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  1. I would think that on the basis of the strong belief i the deep state, lizard people and whatnot then Trump firing deep state people who are out to get him, and pardoning himself so that the deep state can't falsely charge him and find him guilty of things based solely on false facts in the fake news are both not only justified actions but also necessary and righteous actions. I don't have any problem believing that the vast majority (or the entirety) of the core Trump support will create solid justification narratives for whatever Trump does. And there are also a substantial number of people outside of that core who will never vote Democrat (as there are people who will never vote Republican). However the never Democrat people sitting outside of the Trump bubble are candidates for not turning out to vote. The question therefore is whether the never Democrats could be sufficiently demoralised to choose to not vote, and thus open the way for Democrats who may be able to motivate never Republicans to turn up on polling day and actually flip enough seats in the House and Senate to make a difference. But is Republicans are shitting the bed and Trump is doing it with explosive diarrhoea enough to actually get never Republicans out of bed, without the Democrats offering something positive to vote for? On healthcare specifically, if Democrats are being cowed into distancing themselves from single payer that just demoralises the people who would be inclined to vote for Democrats if they thought it would make a meaningful difference.
  2. Not really. I know a few people who are called by their first and last name initials. It's probably considerably less common than first and second name initials, but it's not weird. And if you have a vanilla name like Michelle Jones it's understandable that you might spice it up a bit by getting people to call you MJ. Of course there is the satirical fictional first-last initial situation in House of Card (British mainly but also US) with FU. Hmmm I wonder if first-last initial use is more of a British / Commonwealth thing and first-second initial is more a US thing. @ second paragraph: I would think if the US govt passes a law that says all alien debris is property of the Federal govt and must be handled by federally approved contractors, then any city / contractor agreement is null and void with basically no recourse to the courts. But you can always try. I would think that in the MCU little guy vs Stark + US govt seems like a no win situation.
  3. It'll be pretty hard to do a Brie younger than her current age. She's meant to be a Colonel, which would suggest late 20s at least, probably more into the 30s. And that's around her current age. So current age IRL Brie is 1990s Carol, which means "putting a bit more experience" in Brie's face if Infinity War Carol is going to be be notably older than 1990s Carol. You are right of course, assuming one can get away with being non-specific adult age between the ages of say 27/8 and 40, then you only need a 1:10 time dilation. Which is achievable at mumble mumble carry the 1... 0.995c, which is so much easier to achieve than 0.999c /s. If anything, the further Carol has to travel (i.e. the more Earth time that has to pass) to get back to Earth the better, since travelling only 0.995*20 light years doesn't get you very far in the galaxy, though maybe she can be wormholed 100 or so light years from her starting point but has to, for reasons, take the slow option for the final 10 or 15 light years. Yes the other thing could definitely be that her cosmic powers grant her significantly greater longevity and slower ageing, so she ages at a 1:5 rate (for instance) which puts her at only 4 years older in appearance to when she left, and if she's mid 20s when she leaves she still looks like shes in her twenties when she returns, but she is much older and much wiser than that. Which could set up an interesting character dynamic in that the Avengers see her outwardly as young, inexperienced and immature, not much better than Spider Man, but in reality she's been [actively] in the game longer than any of the Avengers aside from Thor, and knows a heckofalot more shit about shit than any of them. Back to speculation about Thor and Bruce having a conversation about their fight in the arena. I tend to agree that the trailer is misdirecting us and that Thor will eventually overcome Hulk and win the fight. The only untruth to the conversation being that Thor won quite easily. I feel like Thor can beat frenzied rage Hulk as Thor can use honed fighting skills, but focused rage Hulk, no. Also, non-enraged Hulk is probably not stronger than Thor, and Hulk needs to get to a decent level of rage to be stronger than Thor. Arguably Thor is only OP with his hammer, but I think the MCU is tending to transfer a lot more power to Thor as inherent to his person and that Mjolnir is just icing on the cake. But according to the Marvel COmic power rankings Thor only has strength without a known limit when he has Mjolnir. I would like to know how the keepers of the MCU lore see Thor's power level with and without Mjolnir.
