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  1. Not exactly. The Dothraki gave 'presents' and received them. Dany was a present to Khal Drogo. Similarly, the Dothraki would present captured enemies to slaver cities in turn for gifts of gold and jewels.
  2. Yes, I stand corrected. I count myself among one of the 'hardcore' (as you put it) fans so it looks like I have to keep away from certain Internet spoilers. Fain a plug - in application which would block S6 spoilers.
  3. First thing that crossed my mind a few months back once I started considering the fact that WoW won't be released before S6. Figure the publisher's before-S6-release was a ploy to get more viewership for the TV show.
  4. Can you quote the Web page? Have been effing waiting for so long
  5. How do you know that Melisandre confused Pyke/Harlaw with Eastwatch? Where is that mentioned?
  6. The PtwP will be of Aerys and Rhaella's line was prophecised by a woods witch(the ghost of high heart who supposedly died in Summerhall) who accompanied Jenny of Oldstones to court.
  7. Far more likely is undead Gregor kills her(referring to Lady Catelyn's vision in the sept where she sees danger looming over her daughters in the form of Gregor Clegane)
  8. Why a quick painless death?