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  1. So you're saying he just wants to ride the fence all the way to the end. That's an interesting take. Idk. I can't see him sending Quentyn to fail. Are you willing to put your son's life at risk for that. Obviously there's no way he could've foreseen the dragon thing but that's still a dangerous trip when your end goal is just to ride the fence. Seems like that can be accomplished just by doing nothing (ie Lysa and the Vale)
  2. I agree about this probably didn't come about until after viserys died and it's unclear when Doran got that news to adjust the plan. I don't even know if it's necessarily about the dragons, more just Viserts dying, thus ruining the Viserys-Arianne. The dragons were just something extra. It was definitely confirmed that Viserys was dead before Oberyn went to KL and that's the important part. And I'm not saying Oberyn should've been sent to marry Dany, just to convince Dany to drop what she was doing and come to Westeros and maybe convince her to marry Quentynn. I don't think Oberyn to KL was the best decision. Yes, the point was to just go and observe and make potential allies. Sending a person who is a known hothead and pining for vengeance is not the person to send. Quentyn would've been perfect in that role. He's going to blend in, not cause trouble, and observe. Oberyn created trouble as soon as he got there and shouldn't have been surprising considering the type of person he is. Petty things such as looks do matter to a teenaged girl who does not have a father (or a brother) to tell her what to do. I think it's ridiculous to act Quentyn's looks didn't play a part. Was Quentyn's looks a deciding factor? No. But it definitely was a factor in how she reacted to Quentyn. When I said nothing to offer her, I meant nothing to offer her to get her out of the current situation. Dorne is essentially on the other side of the world. He couldn't help her out of the Meereen situation. Even if she decided to just abandon Meereen, he couldn't even get her back to Dorne. He had no ships, no nothing to get her and her army to Westeros if she did agree. And Dorne is no where near the key to Westeros so she can live without Dorne. I actually think she will because Dorne is probably going Aegon at this point.
  3. Somehow I think I've become a Cersei supporter/apologist/defender (not sure what the right word is). It really annoys me when people say Cersei does not love her children and/or Jaime. It just too simplistic of an interpretation imo. Cersei does love Jaime and her children. It's an unhealthy twisted sort of love, but it's love nonetheless. The tragedy of Cersei is that she never learned how to love in a healthy way and that issue is partially why she is the way she is.
  4. I generally agree with the OP. I annoys me to no end that Quentyn and Doran just thought they could show up with a piece of paper that didn't even mention Dany and she would just drop everything and marry Quentyn. Even if she hadn't just agreed to marry Hizdahr this plan was never going to work. However, I do understand @Lord Varys point about overall timing. Had Quentyn met Dany at Quarth maybe she would've more receptive, even though I'm still not convinced she would've married him, but at the very least she would've started toward Westeros. Doran's biggest problem is not necessarily the plan itself though, it's who he sent to do it. Quentyn was not the right person to send. As I said above, Quentyn came with nothing and not only that, Quentyn is apparently below average in the looks department and he doesn't have much of a personality. And this is the guy you thought was going to convince a teen aged girl to get married. Dany is mature for her age in all that, but she's still a teenager and she's not going to drop what she's doing for a guy like Quentyn when he has nothing else to offer her. I think the roles of Oberyn and Quentyn should've been switched. Even if Oberyn is not the one to marry Dany, he would've done a much better job of convincing Dany to leave Meereen and maybe even possibly marry Quentyn in the end. And Quentyn could've gone to KL and not gotten himself killed.
  5. To answer the original question I really really hope she was not pregnant by now Daario just because I can't stand Daario and will never understand Dany's infatuation with him. But if Dany was pregnant and was in fact having a miscarriage, the baby would have to be Daario or Hizdahr's. More likely Daario due to timing. I do think it's likely she was having a miscarriage, but I think it's very premature to state it as fact as some on this thread have done. It could be miscarriage, the bloody flux or she could just be having a really heavy period. We don't know at this point and it's definitely clear. With that said I really like @Ygrain's thought about the berries causing the miscarriage by acting as abortive. I never thought about that. I also like the poster who had the figurative interpretation of Mirri's prophecy.
