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  1. Perfect.
  2. Come on. You're just trolling at this point.....
  3. True. I think this is a way to make it look "official."
  4. I never understood this plan either. I guess that they were going with the idea that the King had absolute power. The faith doesn't have near as much influence in Westeros as it had in the real world Middle Ages. Seemed like a shit storm in the making. Lord Tywin would not have taken this lightly.
  5. I forgot about this one. When he later heard about Griff and company possibly sailing west Tyrion seems very surprised. Almost like he was just playing around with the kid and never thought that that seed he planting would take root so quickly. And @Agent Orange, I don't think anyone on this board has forgotten the dark greyness of Tyrion.
  6. I've always wondered about this. Like what about characters like Barristan? Is he fluent in Ghiscari? I've always brushed the thoughts away, thinking that it was just for the plot to run smoothly.
  7. Dude.... We all know this. It's abstract. Was this just a "why do people like Stannis?" kind of post? If so it seems unnecessarily long.
  8. Maybe not a exactly a "power play" but this comes to mind. "I am not threatening the king, ser, I am educating my nephew. Bronn, Timett, the next time Ser Boros opens his mouth, kill him." The dwarf smiled. "Now that was a threat, ser. See the difference?" Also slipping something into Cersei's drink so he could hold court uninterrupted (mainly to discuss the Stark peace terms) is pretty good too. There's plenty more but I'll leave those for the other commenters.
  9. Seems about right to me. I do think he is a puppet of the Harpy (knowingly or not).
  10. -Lord Walder and Cat first meeting -Tyrion speaking to his father's war consul about the ferocity of the clansman -Stannis with everyone Those are the ones off the top of my head.
  11. Cleft Jaw and Victarion have both mentioned that Andrik has the reputation for being the most badass warrior on the Islands. We've seen Victarion in action so I might be biased in giving the title to him. I love the "Reaver" chapter. His reasoning for wearing armor is awesome to me.
  12. I think from a literary standpoint, the introduction do more dragons this late would be writing. That's just my opinion, I'm no author by any means.
  13. Well I feel like a real asshole now. Haha. His overall "brattiness" has not allowed me to properly sympathize with the poor kid. I've always blamed Lysa for the way he is but I've never really stopped to think about how sad his story really is. Im with you @Here's Looking At You, Kid. I'm rooting for him too.
  14. Very possible. I could also see this idea remaining as a nice little "Easter Egg" by GRRM. So I definitely do agree that the Sailor's Wife is most likely Tysha.
  15. Thank you....