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  1. Small Questions v. 10105

    He should realize that. After all, that oarsman was responding to Davos clarifying who Daenerys was. Some additional context: @maudisdottir: In regards to characters first hearing about Dany's dragons, there's also Euron referencing them at the Kingsmoot:
  2. R+L=J v.163

    I think this symmetry is more likely: Three main families: Targaryen, Lannister, Stark. Three main characters: Dany, Tyrion, Jon. Dany: Targaryen mother died giving birth to her. Father was a Targaryen. Tyrion: Lannister mother died giving birth to him. Father was a Targaryen. (A+J=T) Jon: Stark mother died giving birth to him. Father was a Targaryen. (R+L=J) Three heads of the dragon.
  3. Wow, I never noticed that v.15

    And a little later on: This line could also apply quite well to Jon Snow.
  4. Jon was born a bastard and remains a bastard.

    In fact, there is only one other instance in the books where we are given a direct quote from Hightower, and once again, he references the vow to protect the king: Other note-worthy things in this passage: The Kingsguard are "armored all in snow" Rhaegar is identified as the "rightful heir to the Iron Throne" Whent also references the vow to protect the king Arthur admonishes Jaime for killing Aerys, the king
  5. Wow, I never noticed that v.15

    I'm not sure if this was intentional on Martin's part, but I thought the above line was amusing given that Egg will later become known as Aegon the Unlikely.
  6. "Then or now"

    Sure thing.
  7. "Then or now"

    The phrase “Then or now” only appears three times in the main series, spoken by three characters: Arthur Dayne, during Ned’s ToJ dream: Meera Reed: and Quaithe of the Shadow: Arthur and Ned were both at the ToJ, and knew what was going on there. Meera is the daughter of Howland Reed, who was also at the ToJ (and mentioned in the second quote), and he could have told her something about it. Meera and Jojen’s oath to Bran includes the phrase “ice and fire”: Immediately after Meera tells Bran about the KOTLT (a story that Howland evidently told his children about -- unlike Ned, which surprised Jojen) she says this: And according to the following SSM, GRRM straight up said Meera and Jojen might know something about the ToJ: That leaves Quaithe. Could the fact that she also uses the phrase “Then or now” be a literary hint on Martin’s part that she too knows something about the ToJ? Would this not support the theory that Quaithe is Ashara Dayne, who is not unlikely to have been involved in that whole plot through her brother Arthur? Now, there is actually another occurrence of “then or now” outside of the main series, in the history novella The Rogue Prince: But as you can see, unlike all the other examples, this isn’t a piece of dialogue which stands alone as a sentence, so the pattern I’m suggesting could still hold. What do you think?
  8. Play-by-play Reread

    It reminds me of the True Tongue, the language of the COTF:
  9. Wow, I never noticed that v.15

    There's a theory that one of the reasons GRRM started giving titles to chapters rather than names (e.g. "The Captain of Guards" instead of "Areo") is because he's setting up for having chapters titled "The Prince That Was Promised" and/or "Azor Ahai Reborn" in the future. Well, I recently realized that parts of these phrases have already appeared in some of the chapter titles so far: The Princess in the Tower The Prince of Winterfell The Griffin Reborn If GRRM is planning on doing this, I think it would be just like him to hint at it by slipping these words into chapter titles beforehand, hidden in plain sight. Also, the very first epithet chapter title that GRRM used in the books was "The Prophet" -- perhaps a clue that there will be more prophecy-related chapter titles later on.
  10. Tyrion will go to Braavos

  11. Wow, I never noticed that v.15

    The best explanation I've seen is that the Sack of Winterfell echoes the events at the Tower of Joy (where people suspect a metaphorical dragon was born) and the ritual at MMD's tent (which led to literal dragons being born), so Summer was seeing the magical echo of the birth of a dragon. From @Kingmonkey's The Puppets of Ice and Fire thread:
  12. Wow, I never noticed that v.15

    Stannis raising Davos to Hand with "Lightbringer": Arthur knighting Jaime with Dawn: I thought this contrast was interesting in light of the theory that Dawn is, or was, Lightbringer.
  13. Thoughts on the second Dance and the point of the whole thing

    @Lost Melnibonean: I think this is what @Lord Varys is referring to: