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  1. I guess Harmen Dondarrion on the wiki should now be Harmon Dondarrion?
  2. Just found a SSM: http://www.westeros.org/Citadel/SSM/Entry/1353
  3. Nice reminder. Merrett also got a clear picture of succession order. There're 57 mayhaps' from dozens of mouths in the five books, only one from Old Nan. So I guess the mayhaps trick doesn't apply here. It seems most mayhaps are from elders, such as Mormont, Cressen, Utherydes Wayn, Eustace Osgrey and Pycelle. Besides Lord Ward in his notorious mayhaps trick, Qyburn and Eustace Osgrey also said mayhaps thrice. But I don't think that's intentional.
  4. The offsprings of Lord Walder Frey seemed to call him with variable titles. I'll list them below and provide a possible interpretation. aSoS 35 Cat IV, Walder Rivers called him my grandfather, while he should use father. aFfC 38 Jaime VI, Ryman Frey called him my lord grandfather, which suits their relationship. aFfC 44 Jaime VII, Edwyn Frey called him my lord grandfather, while Jaime knew he was in fact Lord Walder's great grandson. aSoS 49 Ser Aemon Rivers’s daughter Walda called him lord great grandfather, this is the sole appearance of great grandfather in all the books. Jaime's thought of great grandfather and Edwyn's calling of grandfather appeared in the same chapter, which exclude the possibility of mistakes. Therefore we may conclude that the offsprings of Lord Walder Frey generally call him grandfather, regardless of their actual positions in the family tree. The sole exception of Walda may be due to her infancy. Yet strange things happened in ASoS 49 Cat VI, just before the Red Wedding. First Black Walder used my grandfather, then Edwyn used my lord grandfather. These two fit the rule above well. Then Robb replied Edwyn, "Your lord father is most kind", right after Edwyn said my load grandfather! Then Ryman said "If you would follow me, my father awaits." I believe the two fathers are not mistakes. The first one revealed Robb's indifference to the Freys.The second one was Ryman's mockery. Just as another mockery in ASoS 51 Cat VII Therefore, in contrary of Robb's boast "I know the Freys", he knew little and less.
  5. I found two possible improvements for Meereen and Whitewalls. 1.In the map showing the location of Meereen, it is on the north bank of Skahazadhan River. I believe it is due to a mistake in the map in the UK version of aSoS, as explained in this post. On all other official maps, Meereen is on the south bank, which fits the plots in the books. 2. The wiki page says Whitewalls "was built near the Gods Eye and was closer to Maidenpool than to King's Landing." We can locate it more precisely. In The Mystery Knight, Dunk was on the way to kingsroad and Winterfell from Stoney Sept. And he remarked that "We have to go by Whitewalls to reach the kingsroad" before he crossed Gods Eye to Whitewalls. Therefore Whitewalls must lies between kingsroad and Gods Eye, on its east or northeast bank.