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  1. So he wanted a young pretty girl to bang and fulfill prophecy is that it?
  2. What I failed to realize is that drogo doesn't seems to consider marriage an alliance pact like westerosi people do. He just wanted a woman for himself, but what I also fail to realize is why Dany? There must be a thousand other women just as hot or hotter than her, more mature, more fierce, more sexy etc. It's not just for her features I think. I agree with @40 Thousand Skeletons he wants something with her blood. For some reason the fact she's a targ and have king's blood from another continent will make a super baby with Khal drogo now... Where he learned that I'll never understand.
  3. So, what is to gain for Khal drogo for marrying Daenerys? She doesn't have gold, she doesn't have an army and she is almost a nobody at that point in the history, so how again Illiryio convinced Khal drogo not only marry Dany but also not attack Pentos? I mean what are those terms? Khal drogo was trying to fullfill prophecies? I'm confused and I need to debate this with someone.
  4. Sorry I can't go down incest. Bronn it is.
  5. But Bran in your opinion will be able to fight off the most powerful (at least until now) wargen without much training? Despitethe fact bloodraven is doing that shit for at least some decades? We simply don't have that much information on how the warging thing works in people, we see one person being killed and being transfered to another "body" and the experience seems very traumatic to the host. Bran don't have physical power left due to his motion loss and if he wins will only be by natural talent rather than training.
  6. I love you.
  7. Not a liar but... I can't find a better word... he's saying those things like he has some sort of master plan behind him. But all the things he did were gambles, and bad ones at that matter. And for a plot of 17 years to be this bad you need to be stupid as well, not only bad at plotting. Yeah, but Oberyn was at KL to fill a council seat not just to make justice. And justice can be achieved in many ways not just by entering a trial by combat against a beast like Gregor. And as we know from the way Oberyn talked about Tywin he thought Tywin was as guilty as the moutain and Lorch. So, entering heads on in a fight without having a second plan to kill Tywin is very stupid, and Oberyn is everything but stupid, we need to remeber he studied for years at the citadel and earned 6 links from maesters, traveled all the world researching for poisons and history.
  8. So he's just a liar? Because he said with all words to Arianne he has been plotting for freaking 17 years. I'd accept him just being a good liar and fucking with everyone just to keep Dorne low at the radar.
  9. I don't remeber Tryion asking Oberyn to fight for him. Any quotes?
  10. Exactly. He wanted the plan to fail that's no other way around it. The problem is, he could've said to Quentyn and trust his son, if he simply have said "son, I need you more than ever, we can't have another war and Daenerys is comingo to Westeros to conquer everything. We need to send her a message that we don't want war with her, but at the same time we can't be seen doing this, otherwise the Lannister are going to invade us. I need you going to her encounter and send her this pact, she won't accept, but she'll know without us having any binding to her that we don't want war against her, don't tell anyone or Dorne is doomed, I love you my son and I know you are capable of that". I doubt someone as willing as Quentyn going to Essos for his father would screw up things and tell the real reason to go there, and with this new information he wouldn't try to steal one of the dragons.
  11. That's a nice way of seeing all this and never crossed my mind he could be fooling everyone like that haha.
  12. Yeah, but if he did? But we simply don't know where his pieces are?
  13. So why he said to Arianne he planned all this shit for 17 fucking years instead of just saying "I fucked up and now we have to be cautious"?
  14. But doing the pact a secret and using his son would make impossible to anyone other than Dany know that he's loyal to Targ (or simply wants her to believe so). And Dorne isn't a impenetrable force like the Eyrie. And he call his banners in the Robert's rebellion against him, so if he didn't comply again he'd be in a bad position. Every move he made until now was made to make the war as far as possible from Dorne. And sending your children to do dangerous stuff is done everyday in Westeros. Every war, every battle people send their children do die. Quentyn's quest wasn't that dangerous if you think about it. The only part that was really dangerous was the dragon stuff.
  15. The problem is that, as Twyin himself said Doran is someone who calculates every move and every word is deliberate. So if what Tywin said is true, he sent Quentyn with every intetion over Oberyn. Every single action he made was deliberate in some degree, but why send Quentyn? Oberyn was doing 'nothing' at the time and could easily go there for Doran, he'd even enjoy another adventure. I think he wanted the plan to fail. He wanted Quentyn to fail his quest. But he wanted at least that Quentyn reached Dany with the marriage pact, so she knows that Dorne is loyal to the targaryens. Spoilers for TWOW He wants every single house out of Dorne. He wants every house to think that Dorne is loyal to them, I think he simply wants to keep Dorne safe from any possible war. Be that a Tyrell-Lannister quarrel, an Aegon-Dany quarrel, a Greyjoy-Lannister-Tyrell-etc quarrel. He wants to keep Dorne out of the war that's going to come. Now, what he intends to do after the war remains a mystery.