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  1. Aerion Brightflame
  2. Thanks. Yours bamboozled me too. It was a really good clue. Surprised no one else "voted" for it. But I think raisin bran is better than my taste in clues.
  3. Absolutely not. Tyrion does have a "poor me" attitude when it comes to family relations. Since he first understood what Jaime being in the KG meant, I am sure he thought of himself as heir to CR despite his Father's attitude towards him and never having a discussion with Tywin about the inheritance. Lordship of WF is a huge deal, but would require Tyrion to be on guard always as I am sure the northmen would never be ok with a Lannister ruling over their own kingdom. Am I... who wonders if Tyrion had not been a prisoner of the crown at the time of Tywin's death, and Tyrion had not killed his father, would the Westerlands lords have kept Tyrion from taking control of CR and the Westerlands? Would Cersei?
  4. Yes, keeping my head up is rather difficult with this skinny neck.
  5. Sometimes I wonder if that was not your plan all along.
  6. There is a fine line between cute and creepy. I haven't figured out where it is yet.
  7. PMN, you will kill Howland too.
  8. Arrived at Winterfell with a well lathered horse.
  9. I am not sure about if she would have felt differently about Petyr. *This is complete speculation* Lysa strikes me as the jealous little sister to Catelyn. Since Petyr was obsessed with Cat and only paid attention to Lysa when the three were together, Lysa would likely obsess over Petyr's every word, mood, smile, and touch. Because Petyr was constantly there at Riverrun and Jaime only came for 2 weeks and was gone again, I do not think that Jaime's fleeting acquaintance would change Lysa's feelings/behavior much, even if she were betrothed to the heir to CR. Cat was betrothed to the heir of WF, but no mention is made of Lysa obsessing over Brandon Stark.
  10. You are not mistaken. But something tells me that Tywin would not be ok with the match once Lysa's pregnancy became known. Yeah, I don't think Tywin would be ok with that arrangement either.
  11. Really struggling with the theme here.
  12. No, that is my actual heart. I sort of wear it on my sleeve.
  13. Kill Aegor Rivers (Bittersteel) Bed Brynden Rivers (Bloodraven) Marry Daemon Blackfyre (you get to be queen, sort of) High Septon edition High Sparrow Tyrion's High Septon (that Cersei had killed) Fat High Septon (that the mob killed in CoK)
  14. There was this one time I was in a sixth-grade play. One of my lines included the word "horrors". I did not think about it too much and when it came time to deliver the line, it came out as "whores". My mom was not too pleased with me. I did not get it until she explained it a little more plainly to me. How would you finish the sentence: The only good thing about the Crakehalls is __________.
  15. PMN, you will bring some of this Dornish wine back with you to WF. It is the bomb!!