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  1. Tyrion's killing of Tywin was an over reaction?

    So I have to think there's a good chance your just trolling here. If not I think your analysis is pretty weak. You blow off tywin lifelong mistreatment of Tyrian and say it's okay because he was rich, which really makes no difference. Then you blame Tyrian for whoring because his father despised it. Well let's remember, Tyrian had never whored before tywin told him his wife was one and made him and all his guards sleep with her. After that I think Tyrian is justified in a "f**k tywin" attitude and sleeping with whores against his wishes. You also blame Tyrian for marrying below his station, let's remember he's a dwarf who is an insult to any noble lady his father might offer him to. He never had a good chance of getting married. They literally needed the girl to be a captive to agree. He wasn't throwing away much marrying for love. Plus he was only 13... You also suggest he forced her to marry which we have ZERO indication of, especially knowing Tyron's personality. More importantly though, Tyrion didn't kill tywin, tywin did. Tyrion told him if he said whore again he was gonna kill him. A Lannister always pays his debt.
  2. Rhaegar was WAY better than Robert

    Is it just me or was Robert pretty justified in slapping cersei when he did, given the westerosi universe? He's the king and his wife is mocking him to his face showing absolutely no respect. That's a risk to all of westeros. If a man spoke to another man like that he would be hit in both our world and in westeros. As a feminist I have to believe we should hold cersei to this same standard. Now whether Robert would have beat lyanna, we can't know for sure but I'd be willing to bet that it would not happen more than once. I don't think she would bring it out of him to begin with but of course she may have. If she did and he hit her I have a feeling lyanna would make it known in one way or another that it wasn't going to happen again. A man can have a knife and wife but he can't have both. Just like if Ramsay had the real arya I bet she wouldn't get beaten more than once, she'd kill him afterwards. To be grossly insensitive, people let their abusers do these things. Another example would be joff and marg, joff loved beating Sansa but he would never dream of hurting Margery. I just think we have better evidence of Roberts true character than a somewhat justified slap. He sends assassins out after dany, drinks and whores excessively and has neglected his duties as King. He's not evil, he's just a normal guy who was given everything once he became king. He's probably a good case study in the flaws of a monarchy, or at least ones recently established/usurped. Good soldiers don't always make good kings. I think Robert is a normal guy, whereas we are led to believe that rhaegar is truly great. I think there is no question that rhaegar was better, and I would think those people who disagree with me have come to different conclusions about whom rhaegar is as a person. Robert is the known quantity, and he's really not that much for a prince like rhaegar to have to stack up to. He was a great man don't get me wrong, but we're comparing heroes here. People don't remember Robert like they do rhaegar. Rhaegar's the man.
  3. Jon Snow and Theon Greyjoy

    I think Jon and theon is a great duo to compare since they did grow up in such similar situation. They both had something that always made them feel inferior. I think Jon responded with humbleness whereas theon felt he needed to prove his worth.
  4. Who would win in a fight between the Mountain and the Hound?

    Glad someone brought this up. Without fire the hound wins, with fire the mountain. Simple as that
  5. Is this GRRM's big twist that he just came up with?

    Mance's eye color is only described once and it's by JS in a dimly lit, smoky tent. Not very difficult for Jon to assume the purple is just a dark brown. He also notes in the same description that he does not look like a wildling. Grrm has went to great lengths to stress how people see what they want to/ what they assume to, e.g. The guards thinking arya was a poor boy. So it's certainly believable that other people really didn't look that closely to his eye color, especially in the wildling/ NW societies. Hard men don't often take note of other men's eye colors. then there's the theory hes glamoured.
  6. Ramsay Killed LW

