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  1. Just submitted for the last round. Not my best entry, and this was a hard game. You all have put in some great efforts. When this game began, I thought I might be in a good spot to win. Turns out that was not the case. You all deserve credit for this hard fought game.
  2. I do not have time for existential debates. What is the worst decision D&D have made?
  3. Littlefinger. I want to punch the guy just about every time I see him in a film. Kirsten Dunst
  4. Wilding in the Vale. I would get sick of horse meat in a hurry. WYR run a farm in the Reach or own a fishing boat out of Gull Town?
  5. Benjen Stark John Travolta
  6. For the love of everything Holy, NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. First: 6. Charming invader (text 'Royal') offering major fiery alliance! Second: 2. Cute, intense, Targaryen requires omnipotent man for amor. Third: 4. Classic insignia - Targaryen Red - overseas made famous, adroitly.
  8. Candy makes me sick and sex makes me howl.
  9. Can you actually adhere to that rule yourself?
  10. I do not know if I should be glad or concerned that you were able to guess that I came up with that number 3 entry.
  11. Nope. I do not want to come across as a forum hog either. Am I the only one around here who is neither a Sansa fanatic nor a Sansa-hater?
  12. Shella Whent Brenton Thwaites
  13. Lord Yronwood (if he ever appeared in the books/show), I just want to see Dr. House as the polar opposite of the conservative, careful, Prince Doran. Peter Jacobson
  14. First: 1. Virtues: I'm, humbly, a remarkable man! Adventurous, deadly and romantic. Second: 2. Vehement, irresistible, handsome, and recently mated a dragon; aroused repeatedly! Third: 4. Valyrian-inclined hero, a rakish mien. Adores dragons. Always ready.
  15. Will you take me home and let me poop and pee all over your floor and cost you thousands of dollars at the vet when I get sick?