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  1. It definitely was helping keep him alive, as others have mentioned, the cold preserves. I would imagine it also helps Jon
  2. If he has an army worthy of a targ, they'll respect him as a targ. It's all appearances at this point. Same thing with dany, but she got the dragons so she's been certified for a minute now
  3. When we have to endure the harshest conditions, like winter, we do better as a pack than alone. You can't have a pack without trust, and you can't have trust without being a man of your word. I know it's not exactly the same as being good, but being authentic, honest, and a man of your word allows others to trust and respect you which allows groups to band together and survive harsh conditions
  4. When your the best you surround yourself with the best
  5. Damn, this is an amazing catch that I have never seen discussed before. I find it interesting that LF had a wound cat was certain was mortal. Hmmm, any possibility this is suggesting Rhaegar survived the trident, same as LF? They both have had bael the bard connections as well.
  6. Thank you! I referenced this same passage in a Reddit thread a couple days ago where people were arguing that there was no foreshadowing in the books for aegon being his real name, though I was too lazy to dig up the actual quotes. I've believed jons name is aegon for some time now, hence my username. We can also look to Danys vision of Rhaegar. I know grrm has confirmed he was speaking to Elia, but his statement describes Jon, not aegon VI, and visions/prophecies always get it at least half right. Plus we know how big the number seven is in religion, it would make a lot of sense for aa/tptwp to be named after the most famous targ of all time, and be the seventh of his name. It's kinda like the lord commander thing that's being discussed on another thread, we are so close to number 1000, there's a good chance there will be #1000 in the books and he'll be a badass, like Jaime. I figured jons name had to be aegon or Aemon, the fact that the show is saying its aegon pretty much confirms it in my mind. also, I agree with those who say Rhaegar most likely named Jon, not lyanna. If his name was Ned or something I wouldn't be so sure, but aegon.. That's Rhaegar trying to fulfill prophecy.
  7. He might have nukes on his mind even more these days though, now that he's handed off the key. It's like dany handed her dragons off to viserys.
  8. Thank you! I was about to post this and one of his other quotes so I'm glad at least this one has been brought up. To say grrm did not make dragons a parallel for nukes is simply wrong. Here's another quote: The dragons are the ultimate weapon in the world of Ice and Fire. They’re controlled by only a few people. You can win wars with them, win battles with them, but that doesn’t mean you can govern successfully with them—build a successful society and culture. In that sense, they are like nuclear weapons. Like right now, you see President Obama and Congress and NATO all wrestling with what to do about ISIS in the Middle East. One thing no one mentions is nuclear weapons. We could wipe them off the map tomorrow if we wanted to use our dragons. Still, when do you do that? Do you ever do that? What are the moral ramifications? What does that do to you?
  9. Are nuclear weapons bad?
  10. I updated this argument for the $25k tournament. If anyone's interested, it's titled "Mance wrote the Pink Letter". If you like it, any "thanks" are greatly appreciated (it's how they judge the entries). Bonus points if anyone recognizes where my cover image is from (you'll see it when you pull it up on Besides that, this is a topic I love, so I'd love to continue discussing it on this thread. Cheers!
  11. Anyone else doing the Kialo Tournament thing where you form an argument based on claims and can win up to $25k. I just published mine, "Mance Wrote the Pink Letter" on their site. Seems like a fun activity for those of us whom love discussing these theories.
  12. Grrm in Russia just said the others represent climate change, is that what your referring to?
  13. I like many people started with the show and loved it. I then moved on to the books. Looking back, the best part of the show is that it introduces you to the books. It's like being alive when Tolkien was releasing lotr. So IMo, yes, definitely worth it
  14. I think they're going to try to raise Rhaegar's son Aegon, only to later realize he's not Aegon, but rather a blackfyre or brightflame
  15. Is your argument that it's a kidnapping because she's underage and therefore her consent is irrelevant or because a lords daughter is the fathers property? i guess a good clarifying question would be lets say lyanna was 21 and left willingly. Did rhaegar still kidnap her?