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  1. I've been kinda interested in getting Overwatch, which I certainly didn't expect. My problem though is that I only have a PC, but I only play games with a controller from my couch (other than strategy games, where I'll awkwardly use a wireless m+k on the couch, with the closest book doubling as a mousepad). Usually that's not a problem since I mostly just play single player games. But in a competitive shooter I'd probably be a pretty big disadvantage; there's a reason Blizzard didn't implement cross-platform play. On the other hand, if the matchmaking is good enough, maybe I'd mostly get matched with other PC controller players and players who aren't very good with a m+k. So I'm still thinking about it.
  2. Beat FFX on Steam. Turns out, I don't think I actually beat it back in the day; pretty sure I got stuck on the final boss (well, the final real boss). Also, giving Yuna a couple of the 3rd level black magic spells is gamebreaking overpowered. By the time I reached the final few areas, she was 9999ing every single attack, and since she had an auto-haste armor and a one-MP cost weapon, that turned everything into a cakewalk (at least, main game; I didn't bother going after the dark aeons or the monster arena bosses). Auron was the only one I got a full-powered celestial weapon for, and so he was doing 15k-20k almost every attack as well. Never did feel much during the game, but it was fairly satisfying to finish it off. I'll probably give FFX-2 a shot, I only ever played a couple hours of that back when it came out. But once the big Stellaris patch comes out, that'll probably take me over again.
  3. Presumably the reason was to further emphasis how good a fighter Dayne was. 3 vs. 7 is impressive, 2 vs. 7 (with 1 of the 2 dying quickly) is even more impressive.
  4. I strongly disagree with that characterization. But even if it were true, the ACA is a lot more than the markets. For instance, more people have gotten coverage through Medicaid than the markets, and Medicaid is doing fine in most states. And the number of people who've gotten coverage of any time through the age-26 provision and the no-preconditions clauses also number in the millions. ETA: And speak of the devil, look at what I just saw at work.
  5. The idea of Bran saving Ned and/or Robb?

    Yeah, that's the way I see things too. The story that we know thus far won't be changing, its just that we may find that Bran was the hidden catalyst behind some of those events. I actually do kind of like the idea that Bran caused Aerys to go mad. Although between Duskendale and the history of madness the Targs already had, it doesn't seem necessary at all. Would definitely be a neat thing though, so long as it doesn't happen too often. If Bran is secretly responsible for every major event in Westerosi history, this story quickly becomes a comedy instead.
  6. CotF and the White Walkers

    But if the Great Other is something separate from the Night's King, or if they otherwise gained additional powers once they went rogue, its entirely possible that they weren't recognizable as Others prior to the Long Night. When the Night's King was created his eyes went blue, but that's all we know. He was apparently created in summer, not the dead of winter, it could be that the Others didn't have winter powers when first fighting the First Men on behalf of the CotF and so aren't remembered as the same. Or it could be that we aren't supposed to take all the legends at face value. Old Nan gave a lot of interesting back story but we don't know how much was gospel truth and how much was warped by time
  7. CotF and the White Walkers

    I haven't read the whole thread, so apologies if this has already been brought up... For me, the biggest question is 'What is the Great Other/the Heart of Winter?' Is it just the first Other/White Walker that was created by the CotF (presumably the Night's King in the show canon at least), or is it some other force that corrupted the Others/WW to its side? It sure looked like summer in that scene where the first WW was made, not winter. And if there is some great darkness that is an eternal struggle with R'hollor, that seems like a separate conflict from the fight between the CotF and the First Men. R'hollor isn't even the god of the First Men, so I don't see why or how it would get involved in a conflict they were in.
  8. [Spoilers] EP605

    It may be different in the show, but in the books the Iron Islands are so large that there are people living inland who have never seen the ocean. The biggest Island is supposed to be roughly the size of Ireland I believe. Plenty of wood for a 1000 ships.
  9. [Spoilers] EP605

    I think it was just that the 3ER somehow knew the future, and knew that Bran needed to be near Hodor in the past so that he could be 'Hodor-ized.' I also think we haven't seen the last of the 3ER either. I think somehow Bran will continue to see him through the Greensight somehow; whatever the Greensight version of a Force Ghost is.
  10. 10/10 That was one hell of a thing. I even liked the Kingsmoot. Only weak bit was seeing Arya and the waif fighting yet again. Hold the door.
  11. Trailer thread II

    Actually sort of looks like he's still working there. Or that he stole a few items on his way out the door. He also looks like the only worthwhile part of the show. Although that's probably too harsh of me, for whatever reason I never particularly like TV show trailers; except sometimes for the abstract kind that are really just teasers.
  12. I dunno. My rule of thumb is, can the subtitle stand as a movie title on its own? And I don't think any of the Star Wars subtitles can. Maybe Attack of the Clones could. But compared to something like Ghost Protocol/Tokyo Drift/Dead Man's Chest/etc. it doesn't really hold up. With Star Wars, its always a pretty bland descriptor.
  13. 2016 US Election: what happened in Nevada?

    So I've now both seen pundits say that Trump should pick Mark Cuban as his VP and other pundits say that Clinton should pick Mark Cuban as her VP. And I remember seeing a few weeks ago pundits say Mark Cuban should run for President in 2020. Where did this obsession with Mark Cuban come from? FTW, he actually responded to the Clinton talk, saying he'd "absolutely listen."
  14. Not really any more bland than every other Star Wars movie title. And is a pretty good parallel to 'The Empire Strikes Back.' On the other hand, it fits too neatly; so I'm guessing its a fake.