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  1. Exactly. Particularly since Rhaegar played "the high harp", which appears to have been a pretty huge instrument, similar to today's symphonic harp. Also, if there's some "secret" about Jon's parentage hidden in the tombs, in Lyanna's for example, how come nobody has yet come across it? The Stark kids frequently went down there, even played there and went INTO the pre-prepared tombs. Bran, Rickon, Osha and Hodor actually LIVED there for a period of time, maybe at least a fortnight. Nobody ever poked around, got curious? I'm doubtful that there's something down there that will reveal the truth for Jon. But who knows for sure, other than George RR, at this point?
  2. You're right. But the big question is, what was she asking when she asked Ned to "Promise me." Bringing her bones back is, really, pretty trivial and something she might have just assumed. Not a big deal, and certainly nothing to keep secret all these years. No, it's Lyanna's request to raise Jon as his own, and make sure Robert Baratheon never found out. She knew what a lunatic Robert was; it was no wonder she ran off with Rhaegar. I think it's mentioned that at least a midwife is present, and the nobility like Rhaegar and the Starks never seem to go anywhere without a full complement of serving folks to bathe them, clothe them, feed them, take care of their horses, etc. Plus, we know Howland Reed was with Ned's party and helped save him from Arthur Dayne. "One of his kids died." Only in the show. This. It pretty much says it all: ;-)
  3. Swan ships. The Southern Islanders. What are the chances Arya will at some point sail on one of these magnificent vessels? Everyone sails into and out of Braavos. Remember, Sam etc left Braavos on "Cinnamon Wind". Then there's the connection between Nymeria (the Queen) and ships. And Arya's voyage from Saltpans to Braavos on "The Titan's Daughter", where she wished she could remain as a sailor. More water associations. Good analysis!
  4. It sounds horrible, but I'd really like to see The End, and its run-up: Summerhall. What happened there, why, what did they expect, how Rhaegar was born. How he got away alive, and any remaining survivors. Also, Duncan's trip (probably w/o King Egg V) to the Wall, escorting Young Maester Aemon and Bryndan Rivers, and what precipated Bloodraven's exile. (In detail.) Duncan (and Egg?)'s trip to Winterfell, particularly if it was at a different time than the Wall journey (more about Young Nan! Romance beneath the weirwood!) Their trip to Dorne. The Ascension of Aegon the Unlikely to the Iron Throne and appointment of Ser Dunc to the King's Guard. But honestly, what I REALLY want to see is The Winds of Winter and any succeeding volumes FIRST. Call me greedy.
  5. Good observation!
  6. No, it was, not Youtube. Maybe the "swan song" idea is that, at death, these birds actually sound good? Equating the bird called a "dove" with diving is really pushing it. Checking the invaluable wikipedia (sigh!), I find In the case of these big birds, I'd go more with "to sound". Indeed, Arya notes that she could never "sing", but just had to shout along with the music.
  7. Re: the 3 black swans. I just listened to an audio of a black swan, and believe me, the robin doesn't have to worry about any competition. Nor the cactus wren. This fits in with the fact that Arya appears to be tone deaf. The 3 swans could refer to the three lives she saved, the corresponding three lives she was owed and took, her three friends (Lommy, Hotpie and Gendry), her three presumed dead brothers, her three swords (Needle, the wooden practice sword, and the too-big sword she took from Harrenhal), the three men at Masha Heddle's old inn who freed her from the Hound, Daenerys's three dragons, Jon Snow (via the Targaryen 3-headed dragon), Arya's three teachers (Sylvio Forell, the Hound, and the Kindly Man), ... Really, I'm just throwin' stuff against the wall to see if anything sticks.
  8. Sounds more like a crane, or flamingo. ;-) But seriously, this is a good run down of Arya's "swan" associations! This would make her a "big bird", in contrast to her sister's "little bird" (garishly colored talking parrot) associations. (Not to mention Sansa being thus conflated with Varys's child spies.) It may not be widely known, but swans are aggressive and dangerous. Hardly a year goes by when one of our local Zoo swans doesn't take off after some annoying child, for example, and they're known to attack even larger humans. These are some really big birds, which will beat with their powerful wings and have a long-range bite due to their long serpentine necks. They're like geese from hell. Depicting Arya as beautiful, charismatic, and dangerous seems to be right on track.
  9. Okay, you got some of the high spots there! My opinions: 1. I'm ashamed to say that I like this one. Thus, it will never happen, so we can all relax. 2. The Lannister dragonrider will be Cersei, not Tyrion. It is known. When just a girl, she drew a picture of herself with Prince Rhaegar riding on a dragon. I imagine she'll achieve this by her alliance with Euron Crows-eye, who should be getting control of one or more dragons via his fancy Valyrian horn. 3. I don't think there's been a marriage yet in ASOIAF where the participants are "in love" when the wedding takes place. But then, this is teevie, isn't it? Where the "rom-com" rulez. 4. I think I've been banned from saying anything with regard to Sansa. Take that as you will!
  10. I don't actually know. However, if so, it probably wouldn't be in Tywin's interest to exercise it, given the unrest that would have resulted. Then again, Tywin Lannister probably had little to do with the arrest and sentencing of Ned. He was leading his troops (from the rear) in the field, maybe even out of raven range. The sentencing to the wall seemed to be Varys and Pycelle, and they convinced Cersei, who instructed Joffrey - who decided instead to have his fun.
  11. Only Ned would lose, and Robb would be the next Lord of Wintrfell/Warden of the North. Just as Jeor Mormont taking the black didn't take Bear Island from the Mormont family. Tywin might very well try to name someone else, but his goal was to halt the violence and keep Joffrey on the throne. Stirring up the ants nest in the North even more would not further that goal. Besides, I don't think the Boltons and Lannisters have become cozy at this point. And Winterfell is still chock full of Starks.
  12. Indeed. And by ship, it's amazing how many people get washed overboard during storms - or "storms." But this would largely put us back where we started - with outrage over the unjust death of Ned Stark. The ship scenario would give the Lannisters more time for battles and consolidating power, possibly, over the land scenario, but there would be greater outrage if Ned got "Cleganed". And the Hound may have left Joffrey's service then and there. THAT would have been a game changer.
  13. Right you are! That pretty much kills my rosy scenario.
  14. I agree; it would be a different story. But I think that's the point of this speculation!
  15. Remember, Gregor Clegane and Amory Lorch were still terrorizing the Riverlands, and Beric Dondarrion and his crew were still opposing them. The war was actually underway, regardless of what the Starks may have done. If Tywin have called off his rabid dogs (and better yet, brought them to justice, but that ain't gonna ever happen), things may have died down. However, Stannis is still on Dragonstone and has been arming himself and building a navy ever since Jon Arryn's death. And he KNOWS that the new "king" is a bastard born of incest (yucko), because of his collaboration with Arryn. He will try to move against Joffrey the Bastard Kinglet at some point, because it's his responsibility as the legitimate heir to the throne. Would Renly have also declared? Probably - he seems vain enough. So the brother on brother scenario would have happened much as the book describes. The procession of Lord Eddard Stark towards the Wall would have met with the usual derision and hurled vegetable material on its way out of King's Landing and through the Kingslands, but once they got to the Neck, or even earlier, folks would be turning out to show their support for him and rejection of the vengeful golden-haired toddler on the throne. Heck, the Stark bannermen and smallfolk might have declared Ned "King of the North" even before he reached the Wall! And then we would have had King Eddard and his very capable son Prince Robb leading the armies of the North together on the side of King Stannis. They might have even picked up Arya while leaving King's Landing and saved her a world of additional trauma.