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  1. Yes, we are in agreement there; but is that the most horrible thing someone "in that era" could do? Would that seriously impact in a political agreement,even with her consent??? Taking into account that the victim may be well aware that a marriage to him means his death, who do you think has more agency there???
  2. Very tired now but great points and I will answer tomorrow for sure
  3. Love the idea but way too simple. If that was done in the show, say, I would had thought they had run out of budget lol!
  4. there is a hell more in life than sex lol; i.e. ,her" territories! If you cannot see what marriage was like upon the nobility in those days, I guess nothing I could say would convince you... Just curiousity, how would you feel if she were to cheat on him (with his consent mayhaps, but provided discreed lol) Would that be fair if they both played the same game?
  5. I totally agree with your first paragraph. Okay, say she has very Tully eyes, say. A lot of people in the region probably will do too because genetic traits do go a long way. Still, as you pointed out, it all depends on whether someone is looking for something "fishy" or even someone is super-observant. I am absolutely hopeless at that sort of thing for instance, yet, I have a good friend IRL who used to be in the police but has also an engineering degree and he can spot things that amaze me... from a wall that is not perfectly straight lol (I notice colour more but not so much symmetry or whatever) but also stuff like why should someone had left a window open or whatever. Okay, just silly examples but, in a large community like the Vale (I include nobles and servants alike here) some people are bound to be like that lol Even if it is one of the kitchen servants, rumours tend to spread like wildfire lol I reckon LF expects for that to happen though. I am not saying he is necessarily encouraging in with the whole population but has a plan B, for when it happens. The Royces, both Yohn and Nestor plus daughter and Lady Waynwood know. Ten gold dragons on it!!!! It just suits her to play along for now... As for Shadrich, I will give him credit if he has figured it out for himself. I could well be wrong but I think he told the truth about being Varys' man but I think he was also trying to enlist Brienne in a way that was so blatant that she would dismiss it, until she decided to follow his trail... If he does work for Varys, I am sure he knows about his "friendship" with Jaime. Those last two are in a huge deal of trouble (and cliffhanger) at the moment but their arcs aren't done so they are both surviving for now (my humble opinion) and they may pick up that lead... Again, you may be right and me wrong, but lol waiting for this book is driving us to theorise wildly (certainly it does make me do that lol). It will be a lot of fun to reflect on what we got wrong and right or neither when we have the full series lol but I guess, also, that we will feel sad that we cannot longer speculate and tinfoil. I certainly will be pleased and sad! By the way, guys, my apologies if I had been so active in this thread that I have sort of taken over, not my intention at all. The Vale plot is my current favourite, as well as the fate of Jaime/Brie so I just find it hard to resist
  6. You may very well be right. Now, hell yes, at present there are so many powers competing for KL (even internally; i.e. Lannister -v- Tyrell) that it beggars belief lol Yet again, someone must prevail. My guess is Aegon first with Adrianne as his queen (which I can trust as I can throw as well, but that is another matter lol) and likely Dany afterwards. I think both would be keen on being seen as "fair" and besides they will probably be grateful (without being able to say so) that someone got rid of Joffrey lol. If it is in whoever is the monarch's interest to have Tyrion and Winterfell on board, having them "cleared of that charge" could be a smart political move. Hell yes, trials in ASOIAF had been a joke at best but Tyrion's for instance took a lot of pages, so I don't discount the possibility of another high profile trial. Sorry, I went totally off topic with Tywin/Shae. I honestly don't think she had anything to do with it. Sansa had the hairnet and a reason to wear it. Shae's intervention wasn't necessary.
  7. Sorry, I think I miss your post somehow and I replied to this but I agree with you. Now, the only reason (other than pure convenience which I am kind of discounting) for them to have poison in various sockets would be to present the hairnet as a later stage as proof against her. Now, whereas Olenna may not mind one way or the other, LF has other plans for her. However, let's remember than married and flowered or whatever, she is still 12 and married to the Imp no less. She is framing her to get at him and hey LF was possibly counting on a Court to take pity on a 12 year old but not on her "scheming husband." He is so sure of himself, I wouldn't put him past it (LF) to be certain that Sansa would confess against Tyrion just so that she didn't have to share his bed anymore or something lol.