  4. I think if you want to flexible in your sexual encounters then you should arguably not be entering into a relationship where exclusivity is implicit or explicit. A typical marriage comes with the expectation of exclusivity in sexual relations. If that's not you then either establish an explicitly more open marriage contract or just don't enter into relationships of the traditional nature. It's not the playing around that's the problem. It's the lying about about it. So long as you are not lying (concealing the truth = lying) then what you do is up to you. Therefore "cheating" being suggestive of dishonesty I'd say no, one should never cheat. Being non-exclusive with sexual partners, however, that's totally up to your own personal morality and I don't think it's right for anyone to say yes you should or no you shouldn't, since in both cases that's a person trying to convince you of the correctness of their own moral perspective. You can certainly ask people about why they think and act as they do and be informed about your own moral choices taking these things into account. I've never particularly thought "everyone else is doing it" is a particularly solid moral compass. Try to at least formulate your morality on some sort of fairly objective principles.
  5. The time dilation to get to that sort of ratio offends my scientific sensibilities as a "natural phenomenon"of living in Kree/Skrull space. To get a 1:20 time dilation you have to be travelling at about 0.999c. I imagine the gravity required for 1:20 time dilation is not survivable by a person. I can possibly see Carol being sent on a "slow" boat back to Earth having to travel through mundane space at close to the speed of light, because no fast mode of transport (such as wormholes or the Bifrost) is available to her. "It'll take you 20 years to get to Earth, but it will only feel like a year to you."
  6. With 2018 Carol Danvers possibly having lost her powers and being late 40s to early 50s and possibly played by someone other than Brie Larson, and the team being rather desperate for some additional fire power, we could still see the Time Gem being used to go back in time and get a fully powered up Captain Marvel. Some people speculating that the Captain Marvel movie could be setting up a Secret Invasion scenario. That would be massive. But I'm guess all 20% of the scripted stuff is in the film and that is probably 60% of the movie's dialogue. There must be a ton of out-takes and cuts that are ad-libbed / improv versions of scripted scenes but which didn't make it in and they stuck with the scripted version.
  7. So, Carol Danvers will probably still get her powers from the Kree, just not the Psyche-Magnetron? Being set 20+ years n the past (jeez the '90s is almost totally 20 years ago!) with her being in the Kree-Skrull war does that mean we might see Ronan the Accuser being a good guy? Will we see a young(er) Peter Quills running around with the Yondu? It's a great way to get some familiar characters into the movie. I assume Carol is off planet for pretty much the whole 20 years up to Infinity War. The problem with her being planet-side during the first Avengers movie is of course she'd totally turn up to the battle in New York and kick serious arse. Unless she's suffered some kind of loss of powers for a time, between her solo movie and Infinity War, which does happen to her.
  8. Surely it's not just that, but they are possibly prosecutable after he leaves office. If he can be charged for crimes when he leaves office then the last thing he wants to do is end 4 or 8 years as president and then wind up in prison for crimes committed before January 2017.
  9. Does he? I feel like they seem to be setting up Thor: Ragnarok as the consequence of Loki exiling Odin to Earth and Odin losing his identity and his power. Loki realising he's screwed up big time, getting Thor and Hulk to help rescue Odin and return him to his place of power. If Odin is going to die then he should die as part of the defeat of Thanos. It should need to take a lot more than Hela and Loki to take out Odin. I do see that Anthony Hopkins is not listed among the known cast for IW, so you are probably right that Ragnarok is this Odin's final movie.
  10. I think this comes under, don't sweat the small stuff.
  11. I do feel like the debate over the first woman Doctor is missing this important element, as a statement from IMO the greatest of all the previous Doctors.
  12. If Dr. Strange can find a way to foil Dormammu, who pretty much matches, at least, Thanos in the power rankings (though perhaps not if Thanos has a fully bedazzled Infinity Gauntlet). Then he along with a few of the other WMD level Avengers could go toe to toe with Thanos. In the Marvel Comics, doesn't Odin kick Thanos' arse? Personally I think it would be good for the movies to actually show how OP Odin is. We think Thor is all that, but Odin is on another level. I think the defeat of a gauntleted Thanos needs Odin in addition to the Avengers.
  13. Are they ripping off Harry Turtledove's Southern Victory books? It's not like we don't have precedent for fiction where technologically advanced civilisations have slavery. A lot of Sci-fi normally includes at least one alien species that maintains a slavery system. Never the humans of course. I think I'd rather continue to watch Underground though. If one of the end goals of this series is to see the slaves along with the support of sympathetic free people rise up and win freedom and the abolishing of slavery then it could be worth a look. But if it's just going to be a backdrop to stories of the lives, loves and trials of various characters it doesn't sound very appealing.
  14. Why's that? A NY Jewish vote thing? It's so bad to merely propose this thing.
  15. All hail Netflix! The video game adaptation curse has been smashed ... ...though not for feature films, yet.