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  1. Vitamin C is literally vital. Without it people will die either by scurvy or another diseases. Main source of it are fresh vegetables, roots and fruits, but those are not available during winter. So what sources of vitamin C people living in the North have during long winters?
  2. Vitamin C is literally vital, so people had to somehow have access to that even long winters. Or I assume that people living in places where those are problem use most possible sources of wine to make jams, juices or just somehow froze them instead of making wine.
  3. If I were Roose I would just close the gates and I would allow nobody back to WF. It was mentioned that they had enough food for about 6 months to feed all people in there. With fewer mouths to feed and if Manderlys did not take their food with them now they would even have access to more food. So their available food could even last longer.
  4. Euron knows how to produce and use black powder and he will use rockets and cannons to wipe out all of his enemies and conquer the world.
  5. Actually most people in Westeros seemed to believe A) Leader should be strong and most important fact about him is his pedigree b ) There is no rule of law c) No parliament d) Some people are more equal than others (usually by their pedigree) e) No human rights f) People who look different or think differently are evil. Althought this seems to be actual fact So there seems to be a lot of things in Westeros that Nazis would like. Naturally assuming that they would be members of ruling elite if they were not even they would think that system would suck.
  6. Did Aegon IV kill his father Viserys II with poison? At least some historians seemed to think so.
  7. I suspect that marriage was a message to house Tyrell. Or stay loyal to your new masters or else ...
  8. Another thing is that strong nobles or even soldiers took what they wanted so rich people would keep their property only as long as they are "protected" by some warlord or their own warriors and that "protection" is neither free or always available. For instance in "Finland",(During that time eastern part of kingdom of Sweden), most peasants did not own horses but used oxen . Reason was that horses usually disappeared as soon as some passing by soldiers or another VIPs saw them. Oxen were less valuable so peasants could usually keep them. Naturally assuming that those VIPs were not hungry There is also famous Finnish folk story about lynx fur. Basically a "lucky" peasant killed a lynx in his own lands and thought he would became rich by selling that skin. But Lady of Laukontori wanted that fur for free. But that peasant had funny idea that by law he owned it and refused of that honour. Then the lady decided to punish that rude peasant and sent her men to burn his farm and murder his family. Only reason that rude person survived is that he gave that fur gift to king of Sweden and the king was happy enough of that gift that he gave pardon to that rude peasant. It is interesting to notice that the lady of Laukontori did not made any crime
  9. One thing is that Robb do not has access to professional NCO or officer cores that make massive armies possible. For instance Romans had their Principales (Roman NCO) and Centurions who made Roman legions work. So instead of working army he would have totally useless mob. Another thing is that most people are loyal to their own lords or ladies and at least some of them would think that trying to summon so many people would be very bad idea.
  10. Fairmarket, Harrentown, Lord Harroway's town, Maidenpool, Saltpans, Seagard and Stoney Sept are 7 towns in Riverlands (that I could find). Did I find all of them?
  11. Another case of weird logistics is that lord of Bear Island is able to sell 2 men to slavers. That island is very poor and middle of nowhere, so any kind of of trade should be very limited and almost certainly done by local petty traders using either their longboats or fishing boats not by any major traders from Free cities. So cost of transporting those 2 men to place they could be (re-)sold should be higher than any price one could get from just 2 average men. Or I suspect that any slaver who would want to make profit of selling slaves from north western Westeros would have to somehow find at lest hundreds slaves to sell during his trip.
  12. Actually one place that IB would likely try to occupy is Fair Isle.
  13. Someone who owns AK-47 and knows how to use it.
  14. Another thing is that if Moat Cailin is still occupied by troops that are loyal to Starks and Ramsey is either prisoner in WF or dead Roose cannot betray Starks, because he would have no way to take his army back to North. So there would be a possibility that he would lose Dreadfort and his lands. Naturally assuming that there are still a Stark in WF and that person has enough available troops to successfully invade DF.
  15. I think that could son of landed knight keep his father's land depends on opinion of his overlord. After all that overlord has given that land as a payment of service (as heavy cavalryman). So most overlords would not be happy if someone tries to cheat them or try to keep the land but not serve them as a knight.