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  1. I see, so there is some objective way to measure this things.
  2. And what is evidence in the ASOIAF universe? Similar looks? Dragons? Paper?
  3. Exactly what I was trying to make a discussion about. In ASOIAF everything is about the perception and acceptance rather than the truth. If enough people believe in a story the story becomes true for everyone. People can know it's not true, but that doesn't matter, much like our own world. When powerful, trustful and honest people on the setting say something it's regardaded as absolute truth, even if we can't falsify the information.
  4. Dude this video is pure gold. The logic is flawed but the video is gold. And As pointed out by ravenous only a paternity test can rule out other possibility. But that's nothing in the ASOIAF that could be a objective parameter for us readers? (Except George).
  5. fuck. I don't know if I made my point confusing or the subject is confusing by itself. I was talking about true identity. Is aegon a targaryen? If so, how can we be 100% sure? By witnessess? By a paper signed by the king? By conquering the kingdoms and self proclaiming a targaryen? We now know that DNA is unique per person, but for the ASOIAF story how to be sure about those things?
  6. NOOOOO please not more of this stannis vs renly. I was talking about identity hahaha
  7. Yes it's against the rules. But that's exactly the point I was trying to make here. If that's what makes someone legitimate why we even bother in discussing who is or isn't who they say they are. If power and law alone can determinate that, everything that person needs to do is convince most of the people.
  8. So I was thinking about the fake Aegon theory and fake X (put someone here) and I ended with a question in my head. What makes someone legitimate? What is the objective factor that makes someone legit and someone a pretender/fake? A piece of paper? Witnesses? Power? Allies? throughout the entire book we come across several accounts of fake/pretender people and the a lot of different things made people believe in them. The girl (i forgot the name) posing as Arya, Joffrey Myrcella and Tommen, Aegon etc. All of those have different elements and "proof" of their legitimacy but what truly makes someone legit? And how to be sure?
  9. unilateral characters are dull. That's how I feel. That's why I hate cersei and pre-nedstarkdeath Sansa. Or even Joffrey. And that's why I hate Arya as a chracter because she is driven only by her vengeance.
  10. You're never alone while I'm here, my dude.
  11. I guess you're right. He could've sneaked someday to learn it. And he was in Essos for quite sometime. Yeah, bows are harder than crossbows, you're right as well. It's completely possible.
  12. A thief who can use a crossbow? He at least had to train with one before. And at least he had to train by the time he was the spymaster already. A crossbow is not that easy to use since the recharging part you need a specific tool and need to know the techinique. So I don't know. If he had used a dagger, okay, i'll side with you.
  13. Thanks <3. We all love the spicy memes.
  14. It was so damn tinfoiled I had to think you were saying that with heart hahaha. Because these days a thread just like your post was somewhere in the forum so........ hahaha
  15. Dude. I was joking.