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  1. GRRM , Stephen King and Agatha Christie
  2. Arianne Martell Barristan Selmy Jon Connington Areo Hotah Melisandre Asha Greyjoy Aeron Greyjoy Arys Oakheart Quentyn Martell Victarion Greyjoy
  3. This is even better
  4. Tommen - Such a moron . I also dislike Dany ,Balon , Walder Frey and Stannis.
  5. I also think that KL is going to burn , but not in the way you see it . 1.Cersei actually may attemp to burn the city , but not in this circumstances . And she will not be killed by Jaime . Loras will be the valonqar . 2.No way . 3.Even if there is a big battle in KL , its hard to believe that Jaime will burn the city,It's not in his style.
  6. Football TPB will do the same .
  7. In the books Arya is told about the doom by the Kindly man in Braavos . In episode 5 Jaqen telling her about the first faceless men , who was a slave in the mines in Valyria , and later , he started delivering the gift of mercy to other slaves . Maybe he begun to recruiting new members to the organization and then they raised revolt . So , i was wondering , did the FM somehow caused the Doom of Valyria ? If they not , what caused the Doom ?
  8. Same here . Just can't imagine another actors playing Tywin and Stannis . I really like Jerome Flynn as Bronn Maisie Williams as Arya is playing pretty good too .
  9. The CotF used that spiral pattern for ancient rituals. You can learn more from here. 2:52
  10. It's not sure if Jorah survives he will become hand of dany , but he will stand beside her anyway. Yeah.And probably the red priestess will do that.That's how i see it .
  11. 1. Barristan Selmy 2.Garlan Tyrell 3.Sandor Clegane 4.Areo Hotah 5. Brynden Tully 6.Bronn 7.Bronze Yohn
  12. I think the odds are against the White walkers . Dragons can fly , so the WW can't catch them . The wights are useless here . But the four guys who led them seems to be more powerful. In the last episode we've seen him walk through fire . Anyways , i hope the dragonfire will kill them .
  13. Same here .
  14. I'm sure you will change your mind , when she remove her necklace. (Sorry for that double-post)