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  1. Either way, Petyr is in a good spot, of sorts.
  2. Sansa is a female, though and females can often be overlooked in succession. It would be a messy one to sort out... Sansa has the better claim, but Lord Robert is a male.. With no known surviving Stark males and Sansa and "Arya" being married off, it may default to Robert. I'm not sure I can pick a side here..
  3. Just going to throw something in here.. What if Bloodraven set up being sent to the Wall? The circumstances around Daemon II and Aenys Blackfyre were different, to be sure. The timing of Aenys' claim was very dangerous, while Daemon II was probably still too close to the rebellion (war fatigue and all). Daemon II also made himself look somewhat foolish while Aenys' attempt was very mature in his approach. That explains why his actions towards them were so different. But what if that's not why he had Aenys executed? I'm not saying Bloodraven saw everything way ahead of time, but perhaps he had seen enough to know which path to take. I always figured Bloodraven was "called" to the north, in the same way Bran was. I just find it hard to believe that Bloodraven was so scared of Aenys.. who put forth his claim to Bloodraven himself, in a peaceful fashion. When Bloodraven went north, a lot of people went with him. Most of his Raven's Teeth, Ser Duncan to escort, and.. Aemon. How convenient is that? Aemon wanted no part of the crown, so his decision is understandable.. but the whole event (Aenys' execution, Aemon's claim being dismissed, and Aegon V ascending the throne) happened SO fast, that Bloodraven went with Aemon to the Night's Watch. It never says how much time passed before Aemon went to the wall, but seeing as how he was discussed as a possible claimant, I'm willing to bet it happened pretty quickly. It's almost like.. Bloodraven had to go? Again, I don't propose that saw his whole future at that point, but he went to the Wall pretty quick. He was the Hand of the King one day and then headed up to the Wall very soon after. That's a pretty quick turn-a-round. Add to that how deceitful he was.. He was not above using tricks to achieve his ends, even dirty tricks (such as using magic on an arrow to kill two boys in front of their father, and then kill their father). He would use disguises, and employ thieves. He had honor, for sure, but it wasn't the same kind of honor as everyone else. Why would he not have had Aenys asassinated quiety? It's the big show of "sacrificing his honor" that makes me think it was all a set up. He basically set up a situation where he got to go to the Wall, and for bonus points, got a bunch of (awesome.. Raven's Teeth AND Aemon) to go with him. Then, he had Ser Duncan as an escort. Why would Aegon send Ser Duncan, if he didn't mean it as a show of respect? Bloodraven sacrificed his "honor", he couldn't run even if he wanted to. Was Aegon V glad that Bloodraven eliminated his biggest threat? Probably, but I think it was more complex than just that. I do think Aegon V had dragon dreams. I also think Bloodraven did too. I'm willing to bet having this in common made them closer, later on. Not saying Aegon knew of the contents of Bloodraven's dreams, but Aegon likely knew him well enough to know when he is being guided. TLDR: Bloodraven piggy backed Aemon's going to the Night's Watch for his own purposes, and that the sacrificing of his honor was all just for show.
  4. This raises a thousand questions.. zodiac stuff... Like.. does the zodiac represent the companions or the hero? Or a combination? MorningStarfall? Did the Daynes bring Azor Again back to life? - redacted-. Just Maid, how did i miss that?
  5. Your stuff always makes for a good read. I especially enjoyed these new ones, even without the astronomy. Good stuff. Also.. while reading your article.. something kind of jumped out at me. The zodiac thing.. (someone may have mentioned this already, I only skimmed the first page) There's a less known "thirteenth" zodiac sign represented by Ophiuchus. A couple of cool things.. Ophiuchus is sometimes identified with Asclepius, a son of Apollo who was a great healer. So good a healer, in fact, that supposedly he brought the dead back to life. Son of a sun with resurrection powers. The snake with the Ophiuchus sign (Ophiuchus is a man holding a serpent) is the Ouroboros. This is a huge serpent that eats it's own tail. It devours itself, but never runs out of snake to eat. It represents death and rebirth, which ties into the resurrection ability of his handler. Also worth noting.. Ouroboros is usually depicted with a sort of head thing that.. gets this.. looks like horns. Back again to Asclepius, the symbol for medicine (the two serpents intertwined) is actually named after him. I don't know how healing figures in here (aside from coming back from the dead) but it is woven serpents and does make for good imagery, if nothing else. Edit: left out my whole point.. the 13th zodiac represents the Messiah figure, in a way. He had 12 companions and could defeat death.
