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  1. I dug my own grave with the accidental post earlier this week.
  2. You are likely not alone, but I for one do not have desire, or time, to take on an endeavor like that. Am I... who did not see much point to Symon Silver Tongue to be in the story? Or maybe just really hated the character?
  3. What importance do you put on such matters?
  4. Illyn Payne. I get a certain necrophilia vibe from Cersei's Master of Whispers. No thank you. WYR sail the smoking sea or be stranded for a week in Sothoryos?
  5. Someone with an unpronounceable name with a "Mo" or a "Zo" in the middle. Man I am racist. Where is Strong Belwas from originally?
  6. i is idiot
  7. any update on the potential seventh entry?
  8. Ian Malcolm asked something similar in Jurassic Park if memory serves. Speaking of Jurassic Park, What would Dr. Neil Grant think of the dragons of House Targaryen?
  9. Diversification is for lesser lords. Who manages Littlefinger's investments?
  10. Why would someone think that was funny?
  11. Andrik the Unsmiling Chris Haywood http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0371824/?ref_=tt_cl_t5
  12. It would certainly be an interesting twist on the war between skiers and snowboarders. If given the choice, would Dany be a snowboarder or skier? and why?
  13. What is the average life expectancy of a female Argentine?
  14. Spinoff as soon as possible. I think most of us have had enough with the strange extrapolation of GRRM's work called "Game of Thrones". WYR watch the second season of GoT nonstop (no breaks for restroom or food), or read A Clash of Kings in 36 hours (you can take breaks: eat sleep, etc.)?
  15. Perhaps you will not be alone. Though I don't watch, so don't count on me to be there with you. AITOOAHW is having trouble with navigating the forum these days? For the last few weeks, any thread I try to enter requires me to restart my internet navigation window and then reload the content. Navigation between thread pages also requires the same. I don't know if it is the website of my personal machine that is the problem.