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  1. I love him in everything I have seen in him. For some reason I have a hard time remembering his name and everytime I see him, all I can think of is his small role in A Knight's Tale. "Take a knee"
  2. I liked them both as Johnny storm, lol. The movies around them were crap (I enjoyed the first fantastic movie), but I don't think they were the problem. Mainly writing and completely F'ing up one of the best Marvel villains ever.
  3. I'll have to check him out. I watch a lot of youtube/twitch while gaming and those three games are mainstays on my laptop right now. I did just pick up Nioh on a PS4 sail and I must say, I am enjoying it so far. I'm not super far into it, beat the first stage after the tutorial and one of the sub missions that took place in that same area. Definately a fun game that has enough of a Souls vibe to it that it scratches my Souls itch.
  4. Yes. Everything that happens between Jim and Dwight is comedy gold.
  5. I'm way behind on this, but randomly watched an episode of the Office a week ago and have been watching it on Netflix ever since. I'm not sure why I didn't watch this when it originally aired, but I am laughing my ass off at this show. I'm glad I found the time to finally watch this.
  6. I may end up getting into the Breech. I'm gonna watch some videos on it to make sure it's something I would like. Loved FTL. I've been playing a ton of Slay the Spire. That game is an asshole. lol. Addicting gameplay that I love. But, since it's early access, I have hit the point where I don't have any thing else to unlock. The gameplay is good enough that I keep playing though.
  7. God please no. As a Lions fan, Brees to Minnesota would be horrible. 2 games a season against Rogers and 2 against Brees. Damn that would suck.
  8. I see what you are saying. I for one am loving the D&D stuff that is out there and I hope the movie is done well. I liked Lego Batman, so hopefully he does it well.
  9. It is selling like that. Not to mention you add in the streaming aspect and it is getting out to more people then it ever did in the early days. I mean, there are billboards up in LA for a twitch livestream of people playing Dungeons and Dragons. I am not sure about numbers wise, but for overall people interested, I think it is much larger then it was. It is an interesting point about them wanting their new version of the Forgotten Realms showcased. Things did change quite a bit so I could see them wanting their newest version on screen. For me, though, I've never been a "settings" guy. I always use my own homebrewed world, so I would be more likely to connect to characters, rather than setting. Unless of course they bring Ravenoft to the big screen, then I my excitement could be piqued a little more.
  10. That was one thing about the movie that blew me away. I can't point to one actor in the movie that I didn't like. Everyone was fantastic.
  11. Thats how I would start. The crystal shard could be a pretty solid, trilogy that could bring in the fans.
  12. I think that would be fucking fantastic. The popularity of Dungeons and Dragons is at an all time high. It would be difficult to try and replicate the home game on the big screen (unless they reboot the old cartoon, which Netflix needs to get on), but they have a huge backlog of settings and characters they could choose from instead of going generic.
  13. That was my thought. Why not start with Drizz't and Bruenor and them. Get a good writer and director to tell the story. Then it's actually a Dungeons and Dragons movie, not just a fantasy movie calling itself Dungeons and Dragons.
  14. I'm not quite sure. The more I think of it, I think it just bothers me that Jordan and Boseman didn't have more together. The immediate "lets fight" felt forced, especially because (i think?) T'challa knows that Killmonger is his cousin at that point. It may also just be selfish of me. With how great Jordan and Boseman were i wanted to see more scenes with them. Plus the second fight just wasn't that good, IMO.
  15. As someone who is hugely into Dungeons and Dragons (playing, listening to podcasts and watching on Twitch) I am interested. I wish they would adapt some of the characters from some of the books (I think the time is ripe for a live action Dragonlance series) and not just use the setting, but I am interested. It will all come down to the writing and acting. They could really fuck it up like they did the first Dungeons and Dragons movie, or make a classic like LOTR. I'm just hoping for something that is good.