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  1. Oh yeah! My blunder!
  2. Oh I didn't know about the publisher's decision. I haven't really played the games, I just started off with The Sword of Truth Destiny which has a very very cool opening story. I understand what the author wanted and I totally respect that. I just hope that maybe oneday he will publish some stuff like those stories.
  3. He is titular if you consider the series title. And yes the series mainly became about the misadventures of Siri and the politics of the various kingdoms, but having started the series with the short stories I was greatly disappointed with the sidelining of Geralt.
  4. Ah, yes that is definitely a problem. For me I could not stand the enforced pessimism of Aurora
  5. What was your issue with KSR? Asking as I seriously disliked another book by the same author. The Terror may be worth a second shot.
  6. I hold the possibly unpopular opinion that the Witcher stories were at their peak in the two short story collections. They were beautiful and thought-provoking. Then the series went downhill with the novels. I got the distinct impression that the author was either not familiar with the standard novel structure or was working towards a totally different one. Several books did not have proper endings. The titular Witcher did not really get a starring role. And the last book was particularly bad.
  7. I did actually finish War and Peace, but only just. I was wondering, does anyone agree with me that the book started really well and then went off the rails gradually?
  8. Haven't posted here in some time but I got a lot of reading done.
  9. Reading Max Gladstone's Ruin of Angels, also The Shadow of What Was Lost by James Islington
  10. I think the Sylanagist chapters actually showed how there never was a Utopia. The civilization in question was purely extractive and exploitative. In fact its stated pretty clearly that they needed something else to exploit or they would have had to divide their own society.
  11. Is there any news about what Daniel Abraham is working on next? I know one Expanse novel is due in December of this year.
  12. Finished Stone Sky by Jemisin. Loved it.
  13. A couple of further points: Can a Dunyain love? At all? Given how the Dunyai women were treated and how it became a thousand year old cultural practice, how could Kellhus even conceptualise female love? The magic in Earwa - all we see of magic battle magic. This is understandable as both series are set inside huge wars. But I am curious whether magic can be used for more constructive means, or in daily life?
  14. I interpreted his conduct towards Esme in TWP as being part of his plan to take her away from Akka. I was under the interpretation that he was trying to make his circle entirely dependent on him by undermining their interpersonal ties. I need to go and reread the Circumfix part. I actually thought that the latter remark was a standard Kellhus lie.
  15. This is a very good point. I was actually considering the condition of his sanity. I really did think that line you quoted was directed at little Kel. But vestigial passions would indicate that as a Dunyain he was seriously flawed. And yet inspite of all this, he came incredibly close. Kel being where he was owes more to luck than design.