    Land that's where I disagree. If tensions are super high, roses hand is still forced to send out frees and whomever they're fighting with. When tensions are high Roose will always have an incentive to send out the quarreling houses. No matter if they've been quarreling for 2 minutes or two weeks. That is true, but as long as they are causing trouble they are a threat to the morale of the entire wf scenario and he has an incentive to send them out. I wont deny that there is a good reason for Ramsay to try to cause turmoil amongst thefreys but I think this would be a terrible way to go about it and does not really make sense. So Ramsay wants to kill LW and blame the meanderlys and the best way he thinks to do this is to murder the kid in front of his cousin and then have his cousin be the lie teller. This when BW is less close with Ramsay then LW. That's a huge unesecary risk for no reason. BW could just tell on him once he's safe back at the twins. Plus if Ramsay did kill him why are BW's gloves bloody? Did Ramsay make the scrawny 9 yo do the dirty work when moving his overweight cousin. Doesn't make much sense. instead all the clues point to BW. Bloody gloves, hesitates when telling his story, and the consequences of his actions are going to lead to many of the people ahead of him in the line of succession dying, exactly what needs to happen for him to become lord. Plus I believe we have seen evidence that BW is messed up enough to do it, as I examine in my BW analysis.
  7. A possible new take on the Rhaegar = Mance crackpot

    I honestly have no idea what you're talking about. It seems pretty obvious that if GRRM told us Rhaegar was still alive it would be a spoiler. In the same way if you told someone who just started the books about Ned it would be spoiler. I make this comparison to show that by it's nature, a spoiler is dependent on where the audience is in the story. So, then the discussion becomes, well he didn't have to answer or he could have answered around the question. Yes he could have. But obviously the more he declined to answer or the more ambiguity in his answer the more this theory would be given credence. You've seen how much support MR=RT has, and that is with all of us knowing about GRRM's SSM. Imagine how much more overblown it would be if he had given an ambiguous answer. And what's to say he didn't give an ambiguous answer. There are many ways his statement can be viewed without being a lie. E.g. Mance is killed in twow and cremated, thus rhaegar's body was ultimately cremated. There is no rule that says the author has the same sense of past and present as the reader. Even if there weren't ways to view his statement as truthful, we still shouldn't dismiss it based on the logic, "grrm doesn't lie". We know grrms hasn't lied yet and we know he claims not to but ultimately that means nothing. We should not dismiss a theory because we are 100% sure the author wouldn't stretch the truth in an interview while discussing what would be the biggest twist in the book. I think more than anything Rubies are used when GRRM want's to highlight a sense of identity. This is why they are also used as glamours, as it is someone assuming a different Identity. The garnet/Ruby comparison also fits into this, as targs are heavily assocoiated with rubies, and those "pretending" to rule, Tywin Lannister, are actually more suited to Garnets. Tywin recognizes this and that's why he's intent on having Rubies in the sword instead of garnets, so he can display to the world that the lannisters are right and proper in their rule. Garnets would be more fitting for the Lannisters, but they want to pretend to be better than they are and call themselves rubies. Aegon VII is my favorite guess as well. I know grrm has confirmed otherwise by saying it was Elia he was with, but I would love for Rhaegar to have been talking to Jon Snow when he says, his is a song of ice and fire.
  8. A possible new take on the Rhaegar = Mance crackpot

    It's a spoiler when the reader has not yet gotten to that point in the story. So yes, if you told someone who just started GoT that Ned is dead, it would be a spoiler. Just like if grrm let anyone know that rhaegar is Mance, it would be a spoiler
  9. Is this GRRM's big twist that he just came up with?

    This is my best theory for what the twist is.
  10. I would think it's a similar situation to captains in the sopranos kicking up to tony. There supposed to kick up a set percentage but everyone fudges it a little bit. Those that fudge a lot get noted and are judged accordingly. Tony knows Paulie always holds back, Ned knows Walder as the late Walter frey. No explicit punishment, they're just viewed as being the type to pull that shiesty stuff.
  11. Illyrio & Varys: untruths and exaggerations

    Damn great observation. Why would someone so poor have a statue carved of them at sixteen? The only way that makes sense is if someone else commissioned it. But why would someone commission a statue of a shitty bravo. I assume he's shitty because talent = paycheck and he says he poor. So if the commissioner didn't admire him for his sword skills what did he admire him for? The only thing that makes sense to me is either Illyrio is lying or he was sleeping with rich men to make money back then and one of his sugar daddy's had it made. My bet is on the lie/ exaggeration
  12. Ramsay Killed LW

