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  1. Of course people support Gianforte. Probably over half the population think fists are an acceptable response to harsh words. So if someone is pissing you ooff for saying something you don't like it's OK to hit them to shut them up. This is acceptable behaviour to a larger number of people.
  2. Of course it would have been Egyptian challenge, but the graphics back in the day were too crap to make smooth walled pyramids, so luckily the Aztecs made stepped pyramids.
  3. IOf course he can't stop the sale of German cars. And the thing about BMW and Mercedes is they are pretty much Tariff-proof. People who want a Merc or Beemer want a Merc or Beemer and they are rich enough to pay for it. But of course there's nothing under the WTO he can do about it, because punitive tariffs by one country let the other country do the same. Germans don't want what America is selling, so sell something they do want. You can;t force the German people to buy American. After all, Trump is promoting buy American in the USA, so why wouldn't Germany promote buy German in Germany?
  4. Is it much of a different look to the Xb one, or largely the same visual design?
  5. Is that a Spider-Man ad or a NBA ad?
  6. Sounds like a helluva lot of people voted by post, which means their votes went in before the assault, and that probably means he's already won before any walk in votes have been cast. All the dis-endorsements by news media across the state won't count for squat. Indeed, media endorsements seem to generally count for squat and are just ways for media to make themselves think they are important. How much conservative media endorsed Hillary over Trump? Not one Romney State went for Hillary. And we all know the Obama states that went for Trump.
  7. Bonsey will be in my nightly prayers until they are no longer needed. Best wishes for his recovery.
  8. "The sorts of wormholes we know about", current hypotheses include the energy needs to briefly open a wormhole, is how I read that phrase. I can ask my brother if you like, he's the physics genius in the family. I'm just a lowly applied life sciences for non-scientists as my son calls it.
  9. Quoting my brother again. If it turns out wormholes are the way of doing interstellar travel... But that basically means a Dyson sphere around your home star would not be enough. You basically have to collect a star's mass worth of stuff that you can then extract most . Perhaps like cold fusion is (was?) a bit of a holy grail for meeting our growing energy needs, "cold" wormholes could be the holy grail of space travel
  10. Well then, at least one area where the game is vastly superior to the books.
  11. IMO any Dyson structure is a really inelegant solution to energy needs for an advanced civilisation. It's pretty much using contemporary scientific understanding and projecting it on far more advanced species. IMO it's more likely that advanced civilisations are going to find ways of extracting energy from matter. After all, as E=MC^2, the more you are able to extract close to 100% of MC^2 out of matter as useable energy the less matter you need. I'd rather believe that advanced civilisations are able to do something close to what Doc Emmett does in Back to the Future with poking household rubbish into his portable fusion reactor on the DeLorean, or Tony Stark's Arc Reactor, than these gigantic space megastructures.
  12. Wouldn't a Dyson Sphere type structure have regularity and consistency with its dimming effects. If there does not seem to be a predictable pattern then it seems an alien megastructure explanation is as fanciful as the hollow moon conspiracy.
  13. Yeah, I half smiled a couple of times in that trailer. I think it will get pretty tired pretty fast. Sounds like Discovery will be heading to Netflix in a lot of countries. I hope one of them is mine. But the only Netflix trailers I've seen have been for non-English speaking countries. +1 for Capt Michelle Yeoh.
  14. I think that would be the best thing ever for Kim. A complete do-over. In Jimmy's mind Kim leaving will be yet more proof of other people screwing her over (running her out of town, and out of Jimmy's life) and how the world is just not fair. Which of course pushes him further to / over the edge. It's interesting that Cinnebon team leader being post BB is Jimmy's first(?) really honest long term job. Though I guess mail room at HHM was also an honest job. But those are the only 2 true morally bright spots in an otherwise shady life. I guess I should also give him credit for what he did for the elderly, for the short time he practised elder law.
  15. I think the questioning of that 96%(?) figure in Kim and Paige's meeting is a foreshadowing of Paige actually double checking Kim's work and Kim having made a mistake. Not necessarily on that particular figure, but on some other detail that will cost Mesa Verde a pile of cash. Mesa Verde will go back to HHM, and that will really seal the injustice of the system in Jimmy's eyes. Kim is a competent enough lawyer that she should be able to land on her feet, even if that means going back to being an associate in a law firm. Hell, I think Howard Hamlin is a nice enough guy that he would probably take Kim back, if she asked. But I don't think Kim will ask.