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  1. While I realize, blatedly, that the NK/WW terminology is show, the point here was to actually make a case for ice dragons.
  2. Still enough to cause havoc, though, one would think...
  3. Newbie, here. I apologize in advance for my tin foil. But... If the white walkers do make it past the wall, the 7 kingdoms are screwed, plenty of dead men for them to bring back to life. The most natural thing for people to do to survive is to move south, and hide behind what could be the last bastion of safety remaining, the walls of King's Landing. But there ARE dragon remains at KL. We are only told of the skulls, but we don't know anything of the rest of their remains. We also don't know the full extent of the Night King's/White Walker's power. We don't know if, perhaps, he/they have a Lego-type reassembly power, only that we can assume that they haven't had to use it yet, with plentiful corpses about to serve their purposes for the time being. I haven't seen any powers spectacular enough from the WW to see how 3 dragons wouldn't just take care of business and be home before supper without the WW having something else up their sleeves... Ok, you may commence with tin foil jokes.