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  1. Euron is the only character with a Dr Doom like plan for world domination.
  2. Wylla Manderly and Lyanna Mormont. Firece/outspoken loyalty in these two young ladies.
  3. First reply nailed it.
  4. I'm sure being a bastard and Dornish will be enough to earn the Lords of Reach contempt.
  5. That was my line of thinking. It's all events that she's personally witnessed.
  6. If I am remembering right, the only people she has on her "list" are, A. Those who were directly involved in her father's execution (which she [almost] witnessed.) and B. The Mountain's men who personally wronged her or her friends after they were taken prisoner. It does seem like she would remember and brood over the murder of Jory and his men, but as far as I can tell these are the only two groups of people that are in her prayer.
  7. The Spider has always been the most intriguing character in the series to me. I remember how in awe I was with this scene on my first read through. We haven't seen the man in basically two whole books and out of nowhere he pops up to create utter chaos in the Red Keep (without anyone ever knowing he had a hand in it). I love this guy.
  8. Mace is the current Hand.
  9. This^^
  10. Refresh my memory. At what point during the rebellion did they decide they were going to crown Robert if they achieved total victory? Does it say in the World Book?
  11. I would agree that Euron is out of place in the context of the novels except for one major thing that makes this guy more believable, the psychedelic drugs. The whole opening of his "third eye" and the fact that he's tripping balls the whole time is important. If shade of the evening is anything like psychedelic drugs of our world, then it makes sense how a gifted and evil mind could go to a "head space" like Euron is when we meet him. Before his shade days he was probably just a heartless manipulative sociopath, but once his third eye became open he began to see the "big picture." For someone to use these mind altering substances (and already have an evil mind) it's easy to see how this plan of domination came to be.
  12. I think the power of the seat is more symbolic. During the reign of Targs, it was traditionally the seat of the crown prince.
  13. I was coming here to say this but I figured (and was right) that someone else did first.
  14. Badass warrior. Not so much a commander. (Although he could surprise me.)
  15. I vote for disposable/ one time use horses.