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  1. The perfumed seneschal

    I think a case can be made for Illyrio.
  2. 'The Killing Word' -- A Re-examination of the Prologue

    I thought of another scene of a 'silent' observer of killing from the trees. Wex most likely observes the mercy killing of Luwin from Osha when he hides in the heart tree following Ramsey's takeover of WF. Osha and Luwin exchanged a certain mockery as well.
  3. 'The Killing Word' -- A Re-examination of the Prologue

    What thread was that? I'd be interested in checking it out if I haven't already. This would support an idea that I've had that the current Others are aware of the Long Night and what sent them back originally. If this is true, George may have some unpredictable twists during the next Long Night.
  4. 'The Killing Word' -- A Re-examination of the Prologue

    I like it! The sudden breaking of Waymar's sword is peculiar indeed. This could certainly explain it. The sword's structural integrity does not have an observable change. The Other's strength does increase, the 'lazy parry' would indicate a weaker strike. Shattering a steel sword does not make sense given that Waymar's had been meeting each blow before this. So, magical mocking words from the Other to weaken steel, I like it! It's also interesting that the Other speaks the magical mocking words after cutting Waymar. It had to see the blood to know that Waymar was not 'special'? What was the Other's plan if he would have been 'special'?
  5. 'The Killing Word' -- A Re-examination of the Prologue

    And Long Night symbolism? I wish it said a thousand instead of a hundred, then I'd be more convinced. I still think it is a possibility though.
  6. 'The Killing Word' -- A Re-examination of the Prologue

    Great read RR. I love the way your brain works! There is so much good going on here I don't know what to hone in on but I'll start with this. Right here Waymar is a boy. I agree that the mocker is now exhibiting the behavior of which he was mocking earlier. Now here. Waymar becomes a man. What changed? Why is he a man now? The obvious answer is he is going to fight 'like a man'. However, I think it is because he is done mocking. He has seen the danger he was warned about (not specifically the Others, just the dangers beyond the wall) and is now humbled. He has become a man.
  7. Garth of the Gallows (Mythical Astronomy of Ice and Fire)

    @LmL Oh yes, I imagine you have stacks on stacks of Arya stuff correlating with many different myths and folklore. I just couldn't get passed the Ratatoskr:Arya similarities. Plus, posting something on here early forces me to keep up on reading this thread before it hits 10 pages and I fall behind. Kind of like how the monsters cannot pass so long as the Wall stands and the men of the Night's Watch stay true? @GloubieBoulga I liked your post on LF. Euron and LF parallel in many ways. Both seem to prosper from chaos. Euron obviously has many storm/sea god qualities. Euron's crow compares with LF's mockingbird. Both killed a king while keeping there hands clean. Do you see Euron representing anything from the Durran/Elenei tale, or any other for that matter? He is sending a brother into a storm to fetch a maid. I mean, there has to be something there, right? (struggling to think emoji).
  8. Garth of the Gallows (Mythical Astronomy of Ice and Fire)

    Loved the reading as usual @LmL! Thanks!
  9. Garth of the Gallows (Mythical Astronomy of Ice and Fire)

    I think we may have another symbol of Ratatoskr. Arya (the squirrel) is brought to Beric (Odin). If I understand the concept of Ratatoskr correctly, and please correct me if I'm wrong, it basically sends messages between the top and bottom realms of Yggdrasil. Arya certainly could symbolize this role as well. She recieves the messages to give the gift, which sends people to different 'realms'. It is interesting that Greenbeard is the one informing her of her new squirrel title. Also interesting is the when Bran first sees Leaf he confuses her with Arya.
  10. The Others: Why now?

    They definitely have armor. No, we don't see them make it. But it makes more sense for them to be making armor than for them to simply find it somewhere.
  11. Who will kill Jaime Lannister

    Thanks for the response! I asked the question because on my current read of Dance I have been looking for some evidence and/or foreshadowing for a reconciliation between Jaime and Tyrion. I, like many others, hope it happens. However, Dance leaves me wondering if it will happen... This one is interesting because he was also weeping when he killed Shae... Even at the end of Dance Tyrion is still very angry with Jaime. I understand there are at least two more books for him to come around, but right it now it doesn't look good. Where does he think of Jaime in a good light? Your first quote only says "better to not think of Jaime". I wouldn't call this a positive light. The second quote is a dream of killing Jaime, certainly not positive. Yes, he is weeping, but as I mentioned above, he also weeps when he kills Shae. Of course Tyrion would still associate riding in a joust with his brother. He was one of the best in the realm. IMO, this is not a point of Tyrion not hating Jaime anymore. Notice Shae is listed there as well. This would seem to indicate that Tyrion is missing pre-betrayal Jaime, not current Jaime. I disagree that he has already subconsciously realized this. I don't think we have quotes to support it. This could be argued as well, but that is for a different post. I don't think Jaime had to tell Tyrion about Tysha. What purpose did it serve, other than Jaime making a confession? But again, different post. I wish I shared your confidence. There are still two more books for Tyrion to change his mind (which I hope he does) but in the books we have right now I do not see it. To the OP: Sorry if this is a little off topic. To wrap it back around I will put in that I don't think we can take Tyrion off the table as a possibility to kill Jaime. There is certainly some quotes to show that it is not impossible.
  12. Who will kill Jaime Lannister

    Where do you get this from? Is this your own personal belief, or is there something from aDwD that explains it?
  13. Small Questions v. 10105

    @Lost Melnibonean Thanks for the links! I'll read through them when I have the time.
  14. Small Questions v. 10105

    Haha. Okay... any links?