  6. I don't understand why people want Dany to someone else so bad. 1) The lemon tree thing is not really as big an issue as people try to make it out to be. Why a lemon tree is in Braavos is adequately explained twice (i think) in Feast. Yes there are no trees in Braavos except in the yards of the rich people that can afford them. So it just means the house with the red door was the house of a rich person in Braavos probably the Sea Lord that signed as a witness on the Viserys/Arianne betrothal. They were more than likely thrown out when that Sea Lord died. Even if this is not the case it could just mean Dany was a little kid at the time who moved around a lot and misremembers where exactly the house with the red door was. GRRM does a lot of nonreliable narrators. So without more the whole lemon tree thing, without more, doesn't indicate some big conspiracy to me. 2) Not really. I know Barristan says something along those lines, but by physical description just seems like the similarities are that they both have purple eyes, 3) The first Daenerys was a Targaryen princess who married a Dornish prince becoming a Dornish princess, but she was still Targ first so it's not weird that another Targ would use the name. Also, Daenerys is presumably derived from Daenys who was a veryimportant figure in Targ history so another reason why the name is not a stretch. 4) True, Quaithe is a mystery, but unless she turns out to be Ashara her presence with Dany doesn't indicate Dany is not Rhaella's. At this point Quaithe could be anyone: Rhaella, Shiera Seastar, maybe even just Quaithe. And as I always say on these threads, if Dany is not Rhaella's where is Rhaella's baby. There seems to be no question Rhaella was pregnant. Maybe she miscarried, but then how did anyone explain a baby popping up. Maybe she had a stillborn. Same thing then, where did the baby come from. For the timeline to work Dany had to have already been at Dragonstone or had to have been smuggled in before Viserys and Dany were smuggled out of DS.
  7. I've always wondered about this. Assuming for a moment that the Grand Northern Conspiracy is true and almost everyone is working to crown Jon, it has always bothered the Northerners were just cool with him betraying his vows even if Robb did release him especially considering how important the NW is supposedly to the North. Seems like there would at least be some muttering about it even if they accepted it. To the OP, Jon is really the only one who makes sense. He thought all his brothers and sisters were dead so no point in willing it to them. If there is a baby, WF would go to the baby anyway by law so no point in willing it to the baby. Edmure was already Lord to Riverrun and he had no Stark blood. He wasn't going to will to a random Vale lord. And Karstark was definitely out since he had just killed Rickard. Cat maybe, but then you a problem later on because she eventually going to die with no children (for what Robb knew) and even if she had more children, they wouldn't be Starks.
  8. The issue with this discussion is I think we're looking at from the view. I don't think it's about what's legal vs. illegal. The "rules" in Westeros don't seem to turn on what is legal and what is illegal, but more what is accepted and what is not accepted. For instance, rape is illegal, but it is accepted in certain situations. When there is a battle or the sacking of a town women are expected to be raped and very few are punished for it during these situations (with the exception of people with Stannis). Sure people lament it, but it seems to be an expected and accepted part of war. Conversely, polygamy may not be explicitly illegal, but it doesn't seem to be an accepted practice as shown by the reaction to Maegor doing it and from no other Targs doing afterward even when it could have beneficial (had Duncan been able to do it maybe they could've avoided the Baratheon rebellion). I can't count Aegon as precedent for three reasons. 1) He was married to Visenya and Rhaenys before he came to Westeros. 2) Who was going to be the septon to tell Aegon he was going to have to give up one of his wives right after he conquered almost all of Westeros and Harrenhal and the Field of Fire had just happened. At that point they almost had no choice but to accept it. 3) Rhaenys died pretty early in the reign so he only had one wife for most of his life. There may have been a bigger to do if he took another wife after Rhaenys's death. So yeah I think Jon was born a bastard even if there was some wedding between him and Lyanna because by the standards of Westeros at the time polygamy was not an accepted practice. Even in Dorne, Lyanna would've been considered a paramour and Jon would still be a bastard. With that said, I think it is possible by the end Jon might be accepted as legitimate if for no other reason than he is the best option or they have to accept him because he has a dragon (this thought is not even counting that Robb may have legitimized him anyway). I don't want to be king but I could see it for these reasons regardless of whether he's a bastard
  9. GRRM doesn't use hair color to prove parentage. It really only applied in the Baratheon-Lannister scenario. When a Baratheon procreates with a Lannister the black hair wins. But it doesn't apply in the Stark-Tully marriage. All the kids except Arya got Tully hair and no one questions who Robb, Sansa, Bran & Rickon's father is. Also, as someone on this site pointed out a while ago (I'm sorry I don't remember who), when Targs marry outside their own the first child tends to have the features of the other parent and the other children tend to have Targ features. So assuming RLJ is true Jon looks would follow that pattern.
