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  1. His army is outnumbered, starving, and in the freezing cold. Those are all major disadvantages. Maybe the question should be, how can he win?
  2. He couldn't have.
  3. Ignore Renly for now and treat with Daenerys. You two have many enemies in common and you can merge the two claims to the throne.
  4. GRRM answered a question about who named Jon with "Jon was named by Ned. Tyrion by his father." So that should have been the end to that theory. I think from a character standpoint, Tywin had reason to suspect Tyrion may not be his, but could never prove anything one way or the other. Probably one of the many reasons he has such disdain for him.
  5. The Tyrells would be good in their own right as rulers.
  6. Narcissistic, prideful, arrogant, and cruel.
  7. There could be about 5-6 different claims to the North. If Martin really wanted to, he could make that situation a huge shitshow. Bran, Harry/Sansa, Arya, Jon (could have two), and Jeyne. Even Rickon could be argued for succession purposes.
  8. Maybe Jon shouldn't come back until late into TWOW.
  9. No,no,no,no, the tapestries are actually in control of the White Walkers and they're conspiring with Littlefinger to sneak into Winterfell and capture it by surprise. Theon's earlier takeover was clearly foreshadowing of this!
  10. "Do and say things that appear to go against my interests." He means to off Harry at some point. My first thought was when the Vale went to take back WF, but possibly sooner. The one really being replaced is Robert Arryn. He could marry Sansa after she gets pregnant with Harry's heir. Harry the heir, Harrold Hardying almost does sound like red herring.
  11. What purpose would Rhaegar even presently have in the story?
  12. Would bet one of them is Dunk & Egg. The first three seasons are practically already written.
  13. Bran, Sam, Davos, one of the Stark girls.
  14. They should have the GOT cast do the audio for Winds.
  15. I think Jaime and Stoneheart are going to Casterly Rock.