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  1. Congrats to Sperry. Can't see Boston or LeBron repeating that performance though.
  2. You know what? I'm not going to bother circling this with you. We're right back where we started.
  3. Well, you were pretty indignant about it. Anyway, as I said, whatever the reason was, they were not performing. Whether they were sandbagging or conserving energy or holding their cards or developing chemistry is besides the point. It shows in their record and it shows in the stats. They were bad.
  4. One. He wasn't left off. He just finished fourth. Two, half the argument of the MVP is defining the criteria. He is the consensus best player currently, but that's not quite what the voters are looking for. It seems more of a pageant, and in that case, its hard to argue against Westbrook or Harden's flashy numbers and story. And the Cavs were shitty then. Whatever the reason was, I don't think that's arguable and it probably affected the MVP voting as well.
  5. Injure the other team's star player?
  6. I really hope the Spurs do well, but I can't see how they can win short of the Warriors just missing their 3 pointers. You can't even count on winning the bench because the Warriors can just stagger their stars.
  7. If Aldridge plays well without Kawhi or if Kawhi plays, plays badly with him the remaining of the playoffs, you really have to wonder what the cost of playing through a ball dominant player in the team is if it diminishes the rest of the team. Or at least the Spurs' choice of a complementing star.
  8. I might be interested if they ever release it in text or maybe get the steam version if it goes cheap enough. Even though the patch fixes the art, I'm not too keen on watching a book. It's so slow. I could probably read twice as fast at least. I caught a small part on youtube that lasted 20 minutes. Is the manga available digitally? I could take a look at that I guess.
  9. Korean webcomics and Chinese webnovels* On topic, it seems interesting, but I'm rather put off by the medium. Are the visuals necessary or is it just an extra like regular novels that come with illustrations? Can I turn the background off if I get it?
  10. Isn't that the coach's fault rather than his? I suspect if you put Carlisle in charge, they would look pretty decent. Do less. Let his team develop rather than have them stagnate and/or regress. Its not his fault though.
  11. Is there region lock on PS Now? I couldn't find anything definitive from a quick google. Doesn't seem like there are servers in Asia (outside of Japan), but time stamps were awhile ago.
  12. I'm really not opposed to what Rothfuss does, but the way he does it really grates. He wants to stream video games? Fine. He wants to promote his charity by "showing his writing process"? Good for him. He wants to elicit sympathy by implying he is expected to only write and do nothing else? To gloat over how his fans are actually normal people that don't expect him to write 24/7 and want him to spend his time as he sees fit despite his many assertions to the contrary? He needs to get over himself.
  13. Yeah, its not just that the translations are bad. I completed one in chinese and it scarred me off the whole genre. The frequency of updates is almost as relevant to popularity of a series as the actual quality of the story*. They are popular enough though, so he could really just be a fan. *I have only read just the one so I don't know about the rest, but from what I gather, most are so bad that they have a trope named after a character that is used negatively. Basically the main character is stupidly overpowered, good looking and absurdly rich eventually. I don't know about Stanek, but from what I've read here, maybe Goodkind would be more apt.
  14. You are missing my point too. I am not claiming that. Its not about misunderstanding him. Even if I were to assume the most charitable interpretation, he still comes off poorly.
  15. I disagree. Tone not coming across well online does not absolve him. Maybe he behaves like Kote in real life, but as long as he behaves like Kvothe online, I'm going to use that. You have to own your behaviour online as well.