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  1. God knows how bad Ward must be if he can't make the bench over those two then.
  2. One shit game after the fans and press have needlessly got on your back and you are written off. Good luck Danny, you're gonna need it.
  3. Neymar sent off in Le Classique with PSG 2-1 down with 5 to go.
  4. I don't think the absence of Lallana should be underestimated. He is the crucial player in getting Klopp's system working so that the defence can get by without much organisation. Other than that year at Southampton, Lovren has always been that player. If I remember correctly Lyon were not too unhappy to see him leave as he was so prone to errors. The difference is now he is 28 not in the early stages of his career and if he were to change permanently it would have happened by now. Better a one dimensional manager who creates this than the one who plays for a 0-0 vs this Liverpool defence.
  5. Even a St Pauli fan agreeing HSV didn't deserve a red. Never thought I'd see the day. 'Finally' is a bit much when Tolisso's goal was their first shot on target. Marco Fritz now literally blocking a Hamburg through-ball seems a rather apt summary of his performance.
  6. Hamburg royally screwed by the referee. Jung given a red card for the most textbook yellow of the season in stopping a counter. They had given nothing up to Bayern until then. Such a familiar story. It's one of the reasons toppling Bayern is almost impossible. Like Fergie-era United times 100. It was nice when that aura disappeared for a few weeks under Ancelotti - probably one of the main reasons he got the boot.
  7. Was pretty good last year. Just all the strong sides apart from United ended up on the same side of the draw and the winners of it bottled it int he final.
  8. As well as Sansa+Sandor being much more likely, she is not Jon's type. It is totally not a coincidence that Arya is.
  9. There is nothing in the books to suggest Jon and Sansa.
  10. Sevilla getting taken apart 5-1 by Spartak Moscow must go down as shock of this set of matches and is more good news for Liverpool. Sevilla going for another Europa League title it seems. All three Bundesliga sides being let down by their keepers this year. Ulreich understandable as a second choice, Burki unfortunate as otherwise pretty decent, but probably time for Mvogo to take over from Gulasci.
  11. Italy and Croatia have more talent than the Swiss, but both have been rather shambolic this qualifying. In a way they would have been better draws as you can see where Northern Ireland would have an edge but Switzerland probably have just as cohesive a unit as you but with greater quality. Only Belgium, Germany and Spain picked up more points than them. They were unlucky Portugal played very well too, as they picked up the most points possible for a non-qualifier. Denmark really was the ideal seed to be drawn against.
  12. Thanks for doing the hosting Helena. Probably my turn now. I'll set up a thread in a couple of weeks.
  13. Fair to say Icardi's relationship with the Inter ultras has improved. He was brilliant tonight. A little fortunate that the last minute penalty was given against Rodriguez for his hat-trick though.
  14. No 1 at Club Brugge now. A step down on Howard and Guzan at their peak, but should be ahead of the MLS guys for his ambition if nothing else.
  15. Also Ethan Horvath who is playing in Europe and is only 22 (and Jonathan Klinsmann ). Terrible with Bolton too. One of those mainly responsible for them dropping into League One for last season.