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  1. Good talent, but great? I'm not so sure.
  2. That was a lot of risk to take. I'm guessing one of the wildlings got flayed for their troubles. Mance was not at Winterfell by accident. He was there to get Arya and that is an act of war.
  3. There's no way out of this guilt for Jon. Mance Rayder was working for Jon. He was too worried about Arya and this we know from his chapters. He worried Arya might resist the other bastard and get punished for it.
  4. Name a pair and why is the most interesting example of unrequited love to you and why?
  5. It may not be the plot the Stark fans among the readers are hoping for. Stoneheart is corrupted and a sad ending for Catelyn Stark. I am not a hater of Catelyn but her actions placed her on the path to becoming Stoneheart. She made a lot of bad decisions that got people on her side killed. From arresting Tyrion to releasing Jaime. Top it off with the murder of Aegon Frey, an innocent bystander to the red wedding. Arya is on the same path. Their arcs could turn out the cautionary tale against revenge that we are expecting. I am predicting that Stoneheart and Arya are headed for sad, tragic endings. The show likely left out Stoneheart because it would result in a vocal negative reaction from the Stark fans among the show watchers. They even wrote out Arya's murder of the insurance agent.
  6. Arya is insane and she is indeed fickle. Jon too is fickle. The way he dispensed justice with regards to Janos and Mance was inconsistent and an embarrassment to justice. The murder of the insurance agent by Arya was not justice.
  7. The same author also mentioned that he is not a complete pacifists and would have suited up to fight the Nazis. There is no other war more justified within the pages than Dany's war against the slave masters.
  8. Ramsay is not running the show. Roose is. The Freys are a powerful house whose help they desperately need.
  9. On first glance, the ones protected by the walls, but they have no way of getting supplies. The ones outside can hope for miracle and get supplies from somebody. It's a draw. The match is even. It was right to send out the Manderly troops. Manderly is a traitor. Less mouths to feed. You do not want to continue feeding your enemy. He should have kept the Freys inside. Ser Hosteen is a good man to have in battle and the Freys are good soldiers. I wouldn't be too sure about Stannis. Tyrion bested him in the battle for king's landing.
  10. Perhaps this is so. Dorne kept many of its customs despite being absorbed into the greater kingdom but sure, Dorne would still follow the king's law.
  11. Cersei is on that list. Arya has shown no signs of letting go of that "to murder list". I have to disagree with your opinion. I think she will pursue Cersei. I'm not saying she will get to kill Cersei. Someone else may beat her to it, like the valonquar. But Arya is not going to forgive Cersei and she will try to kill Cersei.
  12. Joffrey is not the smartest of young men but people generally know who they can push and who they can't. People get a measure of who will do what they ask with no resistance, little resistance, or refuse. Most people will follow the path of least resistance. So unless Joffrey was feeling particularly obstinate that moment, he would choose to order someone like Trant for that kind of work.
  13. So you and I disagree. It's probably not the first time.
  14. It's not that. She's emotionally damaged and she has taken the path to violence. She is more than willing to murder people. She has a strong desire to avenge the Starks. She has killed people. She will kill more people.
  15. My apologies. Catelyn = Lady Stoneheart for the purposes of this discussion.