    Then we agree on the letter most likely purposefully being delivered in front of the troops and disagree on Ramsay colluding with BW. Almost defnitely wrong.. I'd like to examine this closer as it's possible I'm not aware of some information. I believe what you're referring to is the screenshot from the John Oliver show which has roughly been translated as, The leader of the enemy wore silvered plate and mail, inlaid with [detail?] of lapis lazuli. The [crest] of his [helmet/warhelm?] was [tall?], fashioned in the shape of the Twin Towers of House Frey. I would first note that this is a screenshot of a work in progress and by no means fact, but for this argument I'm fine assuming the text ends up in TWOW. So, lets compare it with our description of BW's armor, The Walders were mounting up, he saw. They'd brought fine armor up from the Twins, shining silver plate with enameled blue chasings. Big Walder's crest was shaped like a castle, while Little Walder favored streamers of blue and grey silk. Their shields and surcoats also set them apart from each other. Little Walder quartered the twin towers of Frey with the brindled boar of his grandmother's House and the plowman of his mother's: Crakehall and Darry, respectively. Big Walder's quarterings were the tree-and-ravens of House Blackwood and the twining snakes of the Paeges. I really do not think these descriptions are close enough for us to say that the person leading the Freys into battle is a relatively small nine year old boy. Yes, they both have Silver and Blue colorings and have a similar crest, but BW's is described as a castle whereas this knights is described as the twin towers. Could be the same, could be different. Also, in Asha's chapter mail is described whereas it is not in BW's, unless enameled chasings count as mail (not familiar with chasings). Also, inlaid with lapis lazuli speaks to there being actual gems in it, whereas BW's is just described as enameled blue chasings. These are not similar enough to assume BW is the one Asha sees. Is there something I am missing? Even if BW did get sent into battle, he would very easily be able to play the cowards game and not expose himself to much risk. Just sit back with some knights guarding him. I don't imagine many nine yo's were out there doing much more than squiring to begin with, and as far as we know BW is no ones squire, so he would most likely not even be as involved as squires. Red herrings are more often more obvious but that does not make it any less likely that an author as detailed as grrm isn't going to put them in some very hidden places for only the most avid readers. For example, I would consider Stannis's comment about, "you may hear I am dead" a red herring if Mance ends up being the author. 99% of readers wouldn't understand why, but for those that really studied the PL and considered all the theories, it's a pretty big misleading (or not!) clue. I disagree, these elevated tensions are going to stay elevated. Sure there could have been a few nights of manderlys killing a few freys and vice versa, but conflicts like this only escalate once catalyzed. Even if they didn't get sent out for a week or two, the Freys and Manderlys would still be the ones Roose would want to send out to stop their attacks back and forth. I'm not sure where you're getting this from. Yes Roose knows that the people marching out have a higher risk of death and will want to send out the most expendable troops but I guarantee he'd be happy if none of his soldiers died and they just obliterated Stannis. I think it's a jump to say he's sending people out to kill them. Their potential deaths is a calculated risk. I think your painting the picture in WF to be worse than it was concerning food. They have food, they have dead horses. Relatively they have much more than stannis. The lack of food is not much of a concern at this point, IMO. The tensions are however. You say that if Ramsay was too early, everyone would be super angry 24/7, well yeah, and they'd still be that way when the map arrived and Roose had to send people out. Would them being super angry for a couple weeks be any different then them being angry for 10 seconds. Either way the people who are super angry (freys and manderlys) are the smart choice to send out. I would say there's a fair chance he saw/ heard of the millers boys before even setting out. Assuming he didn't though it's very simple, Ramsay is very familiar with how all skinless men look the same. He's a pragmatist and he knows he may find them or he may not, doesn't matter too much, because he knows either way he's going to make it appear as though he's succeeded and use it to his advantage. Not finding the starks serves him just as well as finding them at this point. I do think it makes complete sense. Ramsay plays the game to ensure he wins, even if it means cheating. His actions here are consistent with that. Now could Ramsay be in touch or related to the gods somehow, absolutely, I just don't see evidence of it here.
  13. Ramsay Killed LW

