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  1. I would think most people traveling would make a weekend out of it, and the bad traffic would be more on Friday night and Saturday morning. I haven't left my neighborhood though or paid any attention to the news, so I've no idea if that was the case.
  2. The part that breaks me is that the number of Republicans who approved of his comments is higher than the number of Republicans who support him. Around half the Republicans who did abandon him (at least, half the ones that still identify as Republican), still support comments like his. So it's not even entirely a question of loyalty; it's just fucked. A lot of Republican officeholders did seem pretty upset with his comments, but it turns out they are nowhere near where their party is anymore. No wonder Jeff Flake's approval among Arizona Republicans is so bad (he's down to 18% among all AZ voters).
  3. And I'm done. Just done with it all. https://www.nationaljournal.com/s/656915?unlock=GZTW3EZ94OLSYW8J
  4. Yeah, it's a problem. But at that the same time, Trump is so unpopular that if Democrats run a super boring, generic, likable white guy with no baggage in 2020, it'll probably be a landslide. The midterms are bigger issue though, since I think a lot of voters won't necessarily see it as referendum on Trump (lot of individual Republicans are still very popular in their states/districts) and Democrats need those voters to see their pro-Democratic argument. This is especially true since thus far Trump's popularity has mostly dropped in safely blue and safely red areas, its almost unchanged in swing areas (though some of those safely red areas may become swing areas if this keeps up).
  5. Unfortunately, Trump doesn't Bannon to be super racist; and losing Bannon means one less voice saying "hey, don't fucking start a nuclear war with North Korea."
  6. Good ol' Democrats, always trying to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Schumer at least has been trying to focus on the Nazi and hate groups issue and not any statues at all; but I don't think he's been getting much traction. And House Democrats definitely aren't paying attention to him (seems like Senate Democrats mostly are though; other than Cory Booker).
  7. Oh I'm definitely not saying he used to be a nice guy (well, actually... I bet he definitely called himself a "nice guy"), just that the kind of shit he used to be involved with wasn't the kind of thing that generally gets the attention of law enforcement. Going from being an MRA internet warrior fuckwad to a marching-in-public Nazi is a leap up in attention from authorities, and I could definitely see someone realize that all of a sudden they are facing potential consequences that they never did before.
  8. Important thing to remember about the Nazi guy, He was a very different guy four years ago. He certainly put on a tough act for that Vice doc; but someone who's been a Nazi for less than four years, maybe hasn't actually had to deal with law enforcement before now.
  9. Finished Pyre, I really liked it a lot; more than Bastion. It was just a really charming game, and the gameplay itself got pretty challenging in the end as well. The story was decent enough, but it was the characters (and artwork and music) that made it for me. My one issue is that since the characters are the heart of the game, it takes way too long before revealing that some (definitely not all, but some) of your rivals are pretty decent people as well, and it maybe it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if one of them beat you in a liberation rite (there's even an achievement for it, called 'Mercy'). There was one rival in particular that after the second time I beat him, the dialog afterwards made me realize that I really wanted him to have his freedom. Problem was, by that point, there was just no way of arranging things to get him back to another liberation rite before the game ended.
  10. I agree that it's unlikely, but the reason it's unlikely is because Trump is a cowardly, blowhard who rarely actually acts (look at much difficulty it takes him just to fire anyone). He mostly sits on the sidelines shit-slinging, which is bad for the country; but that falls under my definition of words, not action. The most likely action he might take that would end things is if he starts vetoing key legislation that leadership manages to pass; that might break things (though obviously wouldn't be the public reasoning).
  11. I think most Juggalos (at least the ones willing to go to a gathering) are pretty detached from the political process. Remember, almost 200 million Americans didn't vote last election (albeit, quite a few weren't eligible).
  12. September 16 is gonna be a hell of a day in DC. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/pro-trump-rally-to-commence-on-same-day-as-juggalos-march-in-dc/ On Twitter at least, some of the Juggalos seem like they're angling for a fight. But I doubt anything will happen beyond maybe a few people getting sprayed with Faygo who weren't expecting it.
  13. It was incredibly damaging, as a lot of things about Trump are. But my point is, it wasn't action. It was a lot of really dumb words and failures to do things a President should do. But he didn't take any actions, and that's what will get him trouble. The analogy I'm following is when the NFL suspends players over domestic violence. The league hates to do it, and almost never does. They only do it when they forced to by public opinion over an extremely visible action (e.g. the Ray Rice elevator video); they almost never do so without that (e.g. people know it happened but there's no evidence) and they never fine or censure players over things they say (except for criticizing the league office). The analogy isn't perfect, because with Trump any action will be extremely visible. But that's point, it will need to be something highly visible and tangible that'll get him. If Trump marched in a neo-Nazi rally, I think he'd be impeached; but he'll never impeached over what he says about neo-Nazi rally.
  14. Yeah, probably Mattis. Speaking of the cabinet, what are the odds Trump is even aware that McConnell's wife is part of it? I'm not saying Elaine Chao is up to anything; but she has to be considered a sleeper bet for really fucking over Trump in some way. Oh and by the way, No, nothing is happening (yet). But it sure is nice to think about.
  15. Looks like someone's having a temper tantrum. For reference, the 3M CEO resigned from the Council just a couple hours ago, which I believe put the final tally at 7 CEOs leaving.