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  1. I didn’t say that. George said that in an interview. I’ll find the quote, might not be tonight ‘cuz it’s been a long day, but it seems it may help clear up what I was saying.
  2. That is the forum member here @Crowfood's Daughter that used to be fairly active. I haven’t seen her around for a few months and was wondering where she went to. Thanks for sharing.
  3. The middle ages seems to be a root setting because he has told this same story of his time and again, just sometimes it is in space, sometimes it is on the river, and sometimes it is set in a contemporary late 80's city (where he uses the Lancaster/York conflict as a basis). Well, Jon is also involved in the political stuff. Aside from Stannis wrapping Jon up in politics that makes him uncomfortable, and the Bolton issue, Jon writes Kings Landing and asks for help and is ignored. Also the issue with Slynt (a political lickspittle) and Marsh are also overarching problems for Jon. Have you ever listened this interview with George from TusCon 2016? It is worth a listen if you have some time. Very good stuff in here and I will list out a few times to jump to for some of those points that he does say have some influence on his work . 13 mins ideas about one life vs many 16:15 his ideas on rakings and oaths 35:15 Indians/natives and the empathy for them 29:45 "under the sea/waves" type discussion and how the ice melting is the real problem that politicians are ignoring. [me speaking] if GRRM is using this as inspiration in his story to some degree as he says, then there is a chance that the popsicles are the parallel to the ice caps melting and those in KL really are the ignorant politicians who are ignoring the scientist, from the perspective of the author. 47 mins (starts with an audience question) he implies no more purity because because we need to all be more "mutts and mongrels". and then there is a hint about Tanselle Too Tall in the questions part of near the end It is where this quote from George comes from: I'm not an "American First" (and maybe because I read science fiction) I'm a "Terran First". I'm a human being first. And I have this sympathy for other human beings no matter what side of the giant ice wall they happen to be born on. We still have a Dance of Dragons v2 coming as well. I don't think Aegon/Young Griff counts because he seems to be the cloth dragon to slay first. I am fairly convinced we have seen the "dark lord" the whole time and it isn't who we think it is. The Others, or Great Other, seem to be the "common enemy", but I would not be shocked at all to read of a real "dark lord" and a battle with that after the main threat is cancelled out. But one of the issues that GRRM has with Tolkien and the mimics that followed Tolkien was that all of their dark lords are just simply born evil. Evil baby orcs born from evil female orcs that are never seen. Based on what I tend to see as his methods in his past stories, we are reading the birth of the dark lord happen as a result of all of the trials s/he has been through so far. When we get TWOW, that is when the DL will be realized.
  4. I love this because I do this type of thing all the time! And with the still snow in April!?!? Just earlier when I was picking up dinner and the guys behind the counter were talking about making carvings as a hobby, one wood and the other soapstone (or something). The stone guy said he used something that looked like salt, and I chuckled and said to myself , “that was Val.”
  5. Nice
  6. Petyr is also the Lord of Harrenhal, and Harrenhal has a black blooded curse to those who should not be there. No triple twisting of the text to show this link
  7. And to continue on from above about Sam the Slayer- Ice Eyes, Jon Snow is a parallel to Edrick "Snowbeard" Stark of days past, which is why Edric Dayne and Jon Snow are "milk brothers", it is in that first name, not that Edric Dayne was named after Eddard Stark. Wait a second... I just remembered that a few days ago I asked in the small questions thread if Jon still has his beard/facial hair... and it appears he might... so Jon Snow is the *new* Edrick Snowbeard and Sam is his "ice eyes", which also sorta confirms adds to my theory that Sam the Slayer (of Citadel Lies) will communicate with Bran and/or Jon while he is at the Citadel possibly via the purple moss covered weirwood tree outside the window, and also brings to mind that Jon is at times covered in ice armour, which is probably a metaphor of Bran and his ice magics being Jon's guide of sorts. Or, I need more coffee
  8. Wow, I never noticed that Sam is Brandon Ice Eyes . History repeats, just with a twist . Essentially, Sam, who gave up the seven in place of the old gods, defeats a slaver (well, a thrall of the slaver) that is the Great Other, all while wearing his ice yes and crashing in to the wight. So, Sam also knows 'winter' because Jon is (will be) the King of Winter. Go figure . A Dance with Dragons - Davos IV After their fall, the castle had passed through many other hands. House Flint held it for a century, House Locke for almost two. Slates, Longs, Holts, and Ashwoods had held sway here, charged by Winterfell to keep the river safe. Reavers from the Three Sisters took the castle once, making it their toehold in the north. During the wars between Winterfell and the Vale, it was besieged by Osgood Arryn, the Old Falcon, and burned by his son, the one remembered as the Talon. When