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  1. So while listening to Ian Glenn's reading of The Rogue Prince, the bias report tends to depict Rhaenyra as being unfaithful. There could be a whole series on every biased aspect of the Rogue Prince, which might happen as the release of the winds of winter will only happen when pigs turn into Dragons and the Kardashians become famous for an actual talent (relaxing I'm joking). But looking at Rhaenyra and Laenor's family line, it's not impossible for her children to be Laenor's. You see While Rhaenyra was Targaryen, her mother was an Arryn. The Brown Nose and Brown Eyes could be passed down from her mother. I do not think Rhaenyra disliked her husband, as even the biased Rogue Prince does not ever state the two fighting. perhaps Rhaenyra was more understanding of Laenor's sexuality. or perhaps the Rogue Prince was lying about his preferences. For those better at Biology than me, is this possible?
  2. oh that too is likely. Fortunately Marissa is at Castle Darry with a number of relatives so that should help.
  3. So while looking through House Frey's family line, I found that Marissa Frey's head is shaved. I looked it up in the book and Walder does say the Maester shaved her head. My question is why? Could this have been a punishment? Perhaps Marissa opposed the red wedding? After all Merrett Frey, her father, only particapted because he wanted to be seen as useful so his family could stay at the Twins. Or perhaps it was due to illness. any thoughts?
  4. Dude read the forsaken chapter. Euron is one sick son of a bitch.
  5. 1st. He was loyal to his blood, like Stannis was loyal to Robert in his rebellion. 2nd. Allistar Thorne is a jerk, no one blames him. 3rd. Actually arming the hill tribes was pretty smart. He hated the vale etc.
  6. Thing is Daenerys will have more than just Dothraki. If she upgrades them with some armor they can be really useful. Also at the very least they will be good skirmishers. I don't think Westerosi armies have fought the horse archer before and it could be really useful. Lets hope GRRM changes them alittle.
  7. 6 weeks? it probably could of held out longer. thanks for the timeline.
  8. True. Some of his theories are too grand. but if it happens, then damn dude. GRRM is a madman, it could happen.
  9. He's just improving it. I think the Dornish are plotting something. Also alot of the things he said do make sense
  10. http://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Siege_of_Moat_Cailin I assume it was at least a few months. I wonder how much of Robb's host would die storming Moat Cailin? Also once the Ironborn hear that the Starks were moving back to the North they could have sent reinforcements. Or heck ok leave 1000 men. Also the ironborn could have sent reinforcements while Robb attacks. Victorian took the moat cause they attacked the garrison while they were unprepared for a fight from the North. plus the Moat is stronger from the south. Leaving winterfell still allows the Starks to show strength. Like Roose Bolton says Robb's campaign began to collaspe after Winterfell fell. Losing 2 castles did nothing to collaspe the North. Taking Winterfell caused a fall for confidence in the North. Taking Winterfell was huge. All Robb needed was to ferry his men from the riverlands to White Harbor. The Ironborn had not reached the Narrow Sea. I'm not talking about a navel battle, I'm just giving an alternative way for Robb Stark to get to the North. Even with my own plan that I'm suggesting the north would still be hard to take. All it would need is merchant ships. It might take a while but it is still a way for Robb Stark to get home. Ok say the 200 men at arms weren't just heavy cav, I'm sure Wyman had more knights at white harbor. http://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Battle_at_Winterfell The Stark forces were unprepared when the Boltons attacked. They thought they were friends and the Bolton forces were able to cycle charges where they charge, retreat and charge again. The Host isn't actually destroyed, many of the leaders are killed and the host disperses cause they were surprised and leaderless. I'm saying out of the 200, we only hear about how Asha and the few mentioned friends were doing, her friends being the best out of the 200 Ironborn Asha had. Also when a force is cornered they fight harder, according to Sun Tzu. Again it's not nearly as bad as people make it out to be. Attacking any fortress leads to casualties, as well as cutting down a cornered enemy. it's not like Asha's 200 met the clansmen in a pitched battle. OMG one Clansman is killed by Hagan's daughter. maybe that individual clansmen though she was just a serving girl that served no military value. Grimtounge could just be boasting. Stannis had to meet them in person. Rodrik might of done the same. The initial forces were the ones he was taking winterfell with. Then he was gonna gather more men to push the ironborn back. Green boys can be trained. thats another problem with Balon's plan. it allows the northerners to regather. The Karstarks could field up to 3,000 people. Thats the usual amount a medium lord could gather. the Ryswells and Dustins are considered strong houses. both didn't send alot of fighters. Robb couldn't do that because he lost winterfell, and the North was in chaos, mainly cause of Theon. Like I said before, that host wouldn't be useful against a force like Tywin Lannister, but they might of been useful against the Ironborn, especially since the would outnumber the iron born. I did mention where I got these numbers from. 600 from Boltons, 300 manderlys, 3000 mountain tribes, Im sure you could get 100 Hornwoods, thats what Wyman was doing according to davos, recruiting hornwood men. 2000 of Rodrik's host, 800 Umbers, 450 Karstarks, and an undisclosed number of Glovers, Mormonts, Ryswells, and Dustins. could have built a large force especially since they have time. Symbolics have a huge role in military warfare. It has a huge effect on morale. Both the Mamluks and Ottomans would have sufis predict victory for their forces before battle cause it gave them a boost in morale. The Crusaders in the first crusade came up with all these religious items and afterwords always used the piece of the true cross in battle for the morale boost (before they lost it at Hattin). Also Winterfell could have been used as a base to attack other castles. There is no reason for the Boltons, Manderlys, Karstarks to fear or panic cause the Ironborn took moat cailin or Deepwood motte. Without Winterfell Robb Stark still would look like he's in control and that there is no need to panic. If ur going to conquer somewhere u need to destabilize the region.
