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    Got layed off from my job so trying to write a book. Wish me luck.

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  1. Stephen R. Donaldson

    I would go with the Thomas Covenant, the Gap series is very dark and written from a very dark perspective. Kinda disturbing.
  2. Reccomend recent debut spec fic. authors

    Is it too bold to recommend my own book? It is called Genetically modified oblivion and it is about what a VW diesel type scandal would look like in GMO foods. I worked for Monsanto and DuPont for 15 years so I do have some significant background. It is science heavy and science realistic.
  3. Bumping for TWOW V4

    Bumping, please be out be HBO this year
  4. Be as unhelpful as possible

    Have you ever thought of the word strawberries? The berries look and taste nothing like straw. Which leader in Westeros is the most like Trump?
  5. Bumping for TWOW V4

    It sounds odd, but ergonomics can lead to headaches. If they have an ergonomics review at your workplace you might want to try it. It really helped me.
  6. Bumping for TWOW V4

  7. Be as unhelpful as possible

    GRRM would have a heart attack, he would need to type the names again. Why is tea for two a thing?
  8. Game of thrones, board game forum edition (sign up thread)

    This looks fun, but I would prefer to watch the first game to get the hang of it. If you need me though, let me know and I will try.
  9. Last One Wins

  10. US Politics- Stay Gold, Pony Boy

    Of course young people are not signing up, it is much cheaper for most of them to stay on their parents healthcare until they are 27, or get healthcare through their employer. One must remember that most folks who sign up for Obamacare do not have healthcare elsewhere, so this whole story is a Republican red herring. Par for the course for the Examiner.
  11. To Hell With you 2016!!!

    This was the worst year of my life! It has ended! Don't Jump!
  12. College Football 2016 - Cracks in the Golden Dome

    Alabama is just too good. Will Clemson or Ohio State offer them a challenge?
  13. First world problems: I need a vacation from my vacation

    Depends on how you want to handle it, the stress of court and the legal system generally does not produce the results actually choosing rehab does. Just sayin'
  14. What is the avatar above you thinking (ver.12?)

    I am the daughter of Walter White.
  15. Has anyone here written a book?

    Thanks. I missed the self promotion thread and took the title of the second too literally. "Writing" vs. "written". I shouldhave looked farther though, my bad.