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  1. I totally agree with you here; I hope George comes up with something more credible... still for all the mystery and the necessary training and it being perhaps the most important step in Arya's path, I never liked the HoB&W neither show nor books (but hey, we all have our preferences). I mean, I find them intriguing for sure, but kind of almost the "kind of intriguing" I could live without knowing their aim (although I know I am being an utter fool because I am sure they are very important to the plot somehow). It's odd with most GRRM's characters and institutions make me want to know more... with them... bored in books and bored in show. Yes, great idea to give the "gift" of death, not as revenge but as sometimes a voluntary thing... albeit not always. I love philosophy and stuff and yet cannot get myself engaged into this part of the plot. Maybe I don't react well to characters and institutions that are introduced late in the game (have been questioning myself on that one lol). It could well be that my "boredom with B&W" is just that. Their input in Harrenhal was fine by me, just as they got to Essos but hey, putting it down to my own shortcomings because in Essos I only enjoy the adventures of those who were there before in the story (save Missandei and Grey Worm mayhaps) but in general... I guess simply my attention span is too simple to embrace more and more characters unless they appeal to me in some level I guess... which is completely subjective and, well: unfair on my part. But there it is: I was delighted she was finally going to leave that plot line (as I will be in the books when it happens).
  2. I hope he will and that they will come face to face lol intense... still my wagger is on 10 million dragons to Jaime killing Cersei (or perhaps even my little Tyrion doing it...) not for revenge for what she has done to them, but to spare her from worse.. (ultimate fraternal act of love). This series likes irony... tinfoil sure but lof if it comes to pass I will just ... well... I think this series will show characters like Arya and Tyrion that revenge is "overrated". My two cents (going higher on the wager) is that she will get killed but someone who "loves" her in some capacitty to save her from "worse." (and not necessarily talking about WWs) Jaime and Bran I look forward too but, in my humble mind, either Jaime is dead when it happens or something but Bran (as Great Sheer Extraordinaire) will forgive. Makes more sense if Jaime is dead and Bry with child, say...
  3. Funnily enough, although I was not 100% serious, there are some theme events planned like "pub crawling" in fancy dress and what not but putting a play up would be definitely cool! I mean just for fans in cities we can partake lol but anyone for London... hey, willing to lead if it comes to that! Belfast would be better in that the community was very hit by the recession and they filmed there lol but I live too far away, but, if someone there puts anything up.... willing to go. And nothing to say that you guys in say US, Australia or whatever cannot do it ... Just for the next premier or something ....
  4. I hear you lol
  5. lol; we have interacted with each other a lot (sometimes agreeing, mostly not) but lol yeah!!! if they ever try to mimic it in real life, live 2 hours from London.... so strongly suggesting it to my friends in that industry lol ') Nothing would give me more pleasure than joining a troupe of GOT mummers lol
  6. that would have been more interesting indeed; yet she would have had to find her way to regain her free will later...
  7. Personally, okay, haven't a clue how it will all end.... however I am inclined to go for Jaime and not Tyrion as Valonqar and merciful killing... Why??? In this thread there have been parallels with Tyrion's state of intention "want to rape and kill my sister.." etc. As, IMHO, nicely stated, this is "pure undiluted anger", nothing more nothing less...Highly unlikely he meant it or it it will come to pass....Tyrion has resentment too, granted, which makes him more likely to deliver the blow (on the surface), but he barks harder than he bites and won't do it ... I reckon Jaime will hate Cersei for her crimes and alliances but not to that point! even her actions lol. She is the abuser, she manipulates... still... I think Jaime will kill her when she cannot be saved with any glory, as a favour as it were.... Honour meaning what he does to him, I think he will kill her to prevent her from dying with "dishonour." I don't think it will be done for her deeds, or infidelities, simply to spare her worse... True love in many ways... even if he then goes on and marries Bri or whatever.... Could be wrong of course... Incidentally, I consider it highly possible as well that Arya or Arya warging will deliver the final blow to LSH, for the very same reasons... As for the aftermath, say re Jon Snow, Tyrion, Davos et al, likely he will say he did it to say the city or just simply take the blame again...
  8. lol love your plot! I could see it. I would love to see it written, although I know George is not keen on fan-fic but hey, I would love to read this!!!
  9. I have to agree in the main. Okay, never been fond of Essos plots... Worst of all, IMHO, Tyrion (my favourite character) totally under-utilised! but hey so was he in the books post nervous-break-down... I guess without the nasty turn on his part we would criticise George as much as we criticise D&D for Arya's recovery lol!!! Tob be honest, the only plot I hated in that series was Arya's! Forgive me for having a short attention span but the House of Black & White, even overall, bore the hell out of me! The recovery, lol, was expecting her to join the mummers... but no...each to their own and their preferences though. Now, a series is a very different media to a book, and hey, yes, books are usually better but I have to say love the show; the casting, the images.... Overall, I enjoyed season 6!
