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  1. Are the maesters hoarding knowledge??? Most probably. I don't want to bogart your thread with my rants... I won't do it... I won't ask how Cersei knows Robert's heirs are in his semen. I won't. I mean, it is easy to draw a distinction between a mans seed and a woman's coming together to make a baby, but the specifics of ten thousand of potentials being in there as opposed to the single (maybe twins) that comes out of one... errr, squirt. A Feast for Crows - Cersei VII But it was no good. She could not feel it, whatever Robert felt on the nights he took her. There was no pleasure in it, not for her. For Taena, yes. Her nipples were two black diamonds, her sex slick and steamy. Robert would have loved you, for an hour. The queen slid a finger into that Myrish swamp, then another, moving them in and out, but once he spent himself inside you, he would have been hard-pressed to recall your name. She wanted to see if it would be as easy with a woman as it had always been with Robert. Ten thousand of your children perished in my palm, Your Grace, she thought, slipping a third finger into Myr. Whilst you snored, I would lick your sons off my face and fingers one by one, all those pale sticky princes. You claimed your rights, my lord, but in the darkness I would eat your heirs. Taena gave a shudder. She gasped some words in a foreign tongue, then shuddered again and arched her back and screamed. She sounds as if she is being gored, the queen thought. For a moment she let herself imagine that her fingers were a bore's tusks, ripping the Myrish woman apart from groin to throat. It was still no good. And again, I since I do not want to bogart your thread, I won't compare this to Old Nan's tales. Remind me again which side of the wall the "bad guys" are on because the giants we have on page are vegetarian??? A Dance with Dragons - Jon VIII "His name is Wun Weg Wun Dar Wun, Leathers tells me. A lot to wrap a tongue around, I know. Leathers calls him Wun Wun, and that seems to serve." Wun Wun was very little like the giants in Old Nan's tales, those huge savage creatures who mixed blood into their morning porridge and devoured whole bulls, hair and hide and horns. This giant ate no meat at all, though he was a holy terror when served a basket of roots, crunching onions and turnips and even raw hard neeps between his big square teeth. "He's a willing worker, though getting him to understand what you want is not always easy. He speaks the Old Tongue after a fashion, but nothing of the Common. Tireless, though, and his strength is prodigious. He could do the work of a dozen men." "I … my lord, the men would never … giants eat human flesh, I think … no, my lord, I thank you, but I do not have the men to watch over such a creature, he …" So that's it. I won't say anything.
  2. Nice! I am rereading your post here and I just want to say real quickly that the way you described the heat and movement here also reminds me of how Catelyn describes Winterfell being heated by the "watery walls", which she compares to blood in a persons body. This whole passage is filled with symbolism. I love it! A Game of Thrones - Catelyn II Of all the rooms in Winterfell's Great Keep, Catelyn's bedchambers were the hottest. She seldom had to light a fire. The castle had been built over natural hot springs, and the scalding waters rushed through its walls and chambers like blood through a man's body, driving the chill from the stone halls, filling the glass gardens with a moist warmth, keeping the earth from freezing. Open pools smoked day and night in a dozen small courtyards. That was a little thing, in summer; in winter, it was the difference between life and death. Catelyn's bath was always hot and steaming, and her walls warm to the touch. The warmth reminded her of Riverrun, of days in the sun with Lysa and Edmure, but Ned could never abide the heat. The Starks were made for the cold, he would tell her, and she would laugh and tell him in that case they had certainly built their castle in the wrong place.
  3. Hmmmm, still speculatin' here, but I wonder if this is the point of Sansa (and most likely soon to be joined by Sandor reborn) being the Stark that follows the Faith/7 most closely out of her cub pack? Could Sansa be the Seven-wolf that howls in the night? This would give some reason for her faith and worship and songs, as well as give hints to her actually playing a part in the future survival in Westeros. Maybe? Maybe not?
  4. Again, this is just me thinking and speculatin' a bit, but... a while ago I wondered if the Sunglass the Melisandre burns is not some sort of a metaphorical reference to the Viking Sunstone, which turns out was proven to be accurate. Anyway, Mel the misguided seems to have missed a few signs of what is to come by burning a "guide" who then the next surviving Sunglass flees to Volantis... which is another whole set of possible upcoming events of importance. (this is really a boiled down jist of what I mentioned in the other thread). Good point on the possible planetary magnetic field.
  5. Bumping because after the customary thirty day spoiler wait, the OP can probably add some new info to this is she so desires.
  6. Sponsored by Geraldo Rivera. Thanks for the reminder
  7. And I just realized this ideas that is reduces heirs contradicts what was said about incest elsewhere, so maybe he doesn’t have it all super detailed at the time of these interviews?
  8. He has, especially when you look at how this fits in with the entire story (how this idea repeats over and over), and what he says in other interviews as well. And what you quoted doesnhave George stating what is “clear” , what the main example is (the Targs), and what he is avoiding answering by having to go check his notes.
  9. Thank you. Yeah, these are just ideas I have gathered from across many of the authors past work... and as always, ya’ never know. Not sure if you have read Fevre Dream or Nightflyers, but these stories also use this same idea on page acted out by the characters. I think in Fevre Dream the author also uses the ship analogy and one of them is called the Eclipse and this plays parallel to what the characters are doing at the same time. Good stuff! *** trying not to give away too many plot spoilers from the other stories.
  10. I have no idea. Tywin and Joanna shippers? The author says the primary reason for marriage among the any house (noble, small, or common) was to build alliances. To bring two things different thins together to make something stronger. Tywin forwent that normal idea and married Joanna because he is arrogant and thinks others are below him and the Lannisters. The author says the clear reason Tywin did this was to, “reinforce the family bloodline”. Its no coincidence that there are many plausible theories about either Tyrion or Jaime/Cersei being a secret Targaryen since what Tywin was doing was replicating that idea.
  11. I only have a second but I find your list interesting and fun. I think the current eclipse we have is Val protecting a fallen Jon. George has used eclipses in his past stories as analogies for the characters in the story, and this includes (repeatedly) the "Jon" sun character always pairing up and being protected by a "Val" moon character until that sun can rise again. It is always more a protection rather than a usurpation. I have always speculated that the "blood of the dragon" and the dragon blood magic (with possible cross-species breeding) is actually moon blood (Quartheen legend) and therefore we have the ability of even virgin females being able to "birth" dragons. This is one of the reasons for Targargyen incest, to control the "blood of the dragon" which is there women. Or not?
  12. George has said that Tywin married Joanna for basically the same reasons the Targaryens marriages were all about incest, which is “blood purity” control and family wealth control. The same way the Targaryen incest was always looked down upon and never officially accepted -bow or burn- is the same reason why no one could feel safe speaking out against Tywin. He would Castamere them. So after Joanna died, he had the wealth, fear, and “pure” blooded children he desired which means there is no other reason to marry. Taking a prostitute like Shae when he desired is another thing.
  13. Darn. Well, now I am curious.
  14. Yes. Especially since it seems the the mad king probably was the one who broke a peace treaty that Aegon the Conqueror and Torrhen Stark came to with all of their back and forth negotiations. Torrhen agreed to bow in order to not be burnt, but then Aerys went ahead and burned the blood of the north anyway.
  15. I have read mention of this in the past and have always been curious to know how people think this will happen. Is there is good thread you can link me to??? Thanks