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  1. Doves and Pigeons are practically the same thing.
  2. Rather predictable. Ajax got this far on their home form and have looked very shaky away from Amsterdam. The dull style of football Mourinho favours, especially lately and in finals was the best way of negating Ajax's play. Although it is hard to say they were not the best team on paper in the tournament, it would have been nice if United had faced some of the bigger names on the other side of the draw or even Ajax across 2 legs.
  3. Relegated by Christmas was exaggeration for rhetorical effect - but Boro and Sunderland this year and Villa the season before barely put up a fight. I would agree that it is not likely that the proposal would pass, but is what I would do if given free reign to reform. Besides, the Premier League has contracted before, admittedly before the money grew anywhere near as large. One way in which the bigger clubs might be able to do it is by threatening leaving entirely to join a super league. If it is a choice between reduced access to the top-6 or no access, they would probably play along.
  4. Much as I love the opportunity the League Cup gives for lower league sides to be drawn against Premier League teams with only one win, I'd be happy to see it go, as long as the FA Cup is retained in close to its present format. Also I'd reduce the League to 18 teams - it would get rid of four matches, allowing a winter break to be added and one or two of the midweek rounds to be removed. Pretty much every year there are one or two teams who are relegated by Christmas, so I don't think that they would be a huge loss. The other benefit would be that more teams would have something to fight for at the end of the season - a Europa League spot guaranteed for 6th place with no League Cup and relegation down to 16th. You just need to look at Pulis teams' records once they have reached 40 points to see the situation at the moment.
  5. That is quite the caveat. Sounds like desperate Premier League marketing after the recent failures. Even if it is true, then La Liga and Ligue 1's title races have been superior to the PL's this season - yet they accounted for 3 of the 4 semi final places.
  6. And Sunderland agreed to kick the ball out to let it happen. Should get a points deduction for spot fixing next season. At least the honour guard took so long it will go down as an ignominious 28th minute sub in the records book.
  7. Didn't realise Braunschweig's fans had that association. One of the things you miss watching from outside and not speaking German. True. One of the consequences of the absent fan culture is that it is an easy place just to languish and pick up the pay cheque. Looks like Rodriguez has already agreed to move to Milan. One of the many that desperately needs a fresh start.
  8. Nothing quite like a last minute Hamburg great escape. Though that clock does annoy me, I'd rather see Wolfsburg go down - especially against a local rival in Braunschweig. Even if it is Hannover, it is still nearby. That said I think they are almost certain to win over two legs. Braunschweig monumentally blowing their automatic hopes at Bielefeld will take a lot of getting over and it has been a while since the 2.Bundesliga side won anyway. I'd like to see the playoffs stopped, in favour of three automatic pro/rel spots. HSV's continued mediocrity since their two let-offs shows that the lucky sides don't always make best use of their reprieve. I'd rather have seen Hoffenheim get third, as with their coefficient and some of the other teams going into the qualifying round, I don't think they will get through. It would have been hard enough even if they had not lost two of their key players in Süle and Rudy to Bayern. Also, nice to see Köln reach Europe - they have been too long away for a club of their stature. Millwall promoted to the Championship (urgh) and pulling their usual shit at Wembley.
  9. She is in character at that point, explaining why she refers to herself in the third person. Arya then gets a bit wistful, so reminds herself to get back in character. There is nothing to definitively prove either interpretation, but the girl being Arya fits with the established facts and has a greater symbolic importance than if it referred to Sansa. It also fