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  1. The issue is that if the regime falls, most likely he, his innocent son, and his sister will be killed. So it's not like he has much of a choice in the matter.
  2. She was pretty insane far before any sort of "abuse" considering that she pushed her best friend down a well as a child. Cersei is not complicated at all. She is 100% evil- even worse, an evil moron. At the very least Tywin could get things done.
  3. Take their longships away and then allow the Iron Islands to be raided by anyone with no punishment. That should keep them busy.
  4. Clearly she knows that he's killed Jory and wounded Ned, but still she never recites his name even though she includes people like Dunsen for stealing a helm. Am I missing something here?
  5. I suggest burning most of the Iron fleet to the ground, and then allowing for any mainland fleet to pillage or loot the Iron Islands as they please, whenever they want. They will be allowed to kill, maim, rape, steal, take back women they have stolen as their wives, and they will be celebrated as heroes for it. Let's see how the Ironborn scum like it when they're on the receiving end of reaving.
  6. No. If someone burnt the Iron Islands to the ground people everywhere would rejoice.
  7. Joffrey literally insults Robb in the next few paragraphs. He calls him a coward and a child, go back and read the passage if you don't believe me. This isn't the Starks being disrespectful, this is Joffrey being a cunt. So you admit that this was another case of Joffrey simply being a cunt, rather than Stark disrespect. Just because you're the Queen/King doesn't mean you get to disrespect everyone around in every way possible. Look at what happened to Aerys. You mean like how the Lannisters tried to kill Bran without reprisal? Ned gave Cersei a very merciful choice, considering the circumstances.
  8. Joffrey was the one who wanted to fight with actual steel, not Robb. Arya did not "sic" Nymeria on Joffrey, Joffrey attacked Arya with an actual sword and the direwolf defended her. So Cersei committing a sin against the gods in the home of the Starks is totally respectful, right? I don't think Cersei was particularly torn up about Tyrion being kidnapped, either. And the Lannisters had so much respect for the ruling Baratheons that they conspired to murder the king.
  9. Are you really asking this after you made the claim that Dany would conquer all of Essos and Westeros with no sweat?
  10. And Dany "Tortured a girl because I am so awesum and I have dragons lol" Targaryen is fit to rule?
  11. Yes, because clearly she did a great job in Slaver's Bay, with the genocide and general state of violence and whatnot.
  12. The only food they'll want from them is Frey pie.
  13. Loras
  14. Touche
  15. See my reasons in my post above for why Tywin had to do what he did. If you think he could have done different I'd be glad to hear it.