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  1. The meaning of life IS Hummus!
  2. I maintain a healthy dose of book snobbery and I don't care who judges me for it. Some of my real life friends tease me about it, but ya know what, they are so confused with the abomination version that I just giggle. And then we buy each other a pint. I did stop watching halfway through last season after I literally fell asleep during an episode. I have seen two "freebie" episodes this season and spent a little time trying to make sense of them, but I gave up. It is pointless. I am not watching on my own because, as George once said, the moving picture one is like an "alternate universe" version and I don't care for that version. TWOW or ADOS are the ending to the story. Not the talkie flappy box version. If we never get ADOS, so be it. The story ends with the books.
  3. I dunno I don't follow leaks very closely. Maybe it is like Cas just mentioned and they are deciding? However, so much of it, so very much of it, made no sense in its own established world.
  4. Gotcha. So I guess they are still deciding which episode Howland would be off'? Out of these options, ep3 makes more sense (if they are true).
  5. I am also calling major to these leaks. I only scanned the first three "episodes" and people are coming back from the dead. Not like wighted or anything, but they said Howland went to Winterfell in ep2, and died, but then in ep3 Howland was accompanied by all to Greywater (for what reason???) and Howland dies there. Sooooo, which one? Maybe we will get some mixed up journalist claim Howland is a "water-wight"?
  6. Drogon zig zags
  7. It is measured in show-plot thickness.
  8. With book Val. Both of them got the F* out of town when they saw D&D riding up.
  9. The star bleeding can be confusing because this is another example of one sign fits with many possibilities. For instance, Melisandre is linked to her ruby (maybe under a glamour where she is controlled by someone else like she glamours Mance with another ruby), and her ruby is compared to a star. So when Mel bleeds black blood in her Dance chapter, does that equal the bleeding star? But then Jon is associated with being like the stars with his connections to the ice dragon constellation. So when Jon is mutiny stabbed, which brings the cold and presumably the long night, is that the stars bleeding? But wait, there's more! Ser Patrek of King's Mountain is smashed to bits by Wun Wun as Patrek tries to steal his way in to get Val. This is the main distraction that allows for the mutiny to happen among a group of people. So, is Ser Patrek a star bleeding? The bleeding red comet in the sky is said to be nothing good. And to mean dragons. But then, Daenerys thinks it is meant for her and she follows it.
  10. Hah! Sorry . That is actually what I meant to say. They change the meaning of the prophecy to suit their needs. Yes, I agree about the star/stars issue. Thanks
  11. I agree with this, both that George is very good at using prophecy in his older stories, and that it is the end user who gets it wrong (Mel in this case), which causes prophecy to "bite your cock off". Also, religious zealot users like Proctor Wyatt and Melisandre, have a tendency to change the end goals to suit their needs. Wyatt more so and done with a harsher hand. Mel is being led on a golden goose chase, but she keeps picking up ducks and claiming "here is your quackery! Wait, not this one. Over here. Here is your quacker! Now, now or burn." I just finished another old story of George's two days ago and I found it very interesting how the main guy was staring out on a quest to find the "bad guy", and during the entire story the main protagonist repeatedly specifies NO religious zealots on his mission because they always mess things up. It was hilarious.
  12. @40 Thousand Skeletons (my quoter still hates me ) Anyway, you said, "The fun riddle that GRRM has inserted is, why did Mance go to WF instead of Long Lake? He totally lied to Mel and Jon and used the grey girl as an excuse to go on his adventure." I definitely agree that Mance was using this as an opportunistic time to leave the wall and get in to Winterfell for whatever reasons he had. I tend to think that no matter where the girl in grey is, Mance was going to Winterfell no matter what... and maybe grabbing the girl along the way of he had time and she was in his path.
  13. The Harrenhal tourney/KotLT did happen in the year of false spring. Melisandre only sees a thin sheet/edge of ice forming. Definitely not safe enough to ice skate on Also, the grey girl could just be symbolic nature of the vision shown to Melisandre. Grey wolf, grey Stark, grey Lyanna type thing. I do agree that someone could be in disguise, but I tend to lean more to the Stark symbolism, especially because at this same time, on the opposite side of the world in hot Essos, Danaerys is being told all sorts of things about Rhaegar and his life and "love". The author seems to be ramping up the significance of Lyanna and Rhaegar in ADWD, and fire and ice in the books.
  14. I think you need a Snicker's. Well, we the reader do, in fact, have a ton more information than Melisandre does. We see the bigger picture and what is going on aruond the globe, where Melisandre does not. We readers have POV's who give us snippets of history. We readers have the benefit of piecing together the clues and themes that the author has provided. And, who on earth ever said Mel had an "excellent" policy? That is ridiculous, and we readers know it is ridiculous because she has read her visions wrong with Renly's Ghost, the three leeches, Stannis as Azor Ahai, her own childhood, using spells/magic to get Ghost to "like" her, etc. Being a charlatan is a common theme in much of George's work, inside and outside of ASOIAF. Mel fits his own charlatan character type to a T.