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  1. In the "Season 8 potential characters couple pairings" thread there was some talk of crowns and Jon and Dany being coronated, which made me think these lines might go together: (I was going to post this observation on that thread, but it was locked.)
  2. The books: SSM 1261, Sentry Box Books Signing (Calgary, Canada), November 16, 2000 SSM 1270, Tidbits from the Con (Worldcon, Philadelphia, PA), September 01, 2001 Howland Reed is presumably still alive in the show, since there is no reason to believe he has died, but I highly doubt he will make an appearance in Season 8, given that the writers had Bran say, "No one knows. No one but me." regarding Jon's parentage, as well as the Preliminary Outline indicating we won't see Meera again after she left to be with her family. Just another consequence of the streamlined race to the finish, I guess.
  3. A while ago I made a post in the A+J=T thread color-coding similarities between the accounts of Tyrion's birth and those of stillborn Targaryens. I just updated that post (hidden behind a spoiler for now) with the descriptions of Alys, Jeyne, and Elinor's stillbirths in The Sons of the Dragon (which are a bit more detailed than the ones in TWOIAF), and I thought I'd make a post here too showing how they fit in: The only new connection (i.e. one that wasn't covered by other quotes) is Alys' stillbirth having "a huge head." Prior to The Sons of the Dragon, none of the other stillborn Targaryens were described with that feature, as far as I know.
  4. 1) This reminded me of Joffrey: 2) Doesn't this read like the High Septon who anointed Aenys is the same High Septon who anointed Aegon? But of course that doesn't make sense because the High Septon who anointed Aegon died in 11 AC, and there were numerous High Septons after that. 3) Donal Noye gave a similar description of Stannis: 4) This line caught my eye, given the legend that dragons come from the moon: 5) Maegor's Trial of Seven obviously brings to mind Dunk's Trial of Seven. Specifically, Bernarr Brune's "Are there no true knights here?" is reminiscent of Dunk's "ARE THERE NO TRUE KNIGHTS AMONG YOU?" And Maegor received "a terrible blow to the head that cracked his helm and left him insensate" which is similar to how Baelor died. 6) And to think, years later a Lannister would order the deaths of Prince Aegon and Princess Rhaenays. 7) This is similar to what the Mountain did to Vargo Hoat: 8) A small spelling discrepancy: 9) There should be an "a" between there, I believe.
  5. Someone on /r/asoiaf who received their copy early said The Sons of the Dragon is about 41 pages in length.
  6. Liam Cunningham recently said the table read is this Sunday and Monday, with filming beginning October 16th (Monday) or 19th (Thursday):
  7. I just saw this passage pointed out elsewhere: Much of this could apply to fAegon during the Second Dance of the Dragons too. It reminded me of this post I read a while back about how fAegon could acquire the Conqueror's crown and sword (and perhaps even Rhaegar's armor): (Spoilers TWOW) Aegon's Epic Loot
  8. Tyrion II, AGOT 13: Jon VIII, AGOT 60:
  9. Not that I can recall. But Egg got a tan while in Dorne: Egg might want a soak as well, though the boy looked cool and dry, more dusty than sweaty. He never sweated much. He liked the heat. In Dorne he went about bare-chested, and turned brown as a Dornishman. It is his dragon blood, Dunk told himself. Whoever heard of a sweaty dragon? (The Sworn Sword) So if Daenerys has spent enough time in the sun, I imagine she would be tan too.
  10. Not that I know of. But there was an example cut from TWOIAF where the reverse was true -- bastard children produced prior to a marriage were rendered legitimate once their parents married. From Linda: "We do have an example of course from The World of Ice and Fire where children who were produced prior to the marriage were rendered legitimate by the marriage." And Elio: "Linda's referring to a detail from George's material that was cut from The World of Ice and Fire, but will be appearing in Fire and Blood, relating to a situation where Lord Hightower took up with his step-mother following his father's death. The High Septon refused to countenance the relationship and would not allow them to marry, but they continued it and had a number of children. Eventually a new High Septon allowed the marriage and the children were rendered legitimate."
  11. I went back to check this, since I couldn't remember myself, and nobody explicitly mentions legitimizing Gendry, but the outline does imply it could be done: "Jon is getting ready to go. Davos enters with Gendry. Davos had told Gendry not to tell anyone his parentage, but then Gendry takes a risk, steps forward, and says, "Hi, I'm Robert Baratheon's son." Davos isn't thrilled that he just said this, but it gives Gendry a great moment to talk to Jon Snow about having a similar life experience. For Gendry: If this is the side I'm going to be on, I shouldn't be afraid to say something. He thinks Jon will understand his background. Gendry's true parentage would actually matter to the people at Dragonstone. After all, with Stannis dead, who is now Lord Baratheon? Who is lord of Storm's End? For Jon, the bastard son of Ned Stark, meeting the bastard son of his father's best friend would be a big deal. Jon and Gendry need to start talking to each other, and Gendry volunteers for the mission. Once he understands the importance of what they're doing, he doesn't want to be sitting on the sidelines."
  12. Here's some data relevant to this thread: The /r/gameofthrones subreddit did a post-season 7 survey, and 2 of the questions asked were "Daenerys is Jon's aunt - are you okay with them being in a relationship?" and "Do you think Daenerys and Jon will continue their relationship if they find out they are related?" Here are the results, out of over 22,000 responses: Daenerys is Jon's aunt - are you okay with them being in a relationship? Yes: 82.9% (18,715) No: 17.1% (3,874) Do you think Daenerys and Jon will continue their relationship if they find out they are related? Yes, they'll continue their relationship: 70% (15,799) No, they'll end their relationship: 30% (6,781)
  13. I recently saw this connection made elsewhere: Bloody Bird = Mormont's Raven = Bloodraven
  14. And in case anyone wants some quotes:
  15. Here are some more quotes from GRRM about the bittersweet ending: