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  1. I'd disagree a bit here. To this point Ramsay has been a bigger villain in the show, but I think that will change in TWOW. In both the show and TWOW Ramsay will be the main antagonist in the North until either LF or the Others show up. Don't think Ramsay is a Villain sue at all. Because GRRM has never gone out of his way to brag about Ramsay's fighting ability. Thanks for the link. It's impossible to find a young, good, and ugly actor to find Ramsay. Like I said Ramsay is a poorly written character in both the show and book. I just think he is less poorly written in the show. Look the show has deserved some criticisms(ie above), but there are at least a dozen characters that are improved and plenty of others that were adapted perfectly.
  2. I guess you haven't read that theory.
  3. No it is an interpretation. I think Ramsay does it as a power move for some control in his life. Which is why he is a better character in the show. The word bastard and reminders of his bastardness pisses off Ramsay just not to that level. Ramsay is a poorly written character in both the book and show, he just isn't as poorly written in the show. Link? It's not like Ramsay is a badass in the books either so I don't blame them for trying to spice up a poorly written villain.
  4. This is your interpretation, but I don't agree with it. Same in the show. I don't agree. Good to know that you know what the writers think about when they write. Amazing ability. Of course, GRRM is guilty of trying to create a badass character and failing miserably.
  5. For as good of a writer as GRRM is he has had some cringe worthy lines. Surprised no one has said the infamous Darkstar line. Whenver GRRM starts talking about semen I always just want to forget I ever read it. GRRM has had much much worse How many good, young, ugly actors are there in the world? Book Ramsay is hardly even a character since he is so inherently bad and evil, there is no depth to him at all. At least show Ramsay has some depth and is a character that you love to hate. Criticize the show for what you want, but there are at least a dozen characters if not more that are improved by the show.
  6. Basically. You would have to change a lot of parts of the story and make up a lot of character motivations that don't even exist. I like to keep an open mind when it comes to theories, but if it doesn't pass the smell test then I just tune it out. If people don't want to believe R+L=J then they are free to do so, however they are going to be incredibly disappointed in the future.
  7. Some fans are in denial about certain parts of the story, so they make things up and end up changing many parts of the story to fit their theory. Some fans think R+L=J is too obvious(bad argument) or it is too Disney like with the hidden prince trope(worse argument) so they try to come up with different theories. Yes there is too much time between books, but there are some more crazy theories beside alternate Jon parentage theories out there because we have so much time between books.
  8. The Riverlords took Robb as their King which means they need to follow his rule of succession. If Jon is Robb's rightful heir, then they should follow him. Plus not every GNC theory has Jon as King in the North, some have Rickon, it just depends on what one you believe.
  9. As the reader, we have access to more information than the people of Westeros. If we never had a Ned POV, not many people would believe R+L=J and the theory might not exist in the first place. We know that Lyanna died in a bed of blood and Ned had to make a promise and we get a lot of Blue Roses connection with Lyanna. As an average person in Westeros, there is absolutely no reason to doubt Jon's parentage.
  10. It was brave, but it was the stupidest thing any character has done so far. As far as Jon and Marsh knew, Stannis had roughly 5,000 men and still lost to the Boltons yet Jon was going to take 1,000 wildlings and win? Marsh had no reason to kill him, if he was so afraid of backlash, all he had to do was send a letter to the Boltons and to KL selling out Jon and everything would be fine. I think a lot of people still doesn't understand Jon's ADWD arc or the political situation Jon was in both at the beginning and end of ADWD. The whole "NW neutrality" thing doesn't exist. Jon is breaking "neutrality" regardless of what he does. Jon was trying to protect the NW at the end of ADWD and Marsh might have doomed it.
  11. Too many things to count. Just to name a few. 1. Anybody but Stannis burning Shireen. It has to be Stannis or his character is ruined. 2. A+J=T. Literally ruins his character in so many ways. 3. Anybody but Jaime being valonqar and killing Cersei. Jaime is the only one that makes sense. 4. Anything but R+L=J. Only theory that works. I have like another 5, but I'll just do these 4.
