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  1. A second upvote for Camelot. Kim and Tony are great to work with. I frequently purchase books and have the rights to my limited set through their store. They're professional, friendly, and super helpful. I couldn't recommend them enough.
  2. To anyone interested, I'm selling my #500 set of SubPress Game of Thrones, Clash of Kings, and Knight of the Seven Kingdoms (as well as rights to future #500s in the series direct from Sub Press). Asking $2,750. Send offers and inquiries!
  3. Glod--how much are you asking for the SubPress FFC?



  4. Great advice from Becca and I echo it. I think the value of a lettered set won't change a thing with regard to its value unless the particular buyer wants or sees something unique in it. With regard to insurance, I went through the bidding process and found that insurance can be exorbitant. My recollection is that paying the premiums each year would quickly chew up the value of the books within a handful of years. Maybe I just got bad quotes, but it ultimately wasn't worth it to me. Accordingly, I try to self-insure: books are kept away from direct sunlight in a barrister bookcase in a moisture and temperature controlled-room. If there's a catastrophe at my home (storm, fire, etc.) I think I'll chalk up a loss of any collector's items as a sunk cost, push for my homeowner's insurance to pay for it, and--if they won't--maybe lose a little sleep but likely just be grateful that I and my family are OK. TL;DR: Insurance will be expensive. Get lots of quotes and see if it makes sense for you financially and economically.
  5. That's probably about right. SoS has been, at least lately, the hardest to find orphaned copies of. It also happens to be my personal favorite of the illustrators--Charles Vess. The covers are fantastic, as are the interior illustrations.
  6. Cool find. Good luck finding a buyer!
  7. We're best buds and brothers. It's not often that I can get something that he'd so appreciate (and would likely appreciate in value for him). I might hang onto it for him, but who knows how long he'll be in NYC. There will be other chances.
  8. I bought two Ultra's. I was going to give one to a brother who is also a super fan, but he's moving to New York and is afraid he won't be able to take it with him and store easily. So, it looks like I've got an Ultra Box to sell. PM me if you're interested!
  9. Yeah, not great at all. Someone ought to share this with George and George's people. For that kind of scratch, it ought to at least be fully wrapped, packaged, and protected from damage--both inside and out.
  10. Mine arrived yesterday. For a $600 box, they sure didn't package it all that carefully. Mine wasn't damaged, that I could see, but there were some bits of paper glued or stuck on the box. The build quality is nice, but certainly not "Ultra Luxe." I mostly got it for the book, though, which is in good shape. Color me mildly disappointed.
  11. Yes, it shows that payment has been made but that it's "unfulfilled" on shipping. I sent an email but no reply.
  12. I don't think mine has even shipped yet.
  13. Got the ornament this week. Anyone else surprised at how chintzy and cheap it was? If the rest of the Box contents are like that, I'll be hard pressed to believe that $600 will be worth it.
  14. Down to 3 . . . .
  15. Just got mine, so that's one less.