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  1. I do appreciate people's frustrations re teleportation or whatever; still I would hate it way more if the series couldn't reach its plot conclusion or dragged on like 20 series of episodes for it to be all logical and say Jaime or whoever being accompanied by servants and bannermen etc stopping at taverns when it is raining and so on... I guess the smart thing would be to show the pass of the time in another way, so that the viewers could see that time had passed but honestly, how would you guys really do it without the "teleport" and still stick to a lot of unfinished plots that need dealing with???
  2. The show is definitely planting a lot of seeds towards Jon & Dany, including Davos' comment to Jon. As for a political marriage on the advice of, most likely Tyrion..., could see this happening. The last scene between Daario and Dany and then Tyrion and Dany totally hints in that direction. Tyrion definitely wanted her to be available to marry someone who could further their allegiances in Westeros and she did as she was told to be honest lol Now there appears to be chemistry between Jon and Dany. There is no much time left in the show for pairings but some will have to happen... The fact that there is some mistrust and tension between them is in fact the usual way romantic stories go, not always (not needed for Sam and Gilly for instance but for these two yes), so my bet is on them hooking up and likely marrying. Now happy ever after is an entirely different thing... I think one of them or both will die before it is all done and dusted but of course it will serve some "save humanity" purpose along the way. Now, when I saw Tyrion masterminding this last season I though "how about yourself mate?" You are already married to a powerful northern Lady.. In the show they were getting on okay until the Red Wedding happened, yet the show ignored this marriage and made her available to marry Ramsay. I know this pairing is rather unpopular but politically (and they are both politically minded, could make sense). Her current book suitors, well Harry Hardying is not in the show, Sweet Robyn almost forgotten about this season... One popular pairing is Sansa/Sandor but in the show although there were moments between them, I think she had more scenes with Tyrion to be honest and I think she is now too eager to have a go at playing the game and Sandor is not interested in that at all. Some see her more as an Elizabeth I type, could be and yes it is possible to play the game without a powerful husband but still, we shall see if something comes out of this potential plot or not. Thing with marriages and what not is that we now have 6 episodes in total left and anything they do re pairings will feel rushed. I was hoping form Jaime/Brienne for instance but when is this going to happen, although heavily hinted at, since they are keeping Cersei alive for as long as they possibly can??? Gendry is to re-appear though so maybe Arya and him are still in the cards... I could see Jon and/or Dany legitimising him and this could make another important political marriage for the reconstruction period after the WWs have been defeated... Sandor clearly has an important part to play in the whole story or else he wouldn't have been brought back but it totally escapes me what this may be...
  3. Thanks so much for that! Will try but I tried weeks back after I went to a GOT party in London organised by Kristian who plays Hodor of course and I really, really wanted to post some or at least to send some in a message to a friend of mine here who is not on facebook and I got nowhere lol If anyone has more on this will try again lol
  4. I have wondered that also and I am yet unable to find a way to do it so if anyone knows I would be grateful for the info too
  5. and what is this to do with the price of fish lol; agreed your argument against Jaime but you are massively off topic here; okay Jaime pushed Bran but a topic on Bran does not yet relate to a topic on Jamie... In the event, say, that Bran realises that may be a different kettle of fish... until then... no
  6. Couldn't agree more!!! Broke my heart!!!
  7. Yes, agree, it served a plot point and it was not as if it was totally biologically incorrect either
  8. I mean hey this is a fantasy overall but yes Jon could genetically make sense! lol I do and my mother was Spanish and I am ginger lol (okay these days with help from the hairdressers but originally lol)
  9. Brown hair in various shades is possibly the most common; Cat is okay to be ginger (which is a mutation by the way) because she is a Tully; Sansa has the ginger hair but in the books most of the kids... Now brown with blonde or whatever is much more common than ginger but I think ginger (should know that lol, I am one although with help from bottle in my old age lol) may be dominant....
  10. Tottally agreed, and now saying in any way that you are ignoring this but, say, if I got dark hair, say, (for argument sake) and my husband too but we both have grandparents or something with blonde hair, chances are one in our 4 children or so may have blonde hair... The children can take out of way back in the family and if two recessive genes meet, then you got it, so possibly Robert could have had a blonde child with Cersei that was his (Robert;s) for most families have blonde and dark hair somewhere lol but hey, I guess it served the plot! lol just found that on wiki (I know not 100% trustworthy) lol but as a ginger who tints her hair a bit in old age here it comes: Red hair is not actually a recessive gene (like blonde is), but is rather an "incomplete dominant." In the world of genes, there are dominant genes, which take over any recessive gene (brown, black), recessive genes (blonde), which will be taken over by any dominant gene, or incomplete dominent genes (red).
