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  1. Instead of showing Night King doing some epic mysterious magical ritual by the lake and after a while of suspense fucking Ice dragon breaks through the ice of lake they choose to have Wights pull it out with chains just so he can pet him on the head? WTF whoever write these episodes should be fired and told to never ever again participate in any movie / series project. I mean almost every movie and series produced in USA for the last 10 years is the same cliche shi* in different environments, however GOT was different (S01-S04). There were no Deus ex-machinas, no plot armor, smart and witty plot full of intrique and political maneuvering, interesting and genuine characters with personal motivations and emotions. Seeing this episode was stab in my heart. I am just too sad to put it in the words how disappointing these last 3 seasons are. The worst of it is that people just love it, I admit there is more and more people seeing through this bullshit but it's just minority and this is the only place on the internet where you can speak freely without die-hard fans hammering you to the ground by sheer numbers. The night is truly dark and full of terrors, rant over.
  2. Minor rant that I have not seen here : in the second season of the show Danny is chastising the Unsullied master slaver with her perfect knowledge of Valyrian language and now when speaking to Melisandre she doesn't understand basic grammar rules used in this language - I am referring to the bit where Missandei tells her that Prince that was promised can be translated as Prince or Princess. Not something of great importance since the show gone retarded after season 3 but I just wanted to throw something in the pot.
  3. You forgot to mention Roose Bolton doesn't get killed by Ramsay because he is actually smart and have control over his little bastard - if he SOMEHOW gets murdered by him Ramsay gets killed immidietly afterwards by nearby onwatchers.
  4. I've been apparently reading wrong books all this time
  5. Stark favourite - Rickon least favourite - Sansa , Bran Lannister favourite - Tywin least favourite - Cersei Baratheon favourite - Stannis the Mannis least favourite - Renly Targaryen favourite - Aegon (possibly not targaryen but we dont know) least favourite - Daenerys Tully favourite - Blackfish least favourite - Lysa Greyjoy favourite - Euron Crow's Eye least favourite - Asha Martell favourite - Doran least favourite - Quentyn Tyrell favourite - Garlan least favourite - Margaery Arryn favourite - nobody least favourite - Robert
  6. Yes , yes he is Emo
  7. I don't think Oberyn Martell would be able to defeat Areo Hotah, but we have no way of knowing.
  8. This list is composed of characters that were at some point alive in the timeline of ASOIAF books The Reach : Garlan Tyrell The North : Greatjon Umber or Qhorin Halfhand Vale : Lyn Corbray Riverlands : Black Walder is my guess Stormlands : Barristan Selmy These are my picks
  9. Arya and Hot-Pie, cmon this is so obvious
  10. I can't agree more with this.. Cersei becoming queen after killing almost every higborn and religious leader in the city is just pure horse-shit. Master of whispers doing the coronation is just adding salt to the wound.
  11. Season 6 is slightly better than season 5, but still nowhere near quality of season 1-4. Without book material they are just hitting key plot points ( which they do well), but they put no effort in logic, character motivations and general build up towards those plot points. Writing for this show is just plain bad, but it is countered by perfect visualisation of the show - Costumes are perfect, music is fine, effects are amazing as well. Some events are done just for pure shock value but makes no sense and I doubt they will play out like this in books. What I personally cant ever forgive D&D is this atrocious redneck Euron two-eyes they made, hell I wouldn't mind his appearance, first time I saw him on the bridge with balon I was pleasantly surprised and was telling myself, holy sh** this euron will be awesome after all .... NOPE this Euron is the worst thing that happened to this show, even more than hand shakes . ergh I mean sand snakes. Kingsmoot was all like, I should be your Queen , I'am Daughter of Balon Greyjoy, I'am Tough ass Bit** so I will be your ruler. Rednecks were like, Yo girl , you ain't got no pissing rod , you ain't our queen, Theon greyjoy intervened and was like , yo guys she is ok and then they somehow forgot since season 2 that they are nto very fond of this guy and were like yes , he is right she is ok. After this serious shi* hits the fan and Redneck Greyjoy appears and is like. Hey guys you cannot listen to someone who dont have pissing rod, I got dick and I'am going to give it to dany making her give me dragons and whole westeros, pretty solid plan huh ? guys ? and IB's are all like YES THIS IS OUR KING. for the sacrilege mentioned above I cannot forgive D&D or writers or whoever came up with kingsmoot. Iron Borns are my favourite part of the books and I hate to see them being bend over and fuc*ed in the a** by this show. PS.: episode 10 was fine, and Battle of bastards was good as well. I just had to stop paying attention to characters teleporting all over the world and keep myself drunk while watching to avoid noticing there is no logic in some actions.
  12. This is how it feels after this season (just imagine Indiana Jones is book reader and Lucas and Spielberg is D&D)
  13. Oh, how I envy you both, that your favourite characters are not included in the show, because D&D took my favourite Euron and stuck their finger up his ass.
  14. I'am sick and tired on bashing GoT this is season, it's just too bad. And what is the bigest outrage is that Butthead nad Beavis were proclaiming that this season is the best they ever did ... like , really ?!