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  1. Along with what @Annara Snow says, look at the wording used. This could be a clue that it happens later than the others.
  2. Not trying to derail, but "The shadows come to dance, my lord, dance my lord, dance my lord" could be the Others. Prologue, GoT I love that chapter.
  3. This has probably been briught up before, but it is the first time I have noticed it. Cat is very hypocritical. Then later, in the same chapter! It is amazing that in both situations two sons were killed.
  4. You may be interested in this. It is very well written. @LiveFirstDieLater
  5. First time I've seen it. Awesome find!
  6. She also dresses like a small folk, so nobody gives her a second glance. Good find. I've moved my dial a little bit on the idea that it may not be perfectly normal to allow Joff and Sansa to go on their date alone. I'm not convinced that it is totally crazy yet, but this helps your case for this specific issue.
  7. No reason to apologize. I would not consider her "lucky" either. I just disagree with the idea that George does not use moments of "luck" in his books (I'm not saying you think this way). All great writers have these moments. I don't understand why it would be considered a negative to have these moments. They are often suspenseful and exciting.
  8. How would George saying that it will be resolved in SoS not include Joff's motivation? The motivation he gives us is in SoS. I don't like it, but that's what it is. It is in SoS. Just like he said. Resolved. To the bold, no. George directly says this question will be resolved in SoS, just like the JA murder. The other questions are other mysteries and questions completely separate from this icincident. If he was going to add another dimension to the assassination attempt he would not have said it would be resolved in SoS. He would have given a "keep reading" or something similar.
  9. This is incorrect. She was not looking for her things. Needle was not where she left it. She went to the stables then happened upon a wagon full of crates and chests. Men just happened to be loading them when they were attacked. Then a chest happens to catch her eye. The wood was split and her things were spilled. Then she finds Needle, and not a second too soon because the stableboy was close behind her.
  10. Plus, Ned is not the only POV who was there. George could have had Cersei say something about this in her chapters in the later books. She does lots of recalling of events that happened in GoT. She seems like a character who would recall it and think, "Why we're they out on their own in any case?" and be mad about it. If you can find something I would reconsider on this. Otherwise, I think George wants us to think of it in the way it went down in the books: perfectly acceptable for Joff and Sansa to be out and about.
  11. You're missing the point. If George wanted Joff and Sansa's trip to be out of the ordinary he would have had someone say something about it. You're placing your own thoughts on the matter into the story. In story, no one says anything about it, therefore George does not want the reader to believe it is wierd that they were able to go on this date.
  12. Just because you don't like the motivation George gives us in SoS doesn't mean it isn't there.
  13. You say this, yet say I'm stretching things thin? George resolves Joff's motivation in SoS, just as he said he would. I believe him.
  14. Good points. Are there any quotes in the Darry chapter where anyone objects to the kids being out on their own? I don't think there is.
  15. What? This is almost exactly what he says. The only real difference is he says resolve instead of solve. Resolve means: settle or find a solution to (a problem, dispute, or contentious matter). Compare that with solve: find an answer to, explanation for, or means of effectively dealing with (a problem or mystery). The words are synonymous. When George moves on to "Some other questions" he is talking about completely different questions unrelated to the dagger mystery (Benjen, Jon's parentage, etc.). This makes sense because he quickly goes from dagger issue to Jon Arryn (separate issues).