  12. Well if there are 8 books then there will be a slower pace than if there are 7 books. There is plenty that can happen in the North while the other storylines happen. Here is what I think happens. North -Stannis defeats Roose in the Battle in the Ice, but Ramsay takes the remaining Bolton troops and heads to the Dreadfort. -Stannis allows Asha and Theon to go back to the Iron Islands for a second Kingsmoot. -Jon is revived by Mel and takes her along with Selyse, Shireen, and the Wildlings to Winterfell. -Jon takes Wildlings, Mountain Clans, and other Northmen to attack Ramsay at the Dreadfort -Jon kills Ramsay at the Dreadfort. -Sansa, LF, and the Vale arrive in the North -Eventually Stannis will burn Shireen and die vs the Others, but I am not 100% when this happens yet. -By the end of TWOW, Jon will be the de facto ruler of the North either through Robb's will or with Rickon as a figure head. Rest of Westeros -Aegon takes Stormlands and marries Arianne. -With new allies fAegon saves the Citadel from Ironborn(Euron isn't there he is in Slaver's Bay) -Aegon gains support of houses in the Reach including Tarly and Rowan. -Aegon marches on KL and wins. Jaime kills Cersei. Jaime escapes to CR. -Aegon tries to build alliances with the newly shaped Westeros. Essos -Dany rounds up the Dothraki and binds them to her. -Dany arrives in the Meereen after the Battle of Fire. She quickly resolves any thing that needs to be resolved. -She burns Meereen to the ground, takes her army and heads to Westeros. -Dany makes quick stops in Volantis and Pentos. In Volantis she helps the slaves rebel and gains the Volantis fleet, and in Pentos she holds up her deal with the Tattered Prince. -Dany lands on Dragonstone. All of the above happens in TWOW, but some of the following could happen late TWOW or early ADOS. -Wall falls -fAegon and Dany go to war. -Dany wins. fAegon, Arianne, a lot of Dorne and a lot of other people die, etc. -Dany gets word about the fall of the Wall and heads North. -Characters interact, stuff happens, yadda, yadda, yadda -Others are eventually defeated. -Resolution for the rest of the story lines that need it. There will be some overlap with the War vs the Other and Aegon vs Dany, but there wont be full out war on both fronts at the same time. BTW, that final battle will happen at Winterfell, too much foreshadowing for it not to happen. Course there are still characters like Arya, Bran, and Sam that will get chapters and take up time. A Jon vs Dany just doesn't make sense. Are you saying Jon defeats the Others then fights Dany? Or he leaves the fight against the Others to fight Dany? Neither make much sense story wise.
  13. "The final battle will also draw together characters and plot threads left from the first two books and resolve all in one huge climax." I'd say Dany is still being set up as an antagonist to some particular characters such as Arianne, fAegon, Dorne, maybe Euron, etc. She'll be invading with Dragons, Dothraki, Unsullied, Freed Slaves, all under the banner of R'hllor and she'll look like an usurper going to war against fAegon so she won't look like a conquering hero. Earlier you accused me of having 2 books about the War vs the Others( I made no such claim) now it looks like you are doing the same thing. Here you say that there will be 8 books, yet that would make it seem there will be a slower pace. Yet you said that the Others will not wait around which would suggest they will being their attack early in TWOW. Which is it? What is the timeline going to look like?
  14. The original outline for starters. He's made comments on that if the show did a movie at the very end to wrap things up the big budget would help because "those dragons get real big". Course statement 2 works for both arguments, but given that a Jon v. Dany end game is stupid and makes zero sense narrative wise I go with Dany helps fight Others. I know outline has changed in a lot of ways but the same main structure is still there. War of the Five Kings-----> Dance of Dragons----->War vs Others. My interpretation though.
  15. I said endgame, not main topic. GRRM has said endgame is War vs Others. If you think Dany is going to continue to deal with the Slaver's politics for peace then you really really need to read her last chapter again and understand how her ADWD ended. Dany's narrative has been about either being Mysa(mother of freed slaves) or Mother of Dragons and at the end of ADWD she makes her choice. The second the Wall goes down, everybody will realize the threat and then this whole "staying in the shadows" thing is crap, the cat will be out of the bag. Once it is night 24/7, nobody can deny the threat. Like I said earlier, It is a stupid narrative decision to have the North fight for all humanity while fAegon and Dany fight in the south. Once word gets to the South about the Others getting through the Wall, there is no way they can deny it.