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  1. Haha more delusion. How about this instead; Aerys should have burned himself alive and Rhaegar should have saved Robert the trouble and smashed his own head in. They were part of a murderous, tyrannical regime after all
  2. There are no heros in this story. Dany burned an old woman alive. She tortured a wineseller's daughters. She closed her eyes to slavery while her precious Sun and Stars was doing it.
  3. After what Aerys did? He was lucky to not be burned alive himself. No, this so-called "sensible solution" was precluded by Rhaegar being an idiot and kidnapping/eloping Lyanna, the daughter of a Lord Paramount and betrothed to the heir of another.
  4. So he had the right to burn Rickard Stark alive because he made marriage pacts? Something that literally every other lord in Westeros does? There was zero justification for the death of Rickard. Again, Targ supporters can be so delusional.
  5. Maybe Marwyn spoke for him and he was given a lighter sentence.
  6. I wasn't exactly sure where to post this, so I'll just put it here for now. The mods can move it if its in the wrong place or something. I just made an ASOIAF roleplay on another website called Warzone( It's set in AFFC/ADWD and continues where George has paused and left us hanging for 6 years. It includes an accurate map of Westeros of the time(No Essos), but does still have Dany as part of the setting. You do have to create an account to play, but it's free and takes 5 minutes, tops. The system is also very easy to figure out. Just click on this link once you've made the account and you'll learn most of the basics. Link to the game: To see the map, click on settings and scroll until you see a link to a "custom scenario". Click on that, and you'll be able to view the map and decide which slot you want to play as. To get a certain slot, you have to join and decline the game until you get it, but if you tell me your username on here I'll move you to the spot you want.
  7. Why should all wildlings be treated the same? There is a difference between women and children and the people who very recently killed several rangers and stuck their heads on spikes in plain view of the Wall.
  8. I'd like to point this out, because it explains why Marsh is so opposed to letting the Weeper through. The man tried to kill him just a few weeks/months ago. How many others in the NW do you think feel this way about the Weeper and his wildlings, and the Weeper hasn't done much to placate those fears considering what he did to the rangers. No, if he comes south and doesn't stick to the agreement, he, and dozens of both wildlings and NW brothers will be dead men.
  9. This is just a completely stupid decision on his part. The Weeper is shown to have recently killed several of the rangers Jon sent beyond the Wall, and openly mocked their deaths by planting their heads in plain view. Letting in Tormund was smart, because he was willing to have peace and work with Jon. No way is he ever going to work together with the NW, and even if he did agree to it, nobody would feel safe with him around. Not one of Jon's smarter moments.
  10. No, the Manderlys will do that for them.
  11. Seeing how they did nothing when the Freys slaughtered guests under their roof, yes.
  12. Wun Weg Wun Dar Wun. A vegan giant who smashed Ser Patrek of Shit's Mountain's head in.
  13. I guess Roose, Walda, and Hosteen are to be condemned to death as well then, seeing how they committed the unspeakable crime of cannibalism. How sad.
  14. Hmmm, I wonder what would have happened if he had done so. I'm sure Aerys, being the sane and reasonable monarch he was, would have forgiven Jaime for his defiance. Or maybe, just maybe, he would have met a similar end to Lord Chelsted. How is Jaime supposed to carry an unconscious Aerys out of the Red Keep when there are both Lannister men and Royalists still inside?
  15. Tyrion didn't kill Joffrey, and Tywin, despite being an interesting character, totally deserved it.