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  1. Who delivered the letter from Lysa to Catelyn?

    I think it was someone sent by Littlefinger. He told Lysa to write the letter not only to create tension between Stark and Lannister but also make sure suspicion was off of him and Lysa. I going to go with Lothar Brune. He was a freerider that would not have looked out of place in the kings party, but also wouldn't stand out so no one would notice if he sneaks away to deliver the message to Luwin. I think the Luwin theory would be interesting and his behavior could be considered suspicious. However, his uneasiness is easily explained by the fact that it was obvious that Ned and Cat had just finished having sex and both of them were walking naked. He's justifiably uncomfortable. Plus he doesn't display any other suspicious behavior throughout the books IIRC. He has obvious devotion to the Starks.
  2. Danerys is Ned Stark's bastard daughter

    That would mean Ned (or whoever makes the swap) would have to be there pretty quickly, almost as soon as the baby was being born or right after the death of the baby. He would have to go to TOJ, Starfall, and Dragonstone then be back at Winterfell in enough time to make all this work. I know the timeline is fuzzy but that still seems like a big stretch. Remember was already Ned back at WF before Catelyn got there (I think, correct me if I'm wrong). Idk I feel like I have to give 8 year olds some credit here. Babies are crawling, maybe even walking, at nine months. It doesn't take a lot of education on babies to realize a nine month old is not a newborn. Plus I'm feel like even if though there weren't royal children around, I'm sure there were babies somewhere around the RK and/or KL. He can't be completely oblivious to the huge differences between a newborn and a nine month old.
  3. Danerys is Ned Stark's bastard daughter

    This is my thought too. He's cruel to her for no reason. So it's not a leap to think in a fit of anger he would've never slipped up and said "you just some bastard anyway." You're giving Viserys a lot more credit than I do. I don't think there's a method to his madness. Basically insulting a group's religion is not a way to get your crown. I don't remember anything about her reaction to the marriage pact other than her dismissing it because it doesn't have her name and she is promised to Hizdahr. I'll have to pay more attention on my next reread. See if I pick up on anything. I do think you make an interesting point about climate. I never thought of it that way. It doesn't change my mind, but it interesting that she never brings that up considering it would be something so different that what she's used to.
  4. Danerys is Ned Stark's bastard daughter

    I pretty much agree with this. Maybe it would be possible to fool Viserys was if there was a baby switch very early on, which would require all you said. I will say only a few months would make this work. There may not be much difference between a newborn and two month old to a child Viserys' age, but I don't know how much frame of reference you need to know that a nine month old is too big and doing too much to be a newborn. Also, how much access did Viserys have to Rhaegar's children. It's not clear how much time Rhaegar and the children spent at DS vs. KL. The theory would also require an explanation of what happened to Rhaella's child. If there was a baby swap where's the other baby?
  5. Danerys is Ned Stark's bastard daughter

    True Viserys was not old enough to take care of her but he was old enough to know whether she existed. He was 7 or 8 when Dany was born. That's old enough to know whether your mother was pregnant. You couldn't just present an infant to him and claim it was his sister if Rhaella was never pregnant or present an older baby or child later on (after a miscarriage or stillborn) and randomly say this is your sister. There doesn't need to be a complicated explanation to explain Viserys' treatment of Dany. He's crazy and sees her as an object. And if he's treating her a certain way bc of something to do with her heritage there's no way he doesn't let that slip in one of those waking the dragon moments. I'm not convinced there's anything juicy about her past that's being hinted at not to say we know everything but I'd be surprised if there's anything that materially effects the plot or her arc. I'm not sure what you're specifically talking about but people like to bring up the lemon tree thing and the quaithe remember who you are or something like that quote. The lemon tree thing is adequately explained and I don't interpret the quaithe quote literally.
  6. Jon was born a bastard and remains a bastard.

    Pretty much agree with OP. While it's very possible Jon could be legitimized, I am not understanding how it's possible he wasn't born a bastard. For Rhaegar to be available to marry, Elia would have to be dead or the marriage would've had to be set aside. We know when Elia died and it was after Rhaegar died. It's also very unlikely that the marriage would've been set aside because it had already been consummated. Westeros does not recognize polygamy, as seen when Maegor tried to second wife. Yeah, technically he did it, but it was not recognized as valid. Aegon the Conqueror is a anomaly that only happened because he was married to his wives before he came to Westeros and considering what he had just done in the Field of Fire and Harrenhal who was going to tell him he was going to have to give up one of his wives. But every other Targ has adhered to the Faith in this aspect. If Rhaegar can just have a valid second out of the blue when no other person has been able to just so Jon can be legitimate that's super weak regardless of Elia's consent. The KG being at TOJ doesn't mean much to me.Three men believing Jon was legitimate does not make him so. What makes him legitimate is the laws of the land or at least the general public's belief of his legitimacy. Neither would see Jon as being born legitimate considering Rhaegar was already married to another woman.
  7. Danerys is Ned Stark's bastard daughter

    It's true we don't have an explicit eyewitness account of Dany's birth. But I do think it's safe to assume there were witnesses (midwives, a maester) That partially why I said it "seems" like there were eyewitnesses. We don't have explicit eyewitnesses to a number of births, but yet we accept the births as true unless there is a reason to doubt (ie multiple people being named as Jon's potential mother). We have no reason to believe Dany is not Rhaella's. When I say Viserys I mean these theories never explain what happened to the Rhaella's child. If Rhaella's child was miscarried or stillborn, then Viserys was old enough to know whether he had a sibling or not. While Viserys may be crazy, he wasn't stupid. There's no way someone could just pop up with a baby and tell him this is sister. and he just accept it considered how old he was. Yeah the conception timeline is a bigger issue in addition to the why he would leave he would hide his daughter as Targ princess when he knows what just happened to Targ children.
  8. Why did Tywin liked Jaime so much?

