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  1. Came across this today and thought it belonged here, for fun!,1000x1000,075,f.u2.jpg
  2. Tyrion's Condition

    It was a rumor within the story the Mystery Knight that BR caused the Spring Sickness, and a drought. Someone was spreading those rumors, but I decided to enhance it here However, you are correct that a Targ did die of a sickness. A few actually. Your English is just fine, by the way
  3. Tyrion's Condition

    Yup, You are correct. I forgot about that one. Wasn't that caused by Bloodraven???
  4. Tyrion's Condition

    I know. I hang my head in shame Yeah, a lot of IF's could add up to something. I am sure some are herrings and distractions, but when certain things happen to certain characters it is hard not to look deeper. But that is just me
  5. Tyrion's Condition

    Is it possible that Tyrion does not have it because dragons don't get sick. Sigh, I know I am stepping in that crackpot hidden dragon territory here, but, maybe there is something to it??? I mean, if Dany was only having her moonblood at the end of Dance, then she could be speaking the truth in this quote. Just a thought. A Dance with Dragons - Daenerys VI Ser Barristan wrinkled up his nose, and said, "Your Grace should not be here, breathing these black humors." "I am the blood of the dragon," Dany reminded him. "Have you ever seen a dragon with the flux?" Viserys had oft claimed that Targaryens were untroubled by the pestilences that afflicted common men, and so far as she could tell, it was true. She could remember being cold and hungry and afraid, but never sick.
  6. The Amber Compendium of Norse Myth: Chapter I, Yggdrasil

    Thank you for sharing this This is just what I need today to help get some other work done.
  7. Val is Jon’s true Queen. Part trois.

    Did you watch the whole section in that video where George talks about taking these aspects and making them his own? Everyone here is giving plenty of backup text and sources to make our point, and you keep shooting it down because you hate anything to do with Jon and the North succeeding in anyway. Like I mentioned before, your strength in knowledge is elsewhere in the story because you prefer that side of the story. That is fine since after a while we all tend to gravitate to whatever dark corner interests us the most. Yes, there are sources to all of these you mentioned and I have detailed them and linked to them in that really long write up of mine that I have been working on. George simply using a "nod to" happens in the books, like Ser Patrek is a nod to is friend to whom he lost a bet. There is a nod to the Three Stooges. There is a nod to Kermit and Elmo and some Harry Potter stuff. Those are nods. A one and done that gives the reader a tiny chuckle. A nod is not the bulk of imagery and symbolism repeatedly being used by many, many characters through the entire story. That is direct and consistent inspiration. Yup, and you would be correct in doing so because George says it is there. You just already started to break it down. Keep going. True, it's not like George himself has said it is there and why. We will see. I mean, the fact that George has given her so much already is clearly a waste of page space. Damn those editors!!!
  8. The Bat and the Wolf?

    Are you perchance referring to this??? Maybe, maybe not? Just trying to help because this has my curiosity peeked. Scorpio is the sign of the shaman. Like the Dracula myth, the shaman is a shapeshifter and traverser of hidden realms. The bat is the shaman's totem, showing that the shaman is able and willing, like the bat in its cave, to fly into underworld darkness to retrieve sustenance and power. Scorpio demonstrates that fear and power tend to be sides of the same coin. Often what we fear has the potential to change us into something more powerful than we were. But real power is not the kind that dominates, despite what we see in our current world. Source link here. The sun in Scorpio. I always thought the scorpion gift Oberyn gives was a not so veiled threat that calls back to the notion that Dorne is not only associated with scorpions, but they were once used in a sneak attack against Daeron by way of Lyonel Tyrell during the conquest. We later see Oberyn poison Gregor, which Oberyn means as an attack on Tywin. Boy oh boy, Oberyn misjudged that little plan When Daeron I Targaryen, the Young Dragon, attempted the conquest of Dorne, Lord Lyonel commanded the army that invaded via Prince's Pass. After the initial victory, Daeron appointed Lord Tyrell as governor of Dorne. Lord Tyrell liked Dornish women and one night he pulled the rope that would signal for a wench to come to his bed, and a hundred scorpions fell from the canopy instead. His death sparked new revolts, and the conquest was undone in a fortnight.
  9. Ned Ignoring Arya

