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  1. You don't but some of us do. You can't sweep it under the rug. Enough of the fans do care. If you don't like the topic you don't have to participate.
  2. Jon is the man responsible for Mance being in Winterfell in the first place. Mance is on a mission from Jon. Jon is indirectly guilty of violating guest rights because he is the man who ordered Mance to bring in Arya. Even though Jon was not present, he is still indirectly responsible.
  3. We would have seen an albino at Craster's Keep if this were the case.
  4. Jon ordered Edd Tollette to fetch the wildlings from Mole's Town because they were needed for the disguise. There would be no need to do that if the mission was limited to guiding Arya to Castle Black. Jon gave Mance the order to bring him Arya. Jon's intentions are to take her from Ramsay. The fact that Mance carried out his mission is proof that he was working for Jon all throughout his time inside Winterfell. Jon, as the man who ordered Mance to take Arya is responsible for the violation of guest rights.
  5. Jaime stabbed Aerys in the back. That is an even bigger betrayal. Robert was still considered king. Lann swindled the Casterlys and the rock has been theirs since then. I won't blame Jon for global warming. But, I will blame him for the mess that he made at the wall for the sake of getting his sister out of a bad marriage.
  6. This is an interesting view on the situation that deserve a separate discussion on it's own. There are at least two thoughts on this. Forgive and forget. Or at least let go. This is the way of progress in this specific case. To take the high road. After all, many children are now homeless because of decisions the Starks and the Lannisters made. They didn't take up sword. They're not doing anything to add to the violence. They accept their loved ones are gone. Justice for the dead. This pov believes the lives of the dead had value. Those who took those lives must pay back with their lives. To forgive is to treat the dead as if they had no value. Only life can pay for death. Forget the big picture and only worry about justice for your loved ones. My own opinion is somewhere in between. The dead cry out for justice and they deserve to be heard. But taking the course to violence is only justified if it will avoid further violence. Many times a hero kills a few to save the many. Killing Cersei will potentially save many lives. I have no issue with that. Killing the old insurance man saved no lives. Now, no claims will get paid because the underwriter is dead and so is his business. All his considerable assets become property of his bank. Good for the bank, bad for everybody else.
  7. I don't think LF was stealing. Blame Robert for having an open hand when it came to money.
  8. Did Jon Snow repent for killing a sworn brother of the Night's Watch? For that matter, was Catelyn repentant for igniting the wotfk? And Jaime, the darling of many Targaryens haters, did he repent his part in starting the mess that escalated to the wotfk, murdering the man he promised to protect, cuckolding the king he served, and helping his lover steal a kingdom? Has Sansa repented for betraying Dad's escape plan to their enemy for the purpose of being closer to handsome Joff?
  9. Only because she was in training and lacked the means to carry out her heart's desire to kill Stark enemies.
  10. Arya is in no position right now to go hunting. She's working on the FM's curriculum so she can go hunting in the future. Raff was too tempting and Arya abandoned her responsibility to murder him. Arya is not going to let rules stop her from crossing off her Hit List. So you believe a prophecy will absolutely happen and there is no way to prevent Tyrion or Jaime from killing Cersei. I have to disagree. Valonqar could be Arya in disguise.
  11. There is a difference. The Masters were all slavers, without exception. Most of the German people were not even affiliated with the Nazis. Do you believe the Masters put their slaves on trial before punishing them? How much trial did Walder give Chet before banishing him to the wall? Nothing Gared said could have kept Ned from taking his life.
  12. Sure you didn't. Would you refer to your mom and your sisters as wenches? Arya and Sansa are both wenches, is that right?
  13. Calling someone a wench is not really an intelligent way to express yourself.
  14. Jon Snow.