old King Edrick Stark had grown too feeble to defend his realm, the Wolf's Den was captured by slavers from the Stepstones. They would brand their captives with hot irons and break them to the whip before shipping them off across the sea, and these same black stone walls bore witness. "Then a long cruel winter fell," said Ser Bartimus. "The White Knife froze hard, and even the firth was icing up. The winds came howling from the north and drove them slavers inside to huddle round their fires, and whilst they warmed themselves the new king come down on them. Brandon Stark this was, Edrick Snowbeard's great-grandson, him that men called Ice Eyes. He took the Wolf's Den back, stripped the slavers naked, and gave them to the slaves he'd found chained up in the dungeons. It's said they hung their entrails in the branches of the heart tree, as an offering to the gods. The old gods, not these new ones from the south. Your Seven don't know winter, and winter don't know them." A Storm of Swords - Samwell III His fumbling fingers finally found the dagger, but when he slammed it up into the wight's belly the point skidded off the iron links, and the blade went spinning from Sam's hand. Small Paul's fingers tightened inexorably, and began to twist. He's going to rip my head off, Sam thought in despair. His throat felt frozen, his lungs on fire. He punched and pulled at the wight's wrists, to no avail. He kicked Paul between the legs, uselessly. The world shrank to two blue stars, a terrible crushing pain, and a cold so fierce that his tears froze over his eyes. Sam squirmed and pulled, desperate . . . and then he lurched forward. Small Paul was big and powerful, but Sam still outweighed him, and the wights were clumsy, he had seen that on the Fist. The sudden shift sent Paul staggering back a step, and the living man and the dead one went crashing down together. The impact knocked one hand from Sam's throat, and he was able to suck in a quick breath of air before the icy black fingers returned. The taste of blood filled his mouth. He twisted his neck around, looking for his knife, and saw a dull orange glow. The fire! Only ember and ashes remained, but still . . . he could not breathe, or think . . . Sam wrenched himself sideways, pulling Paul with him . . . his arms flailed against the dirt floor, groping, reaching, scattering the ashes, until at last they found something hot . . . a chunk of charred wood, smouldering red and orange within the black . . . his fingers closed around it, and he smashed it into Paul's mouth, so hard he felt teeth shatter. Yet even so the wight's grip did not loosen. Sam's last thoughts were for the mother who had loved him and the father he had failed. The longhall was spinning around him when he saw the wisp of smoke rising from between Paul's broken teeth. Then the dead man's face burst into flame, and the hands were gone. Sam sucked in air, and rolled feebly away. The wight was burning, hoarfrost dripping from his beard as the flesh beneath blackened. Sam heard the raven shriek, but Paul himself made no sound. When his mouth opened, only flames came out. And his eyes . . . It's gone, the blue glow is gone.
  9. It's totes simple. I mean, all one has to do is read the story in Melisandre's one and only chapter and look at a map to realize that Mance is on his mission, which is why Jon keeps asking himself later in the story, basically, where the f*ck is Mance??? I mean, in that Mel chapter we see Mance begins his lies then before Jon is even brought in.
  10. Version 213
  11. To the dark lord point, I am not so sure that we will never get a "dark lord" in ASOIAF. I think we will, and they are being set up now and about to act, and this will not look like the typical dark lord/orc- the trope GRRM says he wants to undo. I know I drudge on about GRRM's older stories a lot, maybe too much in some opinions, but for an author that supposedly does not like good-vs-evil and dark lords, he sure does like to write them, such as: Saagael, Simon Kress, Damon Julian, the mother and mothership duo in Nightflyers, House Harmon in The Skin Trade, Cyrain of Lilith and Ash, what's his face in Dying of the Light that GRRM said was partial inspiration for the Hound, In the Lost Lands (but this is more grey-black). I could go on but I am sure no one wants me to . What seems to be a more consistent theme is to be careful what you wish for because the grumpkins will get you in the end depending on the choice you've made. His characters seem to be the sum of their choices. Not a mind blowing concept, but for the amazing author GRRM is, literature and storytelling does have certain boundaries (even for the George). But I could be wrong
  12. Yeah, as far as I am concerned, it wasn't written by GRRM, and even GRRM himself said that in his 93 outline he was "making shit up." I am at the point that if it isn't from that horses mouth, and most preferably in print, then I am skeptical. He can have his plans, but we all see they change. Thank you. Now that you mention it, I do seem to remember some discussion about it coming from a German site. Hmmm, that they are following old blurbs written by someone else is not shocking. They once said they were inspired by spaghetti western movies when directing some episodes. I have not seen but maybe six clips from the show this past season. I watched a few (super disppointing) Arya clips, and then a few weeks ago a good friend sent me two other clips, and.... a wight in a box???
