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  1. why would they bring Jorah? Jon? Brienne? Dany? forsake no reason for Missandrei. Come on. Gendry before most of these. Lets just bring everyone so if Cersei kills us all the entire story ends, no way GRRM writes it like that.
  2. that was a joke, thanks for playing. (joke about supersonic ravens and runners)
  3. Exactly. That is what I'm talking about!
  4. Yes, I think that might be the show happily-ever-after for Arya. Doubt it happens in the books.
  5. Didn't he also fly to Dragonstone or something?
  6. Why did they bring the entire crew to KL but not Gendry? Seems a bit odd, and I hope Gendry does play a role moving forward. He needs to lead the Baratheons.
  7. Agree, since I think Jon's consciousness will be in Ghost as he resurrects that would have been great. I also think Nymeria will play a much bigger role in the books, not simply leaving for another hunt.
  8. Ran - we need a "rate the season" thread!
  9. Whose face will she use? I would love it if she killed Qyburn and used his!
  10. What if the baby is some kind of genetic mutation from all the inbreeding?
  11. I agree completely, but this is the huge problem with the TV show for book readers. If LF defends himself the scene takes too long and gets boring. This is why we don't get full storylines and character development and whole armies move without orders or motivation.
  12. This sucks. We need more Nymeria too. How great would it have been to have Nymeria rip LF throat out?
  13. 8 a lot better than last week, which was the worst episode of the entire show. they should have killed off theon instead of making him a hero next season though
  14. I don't even understand what you are saying, I am not 12. You are being intentionally obtuse and you know it. Just as I predicted, the Unsullied never speak to Dany on the show, never know what is happening in the rest of Westeros, and magically show up at KL right on time. That is great writing. And the Dornish Army? I guess D and D forgot they existed.
  15. You are a troll. Either you don't understand plot and have never read the books, or you are simply stupid. Quit trolling. Move along.