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  1. Members of the watched turned in the ice cells under the wall as have those at Hardhome. Why not just get someone to change?
  2. help! this seems a huge plot hole. can someone explain why using the dead like what happenedened at the wall in earlier seasons isn't the simpler approach?
  3. Well, for that to happen Rhaegar would need to have slept with the Night Queen, and the Night Queen doesn't exist. Is this why the Night's King is in such a bad mood? He just needs to get laid. If Jon is running the Targs, and Sam is running the Tarly's isn't this thing over already?
  4. Sam would have picked up on the Rhaegar annulment in the books. Also, the pacing is just all wrong, it is moving way too fast.
  5. It changes the dynamic in the Lannister family, but I think that bridge is burned and Tyrion would have no problem killing Cersei no matter what she thinks. The realtionship between Jamie and Tyrion still has legs, and there must be a reason for that.
  6. I think Jon and Dany hook up, and pretty soon. They are not great actors and their "looks" when she gives him dragonglass are as close to smoldering as they can muster. I think all of this is simply meant as prelude. As for Mellisandra, I do think her magic still has a role to play and I think that she thinks Jon is the Prince who was promised, but she seems to be wrong ALOT.
  7. poll

    This site always gets slow when the show season starts, thousands and thousands of new users find the place...
  8. poll

    The funniest modern reference so far this season was when the Lannister army men ask Arya, "Are you old enough to drink?" WTF!!!!! I liked this episode, I do kinda hate the fact that the sand snakes show up on the ships, which would mean in any rational world that the ship were RETURNING from Drone, of course, they weren't returning to Dorne but going there which just makes this another continuity error. D and D make a lot of those...
  9. Can metal have an intelligence quotient? Why does Emilia Clarke, who never had a job before GoT think she is such a great actress?
  10. good episode, the odd way time moves still bugs me (no one knows about the white walker army, but Cersei knows immediately of Frey deaths - WEIRD). I like the Ed Sheehan scene, shows that Arya is not going to be just a killer. I also found it weird that the empty Dragonstone was in perfect condition, clean, and had never been ransacked- YEAH, RIGHT. Overall good episode, but this show needs about twice the episodes left to properly tell the story.
  11. Isn't the Citadel a crazy military college in South Carolina? Is their heroin in Westeros?
  12. seeds we have.
  13. why do they call it anything at all? is lady stoneheart coming to tv?
  14. I would go with the Thomas Covenant, the Gap series is very dark and written from a very dark perspective. Kinda disturbing.
  15. Is it too bold to recommend my own book? It is called Genetically modified oblivion and it is about what a VW diesel type scandal would look like in GMO foods. I worked for Monsanto and DuPont for 15 years so I do have some significant background. It is science heavy and science realistic.