  13. Putting this here to link to in the main post because it grew too long to keep there Shireen burning. Melisandre and Selyse are working together as heads of a fiery dragon. Yes, Selyse is a fire dragon symbol in this story despite her Florent origins, and it was Selyse that accepted Melisandre in to this three-way with Stannis. It seems Melisandre and Selyse will burn Shireen and they may do so over at Nightfort at the Black Gate. Wherever it takes place, we know Selyse is an extreme religious zealot, and that Melisandre is misreading her flames at every turn. The plan is to put Shireen on the throne as Stannis' heir, but the twist will be the fickle flames (Melisandre) that change direction with the wind and Selyse making another call that contradicts her husband's wishes. We already see that Selyse is dreaming of her own fiery death by "dragon". A Clash of Kings - Prologue An ugly little girl and a sad fool, and maester makes three . . . now there is a tale to make men weep. "Sit with me, child." Cressen beckoned her closer. "This is early to come calling, scarce past dawn. You should be snug in your bed." "I had bad dreams," Shireen told him. "About the dragons. They were coming to eat me." The child had been plagued by nightmares as far back as Maester Cressen could recall. "We have talked of this before," he said gently. "The dragons cannot come to life. They are carved of stone, child. In olden days, our island was the westernmost outpost of the great Freehold of Valyria. It was the Valyrians who raised this citadel, and they had ways of shaping stone since lost to us. A castle must have towers wherever two walls meet at an angle, for defense. The Valyrians fashioned these towers in the shape of dragons to make their fortress seem more fearsome, just as they crowned their walls with a thousand gargoyles instead of simple crenellations." He took her small pink hand in his own frail spotted one and gave it a gentle squeeze. "So you see, there is nothing to fear." And we know R'hllor and the fires are a hungry god. A Dance with Dragons - Jon III But most came on. Behind them was only cold and death. Ahead was hope. They came on, clutching their scraps of wood until the time came to feed them to the flames. R'hllor was a jealous deity, ever hungry. So the new god devoured the corpse of the old, and cast gigantic shadows of Stannis and Melisandre upon the Wall, black against the ruddy red reflections on the ice. A Dance with Dragons - Jon X Melisandre raised her hands, and the ditchfire leapt upward toward her fingers, like a great red dog springing for a treat. A swirl of sparks rose to meet the snowflakes coming down. "Oh, Lord of Light, we thank you," she sang to the hungry flames. "We thank you for brave Stannis, by your grace our king. Guide him and defend him, R'hllor. Protect him from the treacheries of evil men and grant him strength to smite the servants of the dark." And we know Stannis has taken Nightfort as his seat, and now Selyse is moving in on it fast to take Stannis' seat and usurp his authority, just as she has done with making marriage pacts and making other "kingly" orders. Selyse is upjumping her dragon status by leeching it from Stannis, just as Melisandre leeches the life out of Stannis with her shadow baby making. (sorry leeches) This is a twist on the Aegon the Dragon/Conquerer whose two sister-wives were the ones to make the most "progress" riding out on their dragons. By the way, in all of GRRM's work, when he uses the term "progress", it is always associated with dragons or fire, and always means submission of some sort, not unlike what happened to Native Americans. A Dance with Dragons - Jon VIII "And other matters," said Bowen Marsh. "The men have concerns, my lord." And who is it who appointed you to speak for them? "As do I. Othell, how goes the work at the Nightfort? I have had a letter from Ser Axell Florent, who styles himself the Queen's Hand. He tells me that Queen Selyse is not pleased with her quarters at Eastwatch-by-the-Sea and wishes to move into her husband's new seat at once. Will that be possible?" And Melisandre is has already shown us two times that icons are best burnt at the gate. Burning of the Seven gods at Dragonstone: The burning gods cast a pretty light, wreathed in their robes of shifting flame, red and orange and yellow. Septon Barre had once told Davos how they'd been carved from the masts of the ships that had carried the first Targaryens from Valyria. Over the centuries, they had been painted and repainted, gilded, silvered, jeweled. "Their beauty will make them more pleasing to R'hllor," Melisandre said when she