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  1. You may be right. But I cant see Dany parting with her dragons to anyone willingly Dragons are power made flesh. And it is exactly what makes her special. Would she willingly trust Tyrion to ride it? She knows he is a lannister. Isnt it too risky.People foolow her because of her dragons. Once that is gone, she is in deep trouble. I just think that Tyrion will come to love Viserion/or Dany. And then betray her for love. I can see her allowing her husband to ride it if she completely trusts him. But any one else? She loses her special thing completely and people obviously lust for her dragons. I am sorry I may give a reply much later (in case you respond) . Hope you dont mind Thanks a lot for your wishes @DutchArya
  2. Oh man this is heady praise . I just hope it happens lol You can always send an ask to her on tumblr praising her or asking her to join My exams.thesis are coming up so i doubt I would be active for long.
  3. I think there are quite some hints for Tyrion becoming an anti-villan like in the outline . Why is he snarling? In the outline Tyrion falls in one sided love with Arya and probably admires her and helps dispose Jaime. Here he may be helping depose Cersei and falling in one sided love/lust with Dany. I am pretty sure he would initially worship her/be touched by her like in the show. Show season 6 spoilers coming. Have covered it. Either ways this discussion could move to this thread where there are lot of other hints. But I do agree that what you are saying makes sense too. All their mothers dying. Maybe its applicable to only dragon riding? Or maybe secret targaryen heritage? Or maybe all three deaths were important for plot purposes and were just co incidence. Mother dying is very important to how Tywin treats him and shapes his arc. Like not all deaths happened among salt and smoke. Only Jon's happened in violence. Dany's in sea shore. And Jon's mother died from a fever and not immediately childbirth like Tyrion's did. But its possible the song of ice and fire and three heads are separate prophesies as you seem to imply. Btw, have you noticed that the last two letters and exactly the last two letters of all three names match As in Jon-Aegon Arya-Visenya Daenerys- Rhaenys
  4. One day that little girl will make some man a frightful wife. That poor ’prentice boy, most like. Oh so this one, right? Yeah it could arguably be a foreshadowing. Though it could also be literal. We dont know what exactly Gendry feels. But again as AryaNym has pointed out the kindly man and Grrm are offering Arya various tempting futures Its just that if he is anywhere near to becoming a king, it would be foreshadowed and he would be a more important character with POVs. Grrm has complained about Aragorn in LOTR that they did not show how he ruled. So if Gendry is ruling there has to be a lot more character development, the kind which is happening to Jon/Dany or even Arya and Tyrion.
  5. Though which quote are you talking about exactly? Is it the one I referred to above. Often authors try to have fun with readers by giving them sideshadowings or alternate futures.
  6. Actually he was talking about Sansa Lord Eddard’s daughters live. One has just been wed. The other…” Brienne, where are you? Have you found her? “…if the gods are good, she’ll forget she was a Stark. She’ll wed some burly blacksmith or fat-faced inkeep, fill his house with children, and never need to fear that some knight might come along to smash their heads against a wall. One has been wed is Arya. At least thats what Jaime would claim to the blackwoods. As he would want them to believe the bolton's ruse. That is the public story. Sansa is the one in danger. She has commited treachery in their eyes and he would not be saying "just has been wed so calmly about her. She is the one who he is talking about. But it clearly is a Grrm inside joke. But Notice what he says "she’ll forget she was a Stark" Do you think Arya will forget she is a Stark because that is the precondition for marrying a blacksmith or fat-faced inkeep. Further Gendry is grouped with Hotpie. Its an alternate future (something like sideshadowing) I think. Lets see.
  7. Yeah i think Tyrion will ride a dragon. So if dragonriding is a basis, then he may be. But I think being soulmates (three hearts that beat as one) with the dragon is the requirement.So united that you are almost one. Being trustworthy is the requirement. Being conquerors is the requirement. Also Dany will face a betrayal. So any of the candidates could do that.
  8. He did say that he was not completely making shit up. Like he was partially joking. I read that in fattest leach or joanjett's comments. Like there are a lot of true things. For instance Jon's secret parentage. But he could be making shit up when he made Jon and Arya fall passionately in love. Or in some form of Jaime /Cersei relationship. The way I understand it, he knew the ending in 1991 and the begining. But he did not know how to get there. So in the outline he made shit up. The process may be different not the ending. Thats what I believe. But I could be wrong. Who knows. But I was encouraged by the Willow/Alys connections as queen.
  9. Yeah. I suspect that the first born will be from her. Because with Arya, your children will be princes and lords is said. But not king/s. But I dont know how they will make time for the pregnancy.
  10. Thanks for your response and evaluation I do think that most foreshadowings are not perfect. Like even for something which seemed as obvious as Rhaegar and Lyanna many people did give counter evidence for that not happening. Which is fine. The author is not supposed to make things too obvious. Even in the red wedding foreshadowing , Sandor using the term "bloody wedding" which is just a grammatical thing like my foreshadowing 2, Even the house of undying foreshadowing with Robb with a wolf's head does not clearly foreshadow it. Its only when we look back that it become obvious. Though it does add to the feeling of suspicion. Arya's foreshadowings too add to the feeling of suspicion. Why is Ned talking about king with Arya rather than lord? Does he expect to kill Joffrey and get Arya married with Tommen? Why did the author with full consciousness write it? Why does the author use queens rather than queen? Could he not just say father to a queen? For both these suspicions I dont need the show. What does the author mean when he talks about a 12 year old conqueror? Was he just jesting? Why did the author have to talk about a crown when Alys is being compared to Arya? Did he need to? Why did he in the same page compare Willow to Arya and then talk about her as a queen? All these suspicions do not require the show. Why has the author named her wolf Nymeria? My foreshadowings are not necessarily foreshadowings but question which you can answer. It would be interesting to see whether he has used a methaporical crown for someone else who is not compared with Arya (I dont mean a real crown but these indirect things) Like if he tends to use it with a lot of other people , then sure it may reduce the strength of my foreshadowing. Just to be clear I think Jon will win the iron throne (evidence in my signature) but Arya will rule as his queen as the wording was "You will marry a king" For whatever its worth, I was a softcore Jon Sansa shipper once. But when I saw Jon-Arya evidence and the outline, I began thinking about it Ie I am willing to change my wishes if evidence contradicts.
