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  1. I see this argument made a lot for several various prophecies, visions, dreams, etc. We have to remember, in addition to what @Ygrainsaid, that the members of this website represent a minority of readers. While it seems obvious now, to us hardcore readers, it is far from obvious to the average reader. It is one of those things that one catches on a second or maybe third read and says "Oh!". Now, I'm not saying that there aren't certain mysteries that George writes specially for us hardcore readers, he certainly does. But when something like this GoHH vision fits so perfectly with Sansa's hairnet at the wedding feast, I think that is what George wants the reader to think of. I love your creative, outside the box thinking. I encourage it! But I also think it is important to remember what the author is intending for the reader to see.
  2. Joff did want the head but there is no mention or hints of it being in KL.
  3. This is supposed to be the an easy one. Sansa with the poisonous purple amethysts in her hair at Joff's wedding feast. I'd rather not overthink it.
  4. If the skull that was sent to Dorne was Gregor's then the original isn't there. I am less suspicious than some readers and actually believe that Dorne did receive Gregor's skull. I would imagine something would have to be on top of the neck to hold up a greathelm. If the stone armor giant is Petyr, the black blood would be symbolic of lies and death.
  5. Ah come on, LM. You know you've got more ideas than that. What about Drogon having black blood as well? What is George doing there? Is it a completely separate issue? I am thinking he may want black blood to symbolize magic, not just undead type magic. Does Mellisandre's black blood confirm that she is undead as well? Obviously something is up with her, but I've never been sold on her as undead. At least not in the same undead sense as Beric and Cat. If I'm going too far off topic let me know.
  6. Haha. You're the best! I've read that OP before (and the one you replied with upthread here). However, I'm not quite ready to make that leap... yet. I was hoping you would respond to my thoughts on black blood being symbolic of the magical undead. Do you see the connection there, in addition to death in general?
  7. Haha. I like your reasoning here. I do the same thing with Reznak. However, one of our characters thinks the perfumed seneschal is Reznak (Dany). That is different than the reader figuring out who the giant is, right? Also, we have to remember Bran's vision came all the way back in GoT. We don't know about Strong until the end of Dance. We got a hint about Gregor''s black blood on Storm. It may seem too obvious now, but there are some pieces the reader has to put together to figure it out (if it is Strong). I completely agree with this. That is why I am not 100% sold on Strong.
  8. Black blood is present in our other undead characters. Beric and Cat Black blood is also present in other magical, mystical moments/creatures/people. Mellisandre's shadow baby birthing had black blood. Drogon''s blood is black. The blood Maggy ducks from Cersei is described as "seemed more black than red." I agree that black blood also symbolizes death, but I also think George wants us to associate it to magic. It is also a clear application to fellow undead characters in Beric and Cat. Plus, we are told that Gregor's blood is black. Also, when our stone giant lifted his visor there was nothing. This could represent Gregor's skull being sent to Dorne. No head. I'm still leaning towards Bobby Strong for this giant. I think the savage giant is Petyr, but the armor made of stone with black blood is Strong. I'm not 100% certain though. A stone giant with a visor full of black blood seems like it should represent a more prominent character than Strong, but we still have books to go. Maybe he will...
  9. Wow! Nice catch! I have to run but I will try and respond to the rest later. Just had to say how awesome that find is before I forgot. I'd be interested if you started a new thread on this idea.
  10. If only he could somehow get his hands on Rickon's dog...
  11. You are probably correct, but is it possible that Myrcella was 'crowned' via the Arianne plot? Symbolically, this would fulfill the crowning part of the prophecy. I struggle with this because I don't envision a way Myrcella gets crowned even if Tommen dies. Would Dorne crown her instead of siding with fAegon or Dany?
  12. Gotcha. I am in the Robert Strong camp for that particular giant. The phrase "there was nothing inside but darkness and thick black blood" is a clincher for me. I think George wants us to associate black blood with magic, which Petyr does not associate with. Plus, this giant is armored. The 'savage giant' makes no mention of armor (Petyr). It could be Petyr though. I just have a hard time converting black blood to Petyr's lies rather than the magic that went into Robert Strong. What do you think?
  13. That's fair. I think it is possible that what you say could be true but at this point we don't have anything which confirms it. What do you think about Brusco? I think it is suspicious that Arya works for him via the FM on two different 'missions'. Is it possible he is an outside friend of the FM? Of course, this doesn't mean he is a former FM, but it seems likely he knows more than the average Braavosi.