  6. Just throwing it up as info.. There were more kingdoms in the north, of a sort.. Joranum, Bael, and Grendel and Gorne represent at least three times the wildlings attempted to invade the Stark's lands. I personally like the tree symbolism better myself, but maybe the swords represent their nine great victories.. but they aren't over "kingdoms" per se. It's still only eight by my count.. but one could represent winter (or the Long Night) and it would fit. Total speculation, though..
  7. I'd vote for Prince Daemon (The Prince of the City) Targaryen for jumping off of his dragon onto another dragon (Vhaegar, at that) to plung Dark Sister into his one-eyed cousin's remaining eye, pretty dramatic I think. If he doesn't count (his body was never found). then I'd nominate Aemond for being stabbed in the eye on a dragon.
  8. Yea, I propose (I say I, I stole the theory) that the Shadowlands are what's left of the old "Heart of Summer". That being said, her exposure to the area would be MY guess as to why she remained able to do magic. Still, someone did bring up the Bloodraven and Shiera bit, which is a bit harder to explain. Couple that with Prince Daeron and Daemon II's dragon dreams, there IS magic going on in Westeros after the dragons disappear.. but it seems to be more low key. The thing about Bloodraven, though.. he has First Men blood, and I propose that his mixed blood has a significance there. Shiera, though... her mother was from Lys... old Valyrian at best... In any case, blood has power, and blood has been used for magic (Shiera). It gets convoluted here.. I don't think fire is the source of fire magic.. I think it's blood. The point here being.. fire magic seemed to have disappeared with the dragons.. but blood magic did not. I think that fire magic is a type of blood magic (blood magic probably being the "base magic" that all other magic builds upon), but that fire's potency is tied to a balance of fire/ice. So.. without getting to long into it (too late, probably), I think that blood magic still was possible, but that most magic used by the Targs and theirs would be fire magic. That is what would make Bloodraven and Shiera special, they practiced blood magic, not fire magic... Furthermore.. blood magic does not seem to need fire to be done. The Children of the Forest used substantial blood magic in their stories (The breaking of the Arm of Dorne and the flooding of the Neck were both brought on supposedly by great sacrifice) but they don't seem to use fire magic much. The book is pretty unclear if Leaf used magic (like in the show), or a torch in Dance (it only said that "she" had a torch in her hand). The Children didn't like fire due to its consuming nature, they remembered how the First Men burnt the weirwoods.. but they do seem to LOVE blood magic.
  9. Only possible spoiler for the book is the Mel thing, me thinks... and not the she is a lost Targ or Shiera or any of that. The only thing that sticks out (and is still probably true) is that Mel's magic is strong enough to work even when magic had been in decline for a long time. Remember, Thoros' magic only worked AFTER the dragons returned (in both the book and show), but Mel's had worked even before the dragons had returned. I don't think this means she's a Targ, just powerful. Exceptionally powerful, even... but we already knew that.. So.. maybe not spoiler at all, just more confirmation of her power?
  10. My take.. So, Azor Ahai forged Lightbringer by plunging into his wife's heart to imbue it with power.. When this happened, Nissa Nissa let out a scream that cracked the moon.. Now.. the Dothraki have a story about the dragons spilling out from a second moon.. once it was cracked open. Now, my personal speculation is that Azor Ahai was a contemporary of this Golden Empire of the Dawn.. backed up by the world book stating that the Empire of the Dawn came to an end when the Long Night started because of their hubris. I think it went down like this; the GeoDawns had an opposite to the Heart of Winter, the Heart of Summer (this isn't my idea, but I ran with it). Their hubris refers to their mismanagement of this Heart of Summer, leading to it's exhaustion. Once it has been exhausted, the Others come in and bring the Long Night (or the Long Night comes and brings the Others?). After the War of the Dawn was won, the need to re-ignite this Heart of Summer would've been important.. but the Heart of Summer had turned into the wasteland known as the Shadowlands by now.. So, with the dragons called forth from Nissa Nissa's sacrifice (Lightbringer may not mean dragons.. it may be a sword.. it may mean dragons, doesn't matter for this discussion) the displaced GeoDawns move to a likely place to restart, Valyria. Here they use their great inherited power to practice blood magic to revive the dead Heart of Summer and bind their dragons, should the ice creatures ever return. I could go on and on about that, but I think that's where dragons came from. The sacrifice of Nissa Nissa brought them forth, and the settlement of Valyria probably required their binding. My two cents..
