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  1. Everyone thinks I didn't upload a photo, but this is really what I look like!
  2. I think now's a good time to come back to this post.
  3. I just noticed how different Westeros is from our modern world in one aspect. All the nobles have a last/family name, which is super important to them. The smallfolk don't, unless they rise up or someone invents Lord names for them. Exactly the opposite of what we have now. Everyone has a last name, only a few nobles and monarchs don't legally have one. Sure, their dynasties have names, but they're not and have never been as important. Just a random thought
  4. Aw I almost feel bad for winning
  5. I'm reclaiming my victory.
  6. Silly question: When Catelyn holds a knife to Jinglebell's throat, she talks and waits for some time. And there are archers in the room. So why didn't anyone shoot her? Did they wait on a signal from Lord Walder? Were they afraid to hit Jinglebell instead? Did they just not care about the fool, and maybe Walder was even glad to be rid of him? (I'm really just asking because I'm curious about this scene, this is not intended to be some sort of Catelyn hating)
  7. That's a thing? Anyway, won't work, I check this every few days.
  8. Yes, there are lots of old Targaryen supporters, but is Viserys the guy to unite them? Some Blackfyre supporters didn't follow in the second rebellion because they didn't like the person Daeron II. Could be the same with Viserys. Lots of Westerosi would also resent Viserys for bringing those hordes of savages into the land. The Dothraki would rape and murder and not give Viserys new friends. I also don't really see how Viserys could control them, get them to go away after they're done, or get them to fight together with his other supporters without there being huge problems. I think you're making the Dothraki seem a little weak too. They're good fighters, and they're so many. Surely that's something to fear. About the logistical nightmare.. I'm sure Illyrio could bring them across the sea pretty well. Most of their forces should reach their destination. Last but not least - "locked himself in his frozen castle"... is that some anti-Ned vibe?
  9. You can't sneak up on me, I see when you try to win. Oh but so do you with me. Crap.
  10. Friendly, Arya and Jon Maybe (?) friendly, Arya and Nymeria, like you said Not friendly (I hope), Arya and Sansa Not friendly (I guess), Arya and Sandor Definitely not friendly, Arya and some people on her list Least friendly ever please, Arya and Littlefinger I don't know, I feel like I might love one character more than the others..
  11. I agree, he's the valonqar and they will kill each other or he causes them both to die. But just like you I don't see how LS would ever trust Jaime (or Brienne) ever again. Maybe some unforeseen event causes Jaime and Brienne to never arrive at LS's lair or at least delays their arrival? And by that time Cersei will have dealt with the High Sparrow and Tyrells and everything... and somehow meets Jaime.. welp, I give up. Sounded better in my head. Still got no idea how it will happen, but I know it will.
  12. No, she won't tell him, at least not until they're there. Brienne already had to lie to him to get him away at all. I wonder if Jaime notices she's lying though. He'll probably ask if everything's okay with her, but he won't suspect she's not being honest (because he'd never imagine Brienne being dishonest). Let's say she does tell him though. "Hey Jaime, Lady Stark has come back from the dead and threatens to kill your brother's squire if I don't bring you to her". Well, she already told him how a cold dark shadow killed Renly, and he kinda believed her (I guess?), so why not. Once Jaime and Brienne are on their way, there's no way Jaime could get out of it anyway. He can't flee from Brienne or win a fight against her, and he won't dissuade her. The only thing he can do is play along and try to talk or fight his way out once he faces Lady Stoneheart. And smile. I'll be disappointed if he doesn't smile in the face of death. I have no idea how he gets out of it (sorry), but I'm still almost 100% convinced he does, because I'm certain he has to kill Cersei at some point. I hope Brienne gets away too, and Pod.
  13. In the first example, he just forgot she's dead (as far as he knows). That happens, especially when not much time has passed.
  14. I've always thought it's 3. She'd never just lure him somewhere to kill him, or have him killed. Brienne's a good person. I'd hate to see her break Jaime's trust, Brienne has to stay true. And I don't think she thinks Jamie can save her. One hand? Alone? (I could see him try anyway though) No, she'll try to appeal to the Catelyn she knew and hope for justice. I have no idea how she could succeed, but I'll hope for the best. The thought of Brienne becoming an oathbreaker (to save innocent lifes) like Jaime would be interesting, but I don't want it. Not everyone has to be morally grey, some people really are good.
  15. I wanted to quote me from the other Joke Thread, but my tablet won't let me, so I'll repeat it. It's called the Reach because that's how far Tormund's member reaches.