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  1. It's a conspiracy marketing scheme. On that note, while I don't agree with Mother Cocanuts regarding LeBron, I do think the MVP is basically a pageant. It's all about who looks best. Also, LeBron might still be the best player, but again, it isn't about who is best and even if it were, I expect him to more or less coast through the regular season and not give his maximum effort until the playoffs, so he wouldn't be there in terms of results either.
  2. I just want to say that most of us have read plenty of Christopher Tolkien fanfiction.
  3. Early access doesn't really mean an incomplete game. Its often just a shield for developers and fans to defend the game from bugs and balance issues, using "its still in development" as an excuse. As far as I know, Dirty Bomb is still in "beta" despite being out and selling DLC and other assorted cash items for a couple of years. Or Warframe being in beta for five years and counting, plus console releases. Granted, they aren't early access games, but I'm sure that is only because Warframe started before Steam early access and Dirty Bomb is free to play. PUBG will probably be going the same route, releasing skins while and being in "beta" until the game's death.
  4. Having seen his game streams, I can assure you that that even if he does nothing but play games for the next decade, he will probably still be closer to being a great author than a pro gamer. He could aspire to be a successful game streamer I guess. You don't actually have to be good at playing games to be popular while you absolutely need to if you want to be a pro gamer.
  5. Yeah, that was pretty bullshit. I understand that it is hard to call games, but changing stuff retrospectively like this is inexcusable. Can't even dream up an excuse for the refs.
  6. Shrug. How many number one picks did the Cavs luck into again?
  7. Isn't that just par for the course for the league? I think it's more notable for players to admit fault. It seems to me that most players automatically profess their innocence/fault the other team no matter how obvious or blatant. Some players protest longer than others, but the dishonesty applies to all.
  8. Nope. Can't say its in good taste no matter how obnoxious he is.
  9. Congrats to Sperry. Can't see Boston or LeBron repeating that performance though.
  10. You know what? I'm not going to bother circling this with you. We're right back where we started.
  11. Well, you were pretty indignant about it. Anyway, as I said, whatever the reason was, they were not performing. Whether they were sandbagging or conserving energy or holding their cards or developing chemistry is besides the point. It shows in their record and it shows in the stats. They were bad.
  12. One. He wasn't left off. He just finished fourth. Two, half the argument of the MVP is defining the criteria. He is the consensus best player currently, but that's not quite what the voters are looking for. It seems more of a pageant, and in that case, its hard to argue against Westbrook or Harden's flashy numbers and story. And the Cavs were shitty then. Whatever the reason was, I don't think that's arguable and it probably affected the MVP voting as well.
  13. Injure the other team's star player?
  14. I really hope the Spurs do well, but I can't see how they can win short of the Warriors just missing their 3 pointers. You can't even count on winning the bench because the Warriors can just stagger their stars.
  15. If Aldridge plays well without Kawhi or if Kawhi plays, plays badly with him the remaining of the playoffs, you really have to wonder what the cost of playing through a ball dominant player in the team is if it diminishes the rest of the team. Or at least the Spurs' choice of a complementing star.