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  1. The text supports mance not actually being under her powers though (conspiring with the umbers via Rowan, writing the pink letter, etc. I’m hesitant to believe it gives the glamourer any control over the subject.
  2. I think it can be summed up with Ygritte’s line, “a man can own a women or a man can own a knife”. In wilding culture, violence isn’t foreign to women. If a man stole a woman against her consent, he’d wake up dead. Stealing the woman away from her family and clan is the man showing off his strength, cleverness, etc. he still has to woo the woman though. like Drogo did the night of Dany’s wedding!
  3. He's not one of the five but I think grrm is clearly setting up Jon as the ultimate/ best ruler. Mance is up there too though
  4. I believe there is evidence supporting this, as well as the gohh giving him the prophecies during his trips to summerhall. Br could be sending the messages through her. We have Br's colors as smoke and scarlet and rhaegar wears a scarlet plume. We know br learned glamors and there is evidence supporting rhaegar learning glamors. It seemed no lance could touch him plus rubies plues the hands tourney being an intentional parallel with loras's cheating supporting rhaegar cheating (via glamor). we know br reaches out to people in the realm from bran, isn't it natural to think bran may not have been his first attempt? Especially when other characters like sweet robin and Euron shows signs of br reaching out to them as well.
  5. Ashara Dayne
  6. Good recap. I'll just add that they share the line about "knees do not bend easily" which I feel is a pretty huge nod. Also we have qhorin reflecting on how a fire can be as pretty as a maid on her wedding knight, which is pretty sentimental for a nw ranger. also, when he is killed by Jon it seems as though the cut missed but then a RUBY necklace of blood appears, suggesting he may still be glamoured/ hiding his identity. arthur taught Jaime and Jaime loses a hand and tries to learn leftie, AD having done this as qhorin makes his and Jamie's story arch parallel each other further. qhoran means like trusted advisor or something close, which AD was to Rhaegar. and AD would have ultimately died saving jones life (which he was tasked to do at toj), by allowing Jon to kill him in fake duel.
  7. This conversation has been had 500 times before, so excuse me if I'm tired of typing a novel here, as I'm well aware how this convo goes. A couple points I'll touch on would be , his blood is no more royal than mine, Aegon steelsongs parallels to Jon, the parallel of the dornishmans/northmans wife and both mance and rhaegars life, Mance's color scheme is targ colors, and more specifically scarlet which rhaegars had a plume of scarlet silk when he died, the prominence of rubies in rhaegars death and rubies being associated with glamors, followed by mance using e same colors (black iron fetters and red ruby, to glamor). Add in the Mance's personality makes no sense for someone who grew up in a situation very similar to a prison. Plus all the questions of his origins. Between qhorin, Osha, and queen selyse none of our three origin stories for mance are the same. Then we add in Mance's obsession with digging up graves, finding magical horns, and saving people from the others. Evidence supports rhaegar had the same obsession with prophecy (it seems I must be a warrior). Both also use the sword as a last resort. That's maybe 1/100th the evidence, but also look at all the other identities that are questionable, Arthur and qhorin both say the "knees do not bend easily" line. We also have qhorin saying a fires beauty reminds him of a maiden on her wedding night, a little too poetic for a nw killer. Jon doesn't think his blade cuts him and then sees a ruby necklace, again rubies making us question his identities. I believe the kettlebacks, halfhand and lemore, quaithe, etc all may be people we know who went into hiding after rr. as you can see from a decade of threads on this site, every theory that loosely relates to mance is rhaegar gets flooded by a bunch of people who feel so confident that mance isn't rhaegar that they shit on it. oddly enough, it's always the same few objections, that have the same few responses, that never goes anywhere I seriously invite you to research it more. Better yet, reread the series with it in mind. I'll leave you with a quote by bran vras, "In one of the most curious of his many aspects, Mance's life seemed to follow the same archetype than Prince Rhaegar's. Perhaps, instead of the hell where they have been consigned, the proponents of the notion that Mance is Rhaegar should be given some sort of special place in purgatory."
  8. Good luck, theories involving mance being rhaegar usually get bogged down by people who think they know better bashing them, it's really unfortunate. There is a shit ton of evidence supporting mance as rhaegar, but the argument always devolves the same way. i don't think elaria was married prior but I do think there's a great chance mance is rhaegar and that the dornishmans wife could refer to Elia. Since it's a song you could half interpret it as dornish, man's wife, which Elia is. I think the song is more of a set up for the northmans daughter, which has much more of a parallel.
  9. Because her chapters are slower in the books. In the show its because they made her character shitty. I imagine Sansa will really shine in her later chapters.
  10. Mance has done more than everyone else in asoiaf to save the realm, outside of perhaps bloodraven. He's a good guy
  11. There is, Ashara Dayne for Dany and Leyton and Melora Hightower for Aegon
  12. It definitely was helping keep him alive, as others have mentioned, the cold preserves. I would imagine it also helps Jon
  13. If he has an army worthy of a targ, they'll respect him as a targ. It's all appearances at this point. Same thing with dany, but she got the dragons so she's been certified for a minute now
  14. When we have to endure the harshest conditions, like winter, we do better as a pack than alone. You can't have a pack without trust, and you can't have trust without being a man of your word. I know it's not exactly the same as being good, but being authentic, honest, and a man of your word allows others to trust and respect you which allows groups to band together and survive harsh conditions
  15. When your the best you surround yourself with the best