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  1. Fez added a post in a topic Fallout 4   

    I switch up my armor a lot. I've got the 110 DR combo for the real tough fights, a different combo that I think is in the 80s DR that I usually use for fights since it looks much better, a lab coat I use when turning in quests because the +2 INT on it means extra EXP, and a red dress/black-rim glasses/trilby hat for speech check conversations that gives me +4 CHA. And sometimes I run around in Grognak's Armor, which is the best armor-protecting clothing in the game but since you can't wear chest armor with it, only arm and leg armor it actually is a pretty big downgrade.
    I'm also starting to encounter enemies who use gamma guns, so I need to find some armor with high rad protection for those fights.
    I didn't know about the space, that's good to know. I've only done a few custom names, I've got a heavily upgraded 10mm pistol that I named 'The Gun,' a heavily upgraded combat shotgun I named 'The Hammer,' and a heavily upgraded pipe rifle called 'Jealous Back-Up Rifle.' And I think that's it. Although I did rename all my other regular guns so that they just have the base name rather than a word salad of all the upgrades on them.
    I'm pretty sure in Fallout lore the bombs were closer to dirty bombs than to what we think of as nukes; very high radiation level but little blast damage.
  2. Fez added a post in a topic I'm In Love With A Moron   

    Rotisserie chicken is gross and chinese takeout is awesome; the greaser the better. *firm nod*
  3. Fez added a post in a topic Fallout 4   

    Too bad it looks terrible, IMO.
    Also, its currently 42 DR for me and I think the final upgraded version is 87 DR (not available until you're level 45), which is certainly way better than any of the other 1-piece armors I currently have. However, between my heavily upgraded vault jumpsuit, assault gas mask, and various pieces of legendary leather, metal, and combat armor I have 110 DR along with a bunch of useful special abilities. Its so high actually that I generally just wear the armor pieces and switch to better looking hats and clothing.
    And I renamed all the armor and clothing I ever wear so that the names start with a '.' so that they are always at the top of my inventory and don't get mixed up with the vendor/workshop trash I pick up. I did the same for my weapons.
  4. Fez added a post in a topic Outrageous Panhandlers   

    There are much cheaper phones available than iphones. In fact, in some cities there are even programs that give free phones with pre-paid minutes to the homeless.
    But regardless, the only outrageous panhandler I can easily remember was this guy outside the metro one night. He was asking people for $20s and I saw him refuse to take a dollar someone offered him, he only wanted $20s. Obviously I didn't give to him, but I never give to panhandlers. I donate directly to local foodbanks and charities and that's it; that way I know what my money is being spent on.
  5. Fez added a post in a topic Who has the worst Governor? SPOILER IT'S NEBRASKA   

    Oddly enough, other than abortion and guns (where Edwards has near-perfect scores from Right to Life and the NRA, as is probably necessary for a Democrat in the South), the Medicaid expansion is probably the one area where there is the least amount of difference between Edwards and Vitter. Vitter wanted to use a waiver system like Arkansas instead of a simple expansion, and he probably would've wanted some co-pays or HSA program, but he still would've done it. And the state legislature is on board with whichever, they've been repeatedly trying to expand Medicaid for years, only to be blocked by Jindal and his hopeless presidential ambitions.
    Its the other stuff, like closing the state's lasting and massive budget deficit and raising the state minimum wage where Governor-elect Edwards will be the most different from the now-hypothetical-only Vitter administration.
  6. Fez added a post in a topic College Basketball 2015 - 2016: Wherein we forget that last season ever happened   

    Was hoping GW would make the poll after the 4-0 start that includes the big win over Virginia, but no such luck. They're really close behind Texas A&M though, so if they win their two games this week (including vs. Tennessee), I think they could make it in.
    As for Buffalo, they're looking better at 3-2 after a rough start to the season. They've got a brutal upcoming schedule though. After a break for this week, they've got 4 games in 9 days, including @ Duke on Dec. 5 and @ Iowa State on Dec. 7. Talk about a road trip.
  7. Fez added a post in a topic Fallout 4   

    I also only have those options, and I always select Sanctuary Hills. But the ones I mentioned never go there when dismissed, they wander back to their set locations.
  8. Fez added a post in a topic Fallout 4   

    Suffice to say, I completely disagree with your disagreement. Firstly, I've never had must of the companions go back to the settlement. Whenever I'm not using them, Danse goes back to the BoS, Piper goes back to Diamond City, Hancock goes to Goodneighbor, and Valentine goes to the next main story objective (because he's fucking awesome). Characters like Codsworth, Dogmeat, Cait, and Strong go to Sanctuary, but it makes sense for them to (particularly Strong, who is trying to learn more about humans). I don't know about the other companions, because I don't have them. So they still feel integrated in their world.
    Secondly, dying companions is annoying as hell. I played hardcore mode in NV, and they died all the time and so easily that I always just reloaded when it happened. Its so nice for them to just go down for the count when they lose their health.
    And finally, we have different definitions of rewarding experiences I guess. I'm totally fine with getting a couple companions right off the bat; Codsworth in particular it even makes sense for him to be there. I'd rather be struggling to get equipment and quest objectives, not companions.
  9. Fez added a post in a topic US Politics -- Where Candidates Fall like Leaves   

