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  1. So Hillary Clinton's problem while Sec State wasn't that she was doing pay to play, it's that she was trying to keep is secret. If you are openly corrupt then I guess what you're doing is throwing out a challenge to your secretly corrupt opponents saying " You wanna go? Cashme ouside mutha fukers!" And of course no one does, because they are all in the pay to play game and they don;t want to be taken down as collateral damage.
  2. Makes sense. I was picturing 13 short stories all more or less the same length. But if some stories can be left out entirely, Tom Bombadil style, then 8 episodes sounds more reasonable. Interesting that there's been official(?) non confirmation, but not denial regarding the source material for the first season.
  3. I've been avoiding everything Avengers for a coupe of months now. I only saw the latest trailer because I went to Ready Player One and the theatre played the trailer. IMO that's really the only way trailers should be watched, because it has that big screen element to it. Watching big screen action movie trailers on a pokey computer monitor just ain't right. I've felt a little over-exposed to the last few marvel movies by consuming so much trailer and chatter about them that when I saw the movie there wasn't quite the same level of excitement. So I'm going with an abstinence approach and seeing if I enjoy the movie more because of it.
  4. I guess that's to prevent spoilers leaking out all over the place. Gives reviewers piss all time to write a decent review though. But I guess we shouldn't care too much about reviewers' feelings.
  5. Wouldn't it be preferable to have 13 episodes to tell 13 short stories? Or will they just do 8 of the short stories and look to do the other 7 if they give the show a second season?
  6. Says he who's taken the Terminator franchise back under his wing. Seems he's looking a making a TCU himself. He just wants to take some of the audience share. Seems kinda odd that there's no IW reviews out yet, the movie opens here in 2 days. BP reviews cam out over a week in advance. When's the review embargo lift. Did they not even allow twitter reactions for this?
  7. Not sure the world is quite ready for a European Muslim Magneto. A lot of the world doesn't really know or want to know that there are "native" European Muslims. The other thing about the Bosnia genocide is that genocidal denialism (or justification) is pretty widespread among Serbians, and those strongly allied with them. I have several Serbian friends who immigrated around that time or soon after, they are great people except when it comes to the Bosnia situation, where they become very nationalistic, and aggressively defensive about it. There is probably too much backlash and conflict for a company like Disney to be willing to take on in it's cash cow franchise if Magneto became a Bosnian Muslim. Possibly in the 2050 reboot of the X-Men it may not longer be too soon for Magneto to switch to the Bosnian genocide. And of course replacing a Jewish character with a Muslim character also brings in the political sensitivities re the Israel / Palestine situation. As for the other genocides, making a shift from a European genocide to Asian or African would also wake up the anti-race bending crowd, as well as still piss off those who see the Jewish and Nazi Holocaust connection as significant. And there's still the Hydra connection to Nazis and WWII, so symmetry with Captain America. In terms of age of the character, being alive in WWII, I don't think it's too much of a suspension of disbelief to think that a lot of mutants have longer than average lifespans, so Magneto can be 80 and still look late 50-60-ish.
  8. I don't think you hand over the keys to the Ferarri until the money is in the bank. Earliest Fox would consider letting Disney start using the characters would be after regulatory approval of the transaction is received. Before that, not a chance. I'm not keen on the mind-wipe idea for explaining why no one knows about mutants yet in the MCU. Either they've always been there, but managed to stay off the grid, or the infinity war activates the long dormant X gene. I could see them weaving mutants in ancient times as part of the MCU, and that a sorcerer supreme of old figured out a way to put the X-gene into a dormant state, and imprisoning mutants such as Apocalypse. As part of the X-men reveal Dr. Strange could discover ancient records talking about mutants.
  9. The junk science to totally getting to me, and I'm finding it difficult to give a pass. In one scene they are trillions of light years from the Milky Way. As far as we know the known universe is at most 13-14 billion light years distant from Earth in any given direction, so to be trillions of light years from the Milky Way they'd have to be in a different universe entirely (ignoring whether it's even possible to measure distance between universes). And then in a following scene "hey we will soon be able to rejoin the other crews and start making our way back." Uh, what? Being knocked a few trillion light years off course isn't like accidentally taking the wrong exit off the freeway. To get totally screwed up on your mission you only need to be knocked into the next galaxy, which is only millions of light years away. Hell, [Star Trek] Voyager only got knocked into the Delta Quadrant of the Milky way and was faced with at least 70 years of flying at Warp 10 to get back to the Alpha Quadrant, and that's just 10s of thousands of light years. And there are other junk science things that are annoying and logically inconsistent within the framework of the story. I've done 3 episodes and I don't really like any of the characters, it's not flash when Dr Smith is a considerably better character than any of the other main cast. I'll give it one more episode, but I'll probably be out after that.
  10. Comey only looks good when you put him beside Trump and his defenders.
  11. Watched the first episode last night. Not convinced yet, but I'll give it a few more episodes before I make final judgement. I'm in two minds about flashbacks. I usually find them annoying, because I want to see the story move forward. And Some flashbacks in Episode 1 seemed entirely unnecessary. In some shows, not this one so far, I find them to compliment the story quite well. Done right, and inserted at the right time is a key difference I suppose. The one flashback that was good, and important is the robot one. I was totally expecting it and didn't think I'd react at all, but I did squee a little bit when the robot said "Danger Will Robinson".
  12. I'm sure they believed they could, but if they were solely, or even principally motivated to bring democracy and freedom to Iraq I'd be very surprised. IMO bringing democracy to Iraq was a nice bonus in their mind, but not the real reason they wanted to go in there.
  13. Yeah, but in all (or almost all) cases the US was not at all motivated by a desire to make the other country a democratic utopia. It was always about political and economic power / control. "spreading democracy" was just a fig-leaf to make the US people feel better about US foreign intervention. I'd be interested to know if the US ever engaged in a foreign intervention with a pure motive of helping the local population to establish democracy and freedom. I'm guessing the answer is never. And often the motive in terms of changing the system of government was exactly the opposite.
  14. Just try to be a good parent for 5 minutes, and you will soon realise how easy it is to become a tyrannical oppressor for someone's "own good".
  15. At some point you will become the oppressor.