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  1. That is true, i didn't think about that. But Jon already had evidence for that when he saw the mothers of the bastards when he visitet the brothels. I mean, it could be true that he is their trueborn son. Anyway there is no one who can prove it in that case, except for Cersei
  2. This is my first thread, to begin with. Somebody has probably noticed this before me, but i noticed it myself and haven't seen any threads about this before. And i'm sorry if my english is not correct, it's not my first language. I am rereading A Game Of Thrones and I happend to notice a particular scene. When Ned visits Gendry and Gendry tells him that Jon Arryn asked him questions about his mother. Now, what would Jon possibly want to know about Gendrys mother? Shouldn't he be asking about his father unless he already was absolutely sure that Robert was his father, which he probably was. But why would he ask about his mother if he knew the only thing of importance, that Gendry was Roberts bastard. Gendry doesen't remember much about his mother, only that she had blonde hair and singed to him. Now, what if Gendry was not only Roberts bastard but Cerseis son as well. That would explain why Jon wanted to know about his mother, because he already suspected it. What do you think?
  3. Arya definetly, I love to read about all of her adventures.
  4. dinosaurs