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  1. It's to be a hint about Jon's real parentage.
  2. To this I would say, not marrying who you truly love is one of the major themes of the story. If Jon is meant to become the king, marrying a Stark won't do anything for him politically. As to the outline and the last paragraph, I wonder if the end isn't supposed to call back to the rebellion with another love triangle. It is called A Song of Ice & Fire after all and songs repeat the chorus at the end.
  3. Given how Dorne played out in the show (was wasted), you wonder why they didn't include Arianne.
  4. Jaime Lannister.
  5. Great analysis of Sansa's arc.
  6. The only things that have not happened from that outline are Daenerys feeling resentment toward Drogo, Cat & Arya going to the Wall, the Boltons burn Winterfell instead of the Lannisters, Robb dies at a wedding instead of in battle and Sansa hasn't claimed to be pregnant yet. Regarding Jaime: The outline says he was going to frame Tyrion for Joffrey's murder. Cersei wound up doing it instead. We can't yet discount that she may take the throne in her own right, over Tommen & Myrcella's dead bodies. Plus, the last paragraph was blacked out. It must contain some spoilers, it's said that the ending has been the same since 1991 and that outline is from 1993. Most of the major events are similar, the who and the how has changed a bit. Maybe it's like GRRM always says, he knows what is going to happen, he doesn't know how he arrives there yet.
  7. I could see someone with a weak and questionable claim getting the throne in the end, like the Tudors ultimately did.
  8. The Lannister army was weakened in the war. Also, Cersei's incompetence doesn't exactly reassure loyalty. Plus, it sounds like LF could take her out if he needed to. He hints as much to Sansa.
  9. Best thread on here in awhile. It could be that the important thing here is the first hint at Bolton's betrayal. The content of the book could may not even matter at all. Has anyone ever asked GRRM about this?
  10. When all of the clues point to x, the answer isn't y or z.
  11. Arya will die in the last book I think. Too many hints at it. No way GRRM has a good end in mind for a character he's given such lines to like "the lone wolf dies, while the pack survives", "I hope your princess dies", and "they'll find you in Spring frozen with your needle in hand."
  12. Yup, if Sansa married Harry and had a kid, she would be in the same position Lysa was at the start of the series, should anything tragic befall Harry. Perhaps LF thinks he can control her and remain the de facto head of the Vale in all but name.
  13. We need Winds. The theories here are getting ridiculous.
  14. I like Tywin as a character, but he got what he deserved.
  15. I wonder how he feels about the fact that, come next year, many people will know what he intends for the end game king & queen and which major characters live or die.