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  1. Oh... I gotcha
  2. I don't understand how the title fits with the OP.
  3. I hated to make it that simple but sometimes the obvious answer is the best. I'm sure her feelings about the matter are much more complex but I know I'd want to smash a bunch of people if they had an embargo on my home.
  4. I always thought she was just pissed about being held under seige.
  5. No one but the OP mentions Davos? Too obvious?
  6. Yes... You should. And then read them again, then again, then again...
  7. To me, the Blackwoods are the most intriguing of the "background" houses. The whole old god worship thing has always stood out to me (even though I know they were originally from the North, it still seems like it's something I'm meant to note for later). Bloodraven being half Blackwood only adds to my fasination. As to the OP, your guess is as good as mine. As far as I can remember, we've never been told why.
  8. I dig the Ghiscari names, especially after as many times as I've read the novels. At first it was ,quite frankly, a pain in the ass to read and remember who was who. Favorite names (not ranked) -Cersei(I have a cat I named after her) -Davos -Victarion -Tywin -And I like almost all of the Targ names (male and female)
  9. Seems legit to me. Well done @Nihlus.
  10. Complex/interesting guy.. Capable of great acts of compassion and also great acts of evil. He has massive issues as we all know. He's my favorite character though. Being smart and funny goes along way with that.
  11. I agree with this. The Tywin factor can't be underestimated.
  12. I think as long as Twyin was still s factor, Balon would not attack the riverlands. I know he did so during his first rebellion but it seems he was simply taking his best opportunity for conquest/revenge.
  13. A great deal of people seemed to respect Targaryan rule. If it would win them lands and titles.
  14. I almost did a spit take while reading this part.
  15. This was always my assumption. I've honestly never even considered the TEC to be a completely different entity. While my bet is still on BR, you've given me a lot to think about....