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  1. Maester Cressen Jerry Seinfeld
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  3. Yeah I felt the same way, then I played a second game...
  4. first thanks @Howlin' Howland
  5. Katniss Everdeen has nothing on me.
  6. First: 1. We Soldier On. Second: 6. Well, Summer’s Over. Third: 7. We Stopped Others. Fourth: 5. Giving Enemies Fiery Winter. Don't hurt yourself
  7. You are the host. Do whatever you want.
  8. pump
  9. I was going to reply something similar.
  10. Jeyne Westerling Zoe Saldana
  11. Jez Bell's cousin, door bell is really a tambourine. He was adopted. But don't say anything. He doesn't know.
  12. Let the games begin!!
  13. MMMM sandwiches. New Thread!!!!
  14. I can never figure out how to pronounce that name. Who belongs on the Iron Throne?