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  1. Kill Wyman Bed Wylis Marry Wendel Children (when they will be older) Tommen Baratheon Robert Arryn Rickon Stark
  2. I sure hope there's a karaoke bar. What song should I choose to sing with Roose Bolton?
  3. I have never said her actions were "all fine". All I said is that none of her actions were done out of malice. There are only a few major POV characters who are relatively blameless (Brienne, Sam, Davos, Jon, possibly Ned). The others have all commited (sometimes heinous) crimes. At this point, Sansa is very far from being the worst sinner.
  4. The other time Sansa uses the expression "as wicked as Arya" is when she and Jeyne sneak into the kitchen to get a strawberry pie for dessert. She views disobeying her father and talking to Cersei in the same light. It's a selfish and foolish act, surely, but not at all malicious, since she has no desire whatsoever to hurt anyone. And while Sansa should be held accountable for her actions, we should also keep in mind that for a noble girl, marrying the crown prince is the equivalent of a girl getting into Harvard in real life. If a father told his daughter "Sorry honey, even though you got accepted into Harvard you won't be going. No, I'm not giving you an explanation", wouldn't the girl do everything in her power to change that situation?
  5. I wouldn't go as far as to say that Arya is completely uninteresting. However, she's among my least favorite POVs. She's the least believable POV. In a world where, for many characters, one small misstep has dire consequences, a scrawny 9 year old girl can slay grown men in armor left and right because she once trained with some guy for a couple of weeks. Since I don't find her realistic, she doesn't feel real to me, and I don't really emphasize with her. Everyone becomes less interesting in Essos. Her "vengeance vengeance vengeance" mindset makes her a rather monotonous character. She's an arrogant child and an arrogant vigilante, so she doesn't appeal to me. Wolf dreams are very, very tedious. Arya is not the only offender, of course, but the fact that Nymeria is a rabid wolf makes it even worse for me.
  6. What Dany does to Doreah is rape. (not that I really blame her since she's a confused 13 years old who is herself being raped every night) That. . . would make Selyse kind of awesome.
  7. 1 Baelish 2 Varys 3 Qyburn 4 Illyrio Mopatis 5 Olenna Tyrell 6 Roose Bolton 7 Tywin Lannister 8 Tyrion Lannister 9 Doran Martell 10 Margaery Tyrell 11 Mance Rayder I would have included the High Sparrow and Melisandre to the list.
  8. Promise me Ned, you will not bring back Dustin's bones, that guy was an asshole. But take my bones home, just to shove it in his bitch wife's face.
  9. I'm not sure if this is a nature or nurture thing. 10 year old Jaime believed in tales of chivalry, loved dogs and horses, was devoted to his sister and protective of his baby brother. 10 year old Cersei tyrannized servants and smallfolk, inflicted sexual torture on her baby brother and pushed her best friend down a well. There is a marked difference there.
  10. I just want to point out that Cersei, as a grown-ass adult, is furious that a dead 11 year old girl wanted to marry Jaime. I think we can safely assume that she would never ever have been ok with Jaime having any relationship with any other female. I think Cersei did have a certain "love" for Jaime, but one that's similar to a child's love for his/her favorite toy. She has a strong attachment to him, but she does not view him as a being with a life, thoughts, aspirations of his own. He only exists for her.
  11. Jon and Dany are King and Queen (Arya is Jon's sugar on the side). The books end with a detailed account of their tax policies during their reign.
  12. When he speaks to Jeyne, Jaime wonders why she seems so afraid. So I don't think he knew what kind of fate awaited her. Generally speaking, being a lady is a much better option than working in a brothel. In ADWD, people are appalled at Ramsay's treatment of "Arya". It's not the norm, it's shocking. Jaime and Brienne have never met Ramsay, but they've met Roose. While he's a deeply horrible man, being his wife would probably be a lot better than working in a brothel. They could not have predicted how his son would treat the supposed Lady of Winterfell, who is so crucial for his claim.
  13. This. There are definitely characters who have special snowflake status (Jon, Dany, Arya), which is annoying. Yes and yes. Personally, the mere idea of tasting your own milk disgusts me, so all those scenes are hard to read (breastmilk fetish might be more common that I realize and that's fine, I just don't want to read about it). And Sansa is a girl who would never be caught with grease running down her chin. I'm sick of reading about Tyrion shaking off the last drops. To be fair about the male/female balance, Cersei did have a memorable pissing scene in Baelor's sept.
  14. I agree, although I do think GRRM makes some effort in this area. Asha thinks about what she finds attractive in Qarl. There's also Brienne who, whenever she remembers her bath with Jaime, only thinks about how hot his naked body was and never about his Kingslayer origin story. What's more, Dany sometimes randomly sexualises herself (thinks about how her breasts are moving as she walks, and it's unrelated to her comfort), which makes me roll my eyes. And while this is a minor gripe, I find it a little ridiculous that while most male POVs are average-looking guys (like 95% of people in real life), the female POVs are either extremely beautiful or extremely ugly.
  15. It's possible, but I sure hope not. Very early on in the series, after Bran's fall, we get a hint of what Catelyn can be when influenced by intense grief, which I believe foreshadows LS. There is no similar writing for Brienne, so I hope that means she won't suffer tragedy after tragedy and lose all kindness.