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  1. Part of the job is your co-workers. Liking or disliking your job is more than just about the work. If your boss comes in and screams at you everyday or you co-workers continually throws you under the bus, you're telling me that's not going to affect how you feel about your job?
  2. Being committed to fighting the Others & being committed to the NW are two different things. I'm only only talking about the latter. He can fight Others without being in the NW. Arguably he could do a better job. Along those same lines he can stay committed to killing others but he can change how he goes about it i.e. by not being concerned about his vows & leaving the NW. People trying to kill you no matter how few it is is a big deal. So yeah I'd say to hell with it. Reminder I'm talking about being a part of the NW not the broader issue of fighting the others. The fact is neither we nor Jon know how many people are actually involved. Only a few did the actual stabbing but how many knew it was going to happen & did nothing. Hes not going to know who he can trust. The few people he could probably trust 100% he sent away.
  3. One leads to the other. It's very difficult to enjoy your job and thus be dedicated to it if you don't like the people you work with. For Jon I would think it would be even worse. It's not even that he dislikes them, he can't trust them.
  4. While it's possible he won't take advantage I think you're ignoring two things with this argument. 1) People are supposed to come back changed when they're resurrected. Just because he was dedicated before doesn't mean he's going to come back with the same dedication. 2) Even taking out of consideration the groundwork that's been built for changed personalities upon resurrection. The guy just got stabbed in the back by people he believed to be his brothers. That has got to make him jaded and have an effect. I can have all the dedication in the world to my job, but if people at my job screw me over that's no doubt going to have an effect on my dedication to the job.
  5. This has always been my thoughts on Jon. Yeah it's a loophole but I've always felt like Jon has to leave the Watch/Wall at some point. He's seemingly too important of a character to stay so geographically removed from everyone else. I do think he's going to come back to the Wall eventually to fight the Others. Also, for everyone saying it's not in Jon's character to use this loophole is forgetting that when he's resurrected he's more than likely going to come back with a different personality. That groundwork has already been set with Beric & Stoneheart.
  6. So I'm on my fourth reread of the books and I just got to the beginning of Feast. Feast is by far my least favorite, but I can't bring myself to just skip it. Even though I don't like it, I recognize important things happen. I know there are a lot of people on here who name Feast as their favorite book. So I'm asking specifically those people, what are the things you like? What should I be on the lookout for this time around? There's almost 0 plot movement in Feast and half the characters are missing, so what is it that makes it stand out to you? I'm not necessarily looking to have my mind changed as in I don't foresee Feast ever becoming my favorite. But, I really want to go into this reread with a somewhat open mind so I don't miss anything just because I'm trying to rush through it. So if I can at least be on the look out for things that make it more enjoyable, I want to give it a try.
  7. I understand why people want Joffrey to not be behind trying to kill Bran. It is an underwhelming conclusion, but it's the one were given. LF logistically doesn't work. The only way it does is if LF just gave the command for the assassin to kill a Stark kid if he got a chance. Mance is an interesting theory I haven't heard before and is more of a possibility than LF. But I can't see Mance killing a little kid just for the sake of killing a little kid and even if he would he wouldn't send someone else to do it. The other thing that works against Joffrey being behind it is what would be the point of another reveal at this point. What effect could it have on the story. Everyone involved is either dead or move on to bigger issues. Maybe LSH could be an issue for someone, but even she is more pressed about Robb's death and Bran's and Rickon's supposed deaths.
  8. Well yeah that's what I was getting at. I said "some level" because he didn't do it with his own hand and to compensate for the fact that some people on here will vehemently argue that Stannis didn't do it and had no idea that was the plan so he really shouldn't be held responsible. I've always wanted to discuss this and just never got around to it. I feel like Stannis is completely wrong about being given DS being a slight. I understand why he want SE over DS. But if he ever took the time to think about instead of pouting about for 14 years, given DS may have actually been a compliment. I believe the Cressen prologue chapter talks about how he was given DS because you need someone strong to hold it considering it's access to the capital and Robert made Stannis the lord because he trusted him to do it (I think this happened in the Cressen prologue but I'm not positive; regardless I think the point stands). Also DS was what Targ heirs were given as a seat and Stannis would've been Robert's heir before he had children so possibly another reason. That idea came from Radio Westeros.
