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  1. What did I just do?
  2. Ahhh, you never know...... Since when Atleti started playing in the PL?
  3. Top of the table!!!!!
  4. Yes, he couldve done better. But come on man, that was an amazing finish.
  5. Isn't the fact that nothing is obvious is too obvious?
  6. That was a beauty from Delph.....
  7. Because, its obvious?
  8. Tyrion
  9. Actually we ddon't need many signings, just a striker if Benzema leaves. Yes, if he is stupid enough, he will go after a load of players in these two weeks.
  10. Are you serious?
  11. Navas is more than good. Without him we wouldn't even be in top 4 this season. But knowing Perez, he will definitely go for DDG. BTW, the situation with Barca was different. They were informed before the summer transfer window, so they were able to suspend the appeal till Jan. But now in our case, I don't believe the appeal can be dragged till May. Also, Barca was the first of its kind case but in our case there is a precedent so it won't take as long. We're totally screwed unless we aren't guilty(which I don't think is possible)
  12. As if the suspension from Copa Del Rey wasn't enough. Perez has to go. First Ancelotti, then Copa Del Rey and now this. Its three strikes in six months itself. (Besides what can he do now that there are no transfers to make)
  13. Should you really be using your superpowers to spy on people, Batgirl?
  14. Everything?