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  1. Well, I've made a fresh greens salad with pecans. Tried my hand at "three-finger Hobb's three-meat stew" (needs some work!). I've considered and rejected the idea of buying a cookbook of the alleged recipes. All a person needs to do is read the description and take it from there. But I draw the line at the prince & bacon pie.
  2. It's even funnier when George RR does it at a reading!
  3. Okay. It reminded me of Kubla Khan:
  4. Very observant! Thanks!
  5. Could you point me to where this "fact" is documented? All I recall is that Ramsey "took the women" and killed all the men. I didn't see any indication of names, and Nan was old as Maester Aemon, thus less likely to survive the trip. Probably didn't provide much sport for Ramsey's "girls", either.
  6. What, after squiring for Dunc for many years and traveling from one end of Westeros to the other with him? Aegon would probably laugh. Har! So Sandor Clegane would not have been the first member of the Kings Guard who wasn't a knighted knight!
  7. Instinct. Something pre-human. As Maester Aemon noted "We were made for love." The desire to bond with and cling to other people, to nurture children. If it were a logical, transactional desire, then ... well, it would be logical. Risk and loss would be minimized. Failures would just be shrugged off. Folks wouldn't stay up late pining or mooning. They'd use a spreadsheet, or at least a ranked list of pros and cons. There wouldn't be any great stories or songs about it, but lots of textbooks.
  8. I like this theory, too. (One day, we shall see if that's what George RR has planned, also.)
  9. Good point! It could be Roose Bolton on top, or Littlefinger, or the Others. I strongly doubt that Cersei will hold power much longer.
  10. In all honesty, I don't see why Daenerys Targaryen (or even Young Griff Targaryen/Blackfyre) would have any interest in rewarding the Baratheon usurper family. Sure, they were loyal Targaryen supporters back in the day - but that was three centuries back. Robert (the Slothful) ruined all that. I see Storm's End going to a new, more loyal supporter, maybe someone from Essos.
  11. I'd just like to observe that these have been some great, informative responses and I've learned a fair amount from them. Why Lord Steffon went to Volantis in the first place hadn't been a big concern of mine, but given this background, it makes perfect sense, and is a reminder of how intricately crafted this whole story is. And, sadly, why it's taking so long to wrap up...
  12. Bran forgets that the Children of the Forest have been fighting since the First Men arrived on Westeros - well over 8,000 years. Could men fight on that long, and make such little headway, their numbers constantly declining, without eventually resigning themselves to defeat? Why would the Children give a rat's scuzzy arse about "the fate of effin' humanity", given that Men have been trying to destroy them for well over 8,000 years? Like I noted, the Children have fought Men for literally millennia. Now it's Men's turn to fight their own battles against the Others. Seems like karma, and how do like them apples? We have no indication that the Children particularly care about Joffery's childish squabble at the Ruby Ford, nor the intra-Men slaughter at the Wall. Men will kill anything, right? If there's no external enemy, they turn on one another. Tough. And as for Rickon returning "riding a unicorn" - when did he become a maiden fair? The kid is 5 or 6 years old. He'd be more likely to ride his direwolf, like Princess Mononoke. And "all but gone" is a way of saying "they're not gone yet."
  13. Brienne the Beauty as Queen! That would really turn the "beautiful fairy tale princess" meme on its head. On the other hand, the arrival and several conquests of Young Griff/Aegon VI and the possible arrival in the distant future of Daenerys Targaryen on dragonback make any need for more Baratheons moot. And, of course, Tommen, Myrcella and Cersei are not Baratheons.
  14. I think George RR prefers the tried and true techniques of torture and other physical hardship, death of loved ones, and loss of place, position and privilege. I'm gradually getting the impression that he wants us to understand that "True Love" will bite you in the arse every time.
  15. I agree. Jorah was even frequenting Lyseni 'hos, because they had "the look". Daenerys loves her old bear, but not in the carnal sense; she also isn't terribly impressed by his looks. Too old, too hairy (Tyrion elaborates on this.) I suspect anyone would have been a better match than Daario - and Dany realizes it, to her credit! She was suitably appalled when he suggested she stage a Red Wedding to get rid of all of her "problems" in Meereen. On the other hand, there's that body...
  16. I'll believe as I wish, as you will also. What I believe is that you're overthinking this, but we'll need to wait for the next book, and maybe the one after that (and the one after that...) to tell. Sometimes a dungeon is just a dungeon (Sigmund Freud).
