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  1. R+L=J v.163

    First, I said not a real issue, as in not as much because they can still participate and court, have respect even when born to a paramour- ya know, the unmarried concubine of a noble, the Dornish bastards has varying social standards, and King's legitimize bastards and since the Dornish do not look down on them as harshly as the other kingsdoms do, they don't seem to care about legitimizing them while they are in Dorne. Arianne can't marry who she wants because she may have to marry someone from one of the other, more "traditional" kingdoms for political reasons. And again, just like who sits the iron throne, there are no clear cut laws that say a bastard cannot inherit their lord father/mother's property, etc. This can be found in the World book under Dorne; Queer Custome of the South. This is also reflected in the maesters saying that Dorne and the North have more in common than they do with the other five kingdoms. I am sure that saying has a double entendre. You have shown time and again how biased and prejudice against anyone in the north, and especially north of the wall, you are, so it is hard to take you seriously when you make these statements. We have had this same conversation in other threads where you were derogatory to a made up peoples and I'm not going to derail this thread (as what happened to the last one) by talking in great depth about how you are not correct in your assumption that the freefolk are dirtbags because they do not conform to southron traditions. One thing that seems certain is what happens between a wildling man and woman is galaxies better than what happens between a Dothraki slaver raping and selling captured woman as slaves. Maaaybe the Thenns have a formal marriage service. Maybe. But nowhere in the books does it say they do, or any of the other free folk clans. And we see some inheritance with Tormund and his gold armbands. Don't know about the freefolk rules to polygamy since we only have one, quick example. We should maybe check with the Targaryens to see if we find a parallel? So, back on to RLJ.
  2. Plot developments / expectations for The Winds of Winter

    I actually don't really know that I want her to spend so much possible time out with the Dothraki. I feel like if she needs them, then she needs to get them and get going because it is a long ass ride back to the narrow sea from eastern inland sea of Essos What about Braavos? Do you think she will go there for any unfinished business?
  3. Why is the Winterfell Heart Tree pond so cold?

    Two things: One, here is a link of you want to listen to the story the Ice Dragon. You'll swear it is set in Wetseros a few decades before our current story. (but it is not) Two. I cannot stop laughing at your new avatar picture. Frickin' hilarious. I liked your last one, too.
  4. Advanced Crackpottery 4 - Daario Naharis: International Man of Mystery

    Ok, ok, it happened again. But first, I scanned and did not see this posted, so apologies if I missed it. Here I was, sipping my liquid lunch, doing a little earth shattering ASOIAF research about something totally unrelated to this topic when something popped out at me that brought me brain swirling back around to your gilded cracked pot. I have no proof of anything, besides o fun brain scratcher, but you mentioned that Daario's speech and manners belong to the noble class, but we have no background info about Daario, besides he comes from Tyrosh. Well, I came across this info of an interesting guy that is given just a tad more description than the other guests, besides Jorah. Picture it, Essos, approx 297 A.C., Dany is having her dragon outing party (wedding to Drogo) with her mouthy dragon brother there, and being given three dragon eggs to boot: A Game of Thrones - Daenerys I Illyrio whispered to them. "Those three are Drogo's bloodriders, there," he said. "By the pillar is Khal Moro, with his son Rhogoro. The man with the green beard is brother to the Archon of Tyrosh, and the man behind him is Ser Jorah Mormont." The last name caught Daenerys. "A knight?" "No less." Illyrio smiled through his beard. "Anointed with the seven oils by the High Septon himself." I'm not saying Daario was that green-bearded man, but as you cracked, Daario could be of a higher birth or nobility there, and this green guy could be a source of info back to Tyrosh/a known Blackfyre that a dragon female had been spotted. We know Prince Oberyn, a man of noble birth, was part of a sellsword company for a time, so it is done. Ok, That is all.
  5. Plot developments / expectations for The Winds of Winter

    Gods I hope it happens quicker like you describe, or some version of it. I also wonder if her last chapter will be her preparing to leave for Westeros. As far as what George has said about TWOW with Dany and Tyrion is in the spoiler below:
  6. I don't want the big hardcover

    I know. This kills me. I have his name on a Google alert so I know what is going on with the activities in his life as it is posted around the web. He has an amazing career. He does have a way with pronouncing each character's name about five different way. Jojen is often Jonjon, or Jo-jon, or Jo-jin. It has grown on me so I don't mind anymore I love fun facts! This is pretty cool and I did not know that. Here is a fun fact that you may or maynot know already, but just in case, or if anyone else is interested, Roy was the Pyromancer in that show. His line, "our order does not deal in pig shit!", is the best of the entire series
  7. R+L=J v.163

    Where does it say that a child born out of "marriage", which is stealing, is any less important or deserving than any other child? Tormund even puts Jon in the mindset to compare himself to a bastard child and asks if Jon thinks of himself as inferior. Tormund informs Jon that the free folk culture is not like that of the south, and that woman have choices in child bearing, as we learn the woman have choices in the stealing and staying. Bastards are not a negative issue with the free folk just as they are not a real issue in Dorne.
  8. Advanced Crackpottery 4 - Daario Naharis: International Man of Mystery

    I'm diggin' this crackpot more and more. Good questions IH.
  9. Adara vs. Jaehaera

    Jaehaera is how George added Adara to this story... since supposedly that story does not take place in ASOIAF universe I'd say normal girl, just a large emotional stunt because both were part of/witness to a terrible familial catastrophe. Adara overhears her father talk about her situation often with her uncle. Sorry for being a tad vague, but I am trying to remain spoiler free-ish in the event someone wants to read that story later. They really are described as the same type of person, all the way down to being really small, etc. George has plenty of his own themes that he uses and sneaks in to his stories across all time and genre. I love it.
  10. Is it confirmed Brandon never had sons

    Signy and Sigmund. This would definitely shake the readership up!
  11. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    If they do Gendry any actual honest service at all... but after the last three seasons, I'm not counting on it
  12. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    One of only two possible reasons I would watch this show anymore
  13. I don't want the big hardcover

    I have them all, and the world book too with Dotrice as narrator. I love him. That man can do no wrong with his reading style. I know he has a tendency to be a little squeaky, but when I read the books he is in my head space. He is 93 and I hope to all heavens and hells he gets to finish the books.
  14. Is it confirmed Brandon never had sons

    What would Meera being Brandon's add to the story? It can't be just a twist to make it shocking or it doesn't work. And George implied a Snow IF Brandon had any children. IF there is one, I don't think we've seen her yet.
  15. Is it confirmed Brandon never had sons

    And that theory is floppier than a fish out of water. Sorry. And that in no way means she is going to go against her house, northern culture, and the old gods by banging her brother. It just means she is more adventurous than many other girls at this time. The Targaryens with a breeding program, yes, because the author has basically said so in interviews and in the World book. The Lannisters... not so much aside from two very recent incest examples that are there to make us question things in the larger picture. Starks. No, Just no because it is said time and again by people from the north and with knowledge of the north that incest, or controlled breeding as you call it, is an abomination. Actually, it is described as an abomination against all the gods old and new. See above. No, This is not a pearl grasping, shock and awe, never ending baby switching daytime soap opera. The symmetry to the plot is the balance of ice and fire. Not banging family members. And again, this goes against all we know of the north, old gods, and the Starks. There was an instance about 100 or so years ago with two uncles most likely trying to grasp inheritance power from two nieces (which still sorta backfired) by marrying them. Hopefully more of that story will be revealed in the next Dunk & Egg. Other than that, it is not a thing with the Starks. Can't see it. Besides, we have Robb that most likely did that already. Why would George make the same thing happen twice, one time by being an abomination?