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  1. NBA 2017: The Kings of Comedy

    Much like Tim Duncan, I wouldn't count against LeBron until we actually see some sort of evidence that he's not playing at a super-high level anymore. And as long as he's at that level, any team he's on will have a shot; especially if Eastern teams don't get their act together enough to realistically challenge him.
  2. US politics: Donny, you're out of your element

    Short, fun article comparing Bannon to Hans Gruber. I tend to think the clash of civilizations Bannon is the real Bannon, but its possible that none of them are.
  3. US politics: Donny, you're out of your element

    Except Bannon doesn't really seem to want that either. There's certainly some parts of government he wants to dismantle. But what he really seems to want is a government that supports and protects white Christians (and maybe Jews) and their religious values, and is defending the faithful in the inevitable clash of civilizations. Listen to stuff like this his Vatican conference address in 2014, when he was much more unguarded about his views.
  4. Video Games: Next Stop... Andromeda

    Yep, I've noticed all of that. And its one of the reasons the strategy map has been more challenging to me. I'm used to being able to do a lot more on the map; whereas now there's only a few things to do; which makes each of them much more important. I am having more success as I figure things out though. I took Marienburg again, and that boosted my economy so much that I'm on a major development kick right now; I also created a second army, though its not quite as large yet. I destroyed the skullsmashez and one of the Beastman armies, and someone took out the other that was roaming around me. So my lands are feeling relatively secure now. Meanwhile, a bunch of Bretonnia provinces to my south are unoccupied after razings; I've colonized the one bordering me and planning to expand from there. I've gotten pulled into a couple wars with factions nowhere near me, so there's been no battles from that. I just got Aldorf to lvl 4 though, which means its time to start getting some more advanced troops and figuring things out from there. Also been playing Rise of the Tomb Raider. I like that game a lot. It feels a lot like the first new one, but I liked that game a lot too. It does feel like they went a bit overboard on the collectables, but I'm not trying to get everything. I like how much larger and more involved the optional tombs are this time around. The only downside so far (and maybe this will change later, I'm only 9 hours in) is how static a character Lara feels this time. She started as a badass with some unresolved father issues, and that's exactly what she is where I am in the game too. I get that the game can't do the same journey as the first game, but she is so easily taking everything in stride now that it lessens the impact of everything.
  5. US politics: Donny, you're out of your element

    My best guess is that nothing happens, at least not this year. The Republican plan relied on repealing the ACA before doing tax reform, so that revenue baselines would already be lower. This would prevent any tax reform plan from being scored as exploding the deficit even within the 10 year period, and therefore unable to pass via reconciliation. And it looks like a full-scale repeal of the ACA is not happening (though it could; if Trump took the lead on pushing Congress to pass a specific bill). They could try to pass a tax reform bill without reconciliation, but that'd mean getting 8 Democratic senators on board; which would require a bill that looks a lot different from what is currently be proposed. They could also use reconciliation to pass a much more modest cut, but I suspect enough Republicans would see that as a wasted opportunity; and instead they'll argue with each other until its too late to do anything. They could do something next year; but then its already an election year and Congress is usually skittish about doing anything at all in election years.
  6. US politics: Donny, you're out of your element

    Agency guidance is not the same thing as a regulation; and it does not go through the same rulemaking or public comment process. It also generally does not have much power or scope. I have no idea what the numbers are, but I wonder how many Democrats won big in 2008 and then lost in 2010. Opposition can materialize very quickly where it didn't used to exist, especially when it comes to health care. "Obamacare" is very unpopular in Arkansas, but the "private option" subsidy system the state set up using Federal Medicaid funding is very popular; and would go away if the ACA was simply repealed. If people are now realizing that the private option could go away, that could easily anger a lot of people who had voted Republican in Arkansas.
  7. MLB Offseason: Countdown to 2124

    Exactly! Those are the things (along with limiting commercial times; which definitely won't happen) that actually could reduce play times by a noticeable amount. And they are arguably things that should happen. The time between pitches is definitely something that has changed over the years from back when the average game was a lot shorter than it is now.
  8. Video Games: Next Stop... Andromeda