  11. Actually dorne was founded on the alliance between martell and nymeria. I am thinking more on the lines of arya being a a head of a dragon. Though I could be wrong Instead of men, I think it will be Arya,Jon and Dany. The song of ice and fire. (this gifset) I know about that conversation regarding JoanJett But I also know he said this If in the outline/ or at 1991 it is Jon and Arya as king and queen in the ending (which we dont know) , then would he change it? Does it count as fine details? Also does not Arya(ice), Dany(fire) and Jon(ice and fire) fit? Now Tyrion is hanging around with Dany instead of Arya. And at least in the show he worships her/Dany (maybe like he worshipped Arya iin the outline?) But it could go towards that ending right? So why would he change where Jon or Arya are going towards? Arya has also said Gendry and Hotpies are not her pack when she was leaving. Neither does she think about Gendry at all in Bravos, which I think Grrm would have made her think if they were endgame. But it is undeniable that Gendry has feelings for Arya . Not necessarily love, but a protective feeling . Interesting isnt it all that link between her and bastards? So it is natural that Grrm would make them meet again and resolve their feelings. They may even have feelings of attraction like Jon and Val (which may or may not be onesided) I just dont think Gendry is in the top 5 important characters mentioned by the Jaquen Hagar actor in a quote and also by Grrm (which he should be if he is marrying Arya and ruling as king) And the way he has written this has not changed my opinion. But sure , we would have some good Arya Gendry moments . In the show though, I dont know. D&D do have a reputation for such moves. Think Gendry Arya shippers may have a good chance there as they made her talk to Gendry as she loved him (unlike in the books). Lets see. (I also see her as a conqueror in the mould of Visenya as was mentioned in the show Tywin conversation. But I think just like Visenya the conquest would be for her brother)
  12. I agree. Cheers to that However it is not necessary that Jon is stuck as king in the north. Especially if he marries Dany which I think he will. His castle may be winterfell his arms may be that of the Starks but he can still be king of westeros by conquest. He is idolizing Daeron and a Targaryen who had conquered in the south. Maybe he too will have some of his legacy. Jon (who is the only black bastard we know of) is called the real king of the castle at King's landing (Red Keep) . In the Winterfell crypts he felt he did not belong there, Also for Arya to be a conqueror it makes more sense for her to conquer Westeros, right? Because she may not be 12 by the time Winterfell is conquered and may not be physically needed for its conquest. Also as she knows the secret passageways in King's landing,it makes more sense for her to conquer Westeros, right?. Making her know about them has to have some purpose, right? That passageway with dragons which takes you outside and inside the castle. Was it only to make her escape? Two recommended posts Basically I believe Jon will marry both Dany and Arya. Jon who is (ice and fire) will marry Dany(fire) and Arya(ice). Thats why his/theirs is the song of ice and fire. The dragon has three heads. Though all this will be accompanied by death of a beloved (maybe Dany first/then much later Arya after she rules) , revenge, passion, violence of large scale and the toughness of ruling a highly indebted realm. I just hope that iron bank wont kill all the dragons.
  13. Thanks @TyrionTLannister and @DutchArya for your input.
  14. If we believe half the tales that are told in this forum, no one, literally no one is fit to be king. About Dany they say she is too weak and gets easily affected by her advisers or she is like Aerys . They dont like how she ruled in ADWD. About, Tyrion they dont like how he treats women and his contempt for the small folk. Jaime also they will come up with something. So maybe we must have no rulers and just have a democracy. Though again then we get Trump.
  15. I dont know whether this is true. But Grrm (allegedly) said that Arya and Gendry have different destinies as mentioned in the above thread. But he has also said they will meet. I personally really really doubt Gendry becoming anything more than a knight/lord. 1) Because there is Edric Storm 2) He needs legitimization which Stannis wont provide. Who would? 3) Like his situation as a bastard is worse than even Jon and Edric because at least they were raised with the knowledge of their father in the subject's eyes (in jon's case wrongly). The only proof anyone has about Gendry is his looks 4) He still has a chance to be a lord/knight if a king legitimizes him. Though no king would legitimize him to create another king only a lord. But like its very very tough as there is a seperate candidate in Edric and no proof. Also, as the title of book is the song of ice and fire -I always thought Jon(Ice and fire),Arya(Ice) , Dany(Fire) are a team. Plus she will likely want to be with her pack. She herself said that Gendry is not her pack. So she would prefer to be with Bran(wolf) if Jon is dead. She cares more about being at home with her pack rather than someone unknown. And after what she has gone through and as there are no parents to force her , I doubt she would change. If he is to die soon as a tragic hero maybe Grrm would not want to be him, right? Plus he has already died once . And there is this quote So maybe he has not changed?