  11. I pretty much agree with you here. Yes, an apology mainly on Sansa's part but also perhaps on Arya's for having considered her so stupid would have been in order and I agree that the writers are trying to keep the audience in suspense especially regarding LF. I tend to think that on a series with a huge budget like this (okay maybe not so much for wolves and dragons and battles) but certainly for takes, if the directors thought that Sophie was getting the look wrong, they would make her do it again till she got it right so personally I think what we see in the acting (for all the characters) is what they were going for. With regard to Sansa hiding from Jon that she had sought LF's help to me is due to the fact that Jon would have refuse to accept "his" help or that Sansa certainly thought he would react like that. There is an element of mistrust but I don't see it as mistrust in "oh, I suspect you could betray me" but more as "I am doubting your skills getting this right," if this makes any sense. I think this is going to be true in the whole of the dynamics between all the Stark siblings and Jon but I think aside showing us that all families have issues, even the nicest families, the show runners are definitely going for LF trying to take advantage of what is not really that abnormal in even relatively healthy family dynamics. The laughing at the list well, it does sound like a joke at first, however Sansa knows Arya is impulsive and into action more than words so I wouldn't even discard the possibility of nervous laughter. Then when she realises, after what Bran said and after she saw her actual level of skill, OMG Arya is likely to have been serious! I know it is arguable that Sansa got Ramsay killed in a pretty gruesome way and it is true that most of the people Arya has killed deserved it or it was necessary for her self preservation (I draw the line at the deserter from the NW who she had no quarrel with though) but again I am not going to judge a character based on one act I did not like... At this point most main characters have killed someone. I think the main difference with Arya is that Arya doesn't do it from pragmatic reasons or just sheer revenge but that she has taken in upon herself to rid Planetos of all undesirables (in her mind) that she can come across and I think maybe this is what frightens people, although it is fair to say that Sansa at this point is unlikely to know this.
  12. but what would be the alternative??? All points given and yes armies, even these days, even well paid are not necessarily there "by choice" but say if a dictator invades my country, what the fuck I am to do??? Okay not an exact situation but just as an analogy lol In my mind she had two choices; go for KL and the small folk will die as casualties of war or take on only soldiers (agreed what we said about soldiers lol they are just people high and low like the rest of us but still... she has not far targetted civilians; Cercei has though...)
  13. Not sure I see it the same way, but let's try. Yes, Sansa as she is now is ambitious. Now, ambitious to me is not a bad thing per se. Say would I want a Chairman of the Board who was not?? I am sure, as this thread has illustrated that there is more to it than that. If I had my brother back, a God like zombie, my sister, in my mind (Sansa) without enough political strategy able to kill just like that due to skills... I would freak out too! Yes, she may even be jealous but, (not saying you by any means) but I tend to see the "support Sansa" or "support Arya" as sometimes for the viewers or readers a means to express our preferences re do we think a super fighter is cooler than a housewife Lady of a main castle... If we were to take out a survey on coolness being a mother, say, one day, and even a very able administrator does not cut the mustard! (the Arya character wins no qualms!). Funnily enough, I predict both as mothers with houses other than Stark to do the "rebuilding." They don't have to be stuck to the kitchen sink (not that you or anyone else said that lol). Again, not you in any way, but this forum is riddled with words such as "agency"; what matters more agency or happiness??? I consider myself a feminist (not argument aimed at you btw) but more like egalitarian. I believe in equal rights but not in supporting females when I do not wish to support them...or in my mind they are in the wrong. (not that you personally said that either, but generally posting to the post, my apologies if I used your reply as my platform) I have said before that, to me, a choice of career should be good for all! It is super cool to be say a top mechanic for Ferrari, but it is just as cool to be a midwife... to give a crude example... A bit out of topic mayhaps but had to get this out of my chest; I do believe that a lot of people love one and/or hate the other based on their different personalities and career choices. By the way, this may have been out of topic, but going on the ongoing fan war between Arya's supporters and Sansa's ...
  14. but people learn and evolve... I sometimes feel, not just with her but mostly every character that if they made one mistake in an early arch there is no forgiveness for that; beyond forgiveness, no understanding even if they become something, arguably better or worse, but different,,, She may become ambitious to the point of, say, wanting to be Queen but her motivations now (even if this is true) would be way different to what they were at 10 or 11 with her head full of perfect ending stories...sames goes for Arya and her dreams and just for about everyone...
  15. Funnily enough I had the same idea for a while about Arya killing a WW and infiltrating the NK's close circle. Still it has to be more of a joint effort I think. It seems a little too simple to give Arya the whole ownership of killing the NK but it could still happen that way I guess.