    I generally agree with this assertion. To the OP, I agree that is is frustrating as hell as a reader, and as a parent. Ned is not a bad guy, or lazy father, quite the opposite really, but he is bombarded with a totally new surrounding where this man if ice is literally melting, and then piled on top of that is this whole new nest of King's Landing snakes he has to deal with. Ned does make an incorrect prediction earlier in the series because he thinks it is the correct answer, but we readers know better. It was when Cat asked if Gared deserted the NW because of wildlings and Ned responds, "Who else?" Sometimes Ned assumes he knows the right answer, but never with any malicious intent. Just like in this scene with Arya, who once again has a better idea than Ned of what is going on. Arya, like Bran, is already ahead of the training schedule. "You," Ned said, kissing her lightly on the brow, "will marry a king and rule his castle, and your sons will be knights and princes and lords and, yes, perhaps even a High Septon." Arya screwed up her face. "No," she said, "that's Sansa." She folded up her right leg and resumed her balancing. Ned sighed and left her there. Inside his chambers, he stripped off his sweat-stained silks and sluiced cold water over his head from the basin beside the bed. Alyn entered as he was drying his face. "My lord," he said, "Lord Baelish is without and begs audience." Note: Arya is having a moment of clarity here and is correcting her father. We can deduce this because Ned is using these words as fatherly solace to his daughter, and Arya is doing her water dancing training... which is in preparation to her future training at detecting lies. Arya tells us twice in the story, "Look with your eyes, Syrio had said, listen with your ears."
  10. Val is Jon’s true Queen. Part trois.

    @Lord Varys you are grasping at some major straws here, all while cherry picking what George says in the books and interviews.
  11. Val is Jon’s true Queen. Part trois.

    Hey, look what I happen to come across. It is George in an interview talking about the religions of Westeros and how he uses Norse mythology (and few others) in his religion of the north. Video So, I guess it is safe to say that making comparisons to Dalla and Val, and even how Jon is an Odin figure, actually is quite plausible in the books.
  12. Nymeria is poised to return

