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  1. Nice catch.
  2. George is on record saying this was a miraculous event. Dany survived the fire and the smoke. She was reborn symbolically. She did not literally die.
  3. George says "remains". Remains means to stay in the same place. I think Dawn remains at Starfall.
  4. George told us Dawn is at Starfall. http://www.westeros.org/Citadel/SSM/Entry/1193
  5. Wow. Nice catch! What do you think it means, if anything? Are these 63 wildlings destined for the same fate as the 63 ironmen?
  6. How dare you out me like that?! I thought you could keep a secret.
  7. Do you believe this entire interview is basically a troll job by Martin? After the quote you post he then goes on to talk about the motivation to kill Joffrey. Motivation you call "nonsense". We know he is talking book Joff because he says, "In the books..." and that Joff was 13 years old. Do you honestly believe George is deliberately misleading us here?
  8. Getting married to LW would be interesting given how he is not breathing anymore. I guess I'd go BW.
  9. The pie is causing him to cough. I'm not disputing that. He can't swallow it. His throat is beginning to tighten because he drank the Strangler. What, specifically, am I disregarding here? What rules am I not applying? I don't see how you think you are turning this into support for the poison being in the pie.
  10. I didn't respond because I don't know what you are trying to insinuate. Are you saying that Joff thinks his pie is poisoned? Cressen is giving us Strangler 101 when he tells us that it can be dissolved in wine. This is not the same as Joff explaining that his coughing is due to the pie. Marg says, "Your grace?" She is asking if he is okay. Joffrey is trying to say his coughing is no big deal. He is saying the coughing is because he thinks the pie is dry. You realize when he says noth, it was supposed to be nothing, right? You realize the Strangler is supposed to make it look like the person choked, right? You are working under the assumption that Cressen's poisoning and Joff's poisoning must occur in the exact same timeframe. I make no such assumptions. I don't understand the point you are trying to make here.
  11. @John Suburbs I'm done here buddy.
  12. Untrue. He doesn't describe his wine. He obviously knows it's poisoned though, so it makes sense why there is no description. If you read my response earlier you know I said the concentration of poison in either of the two wines is never stated in the text. Why? And I already did. I'm not trying to prove anything about which wine is more poisoned. Adding new adjectives like "tiny" to the text, eh? Again, we don't know the wine color. Maybe. Unfortunately, none of this is in the text. Again, we don't know who's wine is more poisoned. Yup. If they didn't do it when they did it, they would have found a different opportunity. There is a big differencebetween "winging it" and waiting for the best opportunity. Please don't put words in my mouth. Proven certainty? Where is this proven? You know the motivations to kill Joff. Killing him because he is cruel and Tommen would be easier is part of it. Spiriting Sansa away is part of it for LF. If Tyrion was to be the one choking a lot of eyes woukd go to Sansa as well, making her excape more difficult. I'm wondering how the motivation for killing Tyrion works? You do know when this plan started Tyrion was presumed dead from his injuries on the Blackwater, right? Sansa's last chapter in CoK: Notice the foreshadowing here as well. George leaves us like this for a few years before Storm comes out wondering how this will be revenge for her father. This doesn't work if Tyrion is the target. As you said, "This is the culmination of months of planning, even decades of dynastic maneuvering, in which every detail has been arranged meticulously -- from the acquisition of the poison to the crafting of the hairnet to delivery of the hairnet to making sure it was worn to the wedding to retrieving the crystal --" Then Catelyn's first chapter in Storm, This kind of reasoning is nonsensical. The reader knows how breathing works. Of course George does not need to explain it. The Strangler is a made up poison in a made up book. George explains what it is and how it works because it doesn't exist in real life. In his explanation and description of it he says it dissolves in wine. It does not say food or pie.
  13. This is what you believe. None of it is based on the text. The concentration of poison in either of the two wines is never stated in the text. Where does Cressen say his wine is ordinary? He never gives us the color of his wine. You say it "ordinary" because it fits your theory better. The text doesn't give a color. This worked out well for them, yes. If they didn't do it here they would have found another opportunity. Are you working under the assumption that they were trying to frame Tyrion from the start? Why do they need to be afraid of him to want him dead? Why does this matter? Why does this matter. And even if we accept this as one possible motivation (among others), they would no longer be able to say there was no consummation. Killing Joff at the wedding leaves no doubt. Not that this is the only motivation anyways. I know it can be dissolved in wine. Does the text say it can be dissolved in food? I don't work under the assumption that the two poisonings have to occur in the exact same timeframe. If only we knew the Strangler could be dissolved in pie... And if only LF and Lady O knew it could be dissolved in pie when maesters of the Citadel do not... There is no way to determine the odds of whether or not Joff would take the front corner bite of pie in his two fistfuls. Do you see what kind if mental hurdles one needs to make to believe the poison is in the pie?
  14. The reader has to make so many assumptions to believe the poison was in the pie. Here are just a few. First, there is nothing in the text which tells us the Strangler can even be used in food. Cressen's Strangler 101 class in Prologue, CoK tells us Let's also notice that this quote spells out exactly the intentions of the poisoners at the Purple Wedding. For a moment, let's ignore the text and believe the Strangler can be dissolved in pie. How would the Tyrells/Littlefinger know this? Cressen doesn't know this, but LF and Ollena do? How would this come to be? Are we supposed to believe that high lords and ladies know more of poisons than maesters of the Citadel? I don't wish to make that leap. George has set up the Maesters to be the authorities on matters such as this. Only Oberyn (who did study at the Citadel), would know something like this, if it was true. Now. Let's hypothetically believe that the Strangler can be dissolved in pie AND LF/Ollena somehow know this is possible even though Cressen does not. Where would the poisoner place the crystal of the Strangler? Probably in the place where most people take the first bite of pie, right? In the corner without the crust when sliced in a triangle, right? Unfortunately, We get no indication that Joff ate this corner. It seems that Joff just grabbed a random handful. Could he have gotten the corner? Maybe. However, the text makes it seem unlikely. This is all I have time to put down.
  15. Arya IV, SoS Tansy is an ingredient in Moon Tea, but Moon Tea and Tansy Tea are two names for the same thing.