  11. Theon had a plan to take Winterfell. Heck even if Balon didn't trust the plan, atleast send the men after he has winterfell.
  12. Horse archers have had alot of success. Thing is that if they attack one point and the lords order their archers to one side they could have a second group attack from another. Another thing is that the wood according to GRRM is important. I guess it's possible that Dothraki bows can outrange Westerosi bows if the wood is better. Also the composite bow can outrange the Crossbow, and faster rate of fighter. To be fair this is fantasy, so the idea that bows made of different wood can fire farther than others isn't that hard to believe. and as long as they can outrange the westerosi it could work. also the best horsearchers can hit aim as far as foot archers. the only armor they need is Lamallar with silk, that could help prevent longbow shots from penetrating. Akinji were useful and they were even able to kill chasing knights by hitting them in their visor. The real question is what heavy cavalry will Daenerys have? If she has enough they can be useful
  13. Yeah the only way is if the Dotharki bows outrange Westerosi. Good horsearchers are as good as any foot archer. If they do they still have worth.
  14. About Moat Cailin, it survived being besieged from both sides for months with only 67 men holding back 6,000 men from the south and thousands of men from the north. If u just leave 500 behind Robb would never be able to take it. Even if he did he would suffer horrible casualties. Heck had Robb tried to take it u can always send reinforcements through that supply line u mentioned. It's not that it's a truly horrible plan. it's just that it's a flawed plan. Winterfell is the symbolic Heart of the North. Even losing Moat Cailin and Deepwood Motte the North is still stable and would be able to fight back. There is always the possibility that the Northerners simply cut a deal with the Lannisters, and use ships to go to White Harbor and then counter attack. Also it was 100 knights and 200 men at arms, all of which were cavalry i think. Plus he had more he could have brought had it been the Starks. About the remaining Northmen. The 2K Rodrik had suffered a surprise attack by the Boltons. Even great soldiers could break during a surprise attack. We don't know how many Clansmen even died at Deepwood motte. we got some claims that they each killed alot but those were by the Ironborn's best fighters. If the Clansmen lost 300 men to Asha's 200 thats not that bad. Also Rodrik hadn't sent out for the Clansmen. He was only going to retake Winterfell. After that he was probably gonna recruit them. Gather all that up (not to mention the Mormonts, Rsywells and Dustins) and u have about 10,000 men the North could gather. Heck if we guess the Ryswells and Dustins could come up with 2,000 a piece (probably more) and add some sellswords the North would have 15,000 man host. Now it's not the best host, it wouldn't beat Tywin's host, but it could have pushed back the Ironborn in many areas while Robb gathers what remains of his Northern host to return. For Balon's plan to actually succeed the Iron born would need to prevent the Northerners from gathering. Had Theon been given the men he could have held winterfell. and if given the bulk of the army after securing Moat Cailin they could have attacked each castle defeating the remaining Northern forces before they assembled. It's unfortunate that the Ironborn didn't have any real cavalry, which would have been a big help.
  15. U gotta plan for that u can't rely on ur enemies surrendering. Also so Robb would give up the North to fight the Lannisters? the more likely scenario is him making peace with the lannisters and regathering to take the North. Balon should have had a plan to strike in the heart of the North, to take castles like Winterfell, Cerwyn, Torrehn Square etc.