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  1. If he knew, we would get some clues from his POV, in which there aren't any IIRC.
  2. Billie Jean is not my love.

  3. Go on, say something clever. How did Stannis got to know about this?
  4. ^What a beautiful conversation.
  5. The only reason I can see Stannis burning Shireen is to save the realm or something like that. Not that silliness from the show.
  6. Da da da da da, Smoke Weed everyday.
  7. That was pre-Blackwater.
  8. My point was that he wouldn't simply burn the places if that would somehow harm him. For instance, he accepted the northmen and all. And I think Stannis knows he wouldn't want to anger the common folk by burning the septs. As for your second paragraph... Well, I guess you didn't got my point. I'm saying if he got the throne right now. It's true that some great houses don't like him and may even hold a grudge against the man, but after all this war and destruction, I think they wouldn't want to start another war because of it (maybe except the Greyjoys (but that would depend on who the Greyjoy ruler is, I suppose) and as for the Lannisters, I guess Stannis would probably exile them; "Starting with Cersei and her abominations", as Stannis himself said). So, I think they would have to obey him.
  9. What if the person is a alien?
  10. Trope deconstruction?
  11. Roose Bolton is smart. Jorah once made me laugh. Janos eulogized Stannis. Dany is pretty. Ramsay had a decent plan on the Reek switching. Rhaegar bravely fought Robert. Gregor was strong. Cersei is a good mother.
  12. Lord Voldemort is dead. What would be Stannis' reaction to Hogwarts?
  13. Are you telling me... 2+2=4 !?
  14. What might? The might of pretending the children are actually Baratheons? No, he isn't the rightful ruler because of that. Yes, it doesn't. Because Stannis had a long grudge on either or not to kill the boy and wasn't amused at the perspective he would burn. Stannis might not simply burn the sept and force people on the red faith, though. He's no idiot, dude. Remember how he didn't simply burnt the weirwood to gain the support of the northmen? So, you think the lords would start a rebellion... because they don't like him?! They might of start one depending on his reign, if it's very bad or something like that. Even this is a bit unlikely, seeing as Westeros has already passed a period of crisis and war, so starting another one would be kind of stupid.
  15. Westeros recently had a war, the continent is ruined; why would they do such stupidity as starting another war because a man burns people for treason?
  16. And people claim Stannis fans are irrational and crazies. It's disgusting.
  17. Did a Stannis fan ruined something great in your life recently? Stannis's the rightful king because Robert overthrew a lunatical prick who enjoyed burning people, becoming king himself, and Stannis is his rightful heir since Robert had no legitimate children. Simple as that. And yes, there is a difference between Aerys and Stannis. People are already pointing them out and arguing, so there's not much I can do.
  18. I think most theories about Jon's parentage except for R+L=J are nonsensical crackpots, tbh. But I think Jon's mother being a "Wylla" would be my second option if I have to choose.
  19. So, all I had to do was... to press the door!?
  20. He died. Would Stannis have liked Michael Jackson?
  21. Hmmmm... Monster inc, I think. TPB will tell us what's their favorite Disney movie.
  22. Are you thinking of pulling a Guy Fawkess on the Microsoft building?
  23. He's probably a Targaryen in both versions. Why do you think it'd differ at all?
  24. I'd like to visit most of the great castles, except for Pyke, maybe. Then, Oldtown, Asshai, Naathi, and some other places that don't appear in the story, but are mencioned.