    Adding this here to link to from the main post. Recently there was a discussion on another thread between a few clever posters regarding amber. They talked about a few other aspects of amber in the story, but I wanted to show the connection to Val and Dalla here where it would be more on topic. This subject made me remember that Dalla, Mance's "queen", wore amber. In real life, amber is considered the "gold of the north". It has been proposed that Dalla, and now Val, are Völva healers, as well as Free Folk style "queens", or those elevated in their society. A Storm of Swords - Jon X "Are you a true king?" Jon asked suddenly. "I've never had a crown on my head or sat my arse on a bloody throne, if that's what you're asking," Mance replied. "My birth is as low as a man's can get, no septon's ever smeared my head with oils, I don't own any castles, and my queen wears furs and amber, not silk and sapphires. I am my own champion, my own fool, and my own harpist. You don't become King-beyond-the-Wall because your father was. The free folk won't follow a name, and they don't care which brother was born first. They follow fighters. When I left the Shadow Tower there were five men making noises about how they might be the stuff of kings. Tormund was one, the Magnar another. The other three I slew, when they made it plain they'd sooner fight than follow." Val tells Jon, "Should I have dressed in mail instead of wool and fur? These clothes were given to me by Dalla, I would sooner not get bloodstains all over them." Could Val have Dalla's amber as well? Even if Val does not have Dalla's amber at the moment, and IF Val actually needs amber to heal Jon, there is plenty of amber at the Wall that Jon collected when he let the Free Folk through the wall and they paid homage to him (Jon thinks it is a toll, because he still knows nothing). Dalla's amber would have to be in with that lot if Val does not have it already. A Dance with Dragons - Jon XII Howd Wanderer swore his oath upon his sword, as nicked and pitted a piece of iron as Jon had ever seen. Devyn Sealskinner presented him with a sealskin hat, Harle the Huntsman with a bear-claw necklace. The warrior witch Morna removed her weirwood mask just long enough to kiss his gloved hand and swear to be his man or his woman, whichever he preferred. And on and on and on. As they passed, each warrior stripped off his treasures and tossed them into one of the carts that the stewards had placed before the gate. Amber pendants, golden torques, jeweled daggers, silver brooches set with gemstones, bracelets, rings, niello cups and golden goblets, warhorns and drinking horns, a green jade comb, a necklace of freshwater pearls … all yielded up and noted down by Bowen Marsh. One man surrendered a shirt of silver scales that had surely been made for some great lord. Another produced a broken sword with three sapphires in the hilt. And there were queerer things: a toy mammoth made of actual mammoth hair, an ivory phallus, a helm made from a unicorn's head, complete with horn. How much food such things would buy in the Free Cities, Jon Snow could not begin to say. So, what else do we know of amber, the gold of the north??? Formed over 45 million years ago, Baltic Amber is an organic substance, a “fossil resin” produced by pine trees which grew in Northern Europe - from southern regions of the present day Scandinavia and nearby regions of the bed of the Baltic Sea. So amber has a connection to trees, possibly symbolically like blood. Baltic amber is of the sea... hmmm, this sounds familiar. This amber is also comes from the same place as the Norse myths and legends. Another connection there. Man's interest in amber’s properties date back to the Paleolithic Age. The exceptional smell of amber burning and the beauty of the nuggets washed up on the shores of the Baltic Sea. The Paleo age could be the Dawn Age in ASOIAF, which has the Old Gods, First Men, CotF, and the eventual peace pact. Over time, our interests have proven well founded in that the properties of Baltic amber are very beneficial to humans. Amber warms to the touch and exudes a nice, relaxing fragrance in the palm of your hand. It is also the only fossil resin that contains 3-8% succinic acid (mostly located in the amber’s surface layer), a powerful therapeutic substance with many applications for healing. Plants absorbed the amber resin and plant leavers were often used as an antibiotic to heal cuts and or in a plaster to dress wounds. There are also a number of other fascinating facts about natural Baltic Amber – it floats in salt water but sinks in fresh water; its hardness measures 2.0-2.5 on the Mohs Hardness Scale; its density amounts to 0.96-1.096g/cm3. I guess this could be why the wall is often described as salty, even though the ice supposedly came from a lake, and lakes are not salty. Jon will be saved by the healing power of Val, possibly using amber and the salt of the wall, or some combo. When amber is touched with fire, it produces an aroma of burning pine. I hate to self promote, but I did find a connection to Bran and Pinnochio and the fact that pine was the main ingredient. Mel sees Bran in the flames, so burning pine, and Jon may have that warg-death connection to Bran while Jon is "dead". Also, amber electrifies negatively and it is still alive because its internal metamorphosis is still incomplete. Uummmm, isn't this what we see happening with Jon right now while he is "dead"???? I could not have said this better myself. So, by now you may be thinking, "Ok, Leech, but how does this play into the overall arc of the story?" Well, two things. First, we see another connection to Val in a "queenly" role as well as being a healer. Second, we see what "good" Queen Alysanne did in the past by cutting off magic and northern culture, in addition to "marking her territory" by the top of Queenscrown having been painted gold, which has little value in the north as far as ruling value goes. A Storm of Swords - Bran III The Reeds exchanged a look. "How do you know that?" asked Jojen. "Have you been here before, my prince?" "No. Old Nan told me. The holdfast has a golden crown, see?" He pointed across the lake. You could see patches of flaking gold paint up around the crenellations. "Queen Alysanne slept there, so they painted the merlons gold in her honor." A Clash of Kings - Catelyn I Lord Hoster's smith had done his work well, and Robb's crown looked much as the other was said to have looked in the tales told of the Stark kings of old; an open circlet of hammered bronze incised with the runes of the First Men, surmounted by nine black iron spikes wrought in the shape of longswords. Of gold and silver and gemstones, it had none; bronze and iron were the metals of winter, dark and strong to fight against the cold. A Dance with Dragons - Jon III He is stone and she is flame. The king's eyes were blue bruises, sunk deep in a hollow face. He wore grey plate, a fur-trimmed cloak of cloth-of-gold flowing from his broad shoulders. His breastplate had a flaming heart inlaid above his own. Girding his brows was a red-gold crown with points like twisting flames. Val stood beside him, tall and fair. They had crowned her with a simple circlet of dark bronze, yet she looked more regal in bronze than Stannis did in gold. Her eyes were grey and fearless, unflinching. Beneath an ermine cloak, she wore white and gold. Her honey-blond hair had been done up in a thick braid that hung over her right shoulder to her waist. The chill in the air had put color in her cheek
  13. Jon and Rhaegar comparison- in songs, in blood, in tragedy