  10. Several problems here; Brienne doesn't have either daughter of Cat's (as yet) and also she sworn an Oath that is very important to her. I would argue she would sacrifice Pod rather that go back on her oath, but I don't think it will come to that. Somehow, deux ex machina or whatever both of them have to survive (for now - for narrative purposes). Then, yes. Ser Jaime's training may come into place (nor sure but highly possible). Personally, I feel that either Cat gets "re-killed" with "re-Ice" or Arya gives her "mercy." Maybe even via Nymeria and that is what saves Jaime, Brienne and the others... Not sure how this cliffhanger is going but either Ice or Arya I would strongly bet on one or the other!
  11. I find this topic fascinating because it involves some of my favourite characters (good and not so gool lol). I have to say that I will comment further when I have read the whole thread but two pages so far is intense lol. Okay, although about Sansa and Harry; this really is about LF. His motivation might be many things but it ain't chaos for the sake of it in my book. He quotes "chaos" to avoid answering questions "me thinks." Nothing in his way of thinking is chaotic. On the contrary, he would make a great stoke broker analyst today if he wasn't so over-confident... If by chaos he means discord (Lannister-v-Stark) got to give him that lol but in overall politics, chaos is neither his vehicle nor his aim. An excuse more likely... (Will expand on this). Going back to the modern life approach to understanding him. His original motivation: "low born" but still nobility and not just that, wanting to either: get to the top to get the girl, or getting the girl to go to the top lol Being a hormonal teen with songs of love and chivalry in his heart, crashed by his Tully Lord. Reminds me awfully of a second cousin of my mother's up in the Pyrenees in Northern Spain/Southern France. My mother's family were farmers, not overly rich, but not poor and not without honor in the mind of villagers (nothing to say btw that LF's family were either) whereas this cousin came from a branch who had stolen and so on, albeit in times of war.... This cousin came from a branch which, probably due to my own ancestors mean ways lol were reduced to stealing food at times and was considered thoroughly dishonorable lol. The guy in question raised to be a member of Parliament (not the same as member of the Small Council - which is more like Minister) and became a millionaire but allegedly not very honorably in his methods.... I can feel LF there! I even sympathize on that point! Does he still want Cat? Possible... Her daughter in his stead... more complex to my mind but possible indeed. Possibly in another post I would outline how I would do if if I were George, but I am not lol Okay, the situation in the Vale and elsewhere. The one that he keeps targeting, to my mind is Tyrion. Why??? After Ty got his old job. yeap, he will figure out your fiddling.... but even before he tried to frame Tyrion... My tin-foil is that Tyrion has something big on Petyr, even if Tyrion is not aware of it yet. But the plot thickens...Tyrion accidentally made "friends" in the Vale, not high born at all but hey lol when he was fighting Robb. Sansa may or may not know about this.... I don't like plots off screen but this could be important, especially knowing that she knows Baelish is hoarding food when everyone starves... (when Winter comes). Now, Petyr hedges his bets, as any good futures expert would... He considers the possibility that Robin lives, that Robin dies, that Harry lives, or the other way around ; there is a plan Z for every possible outcome. I believe all of you were right and it is possible but LF has "all that" into account. If A fails, I kill B or ally with C.... Okay, if Robin dies, he marries her to Harry, they have a child, then when Cersei supplanted by FAegon time to go, disclose her identity... BTW, I strongly believe most of the Lord Declarants and even Harry know her identity. Harry's reaction to her as a bastard felt over-done! but I could be wrong. I think, a number of characters here are waiting... If Robin doesn't die of natural causes, LF can kill him, as it appears to be doing slowly in the books. Now, I think Sansa will not allow that and everything will go to pot because shew will have a conscience check. Also, LF is letting her have a sort of "fancy" army for Robin but if Sansa saves his life she will have eternal gratitute from Robin. Now, if the Mad Mouse is indeed a spy for Varys (not sure on that one) Varys ,in my mind, (even framed Tyrion so that he could be "head-hunted" yeah, for Dany or Aegon or Dany all the way whilst conning Illyrio???).... This is my preferred option but wishful thinking on my part; Sansa via mad Mouse, and Tyrion get LF. They don't kill him, they use him!!! about right for what he had done to them both lol! Myranda Royce would have to be a facilitator of course lol! (tin foil I know... but each to their own). That scene though, I would love to write...
  12. LF surely understimate her! whether on purpose or not by author/show runners lol. Almost out of character, especially given who she is married to...who is also a scapegoat... I agree LF could not leave Dontos alive but to kill him in front of her was bravado at best and stupidity for sure! No matter how "I loved your mother blah" she saw what she saw. Clearly not acting upon it until she is able to come on top, also, Tyrion... if they ever meet up again, as friends or whatever, she only needs say the word... I have this theory that LF is frightened of the little lion, hence his numerous attempts on his life. Ty has something big on him I think and well, sure it will not pass in cannon but I would love for the two of them (couple or not- Ty and Sansa) bring him (LF) down. But not by sword or arrow....nope...let the people in the Vale know why there is no food in winter... say.... and why,,, lol I know I am evil
  13. It's happened to me lol; just leave it there and you had apologized... unless someone has a clue as to how it can be removed...
