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  1. I hope that means its the final iteration and that if the movie is successful enough to warrant a full slate of sequels that it ends with Roland actually finishing his quest.
  2. US Election: It's a post-TrumpDay world

    I think its gotten worse since then. My experience was we'd take such a slow pace for the first half of the year that come early March or so we'd only be mid-way through the Revolutionary War, the teacher would realize we were way behind schedule and speed things up so that we'd get to the Civil War by late April. We'd spend about a month on that, and then, with time running out, we'd just jump to WWI for a day or two, and then jump again to WWII for the roughly two weeks until the year ended. And we did this two years in a row, since first there was a year of state history and than a year of US history. And there's not much daylight between New York history and US history; especially in the pre-colonial and colonial periods.
  3. US Election: It's a post-TrumpDay world

    Actually, no, is my understanding. Which is one of the reasons why the California GOP is almost completely ineffectual and so small these days. If they went like the New York GOP and mostly dropped the cultural stuff (the GOP-controlled NY state senate legalized gay marriage back before SCOTUS made all that moot), they'd likely still have some power instead of being such a rump party. As for Fiorina, I think she's there because one of the few time's Trump's stumbled was that one debate and the week that followed it where she was going after him. He overplayed the misogyny since she's not as anacceptable target to Republican primary voters the way members of the media or Clinton is. Cruz is hoping Trump will do that again; but so far he's been smarter about it.
  4. Well, considering how much happens in the first few books (and how little in many of the later ones), they could stretch those out to 6 or 7seasons and make the end of The Dragon Reborn (I think that's the one) into the final battle instead. That's a pretty satisfying, lengthy, self-contained story right there.
  5. US Election: It's a post-TrumpDay world

    Trump and the Clintons are friends/friendly acquintances, or they used to be at least. That might not mean anything, but it might also mean that Trump sticks to generic attacks (she's playing thewoman card!) and policy attacks (those are terrible ideas!) and doesn't getinto personnel insults (she must be on her period!) the way he has with others in the past.
  6. US Election: It's a post-TrumpDay world

    Probably not. Considering the breaking news that Sanders is cutting "hundreds" of staff throughout the states that have already voted. First of all, there's the fact that this is a terrible idea because it means he'll have no campaign infrastructure in place if he did somehow become the nominee. But to the larger point, if he was serious about advancing the progressive movement down-ballot, he'd be keeping those staff in place in an Organizing for America-style organization. Instead, he's breaking it all down.
  7. US Election: To NY and Beyond

    Maybe. I'm one of those who believes though that Trump will win on the first ballot even if he's 40-50 delegates short. Enough of the unbound PA delegates and the handful of other unbound delegates would still feel obligated to vote for him at this point. And unless Cruz sweeps Indiana (doubtful), I don't see how Trump doesn't get to at 1190 or so at this point.
  8. US Election: To NY and Beyond

    Actual: PA: Clinton +12, Trump +35 (over the 2nd place finisher) MD: Clinton +30, Trump +35 DE: Clinton +21, Trump +41 CT: Clinton +5, Trump +29 RI: Sanders +12, Trump +40 So I was way off-base with just how large the Trump blowouts would be, but I think most people didn't expect him to quite as well as he did. I'm pretty surprised at how well I did predicting 4 of the 5 Democratic races though. I'm still a little surprised by Rhode Island though; really thought it would go as Massachusetts had. Barring something extraordinary though, I don't see how anyone can reasonably claim the races aren't over now on both sides.
  9. US Election: To NY and Beyond

    That was all post-2008 examples that I thought of off the top of my head. 2008 was when both sides tried interferring with the other's presidential primary. Did you donate to any major presidential candidate after March 2008?
  10. US Election: To NY and Beyond

    538's Rhode Island prediction seems way off-base. I wouldn't be surprised if Sanders does win the state, but I would be shocked if it was by nearly that much. My predictions are: Pennsylvania: Clinton +12, Trump +25 Maryland: Clinton +30, Trump +20 Delaware: Clinton +20, Trump +20 Connecticut: Clinton +7, Trump +25 Rhode Island: Clinton +1, Trump +20 Basically, on the Republican side, I think its real hard to know the exact margin (3-way races are fun!) but Trump should get blowouts of various sizes everywhere. On the Democratic side, I expect Clinton blowouts in Maryland and Delaware. I think Clinton will get a comfortable win in Pennsylvania, but I still can't quite believe she'll do even better there than she did in New York; even though that's what the polls currently say. I think she'll have a pretty close but solid win in Connecticut; a combination of the NYC suburbs not liking Sanders and some people voting on the gun control issue. Rhode Island I think is basically a coin flip, but I think she'll eek out just like she did in Massachusetts.
  11. US Election: To NY and Beyond

    I guess my thinking is that it seems kinda late to be getting upset about it now. I thought after 2008 most politically aware people knew this was a thing that happened and that anyone who disliked it enough to stop donating would've done so back then.
  12. US Election: To NY and Beyond

    Not sure this is worth that strong a reaction; this is a fairly common tactic on both sides. Or, at least it gets talked about a lot, I suspect it happens less often, and is successful even more rarely. But Claire McCaskill did somewhat famouslyinterfere with the Missouri GOP senate primary in 2010 to ensure she'd face Todd Akin, who was probably the only candidate she could've beaten that year. And Republican state parties in the south sometimes interfere with Democratic primaries to get complete no-names on the ballot that they'll absolutely crush. In most cases they'd probably easily win anyway, but I guess they don't want to take any chances.
  13. 8/10 Bit clunky, as all season openers are, but a real solid episode overall. The Dothraki were great.
  14. Where to start with Rush

    I started with agreatest hits compilation, then got 2112 and called it a day. Figured I didn't really need to listen to music again after that.
  15. NBA 2016 Playoffs Edition: Farewell, Kobe!

    Oh jeez, I'm so sorry you guys. On the plus side, my main source of Wizards talk is when Simmons has Joe House on his podcast, and I'm sure those are gonna be some fun talks.