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  1. Games are a convenient scapegoat for both sides. On the R side it can look like they are doing something to limit the harm of virtual guns at the same time as taking people's attention off the harm of real guns. And on the D side it can look like they are doing something to limit the harm of virtual guns at the same time as taking people's attention away from the fact that they continue to fail to do anything about the harm of real guns.
  2. Are you sure the Democrats would necessarily see President Pence as preferable to President Trump? Seems to me a possible scenario is that most Republicans may come around to wanting to be rid of Trump and that they will need to convince enough Democrats of the benefits of dumping Trump and installing Pence. I think Democrats are very interested in getting rid of Trump, but I think they would prefer to do it in a way that does not involve handing the crown to Pence. Arguably the course of action for Democrats is to hamstring Trump by getting a majority in the House or Senate (or both) in 2018, and then kicking him out off office in the 2020 Presidential election.
  3. Yes it does. When you start from a position of relative advantage and you are forced to give up that advantage unwillingly then it most definitely feels like oppression. It's all very well for us progressives to be proclaiming the view that improving equality across as many demographics as possible has a substantial benefit for everyone. But unless you convince the demographic that is losing it's historical advantage that they will actually be OK (especially the people at the lower end of that demographic, who feel like they've never had any advantage even when their group was on top of the pile) and to welcome the change, then it is obvious and natural that they will feel threatened and act in the way that you would expect any threatened population (or individual) to act. In developing policies to facilitate equality, was their a failure to take account of the relativistic effects of these policies and thus predict and deal with what seems to be a pretty predictable reaction to the changes that have been taking place since at least the 1960s?
  4. Interesting. I've never really played on the Wii so I can't comment. But I've played using wireless controllers on PS3 and PS4 and I can't say I ever perceived any button input latency, and so if there has been any improvement in latency between 7th and 8th generation consoles / controllers my speed of perception is too slow to have been able to notice it. I can't say I've played (m)any games that demand very low input latency, such as 2-D fighters like Tekken, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, and maybe if I was into those games at a high level I might notice something. Do the serious competitors in these sorts of games still used wired controllers? I'm pretty sure the serious keyboard warriors still use wired keyboard and mouse. So maybe there does continue to be perceptible higher latency in wireless devices vs wired devices. I've been playing the first game couch co-op with my son (yay for having a game that does real couch co-op story mode!!) and we are enjoying it. I think playing couch co-op adds a degree of enjoyment that might be missing from playing through this style of game solo.
  5. . Report: Former Trump Aide Rick Gates Will Plead Guilty, Testify Against Manafort\ It's interesting, even in our far flung corner of the world some of our news radio stations are being bombarded by people complaining about too much news coverage of this "fake news". It seems like there is a global effort underway to discredit the Mueller investigation.
  6. How is it that whenever there is a mass shooting the pro-gun politicians get to trot out the "now is not the time" rhetoric partly claiming to respect the victims, when it seems like most of the victims' families and the victims who survived and sill have a voice feel like now is exactly the time? I do see the justification for the rhetoric has shifted a bit, from being less about respecting the victims (because that seems pretty untennable even to the pro-gun politicians) to a claim that regulation as an immediate response will be emotional and kneejerk. This of course is obviously an untennable argument to any objective viewer, but it seems like the pro-gun folks feel like it's an argument that can still play sufficiently with a general audience while keeping the donor and voter base satisfied that there is no opening for action now or in the future. It might play with the general audience for the next 1 or 2 mass shootings, (which might only be a month or 2) but they'll have to pivot to another excuse for inaction after that.
  7. Looking like US opening weekend (3 days) will be in the top 5 opening weekends of all time. Given this is a 4-day weekend for the USA, which would push some % of potential 3-day opening weekend viewers into Monday this is a pretty incredible result. Cinemascore, which is perhaps the objectively best audience opinion measure since no one gets to spam this viewer survey, gave it an A+. Sure, this will generally be skewed high because fans are a large % of people who go to a movie on opening weekend, so the Cinemascore would probably go down if it was a survey taken over the first 3 or 4 weekends of a movie's release. But still, not many movies get A+ Cinemascore, so it's a pretty good indication. Has the anti-Disney/Marvel / Pro-DC down-voting campaign actually had its effect on the Rotten Tomatoes / IMDB / Metacritic audience score yet? Looks like no one is attempting to spam Metacritic, which is interesting. Seems like the haters don't rate Metacritic as having any kind of influence in the social conscience. Rotten Tomatoes has a similar number of audience ratings as Thor 3 and less than half the number of audience ratings as Civil War. And on IMDB BP has way fewer user votes than both Civil War and Thor 3. So all that suggests there hasn't been any substantial down-vote spammming. Or maybe RT and IMDB are actively monitoring audience ratings for BP and have worked out some kind of filter. Not sure how they'd do it, but it's possible.
  8. Are you talking about button inputs or waggle inputs? Pretty sure wireless button inputs have the same latency as wired controllers, or at least as close as makes no perceivable difference. But the motion control latency and accuracy might be different. The original Wii mote is not very good as a motion control device, but when Nintendo introduced the Wii motion plus clip on thingy it improved the motion control performance a lot. But many games did not make use of the Wii motion Plus IIRC.
  9. When it comes to anti-abortion laws Republican controlled states keep on throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks. And some shit odes end up sticking and you have states with laws that make getting an abortion pretty difficult. So if Democrats are that concerned about gun control other than it appearing to be a point of difference between the parties, then they should be applying the same tactic in Democrat controlled states. Don't be afraid of having state gun control laws laws struck down in the courts, just find ever more creative ways to come as close as possible to the outcomes you want. It seems there is a reluctance to take incremental steps and people want comprehensive reform NOW! So things carry on with a lot of people wanting change but no change actually happening.
  10. If you were a Rotten tomatoes reviewer your score would have been in the 97%. So not sure why you think the 97% is is unwarranted. You basically agree, over all with 97% of reviewers.
  11. Shootings in New Zealand are still infrequent enough that every shooting ends up on the national news.
  12. Social Darwinism right? If you are not "fit" enough to survive in society under your own steam then society is better off not trying to keep you around. Your death being the only positive contribution you can make to society. It's ironic that a lot of these people think Darwin was controlled by Satan and that the Universe is between 6,000 and 10,000 years old. And they don't want to let women pre-empt death by social rejection and deprivation by having abortions.
  13. Surely reporting can be anonymised unless the wounded person (or their legal guardian in the case of a minor) wants to report a crime. If the mandatory reporting comes from hospitals and ERs (which is really the only place mandatory reporting can come from,m or the vast majority of it at least) then basic data that does not identify wounded person but that provides meaningful statistical information can be collected without turning the wounded person into a victim of enforcement authority abuse.
  14. And yet other critics say there's not enough action in he movie, but what action there is is great. Re Blade. I think Blade is a superhero film with a Black lead. Black Panther is a Black super hero film.
  15. Effin Logan. I TRUSTED HIM! I never got around to paying Syphon Filter 2. Was it good?