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  1. Grrm in Russia just said the others represent climate change, is that what your referring to?
  2. I like many people started with the show and loved it. I then moved on to the books. Looking back, the best part of the show is that it introduces you to the books. It's like being alive when Tolkien was releasing lotr. So IMo, yes, definitely worth it
  3. I think they're going to try to raise Rhaegar's son Aegon, only to later realize he's not Aegon, but rather a blackfyre or brightflame
  4. Is your argument that it's a kidnapping because she's underage and therefore her consent is irrelevant or because a lords daughter is the fathers property? i guess a good clarifying question would be lets say lyanna was 21 and left willingly. Did rhaegar still kidnap her?
  5. I think you've pointed out a major oversight of mine in assuming that if BW killed LW, it was only to strain relations between the Boltons and Freys, and get the Freys sent out to battle. While I do believe LW's murder helps BW in the line of succession because it will result in more Freys dying in battle, I failed to consider other plans BW could have been scheming, such as marriages. Another theory I like very much! It is interesting that so much evidence points to some cool shit going down in the crypts, and now one of the very few people who knows the entrance shows up dead outside it. I don't see too much evidence of a BW-BR connection. I feel like GRRM has given us a lot of examples of BR connections, and they usually follow a pattern with clear parallels. Bran, Beric, Sweetrobin, Mormont's raven, Euron, and possibly Aerys and Rhaegar. So if there was BW-BR connection, I feel like we'd have some text to support it. But perhaps it will come, and I think it would be cool if BR did start to help him. As long as we're conjecturing, perhaps BW and LW were exploring the Crypts, saw something, and the BW killed LW so that he would be the only person with the knowledge and could use it to his advantage. e.g BW draws mance a roadmap to a harp/horn.
  6. I have to believe 90% of why he married her is because she's smoking hot. Beauty is an indicator of good health and good genes, which is valuable information when choosing a partner, even subconsciously. Beauty-status exchange. There's different ways someone can bring value to a relationship. Physical appearance should not be underestimated. The other 10% is that she's exotic and from a foreign noble family. I guarantee though, if she wasn't beautiful Kahl Drogo would have passed on the marriage. Kind of the whole point of him seeing her and riding off without a word at the beginning of got.
  7. I'm not much of a fan. I think I like the man stannis was before asoiaf that we hear about in stories. Seeing him up close I feel he is weak of character. His understanding of justice is self serving and he often rationalizes his horrible actions through utilitarianism. He's willing to sacrifice his nephew, and very possibly his daughter because he believes it will help him become king. These are horrible actions, yet he feels justified in doing them because he feels he deserves to be king and it's for the greater good. Even the way he cuts Davis's fingers off for bringing him onions is some bullshit justice. That's debatable, what's not as debatable is how he handled Mance. Mance should have been executed. Mel and stannis' execution of rattleshirt is not justifiable. There's no wiggle room in an oath like that. Yet stannis sees how he can use it to his advantage so he doesn't do what's right, and lies to all the north as well as his banner men about it. I think this is going to bite him in the ass with the umbers, seeing as how their allegiance was bought with Mance rayders skull, and now a ton of evidence suggests Mance is conspiring with the umbers (Rowan is the biggest evidence, followed by the drums/horns outside WF). We also have the fact that he burns his old gods, as well as people. Burning people is f***ed up, even in westeros. I get its a much more violent time, but watching someone burn alive evokes a such a huge visceral reaction to most humans. Much more so than pretty much any other type of death, short of torture. Stannis allowing and supporting it is messed up. The most noble thing stannis has done in asoiaf is go to the wall to help, and if I remember correctly that was all davos who convinced him. Stannis is completely willing to give up all he believes in and convert to a religion that is f***ed up all because he sees that the religion serves him. He kills his brother with shadow magic, burns people alive, and is willing to sacrifice child relatives of his. Stannis is not the mannis, stannis is the new nights King.
  8. They may be my favorite house. The hardest environments breed the hardest people. I also think the iron born may be the most genuine people, followed by the rest of the north. There's no bullshit, no silver tongues or Joeffrey type people, pretending to be what they're not. Theon is an example and that's why he gets called out so easily and does not fit in with the ironborn. It's also why asha, despite being a woman, is widely respected as the badass she is. There's many ways a person or house can choose to gain wealth. The ironborn are one of the few houses that has taken one strategy 100% and pretty much ignored the others. They don't farm, they don't trade(much), instead they reave. Their startegy is conquest, and as society evolves there is less and less opportunity for it. They're one of the few houses that benefits from the realm being in conflict. They are the epitome of the old world, which means there is no place for them in the new world to come. Their days are numbers, so personally I hope they take advantage of the current situation in the realm as much as possible. It may be their last hoorah.
