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  1. Shadowbaby: 10,000d.
  2. @falcotron I dig it. Nice work. I think the Daynes were fortunate by seeing and finding a meteorite with the perfect combination of elements to create the best sword imaginable. You know, less nickel, more magic. It is interesting to note that of the meteorites classified as "falls" (seen falling from the sky), only 4% are considered "iron", while the others are considered "stony". In the U.S., "finds" (found, not seen falling) are more likely to be "iron" than "falls" are. This is probably explained by iron catching a person's eye when on the ground. The Daynes saw a special meteorite fall, named the place where it fell Starfall, and built a B.A. sword from a stony/magical meteorite. Actually, now that I think about it, depending on your definition of "magic", I don't really have to call Dawn magical. Perhaps it is just made from elements in George's world. Unless that is considered magic. Sorry for the tangent.
  3. Maybe the oils and bells make the braid really heavy?
  4. Ned?
  5. Xaro gives Dany everything for the same reasons. Dragons. Well just dragon, actually. This is from Dany III: Xaro is hoping to marry Dany, thus receive a dragon through the Qartheen wedding custom. You'll notice Xaro proposes several times even though it seems he is more interested in men. Quaithe tells it true, they will lust for the dragons.
  6. I miss that feeling. I'm jealous. That is a terrible recommendation. I hope you no longer listen to these people in regards to ASOIAF.
  7. What exactly do you mean by "she was given everything"? Are you talking about Xaro?
  8. Those quotes are from Dany's second chapter.
  9. The Kindle edition says the whole book is 544 pages. There are 16 stories. I've never liked math, but I hate this math. Do we know how many words 'Sons of the Dragon' is?
  10. You must be a lot smarter than me, lol. I loved the linear simplicity of GoT. During my first read I was so confused from CoK onwards because of the many different story lines and locations.
  11. @manchester_babe
  12. Dragons
  13. Me too! Yeah. At least Ned is in the books though. Putting a character on the cover of a book he is not in is just strange.
  14. Hey CF! I think money is the only reason for a cover like this. Absolutely, but a cover like this really blurs the line of difference. Not impossible, but I sure hope not!
  15. Doubtful. I think only people who get on a forum or reddit would figure it out, and even then may still not realize it. This is an incredibly small sample size but I have a friend who watched the show but is now reading the books and she is was under the impression that the Night's King was the same dude as on the show. It took me some time to explain everything to her. We have to remember that most book readers are not as hardcore about ASOIAF as we are on westeros.org. or the other websites. This is especially true for people who have been influencedby the show.