told Stannis to pull them down and drag them out the castle gates. Burning of the old gods/weirwood at Castle Black gates: "Leave it in my chambers." The wildling would eat it, like as not. "Lord Snow has need of me, beyond the Wall." He does not know it yet, but soon … Outside, a light snow had begun to fall. A crowd of crows had gathered around the gate by the time Melisandre and her escort arrived, but they made way for the red priestess. *This is the same place where in ASOS we see Mel and her followers praying at the fires at the gate: Beneath the Wall, the queen's men were kindling their nightfire. He saw Melisandre emerge from the tunnel with the king beside her, to lead the prayers she believed would keep the dark away. "Come, Ghost," Jon told the wolf. "With me. You're hungry, I know. I could feel it." They ran together for the gate, circling wide around the nightfire, where reaching flames clawed at the black belly of the night. (< fiery hand of R'hllor again) *And Stannis goes along with fires before gates: "That is my concern. I shall require a list from you, detailing the present state of every castle and what might be required to restore it. I mean to have them all garrisoned again within the year, and nightfires burning before their gates." Melisandre and Selyse have both already begged to burn another child, Edric Storm. Thank goodness Stannis rejects burning his blood and Davos later saves the stormchild from the flames. A Storm of Swords - Davos V "Give me the boy for R'hllor," the red woman said, "and the ancient prophecy shall be fulfilled. Your dragon shall awaken and spread his stony wings. The kingdom shall be yours." Ser Axell went to one knee. "On bended knee I beg you, sire. Wake the stone dragon and let the traitors tremble. Like Aegon you begin as Lord of Dragonstone. Like Aegon you shall conquer. Let the false and the fickle feel your flames." "Your own wife begs as well, lord husband." Queen Selyse went down on both knees before the king, hands clasped as if in prayer. "Robert and Delena defiled our bed and laid a curse upon our union. This boy is the foul fruit of their fornications. Lift his shadow from my womb and I will bear you many trueborn sons, I know it." She threw her arms around his legs. "He is only one boy, born of your brother's lust and my cousin's shame." "He is mine own blood. Stop clutching me, woman." King Stannis put a hand on her shoulder, awkwardly untangling himself from her grasp. "Perhaps Robert did curse our marriage bed. He swore to me that he never meant to shame me, that he was drunk and never knew which bedchamber he entered that night. But does it matter? The boy was not at fault, whatever the truth." And in this Sam scene, we have Stannis and Melisandre both showing some interest in the Black Gate at Nightfort. Hmmm, curious because this is two lines before Stannis shows off his Lightbringer sword that is false, and all that Stannis has been told by Mel is false/mixed up, so their combined understanding of this gate and its purpose is also most probably false or distorted (like flames). Maybe this is what brings the wall down causing the earthquake that is the giants waking from earth? Fires at the Nightfort Black gate in Rat Cook's kitchen. The Black Gate is hidden at the bottom of a seemingly ritualistic well. I detailed it here in another thread if you want to take a peek. A Storm of Swords - Samwell V "The B-black Gate," Sam stammered. "Below the Nightfort." "The Nightfort is the largest and oldest of the castles on the Wall," the king said. "That is where I intend to make my seat, whilst I fight this war. You will show me this gate." However, at this point in the story Stannis is far away from the wall and any wall castles, but Melisandre and Selyse are not. Also at this point in the story Stannis is presumed dead and possibly a Ramsay Bolton attack is coming to the wall because Jon is (temporarily) incapacitated meaning Jon cannot "return Arya" to Winterfell, which was part of the bastard-pink letter threat. Also, with Jon being stabbed and Marsh and co. being outnumbered by the free folk (who, for the most part, see Jon as their leader), there is going to be a lot of chaos at Castle Black. And let's not forget that the wall has just "come down" because the brothers did not stand strong together when they stabbed their leader which means the Long Night v2.0 has just begun. What are Selyse and Melisandre to do? Possibly flee with the girl Shireen to Nightfort as a night queen would. The historic man that is thought to be Night's King is just a tale. What we are getting now in the current story is the history