    I overall agree with this with one exception. I don't think Jaime has a lack of brains. He's not the shrewd tactician that Tywin and Tyrion but he's not stupid, more impulsive and impatient. And I think Tywin recognizes that, in addition to Jaime's good looks and prowess in battle
  9. Danerys is Ned Stark's bastard daughter

    I will never understand why people want to make Dany's identity/ancestry this complicated thing. There are just too many holes. Viserys is one issue. The fact that there seems to be multiple witnesses to Dany's birth is another. And also if Dany is Ned's why would Ned take her to be raised with Viserys. That makes no sense. Leave her in Dorne. There is absolutely no reason to take her to Dragonstone. Bastards are not a big a deal in Dorne. No one cares about a Dayne bastard. What would be the point of putting her in more danger by passing her off a Targ princess. While don't consider particularly cunning, he's not that stupid.
  10. Sansa knew about Jeynes faith

    I don't think Sansa has any idea what happened to Jeyne for two main reasons. 1) As others have said I don't remember Sansa ever having another thought about Jeyne. If she has, it hasn't been very often and definitely not a deep thought where she actually tries to figure out what happens to her. 2) Even if she did have a thought, I'm not convinced she could've figured it out. In her defense, there's no reason for her to know. Plus, she hasn't even figured out the part she played in Ned's death, which she has much more evidence of. So I can't expect her to figure out Jeyne's fate.
  11. Viserys meets the dragon

    Yes. I forgot about this. I believe it was Prince Joffrey who to Syrax (Rhaenyra's dragon?) to go save his own. I've always wondered how/why he was able to do that. We don't have another instance like it.
  12. Viserys meets the dragon

    Do we know he couldn't bond with a dragon? Is there any indication he tried and it didn't work. He was kept hostage by Maegor, so did he actually have the opportunity? In regards to the OP, idk if Dany would have a choice in actually giving him a dragon. I don't think she would actually have a say. If Viserys bond with a dragon and can ride him then that's what he does. Dany couldn't actually stop him, could she? I think it would've set up the Dance of the Dragons that is allegedly being set up with Aegon. IIRC a dragon can only have one rider at a time, but can have multiple riders throughout it's life. Balerion had riders after Aegon I died. Most dragons had multiple riders because they lived longer than humans; just not more than one rider at a time. I do not think any rider had more than one dragon at a time. Although I've always wondered what effect Dany hatching all three eggs has. We've had Targs hatch the dragons thus bond with them and we've had other Targs not hatch dragons, but bond with a "free" dragon. Think Aemond riding Vhagar. But we've never had an instance of one person hatching multiple dragons. What effect does that have?
  13. The Most Intelligent Pre-Teen?

    I think there is a difference between having access to a good education and actually being intelligent. For instance, nothing Shereen has done nothing that indicates that she's actually independently intelligent;she has just had an education a lot of people have had access to. Not saying she isn't, we just don't know. Arya and Bran are definitely the most intelligent to me. They are able to perceive things that others around their age and even adults are not able to. And, particularly in Arya's case, they are able to realize their mistakes and take steps to correct them. I don't want to make this post about Sansa, but I think she should be included in this discussion. She's 11 at the beginning of the books. And she spends a decent amount of time being a pre-teen to make her an acceptable character to discuss in this thread. I only really want to add her because she's the perfect example of good education vs. actual intelligence. Though she's had the same education as Bran and Arya she doesn't display the same amount of intuitiveness and perception that they do. I would also add Missandei to the list of intelligent pre-teens. Other than that there's not many pre-teens who have been featured enough to actually judge their intelligence. Maybe Wex, but I don't know how much of his story is actually true. Podrick hasn't displayed anything that would be considered intelligent; loyalty and bravery sure.
  14. Ways to introduce Aegon earlier into the story.

    To me setting up the Dance of Dragons is easier with inserting him into Dany's storyline than as it stands right now. Right now he's somehow going to get a dragon. Brown Ben Plumm is going to steal one for him or he's just going to happen to bond with a dragon once he meets Dany? If you insert him into her storyline then he builds a relationship with Dany and possibly a dragon. Reveals himself, betrays her, and takes a dragon to press his own claim to the Throne. He becomes one of her betrayals and she pissed and has every reason to oppose and create the 2nd Dance of Dragons. Once he betrays her, he can also go into his current storyline of invading Westeros with the GC, but just have the added bonus of already having a dragon. This is very simplistic view but I think it would work.
  15. Ways to introduce Aegon earlier into the story.

    Well I feel like Dany wouldn't actually "meet" Aegon. She would meet Young Griff having no idea who he supposedly is. I don't think she would figure out & she doesn't have anyone as insightful as Tyrion to figure it out for her. It still would have implications but I think they would be interesting implications and seeing how she would react when she found out. But maybe putting him in her storyline in Game is too early. Waiting until the end of Clash would be better & it could make sense. Illyrio sending the person he really wants on the throne to the most powerful character to gain her trust so he can use that power to conquer westeros for himself.