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  1. Good catch!
  2. She is on twitter at the same handle. She will also be participating on a panel at Con of Thrones if anyone would like to meet her. She will be pleased to hear that her videos are appreciated!
  3. @LiveFirstDieLater I was reading @redriver's topic about the Stark relationship to Winter, and was struck by his comment that 'a non Stark' says the words 'Winter is coming' to Bran in the coma dream. Perhaps the three eyed crow is not a non-Stark?! Another thing I've always found odd is that the three-eyed crow is very at home in the Stark crypts, even ushering the Starks like Bran into the crypts after Ned dies. Why would a 'non-Stark' be so intimately familiar with what Bran has called a quintessentially 'Stark place'?
  4. Good points! However, I think you're bending over backwards to account for something that's easier explained... Quite simply, fAegon is boring, because GRRM is bored by him. True heresy: The character is not important.
  5. Maybe Craster is Maester Aemon's son!
  6. We could always throw in a bit of time travel -- that would surely right things...
  7. This is 'George's' schtick, people: The literal bleeds into the metaphorical and vice versa, so that they are superimposable, and often indistinguishable. That's how he makes his money and gets his kicks. It's why we're still here debating the minutiae till kingdom come.
  8. And yet, Bloodraven is an utterly charming fellow. Swearing by it, his fans are more rabid than the San-Sans! (and, don't forget, he is, without doubt, the amiable three-eyed crow...).
  9. It's a metaphor for greenseeing. I don't believe wildfire is dragon blood literally. Figuratively, a greenseer is a dragon, so yes.
  10. Lyarra, Lyanna, Lya, Lysa, Alyssa, Nissa, Melissa, Me-Lisa-'ndre (have I forgotten any?) are all, in my opinion, inspired by GRRM's real-life love Lisa Tuttle (from which the Tully name also derives) who jilted him for another man ('mystery man X' -- I'd be ever so grateful if someone could supply his name!), hence inspiring various permutations of the signature love triangle which peppers the pages ad nauseum. If you're into puns, as I am, then you'll be willing to entertain the compelling possibility that it's also a wordplay on 'LIES/LIAR' or 'LYRE', given GRRM's unusual pronunciation of the 'Y'/'I' as 'aI' instead of the ubiquitous 'I:'.
  11. That's interesting. Do you discuss your suspicions about the 'murder ballad' in more detail elsewhere? It's reminiscent of the Chett-Bessa story: When Ser Duncan the Tall arrived at Ashford, "it seemed as though every lordly house of the west and south had sent a knight or three to Ashford to see the fair maid and brave the lists in her honor." She was "a short girl with yellow hair and a round pink face." She did not seem so fair to Dunk, though. "The puppet girl was prettier." Now, here's what I am digging... The fair maid reigned as Queen of Love and Beauty. Hmm... I think I will have update another thread. Rhaegar, that 'sorrowful man'
  12. Indeed, he was not mad; he was corrupt! He sold his soul to Tywin in the 'deal made with the devil' when he turned a blind eye to the murder of the Targ children in exchange for the propping-up of his rule. No, in fact, he was pragmatic and utilitarian in his approach, not unlike Bloodraven, whom many revere as a paragon of fearless rationality. Dragonspawn grows up to be dragons -- reproduction is the highest form of warfare-- never a truer word was spoken! From a certain Bloodravian perspective, Robert is the sensible one here! Oh, for sure -- Bobby B did not breed craziness, only irony. Robert in his legitimate fear of dragonspawn did more to spawn dragons than perhaps anyone! Had his persecution of them not led to Dany's exile, the dragons would never have been born. Charming as always... Poetic stuff.
  13. Hi Puppy! You know I work symbolically -- that's jus' the way I roll -- so, it's a natural progression in the skinchanging of 'ice giants', which Bran has been practising for some time: from climbing Winterfell (described as a 'monstrous' stone tree) to skinchanging a direwolf (a giant wolf) to skinchanging Hodor (who has giant blood and then becomes an ice giant of sorts when he freezes over, one eye shut like Odin) to skinchanging the weirwood (which are not only 'white' but 'wight' trees!). From there, he might skinchange an ice dragon and perhaps even a comet/meteor, the ultimate icy giant (in my wildest tinfoiliest dreams)! Yes, Varamyr skinchanging the eagle which used to belong to Orell. When the eagle goes up in flames, the skinchanger cannot remain within the host body, and almost goes mad. Analogously, it shouldn't be possible for someone who is not fire-immune (like Bran and unlike Dany) to skinchange 'fire-made-flesh'. We have the wighted trees, the wighted horses, the wighted people, and the wighted bear...why not a wighted dragon?
  14. Exactly. In alchemy, the first stage 'nigredo' is about cooking up a dark night of the soul...it sounds like 'soup of the evening', wouldn't you say..?! That poem is one of my favorites. @Voice likes it too -- he has queried what the Wall is 'walling in or walling out' exactly, 'heretically' questioning why it was built in the first place. Mostly, I love this poem because Frost is so disingenuous, so walled-off from the truth of himself being the one who loves a wall. No, I'm unfamiliar with Amelia Bedilia. Pray tell!
  15. Moreover, Hodor the stableboy is compared to a horse in multiple ways, skinchanging being the ultimate 'riding', really. As to greenseeing -- which is basically skinchanging trees -- the seer hanging himself on Yggdrasil the world tree in Norse mythology (in order to go galloping about the worlds) is tantamount to mounting the horse Sleipneir. A dragon is basically a fiery steed, hence 'Drogo' the horselord becomes 'Drogon'. I think Bran will skinchange a wighted dragon. It's not possible for a person lacking fire immunity to skinchange the fiery kind, as was demonstrated symbolically by the painful expulsion of the skinchanger from the burning eagle. What's more, and often less recognized, it's not possible for a Targaryen to ride an ice dragon -- think on that!