repeating, just with a twist. Night's King is now Night's Queen- Selyse, and the corpse bride is now Melisandre (for many reasons). Remember, "dragons" change gender. This is probably just as much of a hint to readers not to stick to the historic details too closely, because in the retellings of fire stories, the genders will flip. The broad strokes are what matter most, and Selyse and Mel fit. However... Selyse does have a mustache... A Clash of Kings - Prologue Lord Stannis scowled. "I do not beg. Of anyone. Mind you remember that, woman." "I am pleased to hear it, my lord." Lady Selyse was as tall as her husband, thin of body and thin of face, with prominent ears, a sharp nose, and the faintest hint of a mustache on her upper lip. She plucked it daily and cursed it regularly, yet it never failed to return. Her eyes were pale, her mouth stern, her voice a whip. She cracked it now. "Lady Arryn owes you her allegiance, as do the Starks, your brother Renly, and all the rest. You are their one true king. It would not be fitting to plead and bargain with them for what is rightfully yours by the grace of god." God, she said, not gods. The red woman had won her, heart and soul, turning her from the gods of the Seven Kingdoms, both old and new, to worship the one they called the Lord of Light. If Selyse and Mel escape and run to Nightfort now that the Long Night has begun, Selyse will "rule" from there. A Storm of Swords - Bran IV "Some say he was a Bolton," Old Nan would always end. "Some say a Magnar out of Skagos, some say Umber, Flint, or Norrey. Some would have you think he was a Woodfoot, from them who ruled Bear Island before the ironmen came. He never was. He was a Stark, the brother of the man who brought him down." She always pinched Bran on the nose then, he would never forget it. "He was a Stark of Winterfell, and who can say? Mayhaps his name was Brandon. Mayhaps he slept in this very bed in this very room." No, Bran thought, but he walked in this castle, where we'll sleep tonight. He did not like that notion very much at all. Night's King was only a man by light of day, Old Nan would always say, but the night was his to rule. And it's getting dark. CRACKPOT: And it is possible that Selyse and Mel become lovers, if not already. Think back to this quote and notice what Selyse says about shadows in wombs. Sex is heat, and the shadows are brought forth from flames (of passion), and Melisandre is a "red shadow". A Storm of Swords - Davos V "Give me the boy for R'hllor," the red woman said, "and the ancient prophecy shall be fulfilled. Your dragon shall awaken and spread his stony wings. The kingdom shall be yours." Ser Axell went to one knee. "On bended knee I beg you, sire. Wake the stone dragon and let the traitors tremble. Like Aegon you begin as Lord of Dragonstone. Like Aegon you shall conquer. Let the false and the fickle feel your flames." "Your own wife begs as well, lord husband." Queen Selyse went down on both knees before the king, hands clasped as if in prayer. "Robert and Delena defiled our bed and laid a curse upon our union. This boy is the foul fruit of their fornications. Lift his shadow from my womb and I will bear you many trueborn sons, I know it." She threw her arms around his legs. "He is only one boy, born of your brother's lust and my cousin's shame." "He is mine own blood. Stop clutching me, woman." King Stannis put a hand on her shoulder, awkwardly untangling himself from her grasp. "Perhaps Robert did curse our marriage bed. He swore to me that he never meant to shame me, that he was drunk and never knew which bedchamber he entered that night. But does it matter? The boy was not at fault, whatever the truth." A Dance with Dragons - Jon VI I am not a wolf, he thought. "And how would I do that?" "I can show you." Melisandre draped one slender arm over Ghost, and the direwolf licked her face. "The Lord of Light in his wisdom made us male and female, two parts of a greater whole. In our joining there is power. Power to make life. Power to make light. Power to cast shadows." "Shadows." The world seemed darker when he said it. MAIN POST
  14. Eek! It has been a while since I've seen this pop up. I don't know that it was ever confirmed as "real", or at least written by GRRM himself, right? (I am being totally honest) The last I read (and it has been a while) is that this was a placeholder type blurb written by another source? I could have missed any updates, though. I do like the "maester and greenseer" work as one idea. That is something I have thought would have to happen for a while through Bran alone as the "Knight of the Mind", or a Bran and Sam partnership.