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  1. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    Okay, going by gut instinct, he will fight again... he is the kind of "leading man" in this story but that ties with my many other theories (most of them wrong, probably...) but one sure thing I think will happen is "unhappy" house co-operation for survival followed but what we saw in the saw re Children of the Forest and WWs. I believe team "Living" not matter how mighty that may be will not defeat them. I also believe team WWs won't do that either easily... I go for "moot with heavy compromise" As always, may be wrong.
  2. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    I have to say, in my book, defeating Ramsay with casualties or not will win you a HUGE price lol I have to say, I love (obviously lol) ASOIAF and the complex characters. I am sure George did in on purpose but I could see little complexity (albeit mental health issues a plenty) with Ramsay and Joffrey. All the others have reasons to be dark, those two, to me two-dimensional in a world where hardly any of his many, many characters are (not even minor bannermen or anyone...???)
  3. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    Sorry hun, loosing track of the post you are answering too but will go back and check
  4. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    I have to agree Sandor will mellow and there has to be a good reason why he was brought back into the story after he appeared dead in both books and show. Not a Sansan fan but hey, each to their own. I really look forward to his next trajectory though (okay in my evil mind maybe not San/San) and hey we all have fav ships (or some of us who never grew up lol)
  5. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    As I said before, I could be wrong. I believe Sansa really wanted to save Rickon, as did Jon. Okay, Sansa knew if there was a way was by force and knowing Ramsay the battle would have little and less to do with it (plain sadistic murder much more the like lol). She made a mistake but also, I stand by why I said that she feared (rightly or wrongly) that Jon would refuse LF's help...
  6. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    I have a theory re NK; tinfoil most likely though but I think the humans did something wrong at some point (lol would humans ever do that?) I think there will be a truce of sorts. I never doubted Jon's ability as a military commander, in fact I doubted Sansa's and clearly Jon's perception of her military command abilities. I have this theory of a winning team, the "sweet" of the ending against the "bitter" of the deaths of many main characters. I see Sansa as a politician (more backed up by books than show), others in other roles but not always happy but united. I would be as bold as to include the Night King in this. The Living are not going to defeat them, I reckon they will come to some sort of agreement where noone is happy but they live with it. Same for "Team Living." Dany has a role to play and so does Jon, couple??? likely but my money in that one of the two survives at most; now a child of theirs... I think Spring will be more about the children (could be totally tinfoil lol) but a little one between Brienne and Jaime??? Certainly Sam Tarwell etc... but hell, I'm getting out of topic Jon in my mind is not a genius but not stupid either; able to make mistakes, sure. The Night King we know little and less about but most "antagonists" have vulnerabilities lol. Can't wait to see how it plays out though
  7. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    Okay, on the first instance, to my mind anyway, you can turn down a "gift" without causing a battle. More to the point is, what would LF had done if Jon had by-passed Sansa's attempt at gaining further troops... My bet is on LF waiting for Jon and comrades to be defeated and then go and save the day (so they both would have been in his debt with best possible scenario from LF'S point of view Jon's death, so one less possible contestant to WF). Did Sansa know enough to know that? Possible in the books (if the battle had gone that way in the books with her training in the Vale) in the show less so to be honest... maybe gut feeling on her part but I could see a possible plot hole in the show there... Jon, likely to have heard from Sansa that LF sold her to Ramsay, may have pledged "pride" to tell the guys from the Vale "we don't want you/need you." Or Jon could have seen, like Sansa, that bitter pill as it may be it was impossible to win without them. Agreed, Jon should have been given the choice. To me what I see of Sansa here is more consistent with books than show. In the show she has been a terrified victim without so much of the "training." Or Jon could have gone "all out" and confronted LF and accuse him of manipulating his sister (although I think here it was Sansa manipulating LF instead) but then, inconvenient before an imminent battle, possible reinforcements turning against you. LF though was thoroughly unlikely to side with the Boltons. LF works for winners who are useful to him. These lot outlived their usefulness after the Red Wedding. (meaning the Boltons). Yes, Jon said "I'm done fighting" and the next thing we see him do is take Winterfell. He is not a craven or done with it, he is simply tired of what little joy being honorable and brave has given him so far but certainly actions speak more than words and he fought another day. She knew Ramsay would never let Rickon live, she couldn't imagine the exact scenario, although okay, maybe it was predictable but if I got a character infallible on this, even super brain Tyrion, or great military mind, Stannis, I would find it far fetched (to be able to predict the exact movement). Cyvasse may tell you the "move" but not the form in which said move will come. Fair enough. Jon and Arya (whilst discussing Stark reunion and plus and minuses) may be less pragmatic than Davos and Tyrion but unity will have to be achieved or else they all die. Here truly "there is no middle way." Not what they will be fighting...
  8. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    I personally view this dynamic re trust as more lack of faith in each other tactical skills than mistrust as such. By mistrust I such I am thinking more on the lines of, say, Sansa not trusting Cersei or LF. I think they trust each others' good intentions but not their ability to listen to the other and take heed. I could be wrong but I reckon that if Sansa had told Jon about the Vale he would have sent LF and his army packing, out of real mistrust for LF and possibly even pride. Yet Sansa genuinely thought (and I think she was in the right) that without the numbers the battle was lost. Jon pushed for it whatever the weather so she had to try to save the day even if by doing so she put herself in a precarious situation (in debt to LF). Jon on his part did not trust Sansa's advice to be useful even re Ramsay's way of thinking, understandably as she has no experience as a military commander at all. Also, the last time they saw each other she was a child and his younger "sibling." It is hard sometimes to understand that people have grown. I don't think she thought she might be treacherous, however she thought she was in no position to give this sort of advice. It is understandable though that after she acted secretly without informing him of his plans that some mistrust may exist now on his part where she is concerned. I expect tensions between the siblings for sure but not something that will not be favorably resolved. Unity is totally paramount by the end of the season. If people like Davos and Tyrion etc can colaborate (and there are pictures that seem to point that way) I consider it highly likely that the Stark siblings will do too despite their differences.
  9. Sansas ending

