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  1. Faygo fountains for frolicking and fornication.
  2. Hatoful boyfriend is just one in a series of games where pigeons are people. I just remembered there's also some game where tanks are schoolgirls; Panzer School maybe? Or something like that.
  3. Still though. Compared to not being above .500 in the history of your existence (circa 2011), or the only break from your relentless failure was brought about by "Mr. Guns in the Locker Room Sounds Like a Great Idea!" the Caps don't seem that bad. I will say, as an outsider moving to DC, I always thought fans were happiest/most excited about the Caps; until finally John Wall became a star, as did Harper/Zimmerman/Strasburg. Also, I guess that was four more disappointing playoff appearances ago for the Caps; though they did already have a bunch of those.
  4. Its not really any different than being a Rangers fan. Although I guess the Rangers do have it a little better, thanks to one magical season over 20 years ago. Until a few years ago, I'd say it was pretty easy to be a Caps fan though; at least they actually made the playoffs. The Nats were a joke and the Wizards one national moment in 30 years was to be the whipping boy for LeBron's becoming-a-superstar party.
  5. *Mildly disappointed no one batted an eyebrow at the alpaca or the pigeon thing*
  6. Yep. Either extremely conservative or simply doing their job (Federal lawyers don't get to decide the positions they have to argue). Or, in the case of the other circuit judges, likely overworked and unwilling to get involved on something they didn't deem important enough; en banc reviews are extremely rare. And you're wrong; the legal decisions that SCOTUS reviews that are extremely complex and don't have neat partisan splits are almost always unanimous rulings; and last term 54% of their rulings were unanimous. But when that's not the case, the splits are almost always the same, following the same partisan lines. When Scalia was alive it was 5-4 in either direction depending on Kennedy, or 6-3 if Roberts also went left (and rarely 5-4 with Roberts going left); and sometimes 8-1 when Thomas was being difficult. When there were 7-2 decisions it was almost always a compromise ruling that Roberts crafted, and it'd almost always be some combo of Thomas, Alito, Ginsburg, and Sotomayor who'd be objecting (aka the two most liberal and two most conservative judges; and those most likely to objec to a compromise, depending on what it was) In general, the only time things got weird was 4th amendment cases, where sometimes you'd get things like Scalia and Breyer switching places. And one time there was a 5-4 decision where Thomas sided with the liberals; but that was a very esoteric case about maritime law.
  7. Gary Battman is the undefeated champion at soaking up fan anger. Pretty sure the Jets have the record, they had 4 first round picks in the 2000 draft; #12, #13, #18, and #27. And it worked out reasonably well for them too. Shaun Ellis and John Abraham were defensive stalwarts for over a decade (Abraham was traded away early on, but for the pick that became Nick Mangold). Chad Pennington was either the second or third best QB in the draft, and the two that were better (Brady, obviously; Marc Bulger, maybe) were players that everyone missed on. Only Anthony Becht was disappointing, but he wasn't a bust either.
  8. The Obama administration was wrong too. The federal argument is a massive authoritarian power grab, enabling them to strip citizenship of anyone naturalized at any time if they feel like it. There's a reason there's already at least 6 votes against them at SCOTUS; with only a possibility that the two most conservative members will support it.
  9. The first one should've gone to Shaq (and very nearly did) in his first Miami year. The second one I don't remember very well. I think Dirk probably would've been a better option both years as well.
  10. This'll be a good early test of Gorsch. Roberts and Kennedy sound clearly opposed to DOJ here, but I don't know if Alito and Thomas are (they might be though). If there is that split in the conservative side, the question is where does Gorsch go? Is he all-the-way-gone conservative or not?
  11. Works for me. Pretty much every full year that Jordan played from '88 onwards that he didn't win MVP, he was robbed. LeBron wasn't robbed every year that he didn't win MVP; Curry really was fantastic the previous two seasons. But the Rose and Durant awards should've gone to LeBron.
  12. When you make over $2 billion the first time out, you run back the same playbook next time. Though that is pretty blatant.
  13. I'm gonna go ahead and say no fucking way Congress passes this plan.
  14. The latest informal whip counts suggest the newest version of the bill is probably already dead. Republicans can afford 22 defections (would be 23, but Chaffetz is disappearing for a month for emergency surgery and recovery back in Utah); right now there are 21 solid nays and "dozens" of 'uncertains' including by a lot of members who were onboard with earlier versions of the bill. And this was this morning; before the AMA, AARP, and all the rest came out against the bill again. And supposedly one of Pelosi's conditions for Democratic support for the one-week funding bill was that there'd be no health care vote this week; meaning even more time for outrage to build against the latest draft. House Republicans may pass something similar to this in the end; they all feel enormous pressure to say they did something, even if the Senate doesn't move on it. Because at least then they can blame the Senate; and the Freedom Caucus are always the most disciplined at actually voting no. But its a hard ask to make people take a tough vote on a dead bill. And if this bill doesn't thread the needle for the Freedom Caucus and Tuesday Group; I don't know what can.
  15. Going forward, Baseball Tonight will only have one regular weekly spot; as a preview show for Sunday Night Baseball. Forget 'serious' coverage, ESPN isn't covering baseball (or hockey) at all anymore.