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  1. Why are some of the coolest and most macho characters gay?

    Along with what some others have said, it is also relevant to the story. Loras being gay makes the decision to join the Kingsguard a lot easier and less questioned by the reader. Renly being gay makes it easier to believe that Margaery is still a virgin. Jon Con being gay gives the reader some trust in his intentions for being so devoted to fAegon's cause.
  2. What makes a year in the World of Ice and Fire?

    I agree with this. However, this quote from Arya in Feast has always bothered me. Obviously this is talking about days, but I would think that the counting of days would influence the counting of weeks to months to years, right? I don't want to derail too much, but does anyone know anything more about the Braavosi time tracking?
  3. Viserys should have been the king instead of Baelor the Blessed

    Taken out if context, this is the funniest thing I've read today. Just wanted to say thanks for that.
  4. What is the Others plan?

    Show spoiler tags please! I don't want to know that stuff!
  5. What is Ghost?

    Welcome to the 'Can't Understand Math in Literature Club'! Glad you want to join our ever suffering group of head-to-wall bangers! This makes sense. Thanks for pointing out that the ellipses probably express hesitation here. I foolishly eliminated this possibility in my earlier post. Exactly. As RR mentioned earlier, George seems to be intentionally obtuse here. Mayhaps George wants to keep the door open to the idea that Lady is still alive through Sansa, but cannot be sensed? Or mayhaps not, and Ghost only knows their are four alive and cannot sense Summer anymore? The only thing I know for sure is that George could have made this a lot easier to understand, but did not. And for that we bang our heads against the wall...
  6. What is Ghost?

    I think this is possible. While it is impressive that the 3 direwolves in WF know something is wrong when Lady still has not crossed the drawbridge, we do not know that they 'sensed' something was wrong when she died.
  7. Play-by-play Reread

    Those first two chapters are amazing. Have fun with this thread @The Fresh PtwP. I will be following along!
  8. What is Ghost?

    You're right! That would also mean he is still following the second rule and is expressing hesitation. I should not have been thinking through Ghost's lens, but rather George's lens. I honestly have no idea. I always thought it was Summer he could not sense but never really stopped to count out how many direwolves are in the equation. The more I read it, the more I think he is saying 4, but he can't sense 1 out of the 4. But then I think, "if that were the case, why wouldn't George just write it like that?" Gr... banging head against wall emoji.
  9. What is Ghost?

    @ravenous reader Could the one he can no longer sense be Lady? There are only 4 living, breathing direwolves left, but he can sense Lady because Sansa is alive. Hmm... maybe.
  10. What is Ghost?

    I don't know. I think I just changed my mind after reading the passage again. Now I think George is making his own rules and the 'and' isn't being used as 'in addition to'. I'm more confused now than I was when I started looking up the rules on ellipses.
  11. What is Ghost?

    About those ellipses... I've done a little research and think I have found our answer. Accordingto grammarbook.com there are two rules when using ellipses. And Let's look again at the ellipses in question. It seems to me that in this case George is using the second rule. The first rule would mean that he is omitting something. I don't think that is the case so let's go with the second rule. This would indicate that George is expressing one or more of the following: hesitation, change of mood, suspense, and/or thoughts trailing off. I think we can eliminate thoughts trailing off because the ellipses would be used at the end of the sentence if this were the case. I don't really see any reason why there would be a hesitation here. Ghost already knows that he cannot sense one of the direwolves so why would he hesitate. I believe the reason for the ellipses is to express a change of mood and suspense. I can certainly see why there would be a change of mood here. Ghost is confident in four wolves but... uncertain because of not being able to sense the last one. So how does this help us in our math equation? I believe it means that the ellipses have nothing to do with the math in the phrasing. We can look at the sentence and not be worried about what the ... does to our understanding of the number of direwolves. George is using the ... as a change of mood and we can be confident that because he says 'and one' it means 'in addition to'. 'And' is being used to differentiate between the 4 direwolves Ghost can sense and the 1 he cannot.
  12. What is Ghost?

    Yup. That's why I wrote the ETA at the bottom of my post. I hadn't noticed another page at the time of my writing of it. That was why I wanted to say something. I don't think RR was trying to insult or be insensitive. The "four and one" is confusing and I read RR's post as her actually trying to get on the same page as Therae. As in "are we both in agreement on x + y = z?" But I don't think RR was trying to suggest this. Which was why I said something. But there is no issue here to worry about (other than trying to figure out the wording, lol). I should have clicked on the next page of posts before typing mine own, and for that I apologize.
  13. What is Ghost?

    I just wanted to throw in that @ravenous reader reader was being sincere in his math questions and formulations. The four and one business can be different for certain people. Personally, I see it as a total of five but can understand if some people see it differently. Anyways, I just wanted to say that the math stuff by RR was sincere and she was not meaning offense. Would we want it any other way?
  14. What is Ghost?

    Oh RR... I only called the ghosts albinos because ghosts are often associated as being white and wanted to sort of remain on topic by calling them albino... I know they are not actually albino. They are kingly ghosts from the Great Empire with eyes of many colors. Thanks for keeping me on my toes.
  15. What is Ghost?

    And who might these albino ghosts be?