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  1. Acrophobia 28: Lomas Longstrider's notes - Round Five

    Not that it matters, but I count no inaccuracies with my score.
  2. Random thought re: Lothor Brune and Mya Stone

    Would a Trial by Seven where the victim was the king not require all seven of the Kingsguard to participate? Would they even be able to scrounge up all seven seeing as how they are spread out? Jaime- Missing in the Riverlands, who knows when he will be heard of again. Oh yeah, and he still cannot fight with his left. Boros- Constantly gaining weight as Tommen's food tester. Unreliable loyalty in addition to being a cowardly sub-par fighter. Meryn- Loyal to the crown, decent fighter (not good, not great). Osmund- Unreliable loyalty at best, decent fighter. Balon- Honorable, good fighter. About to go hunting for Darkstar, difficult to contact. Loras- Injured on Dragonstone (allegedly). Speculated unreliable loyalty. Very good fighter. UnGregor- Unknown. Allegedly loyal to crown. With the possibility that multiple KG members would not be available for the trial, would they need to postpone? Maybe that would be Sansa's best move.
  3. Taxes

    Is this about the time that the Tarbecks began their decline? Culminating with Tywin's extermination of their house.
  4. Am I The Only One Around Here Who V.2

    They likely would not have released it if no one liked it. I personally have not heard it so no opinion formed yet. I don't consume alcohol. Am I the only one around here who has not seen Star Wars: Rogue One yet?
  5. Who's going to give the authorization for the nuclear strike?
  6. Be as unhelpful as possible 2.to

    Katanas are not in keeping with the medieval tone of the books. I personally blame Final Fantasy for injecting far east weaponry into the fantasy genre. Stupid Square Soft. Who in Westeros would try using sword-chucks?
  7. Acrophobia 28: Lomas Longstrider's notes - Round Five

    many thanks for the extension.
  8. What is the avatar above you thinking (ver.12?)

    For some reason, everyone thinks I am an Arya fangirl.
  9. The Winds of Winter - Small Council

    Obviously the Tyrells will control the small council at the beginning of Winds. Cersei may be forced out of KL irregardless of the fact that she is the only adult Lannister in town. In AGoT there were really no Baratheon guards around KL depite the fact that Robert was king, the largest force of household guards was the Lannisters. The Tyrells will become the new Lannisters. They really lost nothing over the course of the Wot5k, like the Lannisters in Robert's Rebellion. Varys never tries. He either does or it is not in the best interest of his goals (whatever they might be).
  10. Acrophobia 28: Lomas Longstrider's notes - Round Five

    First: 4. 'Tween Titan's feet! Imagining workers building, lifetimes consumed Second: 2. Towering tyrant frightens incoming wanderers. Bellows loud cacophonies. Third: 1. Titan touts fearsomeness. I wanna bed lovely courtesan. HM to 6
  11. Cast the Actor!(v3)

    Ser Stevron Frey Clint Eastwood
  12. Be as unhelpful as possible 2.to

    Ken Jennings would not fare well in Qaarth. What is the tax code of Westeros?
  13. Be as unhelpful as possible 2.to

    Westeros' game show "Let's Make a Deal" sucks. What Westeros-styled game show would not suck?
  14. Cast the Actor!(v3)

    Melisandre Adam Raynar
  15. Am I The Only One Around Here Who V.2

    I, personally, am not planning on naming my son Aegon, But I am 99% certain there are others on the forum who have done it. Am I the only one around here who wonders which ASOIAF religions resemble our real world religions the most? The Faith of the Seven is the obvious answer to the Roman Catholic Church: with their teaching of multiple aspects forming one god, clergy often employed to educate young nobels, clergy taking vows of celibacy, Septon Utt (the pedophile) of the Bloody Mummers, etc.