    I was doing some reading after the Louisiana governor's results came in, and Governor-elect Edwards (yes!) may have the most extensive list of powers in the country relative to other governors. He even gets to appoint who the state senate president and state house speaker are. It would be pointless to appoint Democrats, since they'd be powerless against the Republican majorities, but he can appoint Republicans who are at least willing to negotiate with him. And with the Republican majorities so split right now, between the hardline conservatives (who are themselves split between Jindal supporters and Vitter supporters, who hate each other) and the moderates who have been trying to fight Jindal on budget matters ever since the recession, Edwards has an opportunity to get a lot done for that state in the next four years.
    I'm just glad that the polls finally weren't badly overstating Democratic support in an election; it feels like the first time that's been true since 2012. The past few elections, it so looked like the worst Republicans were going to get voted out, only to easily win (the worst example being Kansas in 2014). Even if this only because of Vitter's personal baggage and not his policies, it was good to see that there is a limit to what Republican voters in at least one red state would take (and Edwards absolutely won because of crossover votes, not increased Democratic turnout; while Edwards was winning by 12% on Saturday night, the Republican for Lt. Gov. also won by 10%; also Edwards went from getting 444,000 of 1.11 million votes in the jungle primary to getting 646,000 of 1.15 million votes in the general election).
  10. Fez added a post in a topic US Politics -- Where Candidates Fall like Leaves   

    Well, the mob stuff is deplorable, but, as always, "freedom of speech" doesn't mean "required to listen." Trump is running for President, but unless he wins he is not a government entity and is not required to listen to or facilitate speech. Also, unless the government is funding his campaign events, they are private events and as the organizer he can absolutely control who speaks and when. He is absolutely in his rights to demand protesters leave, and have security remove them if they do not.
    He is obviously not in his rights to edge on beatings, but that's not a freedom of speech issue.
  11. Fez added a post in a topic Fallout 4   

    Depends on how long you play the game. I've only explored maybe a quarter of the map, and the in-game calendar has it being about a month since I unfroze. Considering how much further away from Sanctuary the rest of the locations are, the amount of time that passes when fast-traveling, and the fact that I still have some quests to complete at the locations I have found, I think that if you fully explore and do everything in the game (not counting the infinite generic quests you get from Preston, the BoS, and others) it could easily be six or seven months by the time you approach the end game.
    I think that's still a little early to be romancing someone else after your SO is murdered, but at least its not Gertrude/Claudius timeline anymore.
    Of course, this may be moot since I'm not sure how to unlock anything with the companions. I always have them and they chime in with their dialog and a couple have started longer conversations with me, but I haven't unlocked any quests or romance options. It could be that I'm just switching up who I am with too often (and I seem to have bad luck with always having a companion disapproving of whatever I'm doing at that moment) for things to start triggering.
  12. Fez added a post in a topic Video Games: Excuse me Sir, the machine ate my quarter   

    So I've mostly been playing Fallout 4 and FFXIV recently, but I have been sneaking in the Road to Gehenna DLC to The Talos Principle. I finished it tonight, and its a hell of a thing. Its story isn't really philosophically-based the way the base game is, but its still really good. There's far fewer puzzles too, but they are much, much harder than anything in the base game. 
    Just like the base game, it sounds good enough on paper already (gorgeous looking, ultra serious puzzle game) if that's what you're looking far; but the sum of the parts somehow takes it beyond "good" and into "this is something really special," at least for me. Its the rare game that makes me just shut up and want to think about things, but The Talos Principle did when I finished it last year and the Road to Gehenna did tonight.
    To give a sense of what I mean, without spoiling anything, this is the song playing during the end. Really shows off the grandeur and seriousness the game was going. Its a hell of an accomplishment for the devs who make the Serious Sam games.
  13. Fez added a post in a topic Fallout 4   

    Fallout 4 did pass 2 million digital PC sales after one week, while GTAV reached 3.1 million digital PC sales after one month. And actually that Fallout figure is for Steam only, while GTAV's is for all PC downloads. I don't know the trendlines though and whether Fallout 4 is on pace to pass GTAV here.
    Back to the game itself, I've got to admit that I thought a few of the Diamond City Radio songs (most notably 'Crawl Out Through the Fallout' and 'Uranium Fever') were new songs commissioned by Bethesda and designed to sound like the real '50s and '60s songs on the Radio, but with those lyrics. Turns out, those are real novelty songs from 1960 and 1955, respectively. Which means I'll never doubt Bethesda's licensing department again, but also blows my mind that people listened to this in 1960.
  14. Fez added a post in a topic US Politics -- Where Candidates Fall like Leaves   

    I wouldn't support eliminating the tax cap on earnings unless you also eliminate the cap on benefits (at the very least the hard cap, but you should probably also weaken the soft cap below it). Otherwise, like the issue with means testing social security, you've now turned a retirement program into a welfare program. And there's nothing that causes a government program to lose more public support than for it to be perceived as welfare.
    I also think only eliminating the earnings cap and not the benefits cap is the rare example of an unfair tax on the wealthy. Its why under current law, the benefit cap is pegged to the earnings cap (which does go up by a few thousand dollars each year); to avoid that very issue.
  15. Fez added a post in a topic Paris implications continued   

    'Easily' is one hell of a stretch. Technically, the actual vote was one 1 vote SHORT of a veto-proof majority, but two Republicans didn't vote; so assuming they don't break from their party, and everyone else stays the same, the veto override will occur with a 1 vote margin.
    This may seem pedantic, but seriously, there's no excuse of getting basic facts like this wrong.