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  1. I'm not sure that's true anymore. The main media drivers of the base, talk radio and sites like Brietbart, are focused mostly "fake news!," immigration, "political correctness," and a few other cultural issues. Health care is not driving their conversations these days.
  2. How dare you call me out on my typos that cause sentences to lose all meaning?! No, what I'm saying is that if the bill was going to fail, it was never going to fail by just 3 Republicans voting no, 49-51. Senators generally have spines, but they aren't that strong. And also, why vote yes on an unpopular bill that won't even pass? The bill was either going to pass 51-50 with Pence tie-breaking, or going to fail 42-58 or more.
  3. Of course Democrats are better off at 24+ plus. With control of the floor and having subpoena power, they can force Trump into whatever situation they want. And I never doubted that if the bill would fail it would fail bill. Politico is already reporting http://www.politico.com/story/2017/06/29/portman-mcconnell-health-care-repeal-240057 On the other hand, McConnell has agreed to boost the new opioid crisis funding from $2 billion to $45 billion; which may be enough to get some of the moderates back on its own. http://www.politico.com/story/2017/06/28/health-care-opioids-money-240077
  4. Win state-level elections.
  5. Cook also always give a huge benefit of the doubt to incumbents no matter what the data says, right up until late September before the election; which, fair enough, the advantages of incumbency are often great. But it also means that when there is a wave, Cook won't predict much of it for a while; unless the wave is being driven by retirements. In other news, if these senators are sincere (and I suspect they mostly are not), McConnell is never getting a health care bill passed.https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-06-28/key-republicans-want-to-scrap-health-bill-s-tax-cuts-for-wealthy
  6. I am feeling a bit better about Hollow Knight now; its nice finally having a few more abilities than just jump and attack. But the lack of any roll or block (so far at least), combined with how slow the heal is, does make the pace of combat still feel clunky. I also wish there was more fast traveling than there is, maybe between every bench. The world is pretty massive (and I'm only into the Fungal Wastes so far) and it takes too long a time to move around, considering how much backtracking there is.
  7. Its absurdly easy for a small group of dedicated folks to game Youtube (or any search-based website) and cause something to 'trend.' That video has 2 million views, which is nothing. Even if each one of those views were a unique viewer, which they aren't, that would be nothing. Anyway, in real news, Rand Paul has sent his list of demands to McConnell. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DDavweNVoAAkhVS.jpg , https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DDavwdxV0AADhsa.jpg He might get the first one, it might even be a good (albeit relatively minor) idea; I don't know enough about the economics of group insurance to know for sure. But I think the rest are complete non-starters.
  8. 'cause CNN did the right thing; retracting the story and had 3 journalists resign? And no one will have their opinion of the media swayed one way or the other by this episode. The only lasting take away from this is the difference between CNN's response to this story and Fox New's response to Seth Rich story (which Fox did retract, but no one was fired, resigned, or punished in any way).
  9. Pre-order? Gross. I'll almost certainly buy Destiny 2 the day it gets released on PC (which is like a month after the console release, IIRC), but I'm not pre-ordering. I never do. Not on the off chance that it's a coding garbage fire or just a really terrible game.
  10. A real profile in courage from Jerry Moran... It does make me wonder just how much pressure to make changes McConnell was facing from senators who weren't making public comments before now.
  11. Looks like early talks did not go well.. Haven't seen an official confirmation though, so the plan may change if that afternoon meeting somehow goes well enough.
  12. Decided I don't much care for Hollow Knight or Hyper Light Drifter. Something about the way each controls just really rubbed me the wrong way. I liked Salt and Sanctuary a lot when I played it last year (which is more similar to Hollow Knight, but does have some in common with HLD) so I think I'm still on board with these really difficult 2d combat games, but these ones are not for me. I accidentally "was satisfied" with Her Story after a little under 30 minutes, which was kind of disappointing. I picked up on a keyword long before the game was expecting me to I think, and uncovered one of the final video segments in the game. It didn't reveal everything, but it had enough keywords that everything I needed was only one degree of separation away for me to understand everything. I could go back and uncover the 90 minutes or so of footage that I missed, but it seems pretty pointless now that the mystery is over. I've been having fun with The Division. Its not as fun to play as Destiny I think, or as visually interesting, but it seems worth the $20 I paid. Haven't touched any of the other Steam sale games yet, and probably won't until I finish the DA:I replay (just finished up the quest to side with the mages). I added Dying Light as another purchase though. I was considering getting Prey; but even on sale its still $40 and I have a ton to play now. So I'll probably wait until the Winter sale to get it, and hope its cheaper by then. I am thinking of getting Hearts of Iron IV based on the Pony Queen's write-up, but I am concerned over how much DLC there is and how expensive it is and whether the base game on its own is worth playing.
  13. It looks increasingly unlikely that the senate is passing their bill this week. So far tonight, I've seen Heller, Paul, Lee, and Collins all say they won't even vote for the motion to proceed to debate on the bill; much less voting on its approval. Johnson has strongly hinted he'll also vote against the motion to proceed; and has been clear he's a no vote on approving the bill. No word yet from Cassidy, Capito, Murkowski, etc. Cruz is still a no on approval, but hasn't said where he stands on the motion to proceed.
  14. The plus side for McConnell is that the CBO says the bill will have a net savings of $202 billion even with the tax cuts because of how massive the Medicaid cuts (and subsidy cuts) are. That gives him a lot of money to throw into provisions to win over the moderates. On the downside, 4 million of those 15 million would be people losing employer-sponsored coverage and its when you start mucking around with employer-sponsored coverage that you really are sticking your hand in the hornet's nest; politically speaking.
  15. The Supreme Court also ordered both parties to include in their arguments whether the issue would be moot by the time the case is heard.