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  1. Benjen Stark is a goner for sure next book. Probably Rickon also
  2. Benjen is so dead next book
  3. Nobody thinks any Starks will die?
  4. Could it be that "godly" men like Craster finally made enough sacrifices for them to become powerful enough to make another run at man kind?
  5. the wildling with the boar calls John brother when they meet I believe, could be one of the companions
  6. the wildling with the boar calls John brother when they meet I believe, could be one of the companions
  7. Theon walks funny now that hes been tortured. It would be very easy to tell it was him just by his stride.
  8. Pretty accurate.
  9. The proof would be all the witnesses who saw the dead prince. Such as Tywin and Ned and Bobby B. If Aegon is really Rhaegars son who is Ilryio talking about when he says red or black a dragon is a dragon when arya is listening to him talk to Varys in GOT? The only character that could be a blackfyre that we have been introduced to is Faegon imo.
  10. agreed.Current conditions in the north wouldnt allow him to deal with the threat of the the others even if he did know and take it seriously
  11. Thanks for the quote didnt have the books with me and it was driving me crazy. Roose is such a fascinating character. Do you think that he has some sort of back up plan? Or maybe he feels like he had a good run and that this is his last winter anyway so hes just playing this thing out,
  12. Pretty sure he is aware of the boys being alive. I think he even mentions that if one of them were to come back his time would be up. You would think that he does have a back up plan though. he is not an emotional guy.
  13. mostly agree but i dont think that they have all that much food there. i think last time the food was described the lords were being forced to eat horse meat along with the common men at arms
  14. Ha! was just going to type that. Cheers!
  15. Agree..he asked her to dance with Ned. No way he slayed her afterword.