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  1. I got a feeling we will see at least one book about Snoke. As for the next movie, I could see them going a few different ways. 1. Time jump. Move the time forward 5-10 years. Have the First Order more in control, but, as the empire found out, it is a big galaxy and "the more they tighten their grip, the more systems slip through their fingers". They then have a reestablished rebellion with Poe, Fin and Rey as "legends/heroes". The movie could be about the final group from Jedi finally making a last ditch effort to take out Kylo. Starts with Rose and Fin on a water planet at some dive bar trying to make a deal with some shady characters for information. They get the information and meet up with Poe. They are then ambushed by the Order which leads to a nice chase see using some sort of water skimmer. Ultimately saved as the Falcon swoops in and blasts the order. Then Poe, Fin and Rose meet up with Rey and they discuss the information they found and decide it is the best chance to get at Kylo, so they set out to take him out. Final epic space battle as a massive Rebellion fleet (filled with random ass ships) against the First Order fleet. Poe can shine as he pilots and leads a force of hodge podge fighters in his X-wing. All the while Fin, Rose and Rey are infiltrating Kylo's ship. Cue final showdown between Fin and Phasma, Kylo and Rey and BB-8 and evil BB-8. 2. A fast paced movie in which Kylo Ren is hunting the last remnants of the rebellion. His actions become more ruthless and viscious as the movie continues and he is thwarted at all turns and the main cast continue to escape. Finally, in the climatic ending, Kylo pens the heroes on jakku. Great chase/battle with the Falcon, Poe's xwing and a bunch of tie fighets. Then finally the confrontation between Kylo and Rey which takes place within the crashed star destroyer. Kylo gets the upper hand and raises his saber for the final blow when he looks up and sees the ghosts of his father, mother and Luke, all of which look sad and disapointed. This causes him to hesitate and Rey recovers and drives her blade into his chest. 3. Rey, Fin and the rest of the heroes discover the First Order have decided to build a giant galaxy destroying base. It's not quite done yet and they find out Kylo and Hux will both be on the base. They then infiltrate have some massive fights. Kylo dies in the end by Rey's hand. Then the ultimate death of the series; Chewie uses the Falcon as kamikaze missile to crash into the center energy core of the base and takes out the entire Station. <--lets be honest, this is probably pretty close to what someone is thinking right now, lol.
  2. So your opinion is the correct one? I'm just trying to understand whose opinion I should listen to. I mean I know a lot of people who loved TFA, but according to you it was "luke warm derivative bollocks". So whose opinion is correct. I get it. You didn't like the movie along with all those examples you gave (which, by the way, were all opinion based) and I'm fine with that. I gave up a long time ago careing whether others liked the things I liked. My question to you is, why do you care what critics or fans or people who like the movie think? You didn't like it, for which I'm sorry because I hate to see anyone waste time on something they didn't like, but that doesn't mean that others can't like it.
  3. I thought for sure I had read something somewhere about it, but couldn't remember exactly which book or what. Besides, isn't "These aren't the droids you're looking for" basically altering memory?
  4. Yeah, I'm working it through still. It does set up a nice dynamic that she will need to finally end the line of Skywalker that brought so much pain to the galaxy. Plus, as I said, I thought her relief at being free from some lineage pressure was well done. I think I am mostly fine with it, it just seemed odd to me after having read and watched so many things having to do with the Skywalker/Solo clan, that someone other than them will come along. Looking forward to what they do with her and kylo in the next movie now.
  5. Good win by the Lions. Now they need to just continue winning and hope for a little help from Seattle or Atlanta to hold the door open. Granted, I wish they would have scored a bit more against the Bears, but that is Caldwell's way, get a lead and sit on it. Also didn't like them trying to throw it at the end like they did. Thought for sure Stafford had a broken collarbone the way he was hit and landed.
  6. Honestly. I thought it was going to come out that Luke felt that it was his fault that Ben turned and he used the Force to wipe things from her. Then he left her with someone he thought would care for her and left to seal himself off from the force. Granted, it may not be a great theory, but it was what I was thinking.
