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  1. The Freys have more to lose than the Pipers and the Vances. Many Riverland lords covet their lucrative strategic position. Hell, I bet even the Tullys covet the Twins and the bridge. I would not risk losing any of that just to remain loyal to Robb. The Starks are not worth it. The bridge and any of those assets are worth a lot more than the Starks.
  2. Can you provide a link to that? I keep track of George Martin. I do not recall him ever saying anything like that. Please, provide a link. I would appreciate it. I do not believe the Freys would have betrayed Robb if that little dickhead had not broken his promise to marry one of Walder's daughters.
  3. Here is an interesting discussion from last year that I really liked. So far as the house words go, yeah, they don't necessarily mean anything. But they can give us a clue how the early members, the ones who were around when the words were composed, see themselves. We have to remember that the Targaryens are conquerors and the last of the ruling families of Old Valyria, the last of the families that ruled the Freehold. Their house words reflect pride in their heritage.
  4. This is what I wrote Okay, here's what I think. It will be evident from the start of the funeral ceremony what could happen. Dany didn't jump into the fire. She calmly walked into the fire. Calmly, no screaming. I'm saying, whatever her intentions might be, it becomes clear to her whether she would burn or not. Just getting close to the fire and feeling the heat. She knew when she got close to the fire whether she would burn or not. Her vest burned but she herself was not burning. That would clue anybody in whether they're immune to that fire. in the subject "Dany's Suicide" in the below link
  5. Why Do People Want Lady Stoneheart to Die? Because I like the Freys and I don't want to see them killed.
  6. Roose Bolton was looking for a chance to usurp the Starks. Walder Frey is a different case. Walder and the Freys would have stuck with Robb if the Starks had honored their oaths and married one of the Frey girls. Their pact would be sealed with the bond of marriage. The Westerlings are questionable, but they are a poor family sworn to the Lannisters. The Ws have to make sure they don't get squashed by the titans. Truth be told, the Westerlings would be in pretty bad shape as soon as Robb takes his hairy northmen back home and leave them undefended against Tywin's anger. Making an alliance with Robb will only be safe if the Lannisters are completely wiped out. The Freys had little choice because Robb arrived at their doorsteps with thousands of armed northmen. If Walder had refused and the Tullys are still standing when the war ended, there would be hell coming their way for staying neutral, which could be seen from Tully side as the equivalent of siding with the Lannisters. So when Robb announced his plans to retake the north, those who supported him must have started to panic because Tywin is still alive and hell is coming their way. It was for the best interest of their families that the Freys and the Westerlings jumped sides. Robb may have been a good general but he was inadequate as a leader. It boils down to this. The Freys had only one good option after Robb betrayed them and started making stupid decisions. That was to change sides to ensure their safety and continued wealth. No sense in risking it all and losing it all for the Starks, who clearly had no respect for the Frey family. To some eyes, the Freys will look like they have no honor. But that's not enough to keep people from doing business with them. Everybody has to cross the river and the Freys have the only bridge around. It will be business as usual. If anything, people will be sure to honor their deals with the Freys from this point forward. The Brotherhood will continue to pester the Freys but I hope Walder's bounty hunters can track the outlaws down and put an end to their acts of terrorism. Nymeria and her pack can be eventually dealt with. Walder just needs to open his purse more generously and pretty soon the wolf pack will be distant memory. I think if Roose Bolton had stayed he might have had an enjoyable time hunting down Nymeria. He didn't have the bastard's girls but he can easily get the services of other tracker hounds to find the wild pack.
  7. Okay, here's what I think. It will be evident from the start of the funeral ceremony what could happen. Dany didn't jump into the fire. She calmly walked into the fire. Calmly, no screaming. I'm saying, whatever her intentions might be, it becomes clear to her whether she would burn or not. Just getting close to the fire and feeling the heat. She knew when she got close to the fire whether she would burn or not. Her vest burned but she herself was not burning. That would clue anybody in whether they're immune to that fire.
  8. I don't always agree with you but this made me smile. Like this Ned thinks of himself as an honorable man; therefore, he always tries to act in such a manner that supports his own view of the self. He does what he does because he wants to act consistently with how he sees himself. Sure it is partly due to genuine feelings of compassion. I don't want to take that away from him. Ned is acting like a human. A good human with compassion but also a human with a lot of pride.
