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  1. Frey Pies Theory was confirmed by GRRM in SSM at 01:10:30.
  2. The timeline put AGOT Cat 9(Robb's army reached the Twins) at 299/1/2 and ASOS Cat 6(a day before Red Wedding) at 299/12/14. Maybe you could put AGOT Cat 9 two days earlier to make it into 298 AC?
  3. Cool, it must be him! Did "Winter and Fabio of WIC" refer to you?
  4. I've figured out most back stories in the dedications and acknowledgments of each books. Phyllis Eisenstein told him to include the dragons, Stephen Boucher repaired his DOS computer and thus saved the manuscripts of aFfC, Spanish fans sang The Bear and the Maiden Fair to him, Peter Gibbs created Dragonstone fansite. Carl Keim told him to design castles, Jane Johnson to describe rock climbing, Melinda Snodgrass to describe horses, Daniel Abraham to divide aDwD into two books. Some still remain mysterious, though. 1. Why aGoT was dedicated to Melinda (Snodglass)? For assistance in Wild Cards or aGoT? 2. Who're John and Gail in the dedication of aCoK? 3. Sage Walker was named his Archmaester and acknowledged for "leeches and fevers and broken bones", Walter Jon Williams guided him "across more salty seas", did those refer to anything in particular? 5. GRRM mentioned some "SCA combat expert to help with the swordfights", who's that guy? I guess it should be someone in the acknowledgment of aGoT, namely, Sage Walker, Martin Wright, Bruce Baugh, Tim O’Brien, Roger Zelazny, Jane Lindskold, or Laura J. Mixon.
  5. For the errata: Ned's route: Tower of the Hand -> King's gate -> outside Red Keep -> River Gate -> Street of Steel -> Tobho Mott. King's gate should change to southwest gate of the Red Keep.
  6. In LOIAF, using the wall as ruler, the distance is about 400 leagues. If we use the distance between the Wall and Dornish shore(1000 leagues per @Werthead) as ruler, the distance is still only 480 leagues. Is that a minor inconsistency? Maybe they don't know enough geodesy/spherical trigonometry and the figure was approximately deduced from land travel distance.
  7. Yes, the issue was discussed before:
  8. I didn't read Flashman and I Claudius, so I naively thought GRRM was simply quoting two first-person historic novels. Now I see the similarity between the three characters, and are much more expecting the Aegon IV novel!
  9. Thanks! Now the only tiny mystery is where did Werthead get GRRM's reasoning process. Maybe he heard it at some convention? I mistakenly thought you were unaware of the search site. I tried several combinations of search keywords, all return null result.
  10. Where can I find the exact quote that GRRM said Aegon IV was the worst king? I've read most entries in the SSM archive, still couldn't find it. The closest thing was from @Werthead:
  11. --Where else do we see a long hall with high stone arches? https://asearchoficeandfire.com/?q=+hall+arch&scope[]=agot&scope[]=adwd&scope[]=tmk&scope[]=acok&scope[]=twow&scope[]=twoiaf&scope[]=asos&scope[]=thk&scope[]=trp&scope[]=affc&scope[]=tss&scope[]=tpatq The closest quote I can recall:
  12. A new entry for the Errata, from https://redd.it/7v6exn:
  13. [8] in Units of Area-Hides, should be Chap.66, Tyrion. As for time measurement, I recently wrote an essay on that matter(in Chinese). Here are some excerpts that might be helpful. Season is determined by the length of daytime at different latitudes. Because the length of daytime goes shorter as we go further north, the Conclave must collect measurements from different latitudes to determine seasons. Week is seldom used, only mentioned 16 times, and 13 of them was in AGOT. GRRM preferred to use fortnight, which appeared 121 times. The wilding Haggon also mentioned "week", so week might originated from the seven wanderers, rather than the seven gods. GRRM refused to name weekdays, but I guess they are probably named after the seven wanderers, just like many cultures in our history. Hour. Jon slept for four to five hours with headache (ACOK chap.53), and Barristan slept for ten hours a night was considered quite long(ADWD The Discarded knight). So an hour in Westeros is probably the same as on Earth. Named hours have no clear definitions. And it seems they have names for times at both day and night. Minute, second and heartbeat. Most of the time GRRM used heartbeats to describe a short time, but he also used minutes and seconds from time to time. The exact concept of minutes and seconds didn't appear until invention of mechanical clocks. So I guess they might have some clocks in Westeros. After all, medieval Europe also have many mechanical clocks. Timekeeping tools. The sole mentioned tool is sundial in TMK. And they use the Hightower as a sundial in Old Town(AFFC Prologue). The bell towers in Westeros, the Titan in Braavos, and Bells of Norvos probably also have water clock/hourglass/candle clock/mechanical clock to measure time during the night. A real example is the Tower of the Winds built around 50 BC, which featured eight sundials and a water clock. A friend of mine guessed bat, eel, owl, wolf, etc. are patterns on the timekeeping tools used during the night(they use sundial during the day) to mark hours. That explained they all take place in the night.
  14. From SSM: http://www.westeros.org/Citadel/SSM/Entry/1071
  15. Guess the comic version of TMK, which also featured Father with scales, is more "canonical" than the show. But still, there seems to be no direct information from GRRM...