  11. In this camp.. one thing though.. If Mel is as old as she is (confirmed for show.. not books) then that would mean that she, regardless of who she is, has managed to maintain a powerful form of fire magic, EVEN through the decline of Valyria and the dragons. That is huge to me. It's been pretty constantly mentioned (at least.. bookwise) that the decline of magic coincided with the decline of the dragons. Now, I am not saying that just because it was in the show it will be the same in the book, but I think that's a morsel I can chew on for a bit.
  12. Short post, so I was thinking.. Do you think Tobho Mott kept Gendry around so that he could sacrifice him one day? King's blood Valyrian Steel..
  13. I don't know for sure if sacrifice is a requirement to reforge... but.. having apprentices during a nasty siege and war would be the perfect cover. Teaching Gendry would've been cool, too.. I always kind of wished that Gendry would come up with a way to forge Valyrian Steel.
  14. I don't see why unJon can't get a chapter, really. The thing about not revealing too much.. he HAS to start revealing something, we're running out of runway. That being said, I could see not having any more Jon pov's be a sort of literary death, even if not a final literal one. I think a Ghost pov would be cool, myself..
  15. Yea, +1 to that.
  16. JonCon. He does seem to at least care for his "son's" well being. He is really one of the only people who's parenting has been a focus though, so it's hard to really compare.. Davos I could get behind, Ned as well. What about Walder Frey, I mean, all things considered. Kevin Lannister?
  17. Just throwing it out there, but... If there were once another moon,(see LmL's astrology theory) then the moon that was formerly there stabilized the orbit. Once the moon (Nissa Nissa) was knocked out by the comet (Lightbringer) then I could see how it could happen that the seasons would fluctuate. I actually think the irregularity of the seasons of gives some credit to the theory, myself..
  18. This. ^ Besides, I like the show. We get to have two Ice and Fire's in this world; I think that's a plus.
  19. Perhaps they stick each other with the pointy end? Heh
  20. Of the three known Great Bastards, Daemon was the oldest. That being said, there may be one older, but no one has heard of him. If it's a her, then it would matter less. On top of that, Daemon is royal on both sides, and is the epitome of Targaryen; I would think that would give him an edge should any other claimants arise.
  21. Jon and Dany's claim would still exist (speaking purely technically here, not practically) on account of there being some precedence of more distant kin inheriting. I think their claim would be less than a Blackfyre (technically, if Daeron is a bastard), on account of Aegon IV legitimizing *his* bastards, and not his wife's. Still, Daeron would be of royal blood on both sides, and if the people *wanted* him to be legitimate, they could muddle it up as much as they want to for making him fit. Off topic, somewhat... back to the point.. If Aegon IV had believed that Daeron was Aemon's son, then legitimizing Daemon would create a way to ensure an heir. I don't know, I kind of figured that Aegon IV knew that Daeron wasn't his son, but I hope that the reason he doesn't disinherit him is some shred of honor, knowing that Aemon's child would be better than any of his. Pure conjecture, I admit.. but I want to see the best in characters, I guess. Back to the heir point, if Daeron was sickly, then ensuring an heir is a good idea. The problem with my high minded theory, of course, is that I am pretty sure Daeron had children before Aegon IV died.. Back to Daemon and Daenerys.. more food for thought than anything.. I always wondered if Daemon's attraction to Daenerys was this: is Daemon marries Daenerys and Daeron dies (along with his heirs.. fill in the holes as you will.. natural.. assassination.. etc.) then suddenly Daemon/Daenerys are next in line. I figured that was why Daeron packed her off to Dorne.. it keeps them both safe and provides a barrier to any temptation Daemon may have to make a move on Daenerys or on himself. Also, it binds a new great area into the realm, should any would-be-usurpers decide to try anything. I don't know, this all reeks of more complication (especially given the author) and while I do believe the good guys we know from this era are going to still be the good guys, I do get the feeling a *lot* of this story is untold. Back to Aegon IV.. I could see a lot of room to make him a character to like, even if he is a terrible person and king. So much that was important happened before, during, and after his reign..
  22. +1 I like it, haven't heard this angle before. I really like how this fits with everything..
  23. Jorah's description (ugly and hairy) makes me want to say giants... but that's more hope than belief.
  24. Well, the Wildlings do not have Houses, correct.. but two things of note. 1). Gerrick Kingsblood is related to Raymun Readbeard.. so they do at least keep some sort of track.. at least sometime. 2). Thenns. We can safely assume they hold to lineage rules, they have "Lords, after a fashion." Not saying it's a lock that the Mormonts are descended from Wildlings, but I like the idea myself.