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  1. From the ACOK appendix: Rhaegar (Frey) has two sons and a daughter, and his second son is named Jonos. A little wink from GRRM, perhaps?
  2. Another "kissed by fire" reference in Jon's story: Spinning, Jon saw the drapes he'd ripped from the window. He flung the lamp into the puddled cloth with both hands. Metal crunched, glass shattered, oil spewed, and the hangings went up in a great whoosh of flame. The heat of it on his face was sweeter than any kiss Jon had ever known. "Ghost!" he shouted. (Jon VII, AGOT)
  3. Arya said that to Lady Crane in S6E8:
  4. Here it is: INTERVIEWER: How would you describe Littlefinger and Varys' relationship? GRRM: Adversarial. Both of them know a lot about the other one, including some very damaging things. So they're in, essentially, a stalemate, because each one knows that if he revealed what he knew about the other one, then the other one would reciprocate and they could both be destroyed. So they're kind of locked in a certain stalemate. I think Littlefinger has a better idea of what Varys wants than Varys has an idea of what Littlefinger wants. Littlefinger is an agent of chaos who likes to be unpredictable and succeeds in that. -JUEGOS DE TRONOS de George R.R Martin en la FIL de Guadalajara 2016 (11:12)
  5. I would also add these two quotes into the mix:
  6. This is taking things in a different direction, away from the ToJ and colour analysis you've done here, but I thought I'd throw it in anyway: I was recently reminded of the theory that the Azor Ahai prophecy (which Melisandre says is recorded "In ancient books of Asshai") originated from a vision an ancient Asshai'i had: This person saw some sort of scene involving smoke and snow, but never having seen or heard of snow before, they described it as something else they were familiar with instead: salt. For example, Sam, who was raised at Horn Hill in the Reach, had never seen snow until he was in the North on his way to the Wall: Not only is Asshai much further south than that, and half a world away, but communication across such vast distances would have been even more limited thousands of years ago. If "smoke and salt" is actually "smoke and snow," then symbolically this could represent both Targaryen and Stark, rather than just Stark: Smoke = Fire = Targaryen Snow = Ice = Stark Or in other words, Smoke + Snow = Jon.
  7. Eddard IV, Game 20 Since we know that Sansa pleaded for Eddard not to kill her wolf, perhaps we should assume thatLyanna pleaded for Eddard not to kill something, presumably her son. I think this connection is even better if one goes back and looks at the Sansa passage in detail: Things of note: Sansa's "eyes were frightened." Ned remembers that when he gave Lyanna his word, "the fear had gone out of his sister's eyes." Arya, who is similar to Lyanna in many ways, is also strongly against the harming of Lady. Lyanna's exact words could have been very similar to Sansa's: "Stop them, don't let them do it, please, please, don't let them hurt my baby." The repetition of "I promise," evoking "Promise me, Ned." The fact that all this pleading towards Robert was unsuccessful, even when Ned brought up Lyanna, could be taken as a hint that Robert would have also let Lyanna's child be killed if he knew about it (or at least that this is what Ned believed/suspected/feared). Going back to the original quote you posted, here is a comment by @J. Stargaryen which ties it nicely to another quote that mentions Rhaegar's son and pleading (which you referenced in the OP): Edit: I would also add that in the "pleading for mercy as Rhaegar’s heir" quote, there is even a potential allusion to Lyanna in the same paragraph, as "the woman he [Rhaegar] loved."
  8. Well, there is this, from the app: At Harrenhal he first beheld Lyanna Stark. He brought tears to her eyes with his singing, before crowning her his queen of love and beauty before his wife and half the realm. Sometime later, Rhaegar abducted Lyanna with the aid of Ser Arthur Dayne and Ser Oswell Whent. When word of Lyanna's abduction reached Brandon Stark, the heir to Winterfell stormed into the Red Keep, challenging Rhaegar to face him; Aerys's murderous response led directly to Robert's Rebellion. Lord Robert, Lyanna's betrothed, was consumed by the need to avenge himself on Rhaegar, but the prince could not be found for the first months of the war. Rumor had it that he was in the south with Lyanna, at a place he called the Tower of Joy, near the red mountains of Dorne. But eventually his father sent Ser Gerold Hightower to recall Rhaegar to his duties, though Rhaegar ordered Ser Gerold, Ser Arthur, and Ser Oswell to keep guard over Lyanna in the south. (A World of Ice and Fire, Rhaegar Targaryen)
  9. Nice. Tyrion asking for burnt bacon has been pointed out many times before as a possible allusion to him being a dragon (I believe it used to be in the OP, but it was removed because that particular clue attracted lots of ridicule for being silly/a stretch), but I've never seen it connected to the line about Dany feeding her dragons. That gives it a bit more credence, I think.
  10. From Ran: "It is semi-canon. It contains material contributions from GRRM, and its text was reviewed by him. That said, it is not fully canon because GRRM reserves the right to change details noted in the app when he actually sits down to publish the details in the course of the novels. As a notable example,, his vision of the relationship of Bloodraven to what happened in Maekar's reign changed substantially when he sat down and wrote his contributions for the world book, and we'll be getting the app corrected in that regard."
  11. Is that a record?
  12. Just posting the SSM to back up what's already been said: The Rainbow Guard isn't meant to symbolize Renly's sexuality. It was more of a culmination of several unrelated things, such as the fact that he'd already used white for the Kingsguard and black for the Night's Watch. A rainbow is seven colors combined together in one object - he compared it to a shamrock being a Irish Catholic symbol of the Holy Trinity, three parts which make up one thing. Plus it has seven colors and is tied to the Seven, plus worshipers of the Seven use prism rainbows in their temples. -SSM 1316, MAY 06, 2005
  13. Earlier in the thread there was some discussion about how in the Inside the Episode segment for S7E7, after D.B. Weiss talked about Jon's parentage/legitimacy causing problems in his and Dany's relationship, there was a quick "And she's his aunt" tacked on at the end. However, in the corresponding segment in Game Revealed, we got to hear his next sentence, which I think changes the context: "And she's his aunt. So, there's that, if that kind of thing would bother you." The fact that this off-handed comment was specifically addressed towards the audience gave me the impression that although they know some viewers may be uncomfortable with this information, it's not really going to be an issue which comes up much, if at all, in the actual show. I mean, this section of the video was even titled "All in the Family."
  14. In the "Season 8 potential characters couple pairings" thread there was some talk of crowns and Jon and Dany being coronated, which made me think these lines might go together: (I was going to post this observation on that thread, but it was locked.)
  15. The books: SSM 1261, Sentry Box Books Signing (Calgary, Canada), November 16, 2000 SSM 1270, Tidbits from the Con (Worldcon, Philadelphia, PA), September 01, 2001 Howland Reed is presumably still alive in the show, since there is no reason to believe he has died, but I highly doubt he will make an appearance in Season 8, given that the writers had Bran say, "No one knows. No one but me." regarding Jon's parentage, as well as the Preliminary Outline indicating we won't see Meera again after she left to be with her family. Just another consequence of the streamlined race to the finish, I guess.