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  1. Football - Leicester's Shakespearean Tragedy

    If either player was suddenly going to find his form when it mattered, I'd back one of the best strikers in the world over Pratto. I struggle to find any sympathy for Maxi Lopez. I see no reason why his wife should show him any more loyalty than he showed to her. Admittedly saying no to Messi is a difficult position for Bauza to find himself in, especially whilst he is still trying to establish himself. Maybe someone like Giovanni Simeone would be a decent pick - playing regularly in a top league and scoring a good number of goals. He has performed pretty well at youth level as well it seems.
  2. Football - Leicester's Shakespearean Tragedy

    Slightly ridiculous that the country of Messi, Higuain, Aguero, Dybala and Icardi has ended up with Angel Correa and Lucas Pratto as their strikers. One good thing to come out of this international break is John Egan making his Ireland debut. Well deserved. He'll be a fixture in their defence for years to come.
  3. Why was Marissa Frey's head shaved?

    As it was the Maester who did it and he swears that it will grow back again, it is almost certainly due to lice.
  4. Did Rickon Stark try to make alliance with Tywin?

    I've seen worse. You can argue anything through selective quotation.
  5. Most complex relationship of asoiaf

    Tywin-Tyrion and Arya-Sansa are probably the two relationships with the most dynamics.
  6. valonqar twist

    A non self-fulling prophecy would be weak writing, rendering the paranoia so thoroughly explored in AFFC pointless. Why is it even included if the valonqar would have killed Cersei anyway? If GRRM does it well, as I trust he will, then her demise will come about predominantly as a result of the actions taken to avoid it. Jaime is the best choice on these grounds - turning ever further against her rule as she descends into tyranny driven by fear of Tyrion. Whilst you could argue for Tyrion too on this basis, it lacks the standard extra ironic twists of Cersei's realisation that she had misinterpreted Maggy's words all along, that Jaime is not the younger sibling in a way one would usually expect and the betrayal coming from someone so close to her. The only other character having close to the same dramatic impact would be Margaery, for Cersei's hostility to her arose at least partly from another part of the prophecy. But that lacks the same poignancy as she was never a close confidante of Cersei's and was identified early on as a potential threat, as well as not having to rely on a rather shaky interpretation of whose younger sibling it is. Even if it might be obvious to people on here - though those on a forum to discuss the books are far from the average reader - something so perfectly measured falling into place is much better than a messy compromise relying on shock value for satisfaction alone. Jaime being the valonqar would hold up infinitely better on a re-read. I think that is demonstrated by the numerous visitings of the Oedipus myth by tragedians (which happens to share a good deal of similarities in setting - i.e. an incestuous, collapsing royal family ridden by infighting).
  7. Wow, I never noticed that v.15

    There is an SSM where GRRM pretty much admits it was an error:
  8. Pivotal Characters and Choice

    I think Arya needs a more complex conflict. From her thoughts she only goes along with the FM as she feels there is no other choice, and as soon as it seems viable to go back to being Arya Stark she will. Maybe it could be between doing what she feels is just and protecting her family. I never like the vengeance/justice dichotomy. In Westeros it is basically tantamount to getting a corrupt and patriarchal society's approval to do pretty much what she is doing anyway,
  9. Why women don't take black

    If the rules regarding women were to change it would only ever be a result of desperation or the nature of the watch fundamentally changing. Both seem plausible possibilities to me.
  10. Which major characters do you like or think are interesting? I guessed Dany as she was one of the few not on your list.
  11. You are a Dany fan, I guess? Really, really random and please don't take offence, but the formatting of your user name irrationally irritates me.
  12. Why women don't take black

    Westeros is not that progressive. I think that might change - largely out of desperation than belief it is the right thing to do though.
  13. Why women don't take black

    They don't want the men having children and wives, for their loyalty will be to them instead of to their duty. As Maester Aemon says: Given how often the issue is mentioned in various ways, I think there is a decent chance of the policy changing by the end of the series. Maybe some of the wildling women, maybe Brienne or maybe Arya will be the first.
  14. Is there evidence beyond the Littlefinger quote to suggest that Lyn Corbray is a paedophile?
  15. Nym glanced over a shoulder, to where her companions rode a dozen lengths behind. "I was abed with the Fowler twins when the word reached me," the captain heard her say. (A Feast for Crows - The Captain Of Guards) This and plenty of other references to her closeness to Jeyne and Jennelyn Fowler.