    Alright, thanks. I reverted my save to right before I attacked that Northern elector and took Marienburg; only to immediately lose two of my cities, one to a beastman army and one to an orc army. So I reverted my save again, and am going to focus on trying defeat these roving armies. I will eventually stop save scumming so much; I'm only doing it while I get the hang of things. My caravan ended up in a bad spot at the end there too, but I'm almost certain it was because I made a couple of bad choices at the end. I've only played through the game once though, so maybe all roads end the same way there. There are at least a few times that being nice is beneficial (though maybe more of that was in part 2; the two games are pretty blurred together to me), but yeah, a big theme of the series is that the world is so dire that most people are only out for themselves and you need to prioritize the needs of your people to protect them. Gameplay continues to look good to me. On the character skills, I watched a video over at Giant Bomb, where one of the editors said that when he went to Bioware to play the game for a bit, the developers said it would take a lot of grinding to learn everything (and it wasn't clear if that could happen in one playthrough or only in a NG+). It sounds like for at least most of the game you will need to be making choices about what abilities you have. I'm not sure about the different profiles either. But I'm going to be optimistic and take it as a sign that the combat is varied enough that you wouldn't be able to easily beat it with only access to only a handful of skills at a time; which is the way the series ued to be.
  9. Han Solo Movie Cast First Shot

    Whoa. Woody Harrelson is in this?! When did that get announced? Conceptually, I'm not a fan of this movie. But that cast looks real solid.
  10. US politics: Donny, you're out of your element

    There has been a historic lack of legislative initatives by this White House so far; that is worth noting. It is also worth noting that with so many important executive branch positions currently open, most without even a nominee in place yet, the White House doesn't even have the people in place to help push along most legislation. Which means Congress is mostly on its own trying to develop bills, and that almost never works out; we're seeing that right now with all the arguing over the border tax and an inability to even figure out what the goals of an ACA replacement should be (to say nothing of how to pay for it). The only way I see a lot of stuff getting done is if Trump lands on specific proposals and pushes Congress to pass them; which is something he has shown no inclination to do since first announcing he running back in 2015. And the thing is, we do have a modern precedent for a President with congressional majorities getting very little done because they never all got on the same page: Carter. So this isn't unthinkable.
  11. US politics: Donny, you're out of your element

    That's a bad analysis because it ignores the content of the bills. By this point in Obama's presidency he had signed the stimulus bill (ARRA) and the Lily Ledbetter act. And while Bush hadn't signed No Child Left Behind yet, Congress took a while on that one, he'd already proposed the core bill and it was being debated. Trump has signed the Sec. Def waiver, a resolution striking down a relatively minor EPA rule, and a bill allowing the GAO easier access to certain agency documents (not sure of the details on that one, but it passed unanimously).
  12. NBA 2017: The Kings of Comedy

    Pretty that by only needing to carry one teammate instead of four, LeBron would dominate this tournament. At least now that Durant and Westbrook are on different teams. I'm all for it though.
  13. US politics: Donny, you're out of your element

    Its been in the 70s here in DC. I went hiking in shorts and a t-short last weekend. In February! At least Inhofe can't bring a snowball to the senate floor this year as proof that global warming doesn't exist.
  14. US politics: Donny, you're out of your element

    Not saying everything is peachy in the US; but it is and will be far easier to adjust to here than what a lot of world faces. At least for a while. And that's the problem. The US is sheltered in the short term from the worst effects of a problem that we need to be addressing. Higher food prices are an issue, and will continue to be, and food security will be a growing issue for the poor. But it'll be a while before the middle class, and policy makers, who are almost all wealthier than that, begin to really feel the pinch. I have noticed prices go up, but not by an amount that actually affects my purchasing choices. And I acknowledge I'm better off than many, but the people who matter in this debate are far better off than I am. Flooding and storm damage will continue to rise, but no parts of the country are going to become unlivable (at least not in the next 100 years) the way some places elsewhere will be.
  15. US politics: Donny, you're out of your element

    Trump's somehow already managed to make DeVos seem reasonable.