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  1. The episode wasn't bad per se but the writing felt weird, off. People complain on this site about the show all the time but I've honestly have found most of the complaints to be trivial and nit-picky for the most of it. But for the first time. The plot seems really contrived and dumb. It feels like the writers had all these plot points they want to get to and don't know how to get there and have also run out of time and money. Particularly time because the show needs to end. The wight hunt doesn't make a lick of sense no matter how you look at it. Oh well.. All good things come to end. Bad sex is worse than no sex though and I don't know if I prefer to get a crappy end to the story or no end at all. I finally understand why George takes so long to write these books as the geography of Westeros makes things very difficult. Furthermore, there is no way the showrunners can't see what they're doing so they've clearly made the decision to go this way because there is no other way to tell the story perhaps?
  2. In the first season of Game of Thrones when Ned is trying to carry out Robert's will in naming his rightful heir. Littlefinger double-crosses him in open court in front of dozens of witnesses and characters by putting a knife to his neck. Why doesn't Sansa question Littlefinger's role in this? Its hard to believe that she didn't know that he was involved in the betrayal of her father.
  3. Yeah that is interesting for them. I thought they would have gone on to do something a bit smaller in scope. But congrats to both of them, They've done a mostly fine job on Thrones. Very interesting subject matter though, a bit too heavy for my blood.
  4. In response to your original question there are two answers for this. There is the show answer and there is the real answer. The show answer is that we can infer that Varys cares about the stability of the realm above anything else. At this point, Robert is still alive and Dany would have caused more harm than good so the greater good here is that she dies and there is no invasion and hence stability. However, after the events of season 4, the best option for him is to stick with Tyrion and rally to Dany's side. Plus Dany seems like a capable ruler so the realm wins too. The real answer though is that in the beginning, the showrunners were sticking very close to the books at that point and were most definitely not thinking about events that far into the future. Which is that Varys in the books is a supporter of fAegon and Dany's death benefits him too. Moreover, when the script was written, although they might have been cues from Martin the Dance of Dragons wasn't even out yet.
  5. 9/10. Superb opener. Everything I could hope for. Everything with the Hound was gold. The cold open gave me chills. The dialogue is as sharp as it has ever been. The only part of the episode I didn't like was the Euron seems a bit.. cartoonish but we'll see how he plays over the rest of the season.
  6. 'A Time for Wolves' my friend.. Also that would make no narrative sense at this point.
  7. This season was so disappointing on so many levels. The black girls continue to be very annoying caricatures and characters. And Taystee, the most sympathetic and complex one blaming Caputo for Poussey's death knowing that he wasn't responsible or at fault is incredibly frustrating to watch. The inmates' treatment of the guards is reprehensible and it made it hard to sympathise with any of the characters, however these are convicted felons after all so I guess that was to be expected. Overall, things meandered for far too long, the cast feels too bloated and not in a good way like early GoT or Lost, the flashbacks lacked the weight of the previous seasons and the payoffs were simply not worth it. The overall lack of structure suffered as a result. One of the few bright spots were Linda's turn at playing an inmate which was fun to watch and the two Latina girls, Flaca and Maritza are still very entertaining to watch. But otherwise, a huge downswing in quality from the first 4. The cast needs a refresh badly.
  8. Was this a Q&A with George himself? Pls can you post a link to the interview?
  9. I know this might be a little late to reply. But there is 100 percent something going on there and I caught it too. When I saw it initially, I assume everyone caught it as well. The show might be setting top the Jon-Tyrion-Arya love triangle as Jon-Tyrion-Dany instead.
  10. George RR Martin WILL NOT FINISH ASOIAF. It took him 5 years to complete A Feast for Crows, 6 years to complete A dance With Dragons. I don't think we will see The Winds of Winter before the end of this year or it would have been announced by now. We can expect it by early 2018 hopefully. It would likely take 8 years to complete a Dream of Spring. It is highly unrealistic to think he will still be in good health but by that point, I probably won't care anyway and I'm sure a lot of people wouldn't. But there are a few things we can gleam from the show that will happen in the books as well albeit in different circumstances. Stannis' sacrifice of Shireeen, Hodor's origin story, Jon's resurrection, Jon becomes the King of the North, Dany sails for Westeros with Tyrion, Arya returning to Westeros, Hound being alive, Benjen being alive. All that stuff will almost certainly happen in the books. Cersei burning down King's Landing, Jon expedition with men beyond the wall, Barristan Selmy's death has a high chance of happening but not guaranteed. Jon, Dany boatsex probably won't happen though so don't get your hopes up there.
  11. I agree. People say they butchered Stannis. I think Stannis was always sort of a dick though. Dany in the show is still kind of grey so thats okay. Tyrion however is a completely different character. The Tyrion in the show is completely unrecognisable from the Tyrion in the books. There is no depth, no complexity, he isn't even funny or witty anymore. D&D completely destroyed that character in their efforts to appeal to the lowest common denominator. Not wanting to offend feminists or SJW's. He's kind of boring now tbh. I would like to see the prostitute beating, occasionally murdering book Tyrion. It makes him far more interesting. It is what the books were known for doing so well in the first place. Complex grey characters. Peter Dinklage is still a good actor but he could have been so much more.
  12. Favourite season: Season 3. Season 3 had the best pacing of any Game of Thrones season in my opinion. It was the best of both worlds with D&D still sticking fairly close to the book but making excellent changes and actually improving on Martin's work in many instances. Also still had the single most devastating event in the entire series which was executed to perfection. Game of Thrones at its peak with very few missteps as a whole plot-wise. Worst Season: No real bad season but season 5 is my least favourite. But it still had some good moments from episode 7 onwards.
  13. That show is so well written and executed. It's unbelievable. It's everything the final season of Lost should have been. Its without doubt the best show on television right now. It's also proof that a show can remain great even without its source material (Benioff and Weiss I"m looking at you).
  14. There's nothing wrong with marrying your aunt/cousin. Has been done on numerous occasions both in ASOIAF and history (Joanna and Tywin come to mind here). In fact, I grew up in a part of the world where people marrying their first cousins was actually pretty commonly accepted particularly in rural/isolated communities. I think there is a pretty high chance of them getting married mainly because there it is by far the most feasible political alliance Dany could have mainly because D&D have way oversimplified the politics of Westerosi families and cut so many characters there's only 3 suitors when they should be dozens. I don't have a problem with it though as long as its done well. And it does sound like something that George would have had in his original outline that they're simply following. That being said, his original original outline had a love triangle between Tyrion, Jon and Arya which sounded awful at the time so a Dany and Jon love story wouldn't surprise me at all.
  15. It couldn't be though because he was also nominated last year. So it must be the current season.