  14. Personally, I think in both books and show (although the story-lines are totally different and I hate the one the show took with Ramsay lol), she will do the smart thing: kill him or get him killed when she is safe herself. To me in both books and show she realised what he was when Dontos was killed... she knows... she pretends she doesn't but she does know... Even what she appears to have done with him in the show is manipulation and being smart not victim. Go Sansa, don't act too soon...wait... it will be hell sweater if you don't have to pay with your head/lands (insert whatever she could lose for acting rashly)...
  15. I totally agree, I guess, yet again lol I was talking about "potential effective rulers" as opposed to de facto rulers unable to hold it together such as Joff and Cersei. I see the personality distincition you make though but to me, say, Joff is neither leader nor polittician lol, ruler yes by way of inheritance alone. Okay, we may say we hate Tywin because he has no compassion but he can rule effectively. Not to my liking lol (wouldn't be voting for him in a hurry) but he could keep the Westerlands faithful to him and united through cunning and well fear I guess... It is yet to be seen what Euron can do but I fear him the most, although my wager is clear in that we won't be "end game." He came into the story way too late and he appears to be some sorry combination of Joff and Ramsay lol albeit with more brain, which is worrying. And he seems so far a possible "leader", ruler no chance I think... The thing here is, and one of the reasons I guess we readers keep arguing (and keeping it all alive whilst waiting lol) is that there is no easy answer and George teases us with that fact. When I was in my late teens and wanting to study law or even dabble into politics myself (lol I was naive back then!) if I had been confronted with slavery, say, I would have gone all left wing and said "no." Still maintain that but life and George to a point has shown that it ain't that clear cut. Same goes for followers and rulers. Davos you mentioned as a follower, also Tormund (I guess you mean less leaderlike than Mance, which is granted). I would personally would be happy as, say, a Northern Lady, to follow either. Okay, with Tormund would be the issue of "wildlings" which to me represents today's immigration issue. I keep criticising people viewing ASOIAF from our "western modern society tinted glasses" so I will not pretend that as head of a Northern house, say I would have been happy about wildlings, (regardless of my current political views ;). Davos, though, low birth...stealth in his origins, good old fashion common sense...the high Lords are not going to rally around him unless he does something big but he is very capable, I think... So with my, say, liege Lord defeated but Davos up and running, I could have considered him, albeit surely not as liege Lord but influential ally. The one that is always referred to as a follower is Kevan Lannister though. Yeah, less charismatic but more moderate than his brother. If Varys took enough time and effort to have him killed, he posed a danger because he could have potentially been good at ruling. Yes, in an "ideal political scene" we get super hero backed up by super brain who will loyally do what needs doing. In ASOIAF I am trying to think if anyone ever got that clear cut. Robert could have done, or did (for years arguably with the Lannisters). Drunken oaf as he might have been (who unlike drunken Tyrion seldom attended to the realm or its Council meetings) he was popular from his exploits in his youth, so followed as a military leader. Tywin was the brain and stealth there and that keep the kingdoms together for a while. Grant that one. Joff was a lost cause as Tyrion pointed out. Margaery had some sympathy vote from the poor but not from a divided realm (as the nobility goes), better than nothing though... but even if Tyrion was mainly blamed Joffrey wasn't popular. To top that, he had rebellions from all sides of the realm and wasn't inspirational in battle or winning any... Aegon seems to have been "too groomed" to be all of the above: fair looking, inspiring, down to earth, educated... well too perfect and robotic in my book but could be wrong... But since books and show will have the same ending he cannot be the last we see on the IT, so he has listened to what we both have to say, taken notice and trying to put it into practice. I think George's message is more cynical than that. To me he is saying to us, let's see; ha, you are left wing, let's test you; oh you are more right wing, let's test you just as much; oh, you care for neither but want fairness, let's test you... and so on. I see it all very applicable to today's day but with no fair or real resolution hence I find this series so engaging. Personally I firmly believe we will end with a coalition/Council whatever one may call it comprising very many capable characters whose strengths and weaknesses will differ. Every single human being, and especially his characters as depicted so far, have huge vulnerabilities (Jon, Tyrion, Arya lol) great all of them but vulnerable if someone knows what key to press... that cannot be allowed, even LF is way too emotional re: I want to be at the top of the medieval pyramid because I was frowned upon in my youth lol, but we are all like that in that we all have strong and weak points. That leads me to think that the "sweet" part of the ending will be a very strong Council with very capable people keeping a check on each other and their vulnerabilities as the means to survival for human kind... and it won't be a happy "I love all my fellow members" thing. To me it points to having to get in bed with the enemy to survive. Once battle is won or truce achieved (my preferred outcome) still a hell of a lot of work to do internally and externally. I think pride will have to give way to knowing where to place which players due to their temperament and skill as you pointed out earlier (politician, military leader etc).