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  1. All of Westeros becomes the domain of the Others. That is a bitter ending, not bitter sweet.
  2. Killing Dany wouldn't be the same as killing Ned. Dany's POV would become irrelevant if she died, why tell the story of her and Essos if it is irrelevant to everyone else? Ned and Rob are still very relevant after their death. Jon, Bran and Dany are somewhat unlike everyone else in that they aren't gray characters, they are well liked throughout the series. So I keep coming back to the idea that one of them is going to be our Darklord.
  3. Who Jon's parents are was discussed way to much. I don't think we've said much about why it matters. Rheagar and Lyanna (or whoever else) provides an interesting back story and details about Jon, and we can see some of their personality in him. If this were just a side note, it adds richness and depth to his story. But we've seen a lot from GRRM that this is something more than a side story of character background. Why is this matter? I don't think we'll see something lame, like a magic sword only the king's son can pull from a stone. There has to be more to it than backstory.
  4. GRRM said at the end of the series we'd find out why the seasons are off. Imo that has more to do with the end game than who ever sits on a throne.
  5. I think all of Essos grew out of control in GRRM'S garden. Dany needed to arrive home, so she needed somewhere to arrive from. Engaging in world building means creating details for a larger continent than Westeros, including history, current plots and characters. As the series got longer than planned, Essos got more detailed and more happened there, and that trend will continue until GRRM can prune a path for Dany to get home. But she will get home for the end game, if GRRM lives long and writes fast.
  6. Asshai is the location of interest outside Westeros. Grrm said we wouldn't go there, but would find out what happened there. We have hints dragons were created there, and I suspect it is tied to AA and the seasons being off. I wonder if the Daynes and Targaryens are descended from people there, which is why they share features. If they traveled east, they could end up in Starfall, and those traveling west found dragons in the 14 flames. This also fits with the idea of Lightbringer being Dawn. Whatever happened there was important, not sure how it relates to the final battle being in Westeros, but I bet that it does.
  7. The biggest mystery to me, is in the final conflict, who is going to end up on which side. The current direction of everything is that despite some conflicts and fighting, all the POV characters are going to end up united under Jon against the evil Others. Nothing could be further from what I expect from GRRM, and I think he is deliberately setting things up this way, only to have us find characters (Mel, Bran, Jon imo the most likely) on the Other side. I wouldn't be surprised if we see a Night King exactly like on the show leading the Others, only to be replaced by some we know and love before the final battle.
  8. A twist around Lady Stoneheart is also something the show can't do, and fits with GRRMS latest comments that she plays an important part in Winds of Winter.
  9. I've always thought it was more of a Yin Yang relationship. We see some support for this from Mel, justifying her use of shadows as creatures of light.
  10. Do we even know Ghost is brother to the other wolves or son of the dead mom? It is almost like he appeared out of thin air at the scene.
  11. I remember a GRRM interview where he said the direwolves changed the Starks and Sansa losing hers so soon would have consequences. He didn't elaborate further.
  12. Does anyone else suspect Mel orchestrated killing Jon? Ironic if she killed Azor Ahai?
  13. This is a very different situation. The Levites were a priestly class that were slaves in a metaphorical sense. You were born a Levite, you were born a priest. Mel, on the other hand, seems sold to the highest bidder. The Levites would never consider buying gentile slaves to expand their ranks, or selling their own to be slaves to the gentiles.
  14. Off the subject of skin changing (we are already) I reread Mel's chapter last night when it came up on this thread and was wondering... Is there any historical precedent for The Slaves of R'hllor? Most (if not all) societies with slavery had some sort of caste system. Slaves are the lowest, and priests are the highest or somewhere up there. I can't think of any society in our history where the religious would consider buying slaves and making them into priests. This is very different from the handful of Christian Saints who happened to start life as slaves, were freed through no act of the Church, and chose to serve God on their own. I was wondering what motivates Mel and noticed she asks like she is still a slave. She is a true believer, but she certainly is not open to putting herself into her god's hands and trusting his will - she has a few quotes that are very much against that: "Many a priest and priestess before her had been brought down by false visions". "R’hllor provided her with all the nourishment her body needed, but that was something best concealed from mortal men" "Her sleeves were full of hidden pockets, and she checked them carefully as she did every morning to make certain all her powders were in place". "With such sorceries at her command, she should soon have no more need of the feeble tricks of alchemists and pyromancers." "She made it sound a simple thing, and easy. They need never know how difficult it had been, or how much it had cost her. That was a lesson Melisandre had learned long before Asshai; the more effortless the sorcery appears, the more men fear the sorcerer" She is very much afraid of failing, and very much seeks to be feared and respected, resorting to tricks or whatever means necessary to accomplish this. She doesn't act like a desperate crusader determine to win against evil at all costs. She is driven by fear of failure - more so fear of failure that she didn't perform her part as expected than fear that R'hllor will lose his fight. It is almost as if she is trying to please a human boss, meet expectations for some sort of quota, or avoid punishment. She could be brainwashed, magically bound, or simply under the command of someone more powerful.
  15. For the amount of roots in BR's cave, I assumed they were all physically connected. Certainly too many roots there to be 1 tree, and we don't even see a tree. Maybe this is why weirwoods grow so slow, we see this with ordinary trees. Pines with shallow roots grow so quickly they can topple under their own weight. Most of the trees with the deepest roots on record are slow growing short shrubs.