  8. Unless of course she has the correct description, i.e. the furthest to the left or something like that, provided the hairnet is not so symmetrical that it can be worn either way. However, having poison in all the stones would have been riskier as there would have been evidence if this hairnet was intercepted somehow and had gotten tracked back to Ser Dontos... which once intercepted it would have been relatively easy. Okay a bit of a stretch here but given Sansa's track record, for instance, say when she told Cersei (in what in her mind was desperation) of Ned's plan, it was lucky for LF and Olenna that she didn't somehow got suspicious of Dontos' intentions (and let's face it the guy was very vague re who was the friend of her family who wanted to help) or felt guilty, or dutiful or something and told Tyrion that he had been meeting him in the godswood etc. Furthermore, it was also lucky for them that Tyrion (who shared chambers with her) didn't spotted a hairnet she hadn't worn before. I think, if by some kind of chance he had questioned her about it, she would not have lied well, or would have just told him how she came by it. I am sure Tyrion is not the kind of guy to be overly interested in his wife's jewelry but they took chances there. For one thing, he was trying super hard to be at least her friend and could have, say, bought her something himself to wear at the royal wedding, or even come up with something from Joanna or whatever and, at the very least, she would have been unable to wear Dontos' "family heirloom." At worse for LF and Olenna, she may have said something like "Oh, that is so very kind of you, Tyrion, but I did promised Ser Dontos blah..." and he would have suspected something straight away. Then again, all LF's plots so far had counted upon the fact that things would turn out as planned. This guy not only underestimates people but, although he adapts well enough given some sort of notice, he also seems to discount even things that may happen by pure chance; she could have had mislaid the thing, have it stolen or something. Okay, remote possibility but when you are thinking about killing the king... with the penalty being death... Now, okay we may be departing a bit from the topic here, but it is interesting that they used that hairnet. It would have been a hell of a lot simpler for Olenna to carry the poison herself. I reckon the only explanation for that is that they not only wanted to kill Joffrey but also to ensure Sansa (and Tyrion) would "carry the can" but that of course would have involved the hairnet being examined afterwards or something. We know that LF took measures to ensure that Tyrion was well pissed off during the event but if it hadn't been for Joffrey's behaviour (and Joff could have chosen to pick on someone else that day lol), if they wanted to frame them they would have had to bring the hairnet up as evidence. Of course, her disappearing looked terrible for her but may not necessarily have proven anything against Tyrion, say, and if he had found the necklace and had it examined I am sure she would have confessed and hell no-one would have believed that Dontos was acting alone or had the means to do so...
  9. I agree in that it was Jon's own choice. I guess the reason I felt sad is because he felt it was the wrong thing to do even though he still wanted to be "one of them," but yes, although I like Jon there was some stupidity involved there lol. I guess you are referring to Jon and Robb here, yes, I agree again although Ned did make his own mistakes, for very noble reasons but well telling Cersei was just like "OMG, please Ned, don't do that!" I guess talking about more serious things, Ned's beheading was extremely sad. Another moment that I certainly class as extremely sad is when I thought that Bran and Rickon had been found by Theon and co, although it turned out not to be the case. Of course it is also incredibly sad that he did kill those farm boys but I guess in a book is much easier to identify or root for characters we have been exposed to, so to me at least, well is going to sound awful but the many injustices inflicted upon characters I haven't gotten to know does not really have quite the effect.
  10. I agreed, I don't like Cersei either but hell that was over done lol even villains (if 3D villains come from somewhere) and I can feel sorry for them too.
