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  1. Seems like Jimmy is pretty well fcuked. He either does a stretch or is forced to quit the bar. I don't think Chuck wants him in prison, just out of the law. The thing is, how did Chuck and Howard know that Ernesto would get the info to Jimmy?
  2. French politics: houlala!

    And ISIS has claimed responsibility. Which I imagine plays directly into Le Pen's hands. A break up of the EU is more or less exactly what both ISIS and Russia would like to see I imagine. So it's probably not surprising that ISIS would do something like this in order to tilt the election in the nationalist, Frexit direction.
  3. US Politics: Passing Gas In Public is Abhorrent Behavior

    Well, if the Russian gameplan is simply to politically destabilise the USA then their target will change according to what will achieve that outcome. So pre-election the target was HRC, as a HRC POTUS would be seen as more stable. Now with an unstable DJT POTUS would it destabilise the US further if Trump was to be impeached because of dirt that Russia can dish on him, or is the destabilising of the USA better achieved with Trump staying as POTUS for as long as possible, but use other dirt to destabilise other parts of the political system that may be acting as a buffer for the instability of DJT. Preventing Democratic gains in the mid-terms would probably be in the destabilising interests of Russia I would think. So Democrats should still be the target, if it looks like substantial gains are on the cards. Not sure if Russia would have any interest, inclination or capability in trying to destabilise SCOTUS.
  4. WHEEL OF TIME officially optioned for television

    1 season per book? I just hope they put up more episodes than ASOIAF got, not a lot more, maybe 12 or 13 episode seasons. But then, some of the later books are so full of filler and fluff that they could possibly do 3 books over 2 seasons.
  5. Video Games: Dawn of Waaaaagh!

    I imagine they could make it the size of a smartwatch, though I suppose they will be using the traditional wired controller rather than make a bluetooth one. Blizzard is giving away Star Craft and the Brood Wars expansion for free, so I picked them up yesterday. If I enjoy the campaign I may just end up buying SC2, so giving SC away for free isn't a silly move.
  6. I watched Citizen Kane on the weekend. The credit for special effects was a single person. The entire credits for non-actors was 2 slides.
  7. US Politics: Passing Gas In Public is Abhorrent Behavior

    Yet you have a mountain of skim milk that you can't sell, because your managed dairy system is WTO non-compliant and thus you are barred from international trade in skim milk powder. So there is potential significant export revenue that would help your dairy farmers that does not exist because you think you are keeping dairy farmers afloat. You actually sell about as much food and beverage to the USA as the USA sells to you. In a two way trade that amounts to $59Bn annually (2016) there is only a $1Bn difference in favour of US exports to Canada. You could probably reverse that and put Canada ahead since the USA is a much larger market. For instance our food trade balance with the USA is $3.2Bn in exports and $408Mn in imports, and we have no economically protected industries and low tariffs. Though we do have several biosecurity barriers across a wide range of food products which fully comply with WTO rules. We're not totally comparable food producing economies, but a more open food trading market typically advantages the smaller country.
  8. US Politics: Passing Gas In Public is Abhorrent Behavior

    I would think you need an actual diagnosis, not just symptoms that someone has looked up on WebMD.
  9. US Politics: Passing Gas In Public is Abhorrent Behavior

    I haven't seen any details but just from that one sentence I am more likely to side with the Trump admin* on this than with Canada, since we've been looking to take Canada to the WTO on its dairy trade policies for a while now. Of course we were looking towards TPP to deal with most of those issues without having to take a dispute to the WTO, but we may need to go back to square 1, unless a regional trade agreement excluding the US can be put in place pretty soon. We generally like Canada and we work well together on a lot of international trade matters. I just wrote a letter to the new CFIA president saying how much we work well together. But when it comes to dairy trade Canada really is a total dick. *though I may not agree with the Trump admin's appraoch
  10. US Politics: Passing Gas In Public is Abhorrent Behavior

    The correctness of your first statement all depends on whether you mean it's a valid argument within the mind of the individual when they are pondering on whether Saddam deserved to stay in power in an abstract sense, or whether it's a valid argument in the context of international relations, UN resolutions, international law and carrying out an invasion. Your original statement was that Saddam's chemical weapon use was the only legit argument Dubya had, which I assumed you meant as an argument to the US people, Congress and the UN to get agreement for invading Iraq, not merely his internal monologue. And in that context it was not a legitimate argument.
  11. US Politics: Passing Gas In Public is Abhorrent Behavior

    <-- Look to the left. And it's not a semantics matter. Saying it's a legit point because it actually happened is not valid when it completely lacks any justification for the proposed action. It was in fact the opposite of a legit point, it was an illegitimate use of an historical fact.
  12. Yeah, but in that case one of the characters isn't CGI and not visually recognisable as the actor. Marvel may place restrictions in contracts in terms of filming windows and schedule prioritisation, and perhaps for actors whose faces are un-CGI'd in their movies they may place restrictions on the types of movies they can do while under contract. But for Brolin only the scheduling/availability issue should apply.
  13. US Politics: Passing Gas In Public is Abhorrent Behavior

    I think you confuse truth with legitimacy for action. It is beyond question that Saddam used chemical weapons in 1988. But that fact in no way provides the faintest shred of legitimacy for Dubya's invasion in 2003. There wasn't a legit argument then and there sure isn't one in hindsight now.
  14. I don't see why there needs to be any improvement in good will. Unless Brolin had a restraining clause in his MCU contract saying he is not allowed to play any Marvel character outside the MCU (which would seem pretty draconian) then there is no need for Fox and Marvel to talk about Brolin. If John Rhys-Davis can get away with playing 2 characters in the same movie (Gimli and Treebeard), then Brolin can get away with playing two characters in the same comic universe, especially when those characters will never meet in the respective movie universes.