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  1. Did Brandon Stark rape Ashara Dayne?

    I think this sums up everything that happened with her. She died because of grief and not of shame. She wasn't ashamed as far as we know about what happened in Harrenhall. The dishounered factor that Selmy explains is his interpretation for having sex with another man while she's single. She never married the man she had sex, so for him she was dishounered. That's it I guess.
  2. Who will be missed the most if he/she was killed? And why?

    That's indeed true. I don't like the Other being the biggest threat to Westeros. I'd rather have a human trying to destroy everything for simple rage and despair (probably for losing her two left children). That would be awesome, and we could at least try to understand her reasons. But we'll never be able to understand the others for example. That's true, but he's to devious to be left alive until the end. Sansa will take care of it.
  3. What was the best scene from the books in your opinion?

    We all are. I'm biased forwards Aegon targaryen and Tyrion. I love both of them, the Cyvasse game was freaking awesome.
  4. What was the best scene from the books in your opinion?

    I can see from your profile name why you think that hahahaha. And that scene was amazing, for many reasons. It was the pinnacle of the Jaime's transformation as a good person. A genuely good person.
  5. Rhaegar wasn't polygamous, he was dumping Elia for Lyanna

    I lol'd but that's true. But even so, maybe more people than you think could join up forces with Rhaegar to usurp the Throne. People adored Rhaegar, but that kidnapp just to get a prophecy baby was hard to explain to the other lords.
  6. Rhaegar wasn't polygamous, he was dumping Elia for Lyanna

    He was dumping Elia for Lyanna, okay. But the real question is why? I didn't have the time to read all the 5 pages but, some may say he was trying to find a woman to have the 3 headed dragon, or, so he could make the PTWP. And even then, he didn't have to choose Lyanna Stark to do so. So why her specifically. He could bang a fisherwoman for all he knew at the time, why picking up the daughter of one of the most powerful lords in the kingdom?
  7. Quaithe Doesn't Exist (SPOILERS ALL)

    He's talking to Mance Ryder who is secretaly Rhaegar who is secretaly Euron who is secretally Daario Naharis who is.........
  8. Val is Jon’s true Queen. Four.

    That would be cool. Because I really believe that the downfall of the Wall is a metaphorical one. Where the oaths and vows people make don't have any value and the NW itself isn't the same anymore. And that is why the Others have so much space to grow in numbers.
  9. Val is Jon’s true Queen. Four.

    I like this. If jon really become the king in the north we'll have finally peace between the North and the free folk. And the wall will serve it's real purpose defend the kingdom from the Others. Very nice.
  10. Quaithe Doesn't Exist (SPOILERS ALL)

    One more to my crackpot list. Thanks mate.
  11. Let's discuss crackpottery

    That one is actually interesting. It'd explain why the heck Doran sent the useless Aero hotah to find him. dude. wtf.
  12. Let's discuss crackpottery

    But the Aegon being really Aegon is not a theory. Is canon (as far as the text says until now). Theory is that he's NOT aegon. And I like the Septa Lemore one. It'll be sick if it turns out to be true.
  13. Who will be missed the most if he/she was killed? And why?

    She'll kill everyone in the book before dying. hahaha
  14. Who will be missed the most if he/she was killed? And why?

    Classic Tormond. I'd miss Stannis as well, the chapters where he is in are freaking awesome. Even when he barely talks. He has this cool presence where everyone around him feels smaller.
  15. So, again, if you're familiar with me I don't like to make many theories, I enjoy more the part where we can talk about our experiences as readers and/or our opinions about a particular issue. That being said, I have another question for all you guys and gurls. Who you'll miss the most if he/she died? For me it'd be Tyrion and Varys (not that creative I know). Most because they are what made me like the series so much, the schemes, the smartness, the roleplay to achieve what one wants. They don't have much power of them own (tyrion has money and Varys has information), but the power that each one have are used in such ways that makes me chill. So, what about you guys?