  11. So many.... lol but to me sometimes subtle stuff, not necessarily great tragedies. One that stick in my mind is when Jon is Lord Commander and wants to take supper and a few ales with his former friends but feels his new rank prevents him from doing so...
  12. Okay, too cliche but I think it is pretty obvious Dany and two others; Jon seems unquestioned if you believe R + L = J; the third is either Aegon, if real, or Tyrion... Oka too simplistic, okay... Brown Benn is too minor a character for this and hey, if we were going to go for blood, why not Varys, say? Look at his name lol also why was he cut if not for king's blood??? Marwyn is a very wild card. In the latest books, having forgotten that Mirri Maz Duur trained with him, I was kind of supporting hiim. However, okay surely if everything from one city or kingdom was bad that is kind of tribalism lol but I am yet to say anything positive coming out of Asshai! This could well be massive tin-foil but I have a sort of incline that just as Westeros prepares themselves to fight the Others,the Essos faction is going to strike. I think Thoros is okay, for instance, but Mel, Mirri etc (and the likes of her, as she is dead now) and Quaithe lol, especially Quaithe are going to strike for their own reasons. Not necessarily bad reasons... still the Iron Born lol... I have this idea that their idea of burring their death in the sea prevents the Northern Others from turning them. Now, Euron is going for god or nothing! and I think he is likely to achieve a little something in that regard! I personally don't feel he will get a dragon but he surely will cause mayhem. Him getting a dragon, no, but hey, never say never!
  13. Okay, yes, this is far fetched, Dany asking for the trial (on Tyrion's bequest...) However, it does seem likely plot-wise that she is going to accept Tyrion as a high level adviser when she returns to find that he turn the Second Sons for her and that that may have been decisive lol Also she took Barristan, who would have served Joff had he not been fired lol and she seems intent on justice, so yeah, a bit tin-foil for now but possible, I guess... The only way I see Dany asking for this trial is if she has become very reliant and fond of Tyrion and "needs" him acquitted. We agree about Myranda lol The text seems to indicate that she may betray Sansa/Alayne because she "covets" Harry for herself but I think there is likely to be a twist. At present, LF is unlikely to fork out the money for her dowry to Harry (for one he wants him for Sansa for now...) also even if she knows he is married to Tyrion, Tyrion is "most wanted." Now, were he to surface with dragons lol Myranda may well get to trust that a Lannister pays his debts. Now what debts? Well, the ones his lawful wife has promised lol It could well be the Mad-Mouse but sure Varys has an incline, if not evidence and Tyrion only needs to sober up a bit and calm down a bit to figure out who may had framed him, and who is likely to have taken his wife. Okay, hard-core Stark supporters could be a possibility in his eyes, but they are currently a bit split and weakened. If I were Tyrion and wanted to figure it out (he doesn't appear do want to do that yet), it is not hard to come up with that possibility. Okay, maybe the Tyrells again who wanted to marry her into their house, but with Cersei around? It would at least cross my mind. Tyrion is interesting in ADWD because his ire is all focused on his father, Jaime, Shae etc and he didn't seem to be able to see "the forest for the trees" lol. But this guy is on an arc and calm down he will and when he does, I would be worried if I were Petyr! I don't think he is going to be in a stage of clinical nervous breakdown much longer and hell he has all the pieces of the puzzle, he just needs to link them! What is Sansa to him? well, for now he is angry at her too but there was a telling statement when he said he didn't think she could have acted alone... Okay, he tried to be good to her but still he is selfish like everyone else and she may not be his priority, but with his relationship with the Tribes, if he learns she knows where the food is... perfect sabotage! I really want Sansa to give the "go ahead" to whoever works for Varys re the food. Huge bold move, though, and Sansa could end up with no food herself, unless the guarantees were very solid or she left... It could just be that in the first book when he promised him the Vale... I thought he would have to deliver lol Now of course, if Sansa is in liege with him she will ensure she provides for the Lords that may keep faith with her. That is where I think some sort of mini trial or something would win her their support. Hell, no, I agree! Sansa will be incensed about that kind of fate