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  1. Kek
  2. Change all the times we used the word claim to whatever you want, who fucking cares, the context provides the meaning. Jesus christ.
  3. You're exxagerating the situation, but yeah. The situation was bad. But it was bad for either side. If Renly decided to go along with Stannis plan he loses all his support (because they married the wrong guy with their daughter, Margaery). And he loses the chance of being king. So it's essencially a zero sum game for them.
  4. We're arguing semantics. When you say claim I read "most chance to successed". And I still not agree with your statement. He didn't raise the army with THAT INTENT. But the consequence of having an army and the stubborness of his brother is that he has to kill him. Those are not the same thing. One states that he's cold hearted mother fucker and wants to kill his brother without good reason and the other states that everything could be fine if Stannis had agreed with Renly to form an alliance and step down, mostly because Renly had the most numbers even not having the best claim. Simply as that.
  5. Three things: 1) Renly was trying to usurp the throne, plain and simple. 2) He never intented to kill his brother, his brother was stubborn and was in his way. He didn't raise an army with the INTENT of killing his brother, fuck off. 3) It doens't matter who was right, but who had the best claim. Renly had the bigger army, Stannis had a good motive. Stannis couldn't prove, but he has the motive right. Renly had support and a bigger army. Let's stop discussing this. Please.
  6. And what Stannis is doing is EXACTLY THE SAME THING. He can't prove therefore he's being treacherous.
  7. bugs.
  8. It really comes down to two things. 1) Westeros politics works in a particular way, where the eldest relative (if you don't have children of you own) is your heir. 2) Stannis and no one for that matter could prove Robert's children weren't his. That being said, the strongest claim wasn't the eldest relative but who had more strenght.
  9. A better question. I don't know, maybe we'll never know, some people think we'll never be confirmed on the R + L = J or whatever other identity.
  10. Actually it's a good question who are the people who are alive in both westeros and Essos who can 100% confirm Aegon's identity? For us and for the people in ASOIAF?
  11. Thanks <3
  12. who we know for sure has: a) a good motive to hide her/his identity b ) knows Arianne enough for her to believe in a first glance c) isn't right now believed to be dead d) knows who Aegon really is they need to have most of those at the same time right? Who can it be?
  13. But she could confirm Aegon's identity, she was close to Ellia. We'll have to wait either way.
  14. Septa lemore = Ashara Dayne confirmed.
  15. Never realized that. Good catch. Maybe he didn't want to start another fight and was tired and with a lot on his head. He had to plan the defenses of the city, the problems within KL and he so on. I don't think he had the time to start another fight and this time with a strong enemy.