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  1. What a crazy ass game between the Saints and the Lions. Tipped passes, defensive TD's, players being carted off the field left and right. Some blue sky fans in the Detroit area are going to talk about how the Lions showed perseverance to almost come back after being down 45-10, but I say bullshit to that. I don't care one iota about perseverance. I care about wins and I care about Stafford making it through the season alive. There was no fucking reason for Stafford to be in that game when they were down 35 points. That line was so beat up that there was talk of a Tight end coming in to play tackle. At that point they needed to pull Stafford and let him rest. He has been getting crushed the last three weeks and was being hammered in the backfield all day. Should have sat him for the rest of this game and let him heal up in the bye week. But nope, he stayed in (Tate did for a bit until he was broken in half, twice) took huge hits to the ribs and almost came back. So at the end of the year when they talk about the teams that might make the playoffs, the Lions can be the team that almost made it, they really really really tried, but they were just a bit short.
  2. No need to watch the ep to set it up. Boys are playing superhero and trying to sell their universe to Netflix for shows. Some of the boys don't like how Cartman is running it so they split. That's where the game starts I believe. Can't wait for it. I got pretty excited last night because my PS4 suddenly downloaded the game. I thought maybe digital pre order gave it to me early or something, but nope, I have the game buy there is a countdown timer until I can play it, the bastards, lol.
  3. I love the first game. Just played through it again a few weeks ago when I pre ordered Fractured but whole.
  4. Loved this episode. I enjoy any of the episodes that have the Coon and Friends in it. Having Zuckerberg show up with dubbed audio and making his own sound effects was hilarious. Not to mention that the whole half hour episode was basically an advertisement for the game coming out next week, which I am extremely pumped for.
  5. The league I am in with my family, my brother won 98 - 96 due to that TD. Gotta say, for my first Monday night game in a long while (usually working) that was an enjoyable game to watch. Kirk Cousins looked like he wanted this game with his late game runs, but Alex Smith said "Do you like that" and marched right back down the field. Now the question is; can the Chiefs win a playoff game?
  6. I am not what one would consider a picky music listener (I love the new Taylor swift song, lol), so I will listen to most music. Give me your Spears, Minaj, Swift, Azalea, I will listen and sing along with them all (which at 41 looks quite funny), but you put Creed's "Arms wide open" on the radio and I will run my car off the rode. Back when that song was out it was everywhere and I hated every lyric, note and angsty screech during it. My wife loved cranking that song in the car just to see the expression on my face.
  7. I've been watching videos of that game. Looks and sounds beautiful, but just not my game type.
  8. Are the Seahawks rivals with every NFL team or are they just huge douchebags? Seems like every Seahawk game I watch they are wanting to fight the other team.
  9. I was just coming on here to say it's like an awful picture or video that you just can't stop looking at. It's not good, you know it's not good, but you still watch. My best hope now is a Cardinal field goal to end in a tie.
  10. I like the style of the show. These aren't the best of the best on a top of the line ship. These are just regular people on an average ship. I'm really enjoying it.
  11. I get that there is a rule that caused the 10 second run off, even if I think it is a shitty rule that almost never effects an outcome. The part that I think they were robbed on is the replay itself. I thought that was one of those plays that should have stood as called whichever way it was called. Not enough evidence to overturn either way (looked like a shadow under his knee that they say was down). Overall though I am happy with the team right now. Went toe to toe with one of the best NFC teams and came a blade of grass away from winning. Also, they need to just sit Ebron. Enough of this joker and his dropped passes. New name should be Drive Killer.
  12. I bought it for PS4 and have been playing it all week. It is almost a different game. While the mechanics are all the same, War of the Chosen adds so much that it changes it quite a bit. There are now other factions that you work with (which give you some new soldier classes that are a bit different), there are 3 super powered alien assasins that are spread out around the world (the chosen) that can appear at times during fights, there are covert missions that you can send soldiers out on that can give you rewards and lastly there are the Lost. The Lost are zombie creatures on some maps that attack everything on the map. They are attracted to loud noises and explosions cause a swarm to show up. There is are tools to lure them to a spot of your choosing, so there are some new tactics you can break out on some maps. Overall the expansions adds a lot to the base game and I am enjoying it even more. I can understand that the 40 dollar price tag isn't for everyone, but I would still recomend it if you like the base game. If the price does put you off, definitely watch for a sale, cause it is a fun expansion.
  13. But Patrick Hockstetter is afraid of one thing, leeches. The scene in which he is eventually killed reveals that he is afraid leeches are sucking his "realness" out of him.
  14. I guess I must be in the minority, but I like the new Lions uniforms. I especially liked them when they played away at the Bills with the blue pants Yesterday's Lions game was interesting for me. First pass by Stafford had the people who hated on the Lions for the contract shouting "See, he sucks!!!". Then you see that his receiver was knocked down right as he let the ball go. Next we see a bad snap/drop on a punt which eventually saw the punter run it out of the endzone to about the 8 - 10 yard line. A play on which he tore every ligament in his knee. Then there is a kickoff which the returner, inexplicably, lets the ball roll to him in the endzone and thinks "hey, I should try and return this now." Which ends before the 10 yard line. After all that, the Cardinals were up 10-0. The Lions defense looked really good. Held Johnson in check. Pressured Palmer all day, even without sacking him much. Tackled well when called upon. Now after a good win, there are stills some questions: Are the Cardinals any good? Was yesterday a good defensive performance by the Lions or is Palmer done. Will the Lions be able to run the ball this season? Their line didn't run block very well at all yesterday and they will need to do a better job going forward. Will special teams be better? Huge gaffes on special teams caused major problems, need to clean that up. Anyway, after yesterday I am sticking by my 7 to 9 win prediction for this team, but they looked good.
  15. Saw this Friday and really liked it. It had a few good jumps and Pennywise was great. I thought the kids did a nice job acting wise. I had a few gripes about the movie, but full disclosure, IT is my favorite book. I have read it probably 10 or more times, so nothing the movie was going to do was going to compare with the book for me, but I think they did a nice job. Funny theater story. During the movie there was a quick scene in which one of the boys picks up a turtle made of Legoes. Some guy in the theater I was in was almost offended that it was made with green legos. According to him, green legos weren't around in 89, which he mentioned at least 4 times after that scene.