    Thank you for creating this thread. Definitely a great topic of discussion and I feel the last one got bullied into deletion. After all the time I spent on my "Big Walder Analysis" thread I feel especially close to BW and enjoy discussing him. It's important to remember in this time having blood on ones clothes wasn't that odd. Bloods messy and it's hard to hand wash stuff. BW walder would either have to struggle through washing them himself, or have a serving person do it. Either way, it's evidence that he commited a crime and was trying to cover it up. It would be odd if BW has squires wash blood out of his gloves the one night LW is murdered. Would anyone actually take Manderly serious if he accused BW of killing his cousin? It's unthinkable and wouldn't happen. Cleaning the gloves is unecessary and actually has additional risks associated with it. A lot of your/PJ's theory is explaining why Ramsay is motivated to have large numbers of Freys die. For BW though, we already know his motivation. BW claims he will be Lord. Really the only conceivable way this happens is for many Freys to die, the ones ahead of him in succession. Yes a lot of Frey soldiers will die, but if he can get most of the senior Freys in WF killed it absolutely helps his pursuit of becoming lord. BW probably isn't going out there at all, he's nine. The description of "butchered" comes from Hosteen Frey who would want to make the murder sound as gruesome as possible when announcing it in the hall. Though LW hits harder with the lance due to sheer power BW rides a horse better which shows he's somewhat athletic. That plus the element of surprise and it's very concievable BW could kill LW. That is one theory to explain the pause, it dividing truth and fiction. I would propose instead that it's all fiction and that the reason BW hesitates is because he knows the gravity of his next statement and the general consequences it's going to cause. I believe the whole story of dice to be fake. I would have to chalk up Luton playing dice AND dying as a coincidence / red herring. Good observation about Walda but we also have to respect the difference between seeing a corpse, which even highborn ladies did quite often, to seeing violent bloodshed of people she knew. Is it likely that a maester would deliver the raven like that in front of everyone rather than come and whisper in the lords ear? What if it was bad news and then Roose had to think up a lie on the spot? To me it seems more likely that Roose and Ramsay had gotten the letter that morning, and arranged for it to be delivered in front of everyone. LW's murder interrupted this and forced Rooses hand. All reasons why Ramsay might want the Freys dead, but I think GRRM writes the story in a way that we can find motivations for all the suspects when we have mysteries like this. Just look at the PL. For BW we already know he wants Freys to have to go into battle and die so that he moves up the line of succession. I agree that it was to force Roose to send the Freys out, I just believe BW was the one who wanted this. I think this is a jump. He could have just guessed, knowing that even if Stannis wasn't close, it would raise tensions between Freys and other houses. It makes complete sense Reek brought the clothes. He knew from before they set out that worst case scenario, he could find two kids and burn em like he did. He's smart yes, but helped by the gods, I'm not so sure.
  14. Discussion about the role of the FM

    The theory of mine that I believe makes the most sense is that they came about in response to the deplorable slave conditions under the dragon lords. There's a sentiment in asoiaf that every slave chooses to be a slave because they also have the option to kill themselves. I think the FM are an entity that represents an oppressed peoples ability to commit suicide. A reminder that no matter how bad life gets, suicide is always a viable option. They directly oppose the dragons, because a person with dragons has ultimate power over those without. In a normal slave society, if the slaves are treated too poorly, eventually they will revolt and overthrow their masters or kill themselves. Similar to how all social contracts work. When dragons are involved, the oppressed can never overthrow those in charge. The only option they have is suicide. I think the fm will try to kill the dragons to avoid the risk of them falling into the wrong hands. Them pulling in arya could be with the intention to have her help defeat the dragons.
  15. [THEORY] Jon Snow is actually Bran's son?!!?!?

    This thread is the worst