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  1. Stannis and Fat Walda Sweetrobin and Arya Roose and Tyene
  2. I know that Hedwig is a beautiful owl. What would happen if Loki attempts to rule Westeros?
  3. In the ACOK prologue, Patchface sings "Clever bird, clever man, clever clever fool. Oh, clever clever clever fool". Could this mean clever LF, clever Tyrion, super-clever Moonboy?
  4. By sleeping with the right person. Should I grab Tywin's ass?
  5. Ser Pounce is reborn as Azor Ahai.
  6. Tommen will be sent to live in a nice farm.
  7. Cersei would not have been satisfied with Rhaegar for many reasons that have already been mentioned. I would add that Cersei likes her yes men too much. Rhaegar would feel no love that would lead him to be devoted to Cersei, and he would not be swayed by transactional sex. What's a girl to do for her various schemes? Turn to Jaime, of course. In any case, I feel that neither Cersei nor Rhaegar were made to be in a healthy, happy relationship.
  8. Shoutout to Cleos Frey and Groleo. They were both nice, decent people who suffered bad treatment and ultimately death, thanks to the people they were associated with.
  9. It's a question that never occurs to Gendry, showing how feeble-minded he is. What would a dystopia version of Westeros look like?
  10. Jaime and Brienne are often described as a gender reversal of the Beauty and the Beast trope, but other than their physical appearances, so far they're actually a pretty straight adaptation : Brienne has played the role of the Beauty, Jaime has played the role of the Beast. It would be nice to see Jaime take on the role of the Beauty who brings out the good in a very jaded Brienne who has become the Beast.
  11. The Wall is a ghastly place. How did Tywin sneeze?
  12. The story ends with Jon on the iron throne with his two wives, his auntie/half-sister Daenerys and his cousin/sister Arya. Yuck.
  13. Joffrey is a splendid dancer. Should Darkstar get his own movie?
  14. Out of spite about the fact that noone can remember his name correctly. Would Stannis allow us to play this game ?
  15. Podrick is an adorable badass. I'd like to mention Tommen, who lights up the scene with his cuteness and his love of cats whenever he shows up. Edmure Tully, the lord who cared. And Genna Lannister, who is probably one of the best drinking buddies in all of Westeros.