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  1. Interesting topic as a whole! Now, not that it is the most important thing but before I forget (just checked it out) and I have a tendency to go slightly senile lol Jerome and Lena, as per Wikipedia had a relationship that ended in 2014!!! so not so long ago. I could see that they don't wish to do a scene together if it ended badly but I am with Cron in that Bronn and Pod were not major players in those negotiations. Nobody would had bat an eyelid if the camera hadn't focused on them. Just to give an example, I could not remember if Varys had been there or not, or whether he was still at Dragonstone or elsewhere. On a rewatched I realised he was there because I made a point to see if he was. Okay, I am not the most observant of people but it just puts in perspective for unimportant the presence of certain characters was to this meeting in a lot of watcherss' eyes. So in essence, if they have omitted Jerome, I doubt a lot of people would be complaining about it lol. So, why indeed come up with that "going for a drink" explanation? but okay that is probably getting a bit out of topic. Now, I know that whether the baby survives or not is irrelevant with regards to who is the father. Still it is very plot relevant. I am yet to figure out why this baby idea was introduced. In the books, unless Jaime goes back to Cersei (which seems unlikely albeit nothing is impossible in this series lol), this baby will not have major political significance or this would massively affect the overall plot. Okay, I am well aware that the show and the books are different beasts but George told D&D the ending and stuff that would have to happen even if achieved by a different route. Now a child of the person currently sitting on the IT to me is pretty major. I have to say that it has crossed my mind that there is no pregnancy. She could be lying, she could have missed a period or two (can happen under stress especially...) or that she is indeed pregnant by I tend to agree maybe not by Jaime, or she is not sure herself and she wants to hedge her bets. Yes, although I get that killing someone (Ellaria and Tyene) turns her on, there was some level of urgency in that scene. This would tally totally, especially after the scene with Qyburn, that she is trying to get the world at large and Jaime to believe the baby is his. Whether she laid with Jaime recently beforehand or not is unkown but if she hadn't this could make a great deal of sense. It is quite possible in my humble opinion that she fears that Jaime was not the father, hence she is quick to bed him. If the father is indeed Jaime and the child is a viable one this poses tons of problems for the plot in the books. We know that the show is doing its own thing but that the ending will basically comply with what George told them. Now, it is one thing to have, say, Sansa deflowered by a man who is dead in any event (and will be so too in the books), and another having a potential heir of the IT (not getting into the whole legitimacy of succession since it appears clear that the winners against the NK will win by way of conquest) but still... Too huge a contender for him/her to be a sole show invention, if the child lives and reaches adulthood... Okay, potentially this child could be raised in total anonymity but still... Maybe out of topic again, but I am inclined to believe that Tyrion made some concession, or promised to try his best to obtain a concession re this child's welfare whatever the weather (I doubt very much promised the IT for him/her - the child - since he clearly told Cersei he prefers Dany and why etc) but I think he did promise something maybe a la Ned... Now this doesn't get us any closer as to who the father is lol Okay, Bronn seems far fetched to me to introduce this late in the game but Cron's argument does make sense, although not endorsing the statement for now. I will need to give the whole thing more thought, but my gut instinct is no, Bronn is not the father but maybe Jaime isn't either, which well gives us Euron, but again... if Cersei plays her cards right she keeps Euron "wanting" until she gets everything she wants from him, i.e. defeating the Stark/Targaryen coalition... Food for thought though
  2. Well, yes, the dragons would give immense power to the riders so that is a hard one. I am sure although there will be some sort of political reform not everything will be set in stone so the ending surely will be left slightly open I guess.
  3. If they all survive it does seem to be going that way. It also tallies with the kind of stuff Tyrion was suggesting. However, it does seem very probable that Dany is pregnant so that could put a spin on this... Even so, though, I reckon even if Dany's child rules say in the future it will be with a very powerful Council that can really limit the absolute authority of the monarch... just a guess though.
  4. This certainly makes sense especially in terms of survivors, so if there is one it will have to be after all the books are out, although I guess season 8 will pretty much spoil that anyway, even if some characters, say, meet their deaths in different ways as in the books.
  5. You may well be right. I would love a spin off I have to say. Arya and Tyrion I am pretty sure they will survive. I always thought Jon, Dany and Tyrion would be the three heads of the dragon too and I certainly think there will be major political reforms (although not a democracy as we know it) so yes, I guess that could be a possible outcome.
  6. I agree with the first part, although if shove comes to push anyone can rule by way of conquest, like say I cannot imagine anyone questioning the heritage of the Night King (Stark or not) if he were victorious lol As for the hidden contents
  7. This one was absolutely hilarious!
  8. Maybe barking at the wrong tree here completely but George doesn't live good -v- bad endings. Inclined to believe that we will learn more in the show (in the books I think Jon will warg Ghost and it would all be awfully boring warging stuff but then the basis re WWs will be established, if this makes any why the "always has to be a Stark in WF! but we will learn something. It puzzles me how this war can be won at all and also I don't think it is going to be a simple diplomatic mission. My bet is dragons have to die (for all parties) and the undead go into hibernation (like I guess it happened before) but not dead and not forever. I keep saying we will have a truce that is not satisfactory to either party... One interesting thing but I am yet to connect the dots is that the Stark Kings and Lords (if the dreams of their descendants are to count for something) is that they could raise anytime. To me the iron swords keep them from raising from the death, but not as wights as WWs.... Maybe far from hitting the target but food for thought...
  9. Well Sansa atop him when he is 80 and she is 68 or thereabouts and she gives him a heart attack sounds good to me!!! Now, poor Sansa would have the realm or at the very least the North and the Westerlalnds to put to rights lol She is going to need his winery to cope lol and he would have ended his life more or less how he joked about it lol (okay maybe not a maiden, his wife.. but sex still good enough to kill). Unless of course he cheated on her wIth Myranda in the books (Vale gal) or both at the same time!!! Now, banter aside: Tyrion loves happy endings, being serious. He was just never remotely allowed one!
  10. Thanks yes, I think I was just picking up the notifications (i.e. when someone has quoted me). It would have been easier to do the multi quote
  11. Yes, Tyrion definitely survives and I think he will have a relatively happy ending, may even get the vineyard
  12. You make good points too. I am now really curious as to whether wildfire will indeed be used again or not.
  13. Like you I always thought it is either Jaime or someone else. Tyrion was always way too obvious but yeah this could be the twist. I don't think so though. I think he has had his fair share of kinslaying and that would leave this character at the very end in a mental state similar as what he was after killing his father. I don't think it would be conducive to a satisfactory character development. Jaime on the other hand has been Cersei's lap dog all the way. My money is still on Jaime. I personally think that the moment to do it would have been after Tommen's death but of course they wanted Cersei in the run for longer. I hope whatever causes someone to cross her off is satisfactory plot wise. To kill her now, say, just because she is betraying her promise to Dany would be weak by comparison so I guess she will have to do something pretty awful again. Back to Tyrion double crossing Cersei I wasn't really thinking about him killing her, more like telling her something like okay I will give you this or spy for you or whatever and then not doing it.
  14. Yes, too many reasons why using wildfire again becomes very complicated so I guess it is probably unlikely.