  9. If you're going to try to correct someone you should probably check your facts first. I claimed Dragonstone was founded in 326 BC. You say this is wrong. Look it up. (I'll give you a hint, they moved to Dragonstone in 126 BC, that's not when it was founded) Your entire argument comes down to you interpreting my statement one way and claiming that's the only correct way to interpret it. That is a very close minded perspective. Targaryens are one of the oldest families in asoiaf. They live in Westeros. Therefore, they are one of the oldest families in Westeros. A real world equivalent would be established families that moved from england to the US after north america was first discovered. For hundreds of years and to some extent even to today the "old" families were not the families that moved to the US first, they were the ones that had been established in England for hundreds of years as well. Having moved to a different area does not change ones lineage. Exaclty, which suggests they have been around for even longer. I was admitting they were one of the minor houses of the rulers A whole order? If Tyrion is in a room with 9 other people he is probably from one of the oldest houses in the room. If Tyrion walks into volantis he probably is from one of the oldest houses in volantis. I'm not denying that your interpretation is more natural, or that it wouldn't be misleading or tyrion to say, "I am from one of the oldest houses in volantis". But misleading is not the same as false. It all comes down to how you interpret it, you are saying yours is the only correct interpretation and that is wrong. Once again you saying your interpretation is the only valid one when it is not. Really so far you've just quibbled over petty phrasing. My statement about soup was apt af. A paste is a thick viscous liquid much like a stew, chili, or grits. When people are served foods like this, it will usually be in a bowl. However, we (Americans) use the terms interchangeably when talking about foods like this. If you order a cup of chili, no one is going to try to serve it to you in a drinking cup, and no one is going to correct you and say "this is a bowl of chili not a cup". Bowl and cup are synonyms in this context, same as they are when referring to Bran eating the Weirwood paste. Well now that's rude. I never talked about high or highest at all.. So you're telling me to learn my words, but it's your own words your correcting because they sure as hell aren't mine. I never said this. I said he rose to prominence in the NW. I'd say if the first ranger says that everyone knew Mance and he was the best of them, that qualifies him as being prominent. Again, you're arguing against yourself here as I never claimed he rose high or had a position of influence. I claimed Mance rose to prominence in the NW and I stand by that statement. Nice contribution! Thank you! I know the wording I used is more naturally interpreted as it being a house from westeros but I though it was still correct. They are from one of the oldest houses and they are in westeros -> They are one of the oldest houses in westeros. I truly hate it when people try to argue that a statement can only have one interpretation. If I was writing a story that was to be published it would be wrong for me to use language that is easily interpreted in a way other than what I meant, but this is a riddle and therefore it kind of comes with the territory. Thank you! It seems everyone's a lawyer on this forum. It's funny though because usually the law leans to the loosest interpretation of a statement rather than the strictest.. I can respect white being questionable. Red and Black I think is pretty solid between his cloak and his black iron fetters with the red ruby. I do believe the tent made of white furs is significant though. Also, his wife's sister gets decked out in all white, so we could assume the all white came from her family/culture and that Dalla would have dressed similarly. So between his heart(dalla) and his home(the tent) I think there's a better argument for white being Mance's tertiary color than any other color. I'm open for arguments supporting other colors though! Also, this may just be my perspective and therefore not really valid, but the dude has spent like 17 years in a land that is nothing but white as far as the eye can see. It makes me associate white with him a little more than I should perhaps lol
  10. Very nice. Correct! i just added a third question if anyone wants to play again
  11. But Jon is supposedly a bastard, and very much identifies with the white and red of ghost and weirwoods, as well as the black of the NW, so I'm not sure it's DEFINITElY BR. And as others have pointed out, him being labelled a traitor isn't explicit in the books. But between BR deserting the NW, and killing other relatives (both in war and through the false promise of safe conduct), I have to think at least one brother felt betrayed! Not sure what you mean Houses in westeros The targs founded dragonstone around 326 bc so that's already over 600. I'll assume you're 500 years or so was in reference to this? You could say they were not a "house" when they were in Valeria but i disagree in this context. We're talking about how far back their lineage goes, even if they are called a family rather than a house in valaryia, There is no difference in this case. Do we have any more definite info about when the targs were established in valaryia? Or is it just sometime between circa 8000bc to 326bc? They were an established, albeit minor, family when they came to westeros so we have to think they had been around for a decently long amount of time before 326bc. Sure it may not compare with some of the northerners, but I don't think anyone would correct dany if she claimed house targaryen was one of the oldest and prestigious houses in westeros. You can replace "house" with "family" if that helps. Cup and bowl are synonyms.. Haven't you ever asked for soup? He is regarded by Qhorin as having been the best of them, and he said they all knew him. Mance's tent is white and Val wears all white. The tent should not be dismissed. Btw, So far no one has listed the combination I had in mind that aren't related AT ALL.
  12. To clarify, I just meant that the questions were unrelated. However, your interpretation actually makes it way better, as there is a combination of characters that fits. And these two people aren't related AT ALL to my knowledge.
  13. 1: I come from one of the oldest, most prestigious families in Westeros. As a young child, my house was brought to near destruction after being betrayed by our bannermen during war. After this betrayal, my brother and I were forced to leave our home in secret and escape the realm, while being hunted down by our enemies. Since leaving the realm I have grown exponentially more powerful. I have prophetic dreams, especially after a cup or two. I may never return to Westeros, but it seems only natural that I will return and will become either the savior or the villain of ASOIAF. 2: I am a bastard, supposedly. I am a skilled warrior and a true leader of men. I rose to prominence in the Night’s Watch before leaving to go north. Though my former brothers may label me a traitor, I have arguably done more than anyone else in the realm in the fight against the others. In general, my colors are red, white and black. Many readers would argue that I am barely alive at the end of ADWD, if that. 3: Many have suggested my exploits were inspired by Bael the Bard. I once either rescued or kidnapped a stark girl, depending on your perspective. Violence is not my first choice, but the text (asoiaf) has shown I will resort to it when necessary, specifically one v one combat. I grew to be one of the most powerful people in Westeros, as close to a king of Westeros as one can be without ever sitting the iron throne. *Be aware, 1, 2, and 3 are unrelated to each other. However, there is one combination of answers in which none of the people are genetically related to the others. If you have any other questions like this feel free to post them and I'll add them here.
  14. Dany and bran, Mance and rhaegar
  15. Simple really. Just wait til a targ is in power and politely request it. 50/50 he's haldon halfmaester but even if not they've still got mad credit with the targs.