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  1. Don't look now, but the Jets are currently one of many teams in contention for a wild card spot. They aren't going to get one, but even if they lose out and finish 3-13 they aren't getting the #1 draft pick. The Giants, Browns, and 49ers will see to that. If the season goes well they'll re-sign Josh McCown (because why the fuck not? This is the team that was okay with bringing back Vinny Testaverde for his age 42 season) and if goes poorly they'll sign Jay Cutler or Big "rapist" Ben after the Steelers cut him, or something equally stupid.
  2. Cochran came back to DC this afternoon, after just announcing yesterday that he would be staying in Mississippi. I think there was a second 'no' vote besides Paul and McConnell needed him, always a loyal 'yes', to be here for when the budget comes up.
  3. http://www.politico.com/story/2017/10/17/rand-paul-oppose-senate-gop-budget-243864 Rand Paul says he's a 'No' on the senate budget bill for FY2018 because it calls for breaking the budget caps by $43 billion (all in military spending; though worth noting the breaking won't actually happen because that would require Democratic votes). It's probably not an empty threat either, he voted against the FY2017 budget bill too. Thad Cochran is now indefinitely staying in Mississippi after originally being scheduled to return to DC this week. In some sense it seems that Trump was right about Cochran, he's probably much sicker than originally reported; even if he's not actually in the hospital. Which means all it takes is one more no vote to sink the budget bill and therefore block the debate on tax reform/cuts from even starting. It almost certainly won't be Murkowski that does it; even if she opposed the tax reform bill (unlikely), she'd still vote for the budget bill because its the first step to opening ANWR for oil drilling. But if Collins is all-in on bipartisanship now, or McCain decides he's just going to do whatever Trump hates the most (check out his speech last night), or if Corker is serious about not stop any tax plan that raises the deficit, than things are about to get even worse for Republicans.
  4. Important clarification: These are not the primary, individual-level subsidies that people use to help cover their premiums from ACA exchange plans. These are different, aggregate-level subsides that go directly to insurers to keep premiums lower in the first place. It's still bad that they're being ended, but its not going to cripple the law. In fact, the CBO-estimated consequences of them being ended are kinda strange. There will be an estimated 1 million more uninsured people, from less plans being offered and a few people staying away due to higher premiums. But the way the primary subsidy formulas work, most people on ACA plans will see the size of their subsidy increase by more on their premium increases. So much so that the government will end up spending more money than if they had just kept the aggregate subsidies going. In other words, the net result of all this is 1 million more uninsured folks, lower out-of-pocket costs for the remaining ACA plan enrollees, and increased Federal spending. Weird, counter-intuitive stuff. But that's what happens when you make decisions based on spite rather than policy.
  5. What I do know is that LePage is a jackass who bends the rules (and sometimes laws) as much as he can; and I know that Democrats in the state legislature tried earlier this year to entirely remove the Governor's power to appoint senate replacements (and failed because they only control one chamber),
  6. If Collins had run, she would presumably keep her senate seat until the day she had to take the governor's oath; which would be after the 2018 election. So the next general election would've been the 2020. Even if she resigned literally one minute before taking the oath of office, that would leave one minute where there was a senate vacancy and LePage was still governor. Which means he could be sitting there, with appointment documentation already drawn up for her senate vacancy, and sign it in that one minute.
  7. Actually no. She just gave a long speech (think Bill Clinton length) about whether she would run, and at the end announced she would stay in the Senate. For the best actually. It seems like based on how the timing would work out if she won and had to resign to take the Gov. oath of office, LePage would name her Senate replacement; and that replacement would get to stay until the 2020 election. Better for her to have that seat instead of two years (minimum) of whatever terrible person LePage would pick; and hopefully a Democrat or liberal-leaning independent (happens a lot in Maine) wins the Gov race.
  8. Finally went back Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun, jumped right back to my save halfway through mission 9 and finished that thing; took three hours to finish it off. Now I'm at mission 10 and it looks even worse, but I would like to be able to put this game in my 'beaten' pile.
  9. Not every local district is gerrymandered; some states have no gerrymanders at all, a few are even gerrymandered in favor of Democrats. But they pretty much all have this problem. Also, the most effective gerrymanders are ones where the party that did them is just barely safe, that way the maximum number of seats can be gerrymandered. Which means when the wave is big enough, which in most states it regularly would be if Democrats voted at the same frequency as Republicans, the gerrymander falls apart. Finally, senate and governor races are not gerrymandered at all, but the same problems arise there as well.
  10. I think if Democrats showed the same of political engagement (state and local races count!), dedication (contest hostile territory races, you never know when you'll get a break), and understanding (there is literally nothing more important than SCOTUS seats) as Republicans it would be a fair fight even now. The rules haven't changed that much yet; but they probably will if Democrats keep losing.
  11. Some Democratic groups are (Holder's voting rights organization for one), the problem is that most left-leaning activist groups completely ignore this kind of nitty, gritty stuff and focusing on the latest shiny objects; random special elections and one-off policy issues that don't have a huge impact (so much wasted energy on the Keystone pipeline that could've been better served elsewhere). If it weren't for the fact that there some extremely dedicated lawyers working behind the scenes trying their best to protect civil rights, the left in this country would be completely crushed at this point (as opposed to being very down, but not out yet).
  12. I'm getting more and more concerned about the Virginia governor's race. This should be a layup for Democrats (and the public polling is quite positive), but insiders keep talking about how both campaigns think it's a dead heat. And there seems to be no excitement, or even attention being paid, on the left. I see very few yard signs here in NoVa (which I know don't help, but usually all the houses around here have them); and when I check liberal sites (like DailyKos) to see what they're talking about, there's usually literally no mention at all of the race. Biden is coming in to help campaign, and there's talk Obama may as well, but I'm really concerned about activists sitting this one out because we rejected their candidate for the more moderate (and sitting Lt. Gov.) Northam. I'm also worried that too many moderate Republicans (there are quite a few still in Virginia) and even some moderate Democrats still think of Gillespie as the mainstream, "I-only-care-about-making-Virginia-a-business-friendly-state" guy that he used to be, and not paying attention to the Trumpy, Corey Stewart-endorsed far-right cultural warfare campaign he is running and governor he is promising to be
  13. There is; however, I'm nearly positive that the opening screen text called them Nexus-8s; whereas Roy and co. were Nexus-6s. My guess is that Rachel was the first Nexus-8 and that there were a few more in the production pipeline already (like Sapper) when Tyrell Corp. got shuttered. I'm pretty sure it's also what the giant, naked hologram Joi calls him ("You look like a real Joe" or something like that). Further suggesting that maybe everything Joi did was just programming; or maybe that she was trying to be 'real' but was being held back by her programming.
  14. *Unless you are Chad Pennington.
  15. I guess I'm getting versions confused. But I definitely saw one on TV back in the '90s (it was my first) that didn't have the voice-over and also didn't have the unicorn dream or the happy ending.