    This line you brought up in particular reminded me of something else that Jon and Rhaegar have in common... someone else will always be quicker and in each case it cost a life; one literal, one symbolic- Rhaegar when Robert got him at the Trident, and Jon later at his mutiny stabbing... A Dance with Dragons - Jon VI "My lord," said Iron Emmett, "he threatened your life, we all heard. He said that if he had a dagger—" "He does have a dagger. Right there on his belt." There is always someone quicker and stronger, Ser Rodrik had once told Jon and Robb. He's the man you want to face in the yard before you need to face his like upon a battlefield. ADWD/Jon XIII: The mutiny stabbing seems to happen pretty quickly- "… away, he meant to say. When Wick Whittlestick slashed at his throat, the word turned into a grunt. Jon twisted from the knife, just enough so it barely grazed his skin. He cut me. When he put his hand to the side of his neck, blood welled between his fingers. "Why?" A Storm of Swords - Daenerys I "Swords win battles," Ser Jorah said bluntly. "And Prince Rhaegar knew how to use one." "He did, ser, but . . . I have seen a hundred tournaments and more wars than I would wish, and however strong or fast or skilled a knight may be, there are others who can match him. A man will win one tourney, and fall quickly in the next. A slick spot in the grass may mean defeat, or what you ate for supper the night before. A change in the wind may bring the gift of victory."
  14. Jaehaerys I was a usurper.

    That is interesting. Never thought of it that way. Wow. Gives me something to re-think about.
  15. Val is Jon’s true Queen. Part trois.

    Well, as to this point, I just happened to come across this reminder in the books while looking for something totally unrelated to this topic. The books do tell us they exist in current time. The wildlings call them wisewomen. Another "translation" issue like "stealing". In general to the thread: This part is also curious because Mance calls Dalla his "wisewoman", and Dalla dies, which leaves Val as her sister (by blood and/or occupation) to pick up where Dalla left off. And the first time we see Val in the Völva roll is when Dalla is giving birth and Jon "assigns" her as the midwife- which is the same scene when Jon steals Val. So, for anyone who suspects that Jon will be healed somehow by Val, here we see a familial tradition being passed on, and the next healer in line heals the "king" with potions until he is strong again. : A Storm of Swords - Jon I "A cloak?" "The black wool cloak of a Sworn Brother of the Night's Watch," said the King-beyond-the-Wall. "One day on a ranging we brought down a fine big elk. We were skinning it when the smell of blood drew a shadow-cat out of its lair. I drove it off, but not before it shredded my cloak to ribbons. Do you see? Here, here, and here?" He chuckled. "It shredded my arm and back as well, and I bled worse than the elk. My brothers feared I might die before they got me back to Maester Mullin at the Shadow Tower, so they carried me to a wildling village where we knew an old wisewoman did some healing. She was dead, as it happened, but her daughter saw to me. Cleaned my wounds, sewed me up, and fed me porridge and potions until I was strong enough to ride again. And she sewed up the rents in my cloak as well, with some scarlet silk from Asshai that her grandmother had pulled from the wreck of a cog washed up on the Frozen Shore. It was the greatest treasure she had, and her gift to me." He swept the cloak back over his shoulders. "But at the Shadow Tower, I was given a new wool cloak from stores, black and black, and trimmed with black, to go with my black breeches and black boots, my black doublet and black mail. The new cloak had no frays nor rips nor tears . . . and most of all, no red. The men of the Night's Watch dressed in black, Ser Denys Mallister reminded me sternly, as if I had forgotten. My old cloak was fit for burning now, he said. A Storm of Swords - Jon X "Go inside the tent and stay with Dalla. It's not safe out here." It wouldn't be a great deal safer inside, but she didn't need to hear that. "I need to find the midwife," Val said. "You're the midwife. I'll stay here until Mance comes back."