having befall her sister or her friend lol She may stay mute for a while though, until she gathers her strength. She seems to have been figuring out, or trying to, who in the Vale backs who. That is not for nothing. She will make use of that. Petyr treats her like a daughter most of the time, spoils her even but she has seen too many deaths perpetrated by him and that cannot go away (unless you agree with them). I keep saying that George is probably sorry that she made her a point of view. It must be a nightmare to show us her thoughts without spoiling. I think there will be a great big twist with Sansa, but one that us "nerd readers" expect! lol Fair enough, but I think he will fall for LF's trick. LF wants her to take the North. No question there. If Stannis wins and gets arsy, which he will. My bet will try to marry Shireen to Rickon, so only give the Starks their own home by marriage into his house lol Yes, he offered it to Jon when he didn't have a hope in hell for better... Anyhow, betrothed but not yet married (wings for 3 years) I think Harry will charge for his and his fiancees' right and LF counts on that. It is possible though that some other Lords may want to take WF for her, but once Rickon reappears lol By the way, not just with you, but I love the Vale plot and it is a pleasure and a privilege to argue, agree and all the rest lol
  14. Of course he has been bought, either with gold (suggested by payment by LF of some noble people's debts) and also either by the huge dowry he has offered for Sansa and possibly by the promise of WF. Of course the guy is a bit of a young Robert in that regard lol but that is not a central point in my opinion. Sansa used to dream of gallant, handsome princes but no more. I think she would settle, if she has to marry at all, for someone who does his own thing and lets her be too. Okay, yes, she would have to do her duty and have kids but I really don't see Sansa being in love with him. In the sample chapter she is pretty mad at him one minute and then determined to "play" at winning him over the next. I think 2 things are possible a) she is still hurt by his rude comments and hey what better satisfaction than make him eat his words than by making him fall for her (and a boost to her teenage ego) plus she cannot afford to antagonise LF just yet or b ) she knows he is likely to know who she is (his reaction, his rudeness in public, to me, gave it away) and she really is playing... In any event, I expect many medieval ladies did not expect their husbands to stick with one woman and it probably wasn't even the norm that they did. I think one of the issues with Cersei, for instance, apart from the obvious humiliation when Robert kept calling her "Lyanna" in his cups is that she was humiliated. Had he been more discreet and not go fondling servants at feasts she may have been contented shagging Jaime discreetly also. Okay, not our idea of modern romance and I am sure some couples did made the best of their political marriages and grew to love each other but I think, in the context, unfaithful but discreet would be tolerable in a political marriage. Of course, someone should clip Harry around the ear and make him discreet lol
  15. Well, the thing is with her being a point of view character George has to be a little careful or else he could spoil too much. He can show us some internal conflict in Sansa, maybe even jealousy towards her siblings, especially Arya if she hears that she has married into WF and not won it in her own right. Of course, despite the naivety and a degree of selfishness she displays in GOT (meaning the book) I don't think the author intends for her to be a totally unsympathetic character. She even cares for Robin, who is frankly hard to like, so I think she will be rather furious when she finds out about first Arya and then okay maybe relief that it wasn't Arya but Jeyne was her best friend! Still, I keep insisting on my idea that George is very careful when it comes to her point of view. I mean, okay she hated being married to Tyrion (at the time) partly because she had hope for someone more alike her archetype of knight and because of his family. Still she seems a little dismayed to hear of his arrest and yet she doesn't seem to be mad with rage at the fact that not only he was framed but her as well, and in fact her disappearance makes her look much more guilty. Also he killed Lysa. She may tell herself that he did it because she was about to kill her but there are signs that she doesn't trust him, so I think the rage is there but she is not allowing it to reach the surface, yet.... partly due to self-preservation because she doesn't have anywhere else to go but overall yes, I want to see her internal reaction to all these events.