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  1. US Politics: Kill (the) Bill

    At least the CIA doesn't like Trump, so one set of potential assassins is out of reach. Trump still has the Mob though, I suppose.
  2. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    Perhaps he thought he could thread a needle, give the ultra-cons enough to bring them on board, but keep enough in for those with something resembling a heartbeat to stay in the yes camp. Despite any inaccuracy in the CBO assessment about 24 million losing their insurance, as soon as that number hit the streets the plan was screwed, especially when juxtaposed with Trump's assurance that "we're going to look after everyone."
  3. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    He, and his party whips, certainly failed to strong arm people into line. That is their core function when it comes to shepherding legislation through the house. I have no idea what the Pope said to John Boehner to get him to resign, but I bet Boehner is praising him to the Lord above every single day. Maybe the Pope prophesied that Trump would win.
  4. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    So I guess that is giving permission for members of that faction to vote for the bill, and thus give it the numbers to pass, in the House at least. Did Trump just Trump them with his walk away threat?
  5. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    What does that even mean? Will Trump veto any healthcare bill other than this version of the AHCA that gets presented to him for signing? Well, that was before his own personal AHCA bill got scuppered by his own party. He might be a little more willing to deal to the left of his bill now that dealing to the right seems to have been an abject failure. That's been part of 1-day introduction to negotiating seminars since such seminars were first created. Interestingly, in the recommended reading list these seminars provide 'Art of the Deal' is not on the list.
  6. 'Ghost in the Shell' Live Action(?) Hollywood Edition

    To be clear, I've seen the animated film twice, and I totally loved it. So it's just my son and niece who I need to guide in one direction or t'other.
  7. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    Well, there could now be an opportunity. It is true there isn't a shit show of a Democratic bill getting through, but It it not impossible for the House to get a Trump bill through with Democrat support and containing a lot of Democratic fingerprints on it. But Trump will not deal on a Medicare for all bill (even though during the campaign his "healthcare for all" promise could only be delivered by exactly that). The only way Trumpcare gets passed with only Republican support is by making things worse for the average punter. If Democrats want to mitigate the damage that a 4 or 8 year Trump presidency can do to healthcare, they have only one option: give Trump and the necessary number of not-completely-batshit-crazy Republicans a solution that's a bit to the left of the current Trumpcare bill and assure them of the numbers, in the House at least. Or they go the Nuclear Trump option, which is to let Trumpcare collapse, and hang the collateral damage to vulnerable Americans, casualties of war and all that. On Gorsuch: I see the Democrats probably aren't going to hand over the 8 votes needed to get to 60 for his confirmation.
  8. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    Also, while it is perfectly fine for individuals to decide to never have children, it is simply not viable for society as a whole to stop having children. A sustainable inflow of children into a society is essential, a society's ongoing existence depends upon it. Therefore it is in society's interests to provide some minimum level of social support for maternity and child care.
  9. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    That definitely lowers premiums. Because insurance companies then have to compete with "free healthcare" rather than just compete with each other. When having no insurance is an actual positive option for everyone, then insurance companies have to actually try to convince you to buy insurance, and a lot of what will convince someone to buy insurance is reasonable and affordable price.
  10. French politics: houlala!

    Changing the fundamental social principles upon which the economy is based. Mandating a UBI, for instance, does not change those, it just tries to mitigate the downside of the principles that currently drive economics.
  11. Video Games: Dawn of Waaaaagh!

    I'm not sure how "challenging combat" can be a criticism, unless by challenging people mean mechanically inferior compared to other games with a similar combat style, or normal enemies are bullet sponges whereas Ryder and squad mates die to one or two shots from normal enemies. My default attitude is that I'm not all that good, so challenging combat is my fault, not the game's fault, unless there is something obviously broken or stupid about the game, like DA2's multiple enemy waves.
  12. 'Ghost in the Shell' Live Action(?) Hollywood Edition

    Funny thing is, I don't have a problem with Brie Larsen being Captain Marvel. The thing I struggle with is seeing her as Col. Carol Danvers. I think Brie lacks the military vibe, whereas I have no problem seeing Charlize as a senior military figure. Then again, I would never have seen Emily Blunt as a hard arsed soldier until I saw Edge of Tomorrow. So that doesn't mean Brie can't pull it off. Wouldn't have seen Linda Hamilton as a badass either, until T2. Hmmm, I should get back on topic. Ummmm, what do people think? Should someone watch the animated movie first and then this live action version? Or would it be better to watch the live action version without preceonceptions, which might mean you enjoy it more, and then watch the animated version and be amazed at how much better it is? I think my son and niece (who is visiting) haven't seen the animated version so I'm wondering if I should get them to watch it before this movie comes out.
  13. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    That's not "fixing the flaws in the ACA", that's re-reforming the healthcare system. An actual public health service didn't fly when Obama had majorities in both houses, even though that was on the wishlist of the progressive faction of the Democratic party. It's DoA (A = announcement in this case) with the Republicans in control of everything. Put up a proposal that at least has a non-zero chance of getting through.
  14. 'Ghost in the Shell' Live Action(?) Hollywood Edition

    Which is why I really wanted her to be Captain Marvel.
  15. French politics: houlala!

    Not radically progressive enough, since those are symptomatic treatments. It's not reformation that's needed, it's transformation. The terrorist attacks only lead to xenophobia and islamophobia because no one is talking about the root causes of the terrorist attacks and proposing ways to overcome those root causes. I don't see the left or right saying the things that are necessary to start down the road of eliminating terrorism in the name of Islam. All they talk about is the size of the literal and figurative walls intended to keep the bad people out.