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  1. Tillerson is still probably the best bet to get a rejection, maybe Carson too. Flynn would be, if his position required confirmation. None of the nominees were going to get defeated because they were too conservative. The only chance would be if they were too obviously incompetent, or the special case of Tillerson. Republicans should defeat DeVos if they actually want conservative education reform; she's far too over her head to enact any meaningful changes.
  2. Christ. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/trump-military-equipment-inauguration_us_58811f4ae4b096b4a23091f7?ijatt9
  3. Stranger Things (Netflix) [Spoiler Thread]

    They could genre-shift in Season 2, focus less on the homages to '80s coming of age stories and more on homages to '80s horror stories. One of the episodes in Season 2 is going to be called "The Pumpkin Patch" after all.
  4. NFL Divisional Playoffs: 3 games and Brady

    Just been reported that Trump has nominated Woody Johnson to be ambassador to the UK. I'm really hoping that'll mean he'll be spending most of his time in London and won't have time to interfere with the Jets for the next few years. No idea if the current front office is up to the task of doing anything; but Johnson has not been an asset in all his years.
  5. http://thehill.com/policy/finance/314991-trump-team-prepares-dramatic-cuts The parties aren't the same. Fuck off.
  6. Attack on Titan (Anime series)

    Well, again, I haven't read the actual issues, so maybe it all works in context, but...
  7. Attack on Titan (Anime series)

    I really loved the first half (?) or so of that first season, and I have a very high bar when it comes to anime, but man did that thing go off the rails towards the end. At some point I red the plot summary of what the manga had gotten up to, and it sounds like things go even more off the rails. I'll watch it when it shows up on Netflix in the hopes that the spectacle is worth it (and if there's anything like the Trost District battle it will be), but I'm not that invested in it.
  8. NFL Divisional Playoffs: 3 games and Brady

    Not sure if that's any worse than Rex Ryan having a tattoo of his wife wearing a Mark Sanchez jersey. Something in that New Jersey water... At least Rex got the tattoo altered after his fired, from green to dark blue (hope he was a fan of Bills punter Colton Schmidt). Not sure what he can do now that the Bills fired him too though; maybe hope to get hired by the Raiders?
  9. NFL Divisional Playoffs: 3 games and Brady

    Like most Jets head coaches (other than the ones who failed immediately), his early success quickly turned into fools gold. But there's no denying that he really infuriated the Patriots (or at least Belichick) and most Patriots fans. Otherwise there wouldn't have been the constant rat-based insults.
  10. NFL Divisional Playoffs: 3 games and Brady

    Hey now. Let's not sully the Jets' more than they deserve here. At the time of Spygate, the Jets had won the last regular season game they'd played against the Patriots; breaking a streak of 7 straight losses. Obviously the Patriots would not stand for such temerity against their hegemony.
  11. NFL Divisional Playoffs: 3 games and Brady

    This also makes me wonder about a random stat; which team has the most players with a Super Bowl ring? It doesn't have to be a ring they won with that team, just that they ever won at least one. Its probably the Broncos, since its only been a year for them. But I have no idea what kind of turnover they've had outside of their starters. Also, who is the Robert Horry of the NFL? Is it Adam Vinatieri?
  12. NFL Divisional Playoffs: 3 games and Brady

    One potentially valid reason, though I have no idea if its true, would be if the Steelers have more players left on their roster from their titles than the Patriots do from their first three (its just Brady, right?). It doesn't mean the Steelers have a more talented roster than the Patriots do, but I guess it would mean something. At the very least that the current Steelers have much connection to their title teams. Though is Ben the rapist the only one left from the first championship?
  13. Ah. My bad. I don't follow these politics threads as closely as I did prior to the election. Trying to focus less on political issues for now.
  14. NFL Divisional Playoffs: 3 games and Brady

    Agreed on Gretzky and Jordan, no question (for now; though I still think there's the tiniest chance LeBron will take his spot in the end). Baseball is tricky both because its hard to find the clear separation for the #1 and because pitchers are so different from the other players (and get more recognition than goalies do in hockey). There's probably a way of doing it though; or at least greatest pitcher and greatest non-pitcher. I think Football is impossible; because the positions are so specialized and different from each other. I think its very difficult but theoretically possible to come up with a GOAT for each position; but not an overall GOAT for the sport. Maybe you could reduce that to greatest QB, offensive skills position, lineman, and DB, or something like that; but that'd be as far as it goes.
  15. I enjoy and appreciate that reference.