing the NY Jets, I would be sad, but I wouldn't reasonably be able to say he is wrong.
  13. Valar Morghulis - All men must die. GRRM may have said he will finish the book and no one else will, but he has little control of when he dies or what happens to his work after.
  14. Be careful, it is easy for these sort of conversations to become negative towards GRRM. He doesn't owe us anything, and gave us more than the $100 or so we spent on his books. I disagree about no one reading the series. I read The Canterbury Tales almost 600 years after Chaucer died, and GRRM is much farther along. ASOIAF will stand as one of the most influential series of all times in this genera, even unfinished, possibly even the 2nd most influential author (after Tolkien). And if GRRM dies first, it will eventually be finished by someone else. We will lose a lot of the details and his writing style, as we did with "A Memory of Light", but all the questions central to the story will be answered, and the plot will play out as the author intended.
  15. These are stories of the Children of the Forest, who are the protagonists. The evil giants in Castles are the First Men.