  9. You make good points concerning being a resident. I'm just not so sure it's that black and white.Regardless of him working in KL, that's still not his home so I feel l he's still should've protected by some "rule" (that also would've protected Tywin from him). Maybe it's something less than guest right. I'm sure he was promised safe conduct or something, so maybe Oberyn potentially Tywin was just the garden varierty betrayal. I'm pretty sure guest right covers all harm, not just killing someone. So poisoning would still violate it. Also I think whatever the poison it was meant to kill Tywin, not just be temporary. Idk if anyone has every said this or if it can be confirmed but I'm thinking the poison was whatever Tyrion gave Cersei in Clash but in a much higher dose.
  10. Renly definitely had a choice. Considering he seemingly didn't know about the twincest, he really had no real reason to believe he should be king. The more that I think about the more random it is. I understand leaving KL, but he could've just went to SE and been left alone. He did not need to be king. I think having Renly on his side would've helped Stannis in the PR department. As far as the OP, I think it is a bit weird that Stannis and Renly seemed to have no bond because even if you don't like someone going through something like almost starving would seemingly bond you on some level. But it doesn't just go one way. You can't just blame Renly. Stannis threatened to kill Renly too (and on some level he did kill Renly).
  11. I get it. I've seen a few of his threads and I agree, but I kinda felt like this one brought up a decent point. And Oberyn poisoning Tywin is such a well know theory, I don't fault him for not going into detail about it since it's been hashed out probably hundreds of times and most people are aware it. Maybe he screwed up by presenting it as fact, but I thought the criticism on this thread was a bit harsh considering the context. Plus I think the question of whether Oberyn broke guest right if he did poison Tywin is reasonable one that should illicit decent discussion. This is exactly what I said at the beginning and end of the first paragraph.
  12. I think this is the important part for the OP and the most unclear part. Was Oberyn a guest thus invoking guest right and, if so, would Tywin be protected by that guest right? Even though he was there under small council I would argue he was still a guest and protected by guest right because of the invitation. For instance, even though Myrcella technically lives in Dorne now I think she is still protected by guest right. I don't know if everyone who lives in a location is protected by guest right though or or just the lord or just the family. I would think it would at least be the family of the lord so Tywin would be protected. I don't think the OP is comparing "apples to wildebeests" when it comes to guest rights. From what we know in the story the reason for breaking guest right doesn't matter to the gods. Justified or not, breaking guest rights means being cursed. I think the OP makes a good point that we as readers gloss over Oberyn (assuming he did have guest right) because we like him more and he had was more justified in what he did (assuming he killed Tywin).
  13. Fwiw, Oberyn poisoning Tywin is a pretty well-known theory that a lot of people believe. Unfortunately, there's not anything in the book that directly confirms it, but there are a lot of hints that lead to it being a plausible theory. I don't have the books with me so I can't give exact quotes, but from memory the theory goes something like this: Oberyn is seeking revenge against everyone involved in Elia and her children's death including Tywin. He would never be able to fight Tywin like he did the Mountain so he went another route to get revenge on Tywin, so he somehow poisoned him. Tyrion finds Tywin on the toilet and when he kills the smell is seemingly very bad (as in worse than usually shit). Of course that could just be regular diarrhea or just because his bowels loosed when he died. But then the fact that his corpse smelled so bad and the smile that corpse makes is another indication that there may have been something wrong other than the fact that Tyrion killed. Even though we know corpses begin to smell and rigamortis can make things happen with a body, judging from everyone's reaction to the smell it indicates it's not normal. Also, in real life if you've ever been to a funeral, the body doesn't smell because steps are taken to prevent decay, which I think we can safely assume these steps are also taken in Westeros. We had Joffrey die prior and there was no indication that there was a smell and I believe Joffrey's was on display for a while too since he was a king. I think with all this, it's very plausible. It can't be stated as a fact and I don't think we'll ever get a confirmation in the books. But I actually believe it. In regards to the OP, depending on you interpret guest right there would be no difference between Walder and Oberyn. As Bran says when he tells the Rat Cook story a man has every right to revenge, but not to break guest right. So regardless of what the revenge was for, they both broke guest right. The only question I have is if Oberyn actually owed guest right to Tywin. Idk.
  14. She is. And she has a lot of strong scenes and character development that I think get overlooked
  15. Either Dany taking Astapor or when Arya reunites with Harwin. Actually there are probably a few other Arya scenes but that's the first one that came to mind. I love the vulnerability of the moment after all that she had been through plus it's probably the closest thing she's going to get to a family reunion until Dream. Dany in Astapor is such a strong scene & it shows how Dany is coming into her own. And it's her peak. Her arc plateaus then goes downhill from there.