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  1. Favourite season: Season 3. Season 3 had the best pacing of any Game of Thrones season in my opinion. It was the best of both worlds with D&D still sticking fairly close to the book but making excellent changes and actually improving on Martin's work in many instances. Also still had the single most devastating event in the entire series which was executed to perfection. Game of Thrones at its peak with very few missteps as a whole plot-wise. Worst Season: No real bad season but season 5 is my least favourite. But it still had some good moments from episode 7 onwards.
  2. That show is so well written and executed. It's unbelievable. It's everything the final season of Lost should have been. Its without doubt the best show on television right now. It's also proof that a show can remain great even without its source material (Benioff and Weiss I"m looking at you).
  3. There's nothing wrong with marrying your aunt/cousin. Has been done on numerous occasions both in ASOIAF and history (Joanna and Tywin come to mind here). In fact, I grew up in a part of the world where people marrying their first cousins was actually pretty commonly accepted particularly in rural/isolated communities. I think there is a pretty high chance of them getting married mainly because there it is by far the most feasible political alliance Dany could have mainly because D&D have way oversimplified the politics of Westerosi families and cut so many characters there's only 3 suitors when they should be dozens. I don't have a problem with it though as long as its done well. And it does sound like something that George would have had in his original outline that they're simply following. That being said, his original original outline had a love triangle between Tyrion, Jon and Arya which sounded awful at the time so a Dany and Jon love story wouldn't surprise me at all.
  4. It couldn't be though because he was also nominated last year. So it must be the current season.
  5. Couldn't find a thread for this anywhere. But anyway I'm really looking forward to the premiere of Westworld. This could and probably is HBO's next big hit. So far it has a ton of critical acclaim and hype behind it. The last time a new HBO show had this much hype and anticipation before it even started was sometime in spring 2011. I feel like it has all the potential to be the one of the biggest show on television for the next couple of years. What do people think?
  6. Strange that Ben Mendelsohn won for Best Supporting Actor. He was barely on Bloodline this season. He was brilliant the first season and deserved that award last year just like Peter Dinklage deserved his the year before he actually won. Strange choice for Best writing too. Not the fact that it won but for the fact that David and Dan chose that episode despite the fact it has barely any dialogue. Probably didn't want Emmy voters to need to watch too many episodes maybe?
  7. I'm gonna call it now. Three of Sansa, Arya, Jaime and Cersei die. Gonna be a sad season.
  8. Ultra Ball that B****. Don't take no chances.
  9. I liked the way Ned Stark and his demise were portrayed in the show better. In the books, because its more nuanced you can see it coming from a while off. In the show its much more shocking (which is good shock in this case). This is helped by Ned being much more of a central character in the season 1 of the show than Ned is a POV in the books.
  10. Yeah I definitely noticed it with book one. Its literally like reading a script for the show with slightly more detail because it is adapted so faithfully. It was a real struggle to get through and I stopped reading for ages.
  11. I don't personally think any for the shows nominated for Best drama series was particularly outstanding. Yes The Americans is decent but I personally don't find it to be at all anywhere as good as critics claim, neither is Mr Robot. I've seen Downton Abbey and Homeland at their best... and worst, so those shows don't really deserve to be in the conversation either. Better Call Saul is decent, although its a bit slow and Game of Thrones was only good in fits and starts. The only consistently excellent show this year was the Leftovers (not counting limited series) and it didn't even get a single nom despite the fact that it has the best acting on tv with Carrie Coon, Christoher Eccleston, Regina King and Justin Theroux. The winner on merit of those nominated should either be The Americans or GoT. But in reality, The Leftovers should be the clear winner here. Its last season was truly incredible and the fact it was ignored is a travesty.
  12. First readthrough. Thoroughly enjoying it. Its got to be 1. Jon. 2. Eddard. 3. Sansa
  13. She's ascending the throne as Queen regent. She can do so as being the mother to the king or the husband to Robert Baratheon. Besides, there is literally no one else that could possibly have a stronger claim anyway. Either way, it doesn't matter. And for people that say it might not happen in the books, while you may be right don't be so sure. In George's original outline, Jaime ascends the throne before Dany's conquest simply by killing every other person in line ahead of him. Not quite the same as Cersei but she did kill Robert I guess. We know that George split original Jaime into Jaime and Cersei so that checks out. And yes I know the original draft has changed quite a lot but quite a few beats of the original outline stayed the same. The prophecy from Maggy the frog also confirms this although I don't think that bit is in the show so can't really confirm that.
  14. I find it surprising that for a lot of non-book readers and casual show watchers that Season 6 ranks very highly. But for me, it was mixed. Episode 1 was forgettable, episode 2-5 were very good and were on par with the quality of previous seasons for me. Episode 6-8, however were the poorest run of episodes in the show's history while episode 9-10 were the arguably the best ending to any season ever. It's very difficult to judge whether or not this season was great overall because it was so inconsistent. But, I'd say its probably somewhere in the middle of the bunch in comparing with previous seasons. In terms of storylines, I didn't really have any major complaints save for the poor portrayal of the faceless men and all they stand for and Arya's showdown with the waif. The kingsmoot was a disaster, but it was fairly inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. Same goes with Dorne. I liked a lot of it though, I liked Jon and Sansa's reunion at Castle Black, (most heartfelt and touching moment in all of the six seasons for me) I loved Cersei's takedown of the faith and pretty much everyone in King's Landing, I liked Dany burning the Dosh Khaleen, I surprisingly really enjoyed Sam's scenes, the battle of the bastards, the siege at Riverrun, Hodor's reveal and everything Bran pretty much. The finale was also easily one of the best episodes in the series' history that was superb from start to finish. Oh yeah, of course the best bit of the whole season. Brienne and Tormund were the real MVP's. I've liked the way that the show has tried to inject a little bit of humour, even if it was a bit hit and miss (Tyrion, Grey Worm and Missandei scenes were definitely a miss). Overall though, it was okay. Not the best season ever like the show runners claimed it will be. But definitely an improvement over season 5.
  15. Yep I saw that too... I swear I've been looking for other people that noticed but it seems most people didn't notice the way Tyrion was fixated on her the whole time.