  17. At this point, we have no way of knowing. However, because Drogo was the father, and he wasn't a Targaryen**, inbreeding should not have played much role. But the birth wasn't a "miscarriage" - the baby was carried to term. We have no idea whether the baby was stillborn or not, normal or deformed, or even male or female. But the idea that "Rhaego" was as described by Mirri Maz Duur is actually doubtful, because of how heavily she layered on the deformities ... and "full of graveworms"? Come on. I suspect it was a normal live birth, and the baby sacrificed. ------- ** Well then, this just PROVES that Drogo was actually a Blackfyre! The inbred baby that he planted in his close relative, Daenerys!! Ignore Drogo's brown skin, black hair, and brown eyes.
  18. Mirri Maz Duur has always been a complex character. She had good justification in killing Drogo when she got the chance: he and his khalazaar had destroyed her village, killed or enslaved everyone in it, raped all the women. This was their occupation; it wasn't their first. Historically, the "Dothraki Sea" used to be inhabited, having hundreds of cities and villages. The Dothraki, over time, destroyed them all and dispersed their people into slavery. Drogo was a monster. A very effective monster, which is why the readership loves him, but a very evil man. Daenerys tried not to let herself see this aspect of him. But Mirri refused to ignore or forgive. She put an end to Drogo, while restoring him to "life". She killed his newborn infant, supposedly "the Stallion that Mounts the World" (although we don't actually know the gender). Drogo's weakness before his collapse lost him his khalazaar. His rule was ended. In short, Mirri did good. Any hatred of her is because of the emotional effect all this had on Dany.
  19. Indeed, although there seem to be plenty who swear by it. Your "foreshadowing" quotes don't convince me. The first is a possibility; the second just describes a childish prank (and not an uncommon one, either), the third isn't talking about physical resurrection (bones? That's all there is in the tombs), the next quote is I think from Braavos and irrelevant, Lady Dustin's quote refers to "collapsed" levels - hard to see how any physical being could march forth out of that, and the final quote refers to dungeons in Maegor's Holdfast, far away in King's landing and is thus also irrelevant. Also, everybody in the North was "in the weir cloud" in life, so boxing their bones is too little, too late. So I don't see "plenty of foreshadowing." At best, it may be a metaphorical indication of "the North will rise again", not metaphysical. Kind of like the sea coming to Winterfell.
  20. Good observation! Also, Well, I've got to disagree here. At the end of SoS, Merrett Frey is put to the question on whether Sandor Clegane and a young boy - or girl - was spotted at the Twins during the Red Wedding. That doesn't sound anything like Sansa, does it? And the Brotherhood knew the Hound had Arya, and had been pursuing him even before Lady Stoneheart. They were riding now, at the direction of Lady Stoneheart, to find Arya, the real Arya, and mopping up any Freys they encountered along the way. As noted, Brienne could also have yielded the information that Ramsey's "Arya" was not the real thing, so the Brotherhood wouldn't have headed towards Winterfell on a wild goose chase. We can only hope they won't track our broken dog to the Quiet Isle. No way they'd travel to Braavos.
  21. You mean, someone other than old Walder Frey?
  22. I agree. Connington has worked too many years for this comeback and restoration. He's not about to screw it up out of carelessness or desire to exercise power on his own. He's given Young Griff an excellent start, the boy seems to have learned well, and Connington will be working to set him up with the best advisors, so that when it's his time to go, everything won't fall apart (like when Tywin made his final trip to the loo.)
  23. Jeyne ("Arya") is not a "guest." She's Ramsey's lawfully married wife - that is to say, his property. He has wide latitude in how he treats her, and let's just note also that "intramarital rape" is not a thing in Westeros. (Sadly.) As I noted, it doesn't matter who "owns" Winterfell. It doesn't matter who brought the food. It doesn't matter what names people call themselves by, nor who ate what, nor who sent whom, nor how mean they were. "Guest right" isn't something that is meant to be lawyered to death. But the only important factor is this: Bolton (and Frey), by their treacheries, are not entitled to it.
  24. The Boltons, as well as the Freys, have no right to "guest right" anymore, because of what they did to Robb Stark and his troops. If somebody comes into their place and does them dirty, well boo hoo hoo. A man reaps what he sows. Except for the Greyjoys, who "do not sow."
  25. Well, obviously so that all the dead Starks of Winterfell will be able to come riding forth, their skeletal forms mounted on that dragon that heats the underground springs beneath Winterfell. As skeletons, they don't weigh much so one dragon can easily carry an entire army of them.