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  1. Hey now, as a fan of the Detroit Lions, I could easily argue that statement. I mean my team took a slow fat wide receiver who had been out of football for a year with the 10th overall pick (this was after taking a WR at 2 and 6 the previous two years).
  2. Been playing some free to play tower defense over the last few weeks. Dungeon Defenders 2 and Orcs must die unchained both released on the PS4 the last couple of weeks and I've been all in on them. Even though they are both a little different from their original games, mainly due to the free to play model, I'm loving them. Also finally picked up Wasteland 2 during a PS4 sale and I am loving it. Had to start over after 3 of my characters were infected with a virus that I ran out of the cure for, but I learned a lesson, lol.
  3. I didn't realize there was a movie. Is it a seperate entity? I enjoyed the first season of the show, but haven't caught any of the new season yet.
  4. A group of us started a gaming group about 2 years ago. Played nearly every other weekend. Started playing Cattan, real reason we started gaming weekend. Eventually we ended up buying a few other ones (Stone age, Betrayal at House on the hill, Small world, Last night on earth). Then our friend bought Legendary: A marvel deck building game plus like 4 expansions and we played that exclusively for a few months. For the last year though we have switched our game weekends to Dungeons and Dragons and haven't played many board games since.
  5. I have really liked the way free agency has went so far. Signing Wagner and Lang could be huge for this team. Now if the rookie lineman from last year can continue to improve, the Lions could have a good line. I'm also glad they didn't do what I hear people around this state want them to, try and sign Peterson or Charles. I hear people say this all the time and I cringe. I wouldn't touch either of those running backs. In the end, for me anyways, is whether or not this team can win consistantly and in the playoffs with Stafford and Caldwell. So far they haven't been able to, but maybe the future is looking up.
  6. Finally was able to spend some time with Horizon Zero Dawn this weekend and find it to be really fun. I'm not super far into the story, I don't think, but running around the world and killing robot animals is a lot of fun. I'm even enjoying the collectible aspects of the game. Plus, it is a very nice looking game. If you have a PS4 and you like open world games, or just want to hunt robot animals, I would recomend this game all day.
  7. In such a really weird difficult situation, that was very nice to see. What a strange situation. Someone lost a job tonight.
  8. Yeah, forgot about them. I love The Adventure Zone. Keeps me laughing all the way through.
  9. A little over a year ago I started working 10 hour days in which I could listen to my MP3 player all day. Started with music, but after my brothers recomendation I switched to some podcasts. Mostly Kevin Smith's stuff, Smodcast and Hollywood babble on. Then I discovered the wonderful world of Dungeons and Dragons live plays. I started with Aquisitions Incorporated and loved it. Now I regularly listen to mostly Dungeons and Dragons podcasts. Drunks and Dragons, Sneak Attack, Godsfall, DMBlock, Critical Hit just to name a few. I personally use Itunes because most of what I listen to is on there and it's easy to transfer to my little MP3 player (tried using my Kindle, but wasn't loud enough for work).
  10. That could be really interesting. I have loved the idea of a stephen king series like this since watching American horror story.
  11. Wow....I am spent after that 4th. Holy shit what a game by Brady and the Patriots. Congratulations to all Patriot fans, you get to experience something I can't even dream about. What a game.
  13. Holy Shit! How did he catch that?
  14. Thanks a lot man, I just threw up in mouth.
  15. I just have a hard time picking against B&B. Granted, those picks didn't work out well against the Giants twice, but I just believe Bellicheck will come up with something to slow the Falcons down some what.