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  1. Trailer Thread III

    GOTG was the only Marvel movie I loved since the first Iron Man, and I have high hopes for the sequel. I just hope Baby Groot doesn't get to shine at the expense of everyone else just because there's a clear marketing opportunity for Marvel. Anytime a character seems to exist for the tie-in sales to kids I get extremely nervous.
  2. Video Games: Fantasy's Final '16

    Never read up on the Gears of War lore.
  3. Maybe it was my imagination, but Ed Harris seemed far more invested in the character once he was in a tuxedo. The entire season he was doing a somewhat generic "grizzled, bitter cowboy" impression, whereas once he was in the tux he seemed a much more real character. He didn't have many lines at that point, but just the way he walked around and reacted to people and things; it seemed a lot better.
  4. There's a push in the electoral college to vote for Kasich instead. But it sounds like its almost only Democrats. They might get one or two Republicans, but they need 37 to block Trump. I'd be shocked if anything happened in the next 14 days to cause that level of defection. But I was also shocked on election night, so who knows? In some good news though, Pat McCrory has conceded the North Carolina governor's race to Roy Cooper. So that's another governor's race where the electorate split from the presidential result. There was a fair amount of that this year even as ticket splitting for senators ended. Unfortunately, I believe Republicans have veto-proof majorities in both legislative chambers in North Carolina, so Cooper is going to have severely limited influence at least until the mid-terms. Hopefully he can accomplish some by at least reversing whatever executive actions McCrory's done.
  5. This seems fundamentally different from the Woody Allen or Roman Polanski situations, because in this case the 'art' itself is the problem. The movie is whatever the rape equivalent of a snuff film is, and no longer has merit.
  6. The hosts seemed to be standing there unaffected, except that one bandit that smiled (so I guess he is self-aware too now?). It was blurry in the background but it looked like Dolores shot at least one woman in the back who was running away; and she fired a lot more bullets than that one. Presumably all at guests. I don't know if everyone at the party was killed, but at least several them were. I wonder if Season 2 will pick up immediately where the episode left off, or if it will be at some point later on.
  7. They also had absolutely terrible aim when shooting. I expect this is just the just to be a case of "outside of WWII movies, generic guys with guns will always be stormtroopers" and not an actual plot development; but security has been so incompetent in all facets all season long that maybe there is something more going on. I've been thinking more about the episode and I think the main reason I like it is because the show finally embraced spectacle over plotting. Stuff like William being the MIB didn't work for me and doesn't work for me, but in previous episodes that kind of thing was the central focus. That was all still there last night, but last night also had Terminators running around red-lit hallways while John Carpenter-esqe electronic synth music plays and Ford going Truman Show on Teddy and Dolores. I just had fun watching it, in a way I hadn't really since the pilot.
  8. HBO's Westworld(v4)- What door? [spoilers]

    Because reddit is insane, apparently they've already cracked clues in the Delos websites that HBO created, proving that Elsie is alive. Its been less than an hour.
  9. HBO's Westworld(v4)- What door? [spoilers]

    Well then. I'm not thrilled with all the twists that took, but it was so well-executed (no pun) that I'm up for Season 2. I was originally thinking I might not bother. Also, I am way into Armistice (did everyone catch the post-credits stinger?). My thoughts: If Hopkins is in fact back for Season 2, I wonder if it'll be as memories/flashbacks or if it'll turn out that was a host copy of himself that he sacrificed. I also wonder if Ed Harris will in fact be back. That seemed more heavily confirmed, but that ending seemed to suggest that everyone human there was going to die. I still don't love how the Maeve storyline played out. Even if her path was programmed, the fact that Felix (and presumably Sylvester) were confirmed to be human means that the whole thing was still incredibly, deeply contrived. On the other hand, Armistice, Hector, and Samurai World were all awesome. What the hell happened to Stubbs? And Elsie? Loose threads or forgotten threads? It was disappointing not seeing Abernathy again this season. I've no clue what the plot next season is going to be. It seems like it'd need to be all-out war between humans and hosts, but the show supposedly has a five season arc, and I can't imagine it hits that mark in season two.
  10. MLB Postseason: All Arms on Deck

    Well, the players union's primary job is to protect existing players and that includes not making it too easy for existing players to lose roster spots to new guys. And the owners will always want as much structure and control as possible over players. So it makes sense that both sides would be okay with something like thais.
  11. Video Games: Fantasy's Final '16

    I'm sure they'll figure out a way around it. IIRC, there's a lot of story-heavy series where the majority players didn't play the first, or even necessarily the second, game; like Mass Effect, Uncharted, The Witcher, etc. So long as the plot is compelling, there's a solid jumping-in point for new players, and some quick explanation of what happened before, I think most players will catch on quick. Same thing in other media, like movies, where sequels almost always are seen by a lot more people than the originals.
  12. Video Games: Fantasy's Final '16

    The game's director said on twitter that they weren't done polishing the graphics and they wouldn't stop until "EA takes the game from us." He didn't describe how much more improvement he expected to see though. But it is possible the faces will look better in 5 months.
  13. If it were part of a well-thought out strategy, I wouldn't necessarily be opposed to this; the world is very different from 1979 and we longer are trying to split Sino-Soviet relations. I'm not sure it'd be great idea either, but I'd be open to the argument. However, I'm almost certainly Trump is just winging it here, the State Department has confirmed they had no contact with Trump prior to the call, and this is how long-term foreign party disasters get started. ETA: Worth noting, a couple weeks ago the Taiwanese producers of iPhones were talking with Apple about moving their manufacturing plants from China to the U.S. Re-establishing some level of relations with Taiwan may be a worthwhile price for ensuring those jobs come to the US. But again, this needs to be a thought out plan, not something half-assed. ETA2: Also worth noting, just saw this get pulled from twitter. Back in 2011, Trump tweeted this: User Actions Following Donald J. TrumpVerified [email protected] Why is @BarackObama delaying the sale of F-16 aircraft to Taiwan? Wrong message to send to China. #TimeToGetTough Its possible he does want to implement a tougher foreign policy stance against China.
  14. It really depends on how the overall economy does. If it tanks, stunts like this will make Bush's Mission Accomplished banner seem quaint. If it does well, this is just the cherry on top for Trump.
  15. A lot of them also link the various drug crises to immigrants and border security. And it is true that a lot of drugs do come through the Mexican border, but an awful lot are homegrown. Plus there's the Canadian border (lot of heroin comes through there) and all the ports.