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  1. I dont think he will at this point. At this stage of the game he should have rolled it up and been excited to end this epic masterpiece. The truth of the matter is, he got sidetracked by fame, and lost his motivation. I don't really blame him, I just feel sorry for all of us who have invested so much of our time and minds to this story.
  2. I just read that the book isn't to be expected in 2017 either... yowsa.
  3. The show is still a curiosity... Im afraid that the butchering will lead to apathy. Sansa's acting has me confused in that you walk away with the feeling that the actress is not conveying her character correctly. I feel like the show is totally coming apart at the seams.
  4. I was a bit confused with her facial expressions once the Vale saved the day, as well. However, I chalked it up as poor acting ability. I did give pause thinking that she was so damaged by Ramsey and the rest of the countless abusers shes been subjected to that she doesnt trust anyone, not even her brother. "Halfbrother".
  5. i gave it a 9. This has been a pretty awkward season of disjointed narratives and buildup scenes for buildup scscenes to create suspense for scenes of buildup scenes... Ever since Martin stopped being a real player in the show things have fallen a little flat. Anyhow, best episode of the season as far as this season goes. Ill have to watch the season again in its totality after next weekend to get a real feel for it. Its better than last years dorn debacle.
  6. I think they just introduced the euron actor poorly. They should have followed through with how the book describes him. The show makes it seem like he just showed up by himself walked into the castle after having been exiled like he owns the place... If theyd have shown him rolling into a port with his cronies and being regarded with suspicious eyes, that would have been cool.
  7. Yeah, whats with those hats? Who would willingly wear those things? What purpose do they serve? Functionality? They look rediculous and really creepy.
  8. Could it be the BWB?
  9. I think the show is trying to cut out any events that might prolong its lack of creativity amosngst its writers. Theyre putting up the white flag and are bringing the main plot to the forefront.
  10. This has been a very odd season. You would expect more from a team with 6 seasons under their belts.
  11. I gave it a 5. The hound´s return was cool. You´d expect a little bit more support for the Starks in the North after what the Boltons did at the red wedding. The North has forgotten I guess. Such a small role for Ian ¨tits and Dragons¨ Mcshane. This has been a season of buildup episodes. I hope It pays off.
  12. This is one of the best Chapters, if not THE best chapter I have read in all the books. It sticks with you, into your mind, and expands, branches out and grows. Pretty amazing.
  13. Thats a really good point, one that I had not thought about. I wonder how loyal she is to Rickon. The foreshadowing we got from season 2 was when she pledged her self to Theon after he sacked winterfell, Theon threw her aside and told her to keep dreaming. I wonder if she did that with Theon, would his recent loss be enough to make her charm work.
  14. I think the Oathbreaker is Bloodraven. He once swore an oath to keep the realm safe. Which is why he is always with Bran, making sure Bran doesnt see/learn too much. His end game is to bring the long night.