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  1. Maybe little Aemon has super powers. Something related to ice.
  2. They should have beat up their idiot dad, Rhaegar, for showing the slightest bit of courtesy to that shaggy pooch, Lyanna Stark.
  3. JonArya was 2/3 of George Martin's original love triangle. Tyrion was the remaining third. Jon was driven to jealousy. It's a little late in the story now to develop that plot and keeping Jon dead is a more interesting plot. However, love triangles are interesting. I don't think George has given up on it. We will probably get a less developed example in Winds. Petyr-Sansa-Tyrion is likely. 1. Petyr, Sansa, and Tyrion. 2. Gendry, Arya, and Jon if he comes back to life. 3. Aegon, Dany, and Jorah. 4. Jaime, Cersei, and Euron. 5. Aegon,. Arianne, and Darkstar 6. Sam, Gillie, and ?
  4. Ned was old enough to know what Rickard, Brandon, and Robert were up to. Southron Ambitions would result in Rickard having enough military strength to threaten his king. Ned would know this. It is logical to conclude that he was a part of the plot or at least knew of it.
  5. You're right, that's the Arryn words. Still, they are just words that are not indicative of the family traits. Asshole is not necessarily a genetic trait except for the rectum. The female Targaryens are just as well-known and studied. No madness on record for them.
  6. We don't know what Ramsay did with the Stark household servants. What he did may be too controversial to be made public. Like hunted the fit and used the rest for labor. Hopefully he spared Nan. She can entertain with her stories and may earn her keep. The horses and dogs probably ended up in the bellies of Ramsay's own dogs. Theon was fond of Ramsay's dogs though, and they of him. Maybe they're not that bad away from the hunt.
  7. Fire means life. Ice means death. People pray for long summers. They don't pray for long winters. Fire is rebirth. Ice is an extinction level killer. The threat in the story is Ice and the absence of light. House words is a new practice for the Targaryens and it is actually a custom of Westeros. Fire and blood holds no more significance in their case than "high as honor" to the Tully's. Hoster was far from honorable. Most house want something that sounds bad ass for their words. They usually mean nothing. The Targaryens took Westeros by dragons (fire) and soldiers (blood) and that is the inspiration for fire and blood. Only the Targaryens males lose their minds. There has never been a case of a female Targaryen going mad. And even among the males it was rare.
  8. Tyrion beat Team Stannis at Blackwater.
  9. Yeah. Two different women. People who work off principles: Mellisandre, Aeron, High Sparrow, the Night's Watch, Kingsguard, and Silent Sisters.
  10. Yeah, well, this forum sometimes encourages some of us, like this one, to stereotype. Reading the forums while about life's business means you make quick assumptions. But oh please don't take that for an apology.
  11. Dany showed compassion and chose to not harm her cupbearers/hostages despite believing their families are working with the Harpy. Why anybody expects her to harm the children of her father's enemies outside of the battlefields is beyond me. Now, on the battlefields, children or not, they become soldiers and they put themselves in harm's way. Dany has no moral obligations to hold back.
  12. I find it hard to dislike Ned despite my dislike for the Starks. What he did to warn Cersei seemed the moral thing to do, on the surface. It will save Cersei's children for a time but the resulting war will kill many other children. Tywin will defend his family. Ned failed to look at the big picture. Maybe he needed to keep his mouth shut, like Varys would counsel. The fact is, nobody liked the alternative, Stannis. It's a question of who inherits, somebody wildly unpopular or somebody who has no right to rule.
  13. Dragon > Stallion The entire world will be her khalasar!
  14. You're as crazy as that lunatic former Lord Commander Jon Snow. Praise Bowen Marsh!