  10. I don't it matters whether Tyrion believes Aegon to be the real thing. That's really not important. Whats important is that another "Targaryen" is making a claim. And Tyrion knows that.
  11. I wonder about this. News in Meereen is traveling to Westeros but news doesn't seem to be going the opposite direction. Maybe I'm forgetting so if I am let me know but Dany seems to have no clue what's going on with Westeros. I feel like the last news she acknowledged was Ned & Robert dying. Stannis, Renly, Red & Purple Weddings, Iron Islands - does she know about any of this? News of Westeros seemingly not getting to her make me think she won't know about Aegon unless Tyrion tells her (which I think he will, though not immediately) until she gets closer to Westeros, probably Pentos.
  12. I thinking lying is wrong word. I believe Robb when he said he had plans. Robb left before Renly died but he wasn't in some remote location where he could not receive messages. He was more than likely up to date with the news of the war. Thinking Stannis would attack KL is not a big jump, Cersei & Tyrion knew he would attack too. He made the guess Tywin would come west bc he figured Tywin wouldn't allow his own lands to be savaged the RL were. The Tyrells were the wildcard. No one knew what they were going to do until they made the deal with Tywin, which was able to happen bc Tywin could not get past stone mill. IMO it's more accurate to say at most he was unduly harsh on Edmure bc he needed to guilt Edmure into marrying a Frey to make amends for his own mistake, which was bigger than Edmure's. However, I still haven't made up my mind about whether I'm on Edmure's side in this. A commander doesn't have to give everyone the plan. Edmure was given orders & he didn't follow them. Not knowing the full plan doesn't excuse that to me. I think Edmure's best excuse is that "hold Riverrun" is open to interpretation. But even that is suspect when you consider Edmure's motives. Seems to me he didn't do it bc he thought he was "holding Riverrun" he did it because he want to gain some glory the way Robb was especially since he had a bad showing the first time around with getting captured & having to be rescued by his young nephew.
  13. Part of the job is your co-workers. Liking or disliking your job is more than just about the work. If your boss comes in and screams at you everyday or you co-workers continually throws you under the bus, you're telling me that's not going to affect how you feel about your job?
  14. Being committed to fighting the Others & being committed to the NW are two different things. I'm only only talking about the latter. He can fight Others without being in the NW. Arguably he could do a better job. Along those same lines he can stay committed to killing others but he can change how he goes about it i.e. by not being concerned about his vows & leaving the NW. People trying to kill you no matter how few it is is a big deal. So yeah I'd say to hell with it. Reminder I'm talking about being a part of the NW not the broader issue of fighting the others. The fact is neither we nor Jon know how many people are actually involved. Only a few did the actual stabbing but how many knew it was going to happen & did nothing. Hes not going to know who he can trust. The few people he could probably trust 100% he sent away.
  15. One leads to the other. It's very difficult to enjoy your job and thus be dedicated to it if you don't like the people you work with. For Jon I would think it would be even worse. It's not even that he dislikes them, he can't trust them.