  7. Saw this movie this morning and I have to say, that scene was one of the best I've seen. The way it was done with the silence and the pause was perfect. You could feel the entire packed theater draw in breath and hold it. Huge applause after also. I will say, as a disclaimer, that I am an easy mark with Star Wars. I'm not hard to please at all. With that said, I loved the movie. I thought every scene with Luke was golden. He brought comedy and tension with every scene and, I think, stole the show. His final showdown between the "empire" and Kylo was perfect. My only gripe was that his lightsaber wasn't green (I know, petty right). This was another scene that the audience shook the theater with it's eruption. Kylo Ren, again, impressed me. I enjoyed the portrayal of him in the first movie and watching him grow in this one and actually deciding that he wasn't Vader, but his own person was great. His dispatching of Snoke shocked me. Wasn't expecting that at all. I liked Rey a lot also. Her tension and stress about wanting to know who she was and where she belonged, something that the audience shared, was palpable. Then when she found out that her parents weren't anyone, that "this isn't her story", as Kylo put it (a fantastic line, I thought) you could see a weight fall off of her. She then decided for herself who she wanted to be. She wasn't bound by fate or what have you. Leia. What can I say about her part? I thought she was fine, but was suprised by how much she was in the movie. Her part was well done (not sure how much was filmed before her passing). Now the meh, stuff. While I laughed, along with the audience, at Poe's opening sequence it felt almost forced. The scene after it with the bombing run and destruction of the Dreadnaught was cool, but felt tacked on just to give Poe something to do. Looked fantastic though. I especially liked how the bombers felt like WW2 bombers in a way, with the little "ball turret" gunners. Now we come to the side trip to the casino and the slow chase through space of the rebellion. This strangely felt out of place to me. Almost like in an RPG video game when the world's ending, but you stop from saving it so you can bring some wife her dead husbands wedding ring. Again, all of the scenes were really cool and it lead to some pretty bad ass scenes with Fin and Phasma, but just felt tacked on. Also, I'm not sure what to think about them introducing the new quirky character who was only there to betray them and get the rest of the rebellion destroyed. I am curious if this character shows up again or not. In the end I feel that, as cool as he is, Poe Dameron is a bit out of place and they are struggling to find something for him to do. Should have kept him in an X-wing leading a desperate rear action trying to protect the Frigates. Finally the dispatching of the two big mysteries from the first movie. Who is Snoke and who were Rey's parents. While the Snoke question still remains, it doesn't seem to be as big of an issue now. I'm not quite sure what to think about this. On one hand, his scene with Rey and Kylo was good and I couldn't stop staring at his face and head trying to see a resemblance to someon form the earlier trilogies. Then his death was perfectly executed. Yet, on the second hand, we still know nothing about him. Rey's parents. I for one was positive she was Luke's daughter. I either thought he lefter her on Jakku with someone watching over her for "reasons" or thought she perished when Kylo destroyed the Jedi Academy. To find out, according to Kylo, that her parents were nobodies was almost a blow. I mean this series so far was all about the Skywalker family. To suddenly have just some rando show up and be super powerful seems from out of no where. I'm not quite sure how I feel about this yet. In the end, love this movie. I may not rate it as high as Awakens or Empire, but I would put it up there with Jedi and Ep 4.
  8. Going to see this Saturday morning. Won't have as many people as we did for Force Awakens (had 17 people for that), but there is a small group of us going. That is if I don't decide to sneak a viewing myself Friday morning, lol.
  9. In the old thread Sperry said: I was watching that. I really thought he was going to make into the crowd. I couldn't believe there wasn't more team officials with him, especially after it started to escalate. I'm not agreement about the NFL's implosion, but it was an ugly scene. The amazing thing about the ending of that game was that all of that crap happened when the Jags were doing the victory formation. I don't normally have issues with the Seahawks, but that was just sore losing there. Gotta feel bad for Wentz and the Eagles. That team was so much fun to watch and they looked like they were enjoying the hell out of playing this game. My first thought when he took that hit was ACL, just the way his foot stayed planted but his knee bent, just ugly all around.
  10. Me and my family love this game. First time we played it, we played wrong, you could draw cards, play trains and even draw new route cards all on the same turn, instead of just one of those things and I think it makes the game flow better. Also love Catan. When my family and friends first started game day, it was due to Catan. My brother and and I really wanted to try this game out. Now game day is mainly D&D, but every once in a while we break out Legendary or Catan or Betrayal or one of the myriad other games we have bought over the years.
  11. I don't know if I would have Brees on that list, Tywin, I don't even think he is the most valuable player on his team. I do agree about Wilson though, that guy just seems to carry that team to whatever heights it reaches.
  12. I even expected something to happen, but when it did, I lost my shit. The way Bortus and Klyden cheered was great.
  13. Seeing the news about the Giants clearing house filled me with envy. I really really really wanted to wake up and see the Lions did that to Jim Caldwell. This guy is just not a good coach. He has horrible time management skills, doesn't know when to challenge plays, doesn't know when to go for it or when not to. And to top it all off, he has trouble counting to 11. Lions ran a 3rd and 7 defense with 9 players lined up. Seems to be a time where counting to 11 was important. I guess Jim Caldwell wanted to take some timeouts home with him. Please Martha, please, get rid of this coaching staff this year. They are done, no matter if Jim has a winning record or not. Drop the bomb on this staff and let Quinn run a coaching search, something which should have been done when Quinn was hired.
  14. Very nice. I missed out on 4th edition, didn't play for 16 years or so, but I have listened to some podcasts that used it for a while. I think it gets more hate then it should. Hope you all have a great time!
  15. Just a few of my favorites that I haven't seen listed: 5th Element - I love every moment of this movie and can watch it anytime it is on. Wrath of Khan - I saw this in my local theater with my Dad (huge Star Trek fan) and the ending had a profound impact on me. Star Trek VI: Undiscovered Country - I can't say why, but I absolutely love this entry in the Star Trek franchise. Those aren't necesarily my favorite, but the three I thought of first.