    I was joking actually re sex lol I agree that she could be powerful just by herself but I don't fee there is absolutely necessary for a powerful woman to be single. In fact even in our times most powerful women have partners. I guess it's just me but I think a powerful alliance could help unite the realm. As long as neither of the partners are extremely domineering I personally don't see how marriage weakens a woman's power (although I am not saying this is what you are saying either).
  10. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    Okay, since it it could be way too long and complicated to reply to you all, my two cents are: Tywin was bitered and bereaved and had the job of what we would could today Prime Minister or Secretary of State, for which he is usually excellent. That leaves your twin boy and girl in the charge of a septa and other servants, However, your servants fear you and there is no way the would alert you of incest. Now, twins share a very special bond (not saying sexually but as brothers or sisters they do, this is highly documented). So, one reaches puberty and the same time as your twin. Okay I am going to give Cersei the edge because gals usually bleed before their boys conterparts can do the deed... But come 14 years of age, say, both able. Lol maybe I am a degenerate or something but it is not uncommon for a girl to kiss another girl, say in preparation for "boyfriend." They did just that but it escalated. Sorry fellows but from my experience a 14 year old girl is a woman, the man counterpart needs longer... or even worse, lol.. both got it wrong!!!! (Would not put it past him lol)
  11. Sansas ending

    I wouldn' say evil and clearly you didn;t but rich and powerful and laying in her bed to the greatest sex instrument, mayhaps....but hey ship them lol; amazing sex, amazing power... would not say no lol As for the magic, yeah, Bran is the one!!!!
  12. Sansas ending

    lol I meant to say a good "team" not a "good time" and "ruling alone" not "along" lol I must have been tired when I posted this. I agree that ruling is not the same as playing the game but they are not mutually exclusive skills either. In fact, we appear to agree in that everyone needs a team but I would say this is not just true of a young person but everyone. Whoever sits on the Throne (if there is still one at the end of this series) would struggle without serious advice and the humility to accept that they are not always in the right. This is one of the things that Dany has been learning for instance. To me the thing is that everyone has certain vulnerabilities that can prove dangerous and some of those are not even "faults" per se, thinking for instance of Ned's and Jon's sense of honour, same could go for Brienne here, Tyrion's vulnerability when it comes to women he falls for etc, Stannis' lack of flexibility. I believe they all need someone able to give more detached advice but of course I agree that a young person will face more challenges than a more experienced one.
  13. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    That is one of the characterisations that I hate most in the show. Jaime started seeing through Cersei way back in the books, okay the last episode makes me think that he is beginning to be not so happy with her after she burn down the Sept but still I hope that they don't go back to the Jaime in love with her yet again.
  14. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    At the end of the day, I think we can all evidence to back our preferred ending; you guys certainly don't lack it, but what if I were right? lol no way to know, so I am going to call it moot on my part until we know the ending. I have reasons for my prefered ending as I am sure you have too, Honestly, if the topic comes up I feel like giving my two cents but until the end... either of us could be right...
  15. Sansas ending

    Not meaning any disrespect but how do you come to that conclusion given that George did not consider it a spoiler to say that she is learning the "game" fast. Any ruler, past, present or fictional who can rule (beyond consort or team member) lol is a despot by and large. A good ruler has a good time who can neutralise him or her if need be; a team he or she can change and neutralise as well; all in the balance lol. If you were to name one character in ASOIF capable or ruling along I would be interested to see who you pick. For all my love and admiration for Tyrion, nope, he couldn't do it. Same for Stannis' fans, capable guy but alone... nope! Basically, saying I agree with you totally but I think that is true of Dany, Jon, Tyrion, Stannis and even Twyin lol No person alive is able to rule alone successfully IMHO!