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  1. That's a good point. I had never considered this when pondering the Ashara=Lemore possibility.
  2. For what it's worth, Quaithe seems to be using 'beware' to refer to people in this passage in CoK.
  3. Squishers!!!
  4. Sorry for the multiple posts. Quaithe does say 'Soon comes the pale mare' before the people. So I don't think Quaithe is working with any set of vocabulary conventions regarding people v. things.
  5. If the perfumed seneschal is Illyrio then the separate mention could also make sense because Illyrio is someone Dany already knows, while the others she does not.
  6. Or because the others were on their way to Mereen but Illyrio is not.
  7. Or magister. True, but saying 'beware' can be applied to a person as well.
  8. The reader knows this, does Quaithe? Yes, but we don't know what Quaithe's perception is. I understandwhat you are trying to explain. I still feel that it would be incredibly unrealistic to expect more than 2 of the members on the list to be aboard. Therefore I feel that Quaithewould be repeating herself by saying the name of the boat when she already said the two members aboard. Good point. It does seem that Quaithe'sconcerns are dragon related. I figured you were. I just wanted to express that I respect your views and am keeping an open mind.
  9. Always? 'To go north you must go south...' has nothing to do with dragons (at least not directly). Then we have the dragon warning, then this one. Right? The way I see it there is one about dragons and this one which may, or may not, be about dragons. I wouldn't say that all her warnings are about dragons. I'm not trying to say that Quaithe is simply warning Dany about everyone who might be trying to betray her. I'm saying that Quaithe is telling Dany to beware of the perfumed seneschal. Beware of his intentions, interests, etc. No. I'm not thinking that at all. Come on sweetsunray, you're better than that! I'm thinking that Quaithe goes from discussing people currently unknown to Dany (dark flame, sun's son, lion, etc.) to people she needs to remember (Undying, known to Dany). Illyrio would be continuing this order (known to Dany). The boat would be another unknown to Dany, something she doesn't know. She knows Illyrio. To me it doesn't make sense. I don't think she would need to say the boat after already saying two passengers on the boat. We have different views on this, which is great! Or so we had to look past he boat to figure out it is Illyrio. Why can't her glass candle knowledge see Illyrio's discussions and actions as a seneschal over Tyrion, Jon, Aegon, etc? By the way, I'm not 100% convinced it is Illyrio. We could find out in TWOW it is the boat. I just don't believe we need to go with this all the way. I totally respect your views on this and think you are one of the best posters on the boards. I've read all your Mythological Weave essays and think they're great! But I don't think you're going to convince me, nor I you. Which is awesome and fun to discuss!
  10. Great points all. And perhaps Tyrion and Moqorro will lust as well. Tyrion certainly has some previous quotes to back this up. Jon and Aegon wanted dragons as well. However, 'perfumed seneschal' is separate from the others. I think this means something. The perfumed seneschal comes after 'remember the undying'. I think Quaithe is going from unknowns (dark flame, sun's son, Kraken, etc.) to knowns in the Undying and perfumed seneschal. Yes. Another reason why 'perfumed seneschal' is listed separately from the others.
  11. To that I could not say. But isn't this warning from Quaithe the first where she warns against specific people?
  12. They are still two separate people though. The could have different ideas and intentions in TWOW. Plus that's not the same as saying the name of the boat to actually mean the people on the boat that were already mentioned. Hmm... I don't see it. Why warn against Tyrion and Moqorro separately then say the boat they are all on?
  13. She would still be repeating herself because of mentioning Tyrion and Moqorro already. They are also all people on their way to Mereen, which Illyrio is not. Perhaps that's why Illyrio would be mentioned at the end in a different sentence. Before his exile, yes. Now? I don't think we know for sure. If Quaithe wanted to warn Dany to not trust Jorah she would have listed him with the others. Kraken, dark flame, hairy bear.... I don't think she would say 'beware the perfumed seneschal' to actually mean Jorah.
  14. I don't understand why the only two Strangler poisonings in the books have to be exactly the same. There are so many factors which would go into the timing from consumption to death. Why do they have to line up perfectly?
  15. Yes, the conversation does give us the answer. But the boat is not the answer, IMO. I am with you that the conversation tells us who the 'perfumed seneschal' is, but in a more discrete way. We find out that qhoran can mean steward or... magister. I believe we should be focusing on the magister rather than the steward. Obviously Illyrio is a magister. We also have this from GoT: Also, Dany mistrusts Illyrio: I believe putting these pieces together tells us that Illyrio is the Perfumed Senechal. Why would Dany need to beware a ship stranded in the ocean? If you say it's more the contents of the ship then why would Quaithe need to repeat herself? She already said lion and dark flame for Tyrion and Moqorro.