  9. Acting on principles is the opposite of acting on emotions, bias, personal gain, and love. It is a tough concept to explain but specifically, it is someone who has a belief system and everything they do is directed by that belief. I have to agree here that Mel is the most focused of all the main characters. The reason I don't put the Harpies in the same category is because surely some of them recognize that slavery is evil but they do it anyway because it serves their interests rather than some belief system. I suppose you could say they have a self serving and selfish belief system but I just find it hard to imagine anyone believing it's ok to enslave another human being and force them into the fighting pits. Dany is very principled in her quest to free the slaves. I don't think it borders on the level of obsession because we see her making compromises to get partial results. We also see Dany temporarily set aside her lifelong goal of retaking Westeros in order to help the slaves become free. So what we have here is a very principled person making conscious choices. I like Dany and am therefore very biased towards her. I believe she has the right balance between goal-oriented, flexibility, restraint, and self-discipline. I know many here compare her to Robb Stark. Dany to me is way ahead of Robb in the areas of intelligence, judgment, discipline, leadership, and competence. Stannis is not really a principled guy. He believes he's entitled and he will pursue his rights. He bends ethics and morals in order to do so. And while it is rarely wise to prejudge someone before they actually commit a crime, I believe Stannis will do something bad in the hopes of getting a victory on the battlefield. Look, a person can always find ways in their minds to justify breaking an oath, committing an atrocity, treason, and lying. Stannis seems to find it too easy to do so for my taste. Theon, Jon, and Mance are examples of people who really do not operate on principles. Well, maybe Mance operates on the principle that each person is free to do whatever they want, whenever they want, however they want. But such a person can easily go the other way when the notion takes them. Jon swore an oath but he has already broken it even before that disaster with the Rescue Arya Mission. Jon follows his emotions far too much to be considered a man of principles. I think his fans kid themselves because Jon protected Samwell early on. That's not really such a big deal. Many teenagers today protect others from bullying. It doesn't mean Jon has principles, it just means he felt sorry for Samwell. I don't think Jon is a principled person at all. I think he's one of those guys who decide on the moment based on how he feels and if he feels strongly enough, like his feelings for Arya, he will do anything up to and including commit treason. It does no good to save Arya from her marriage if it meant leaving the wall undefended, but Jon was no longer acting sensible at the time and perhaps showing signs of madness. Cersei is not mad. She just lack ethics and morals. She is selfish in a way very similar to Sansa but much more extreme. Sansa is at least capable of compassion, though she will not stick her neck out far enough. Jaime is another one of those who really couldn't give two shits about principles. Roose Bolton is not a man of principles despite being intelligent and having discipline. Arya's obsession with her kill list is madness rather than principle. Doran Martell(1) has an obsession with revenge and it is rather sick because the people who hurt his family are all dead. He, Arya, and Catelyn are examples of people who have nothing to live for but revenge. It is sick and disturbing. They may as well be dead. Just because they want something doesn't mean they are driven by principle. They are driven by an emotion called hate. Feeling emotionally flat like Arya does when she kills is not a sign that she is not motivated by hate, because she most definitely is driven by hate. All it means is her pulse is not elevated because there is no internal conflict, no guilt, no remorse, no fear, no worries while she's killing someone. 1-I like Doran Martell. I'm just saying he has an unhealthy obsession with revenge and he is casting a wide net.
  10. I don't know about some your predictions, Sigella. Battle of Fire: Daenerys will be too busy winning the Dothraki over. I think this battle will be fought without dragons. I don't think the horn has power; however, blowing the horn will cause confusion for the good guys. Remember, the horn is the signal. Who knows what the horn sounds like? A horn is a horn to many. The sound of one horn can be mistaken for a signal. The good defenders of the city of Meereen, the Free Company of Soldiers serving the Mother, the Ironborn, and the sellswords have the skills advantage over the Slavers and their hired armies. But battles are mostly a game of numbers. The less competent can win through sheer numbers. I think the good guys, Team Daenerys, will get a victory but it may not be one-sided. Many of the city defenders will die and many Ironborn ships will burn. But yeah, it will be a costly win. It may play out in such a way that it will require Dany, Drogon, and the Dothraki coming in to save the day. Battle of Ice: I see this battle being so close. Stannis will pull off a brilliant strategy but it will fall short. Think, Oberyn vs the Mountain. Roose Bolton is as smart as Roose and they are fighting in the north. Bolton is behind walls while Stannis is outside. The only weakness the Boltons have is the lack of food, which is a problem that Stannis shares. The Boltons have traitors in their midst, which Roose must suspect, but he remedied that when he sent the Manderly forces out. Stannis roasted his men for cannibalism and the food shortage is not likely to abate any time soon, expect a mutiny. The Boltons will get a narrow victory and Stannis will be captured as outlined in the famous Pink Letter. The Boltons will have what Torrhen had before the Conquest. Battle of Blood: Euron has the element of surprise and the Redwynes, Hightowers, and Tyrells are soft compared to the Ironborn. Euron will have his way out in the seas but he is no match for the Tyrells on land. This one will be a draw, with Euron winning the sea battles but losing the ground wars. However, because the Tyrells will be drawn to the battle between Aegon and the Lannisters, Euron will eventually manage to take and hold the Reach and the Riverlands. He will get what Harren Hoare had. Battle of Steel: Aegon will win the Stormlands and get Dornish support. I don't believe he will be able to advance on King's Landing because the Lannisters are too powerful still. Aegon will gain control of Dorne and the Stormlands. In other words, he will get what Durandon had, plus Dorne. What I am predicting when the dust settles is a broken Westeros. Westeros will pretty much revert back to the same conditions when Aegon first launched his conquest. The Ironborn will have the seas and through attrition between the Tyrells and Aegon, he will become the new Black Harren. Aegon becomes the new Argilac. Either the Boltons or the Starks will be in the same situation that the Starks had under Torrhen. Daenerys will play the role of Aegon and come to a divided Westeros that will have to be reconquered all over again.
  11. They're both quite awful. Ironborn - They raid and advocate the pirate lifestyle, too proud to farm, they steal. Free Folk - They look down on people who kneel and yet they cross the wall and steal (and kill) from those same people. Too proud to kneel but evidently not too proud to steal. The biggest difference? The Ironborn are more organized and more fierce. They don't raid and steal for need, they do it because they're proud of it. But yes, the big difference is the Ironborn are more organized, better equipped, and thus more dangerous. I am not a fan of either people. Both are about to lay waste to Westeros, unfortunately. The Free Folk in the north and the Ironborn in the south.
  12. Yes but oh what a great experience for an ignorant wildling to see the real world. Mance Rayder II gets to grow up in Meereen where the weather is nice and the climate is dry. And should Dany need king's blood to pull off another miracle this baby wildling could come in handy.
  13. The Reach - I'm fine with the Tyrells. They stayed loyal to Aerys and the Targs. The West - Illyrion Mopatis for his services and his hospitality to Dany and Viserys. The North - Given to the White Walkers in exchange for peace. The Vale - I will have to grant this to those who helped restore House Targaryen, assuming Skahaz comes along he becomes Lord Mo Kandaq, Warden of the East and Lord of the Vale. The Riverlands - Absolutely the Darry bastard will become legit and he becomes the paramount of the Riverlands. The Iron Islands - The Harlaws Dorne - the Yronwoods if they support my claim to the Iron Throne. Stormlands - Lord Alliser Thorne becomes the new paramount. A Writ of Attainder will be prepared to dispossess the following families: Stark, Arryn, Tully, Baratheon, and Lannister. Their lands and castles will be given to the above newly elevated families. Mance Rayder will be executed.
  14. It is fitting for Arya to die a violent death. After all, Arya joined a cult of killers and death worshippers. She has been killing innocent people. She lives for revenge. She feels no remorse, no guilt. I want her to die in TWOW before she makes it too far out of Braavos. Arya doesn't really have anything to offer to fight the Others. Quite the opposite, she brings them raw materials to convert to their zombie battalion. Arya is not a force for good in this story, people.
  15. The saddest also resulted in the greatest moment of triumph: Daenerys putting Khal Drogo out of his misery.