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  1. This is the same Barcelona that let Thiago go for £20m because they didn't play him on the last day of the season to ensure his release clause stayed high when Xavi was on the way out and he then developed into the best in his position worldwide. This is the same Barcelona who bought Paulinho when Seri was available at the same price and Matuidi at half that. Draxler's best reference is that Barca ignored him. If someone offers you more than a player is worth and you can adequately replace them then sell. It is foolish to put pride ahead of reason to that degree. If the reports saying most the new money from that is in unlikely to be activated add-ons are correct then selling at this stage might be unadvisable, but £120m is ludicrous. Coutinho is a great player, but to say he is the heart of Liverpool's attack seems excessive. Mane is around the same ability, as is Salah. Bring in another to provide competition and depth to account for Champions League football and they will be fine.
  2. Maybe not Van Dijk, but PSG apparently have been offering Draxler around at a pretty reasonable price as Neymar has taken his spot.
  3. Liverpool should accept at that price. Bring in Draxler and Van Dijk to improve the team as a whole at little outlay.
  4. I don't see it personally. It would be a very random story for Meera to tell Bran, especially when the Reeds expected Bran to know about it. Also, Stannis wouldn't prove anything if he was the KotLT anonymously, and the Weirwood is a strange choice of sigil for someone who does not worship the old gods.
  5. My top three would be Jardim, Zidane and Allegri in that order. As you say, there is no way Zidane isn't going to win, though. Tite deserves the nomination, but needs the World Cup before he can think about getting near the podium. His record against South American opposition is impeccable, but that midfield still looks fragile if it were to face one of the big European sides. For the club managers, it seems you either have to win your league or be in La Liga or the Premier League - at which point managing a big club is enough. I would much rather see Bosz, Favre, Hassenhüttl, Nagelsmann or Sarri over Enrique, Mourinho and Guardiola who had pretty underwhelming years.
  6. The names of the direwolves are hugely important and reflective of their owner's storylines. The death of Lady marks the beginning of the process that leads to Sansa's alienation from the traditional concept of ladyhood. Jon will likely spend some time in Ghost before coming back in Winds. Robb's reign was short and powerful blast from the North. Bran's story is about the struggle to see summer once again. The name Shaggydog doesn't look promising for Rickon as it means a protracted story that goes nowhere - could easily fit what we have so far and him being the only remaining non-POV Stark kid. A kinder interpretation would be that it reflects his wildness, with the dog rather than wolf showing that he has spent too long away from the Starks at an early age. The wolf Nymeria has already started to echo Princess Nymeria in not only leading a pack but uniting all the disparate groups in the Riverlands into one. Even if you think the names have no relevance it is obvious that the wolves' characteristics match their owner's personality (e.g. Lady being very delicate and Shaggydog wild). To reiterate in greater depth the point I made above, both Arya and Nymeria are commonly classed as fighters when their strengths lie predominantly in their strategic ability. To quote the World of Ice and Fire: "In the songs, Nymeria is said to have been a witch and a warrior; neither of these claims is true. Though she did not bear arms in battle, she led her soldiers on many battlefields, commanding them with cunning and skill." Many readers come away with the impression that Arya too is a warrior (not helped by a certain adaptation). This is despite her training in the House of Black and White revolving around languages, deception and making full use of her senses. Whenever she tries to fight anyone, Arya fails as she is only a little girl despite her enthusiasm. However, she demonstrates her cunning multiple times - most notably in tricking Jaqen into assisting her Weasel Soup plot. The lateral thinking she uses to get the most out of her one wish in a short amount of time is extraordinary for someone of her age. Although the Maester writing the World of Ice and Fire is sceptical of the claims Nymeria had any magical abilities, the order as a whole looks down on belief in such practices. It is very conceivable that Nymeria was indeed a witch, much as Arya is a powerful warg - comfortably the second most powerful of the Stark kids.
  7. Quite amusing. GRRM inserts the idea that Nymeria is perceived as a warrior queen, but actually had many more strings to her bow as a way of indicating to the readers that there is also much to her parallel, Arya, as well. Then the conclusion that you take away is quite the opposite, that Arya and Nymeria aren't actually similar after all. Arya is very much a leader and a strategist. Yes, it doesn't go perfectly first time around, but it would hardly be a compelling character arc if she was brilliant to begin with. Sansa not having lead people yet does not put you off suggesting her involvement, and nor should it - but leading her people to a new homeland is much more in line with Arya due to the Nymeria parallels. She had nothing to offer them. It is to her credit that she got them to risk their lives sticking with her as far as she did. It doesn't sound like something Arya would like to do, no. But what kind of story just lets characters do what they want to do all the time? Becoming the wife to a lord and having to live through her children is the anathema of what Arya wants at the start of the story. Arya's endgame being the realisation that she has to commit to this future for the good of her people, putting their needs ahead of her own personal desires, is a perfectly formed arc - encompassing the major themes of her storyline (identity, leadership, self sacrifice, etc) and neatly fits into the bittersweet ending GRRM promises. She not allowed a plot of her own?
  8. A booming voice does not necessarily need to be deep. Often it will be but it only has to be loud and reverberating.
  9. Seems like Glenn Tamplin and Billericay are a great new addition to the cast of the soap. There are enough plot lines there to last for years. I totally understand the lure of Scottish football as a bit of an antidote to the Premier League, but despise both Rangers and Celtic, so that has always been a bit of a put off to following it closely.
  10. That this is a pretty niche subject, especially outside of the country in which it is taking place - meaning that I checked that was what he was talking about before replying fully.
  11. Not that it did Theon any good, but losing Winterfell was a major blow to Stark prestige that acted as a catalyst for Roose's betrayal. Likewise, losing Casterly Rock should be a clear sign the Lannisters are done. Strategically, it protects the third largest city in Westeros and possibly its largest port and the three roads that lead into the hinterland. Such a strong defensive position in close proximity to a large natural harbour is pretty unique. Like Greywater Watch
  12. I thought Liverpool defended better tonight than they did against Watford (only saw the first half of that game in full though), especially from set pieces. With a bit better finishing from Hoffenheim or understanding between Gnabry and the other forwards they could have got a draw or better which would have been fair. I suppose the difference was Matip playing relatively well tonight rather than poorly on the weekend.
  13. Seemed a random thing for a Polish guy to be starting a topic about, but couldn't think what else it would be. I hadn't heard about the change before. I guess it will help clubs out who are struggling financially as the distances they will need to travel to away matches will be reduced. The leagues being reduced in size also hopefully will lead to less wear on non-3g pitches and therefore postponements. Whilst they are making changes, giving another promotion spot to get into the Football League would be beneficial. There always seems to be a backlog at the top of the National League when only one side can go up automatically and those who are promoted generally do well immediately in League 2.
  14. Given how bad Moreno has looked and TAA's emergence at right back, I wonder if Clyne could move over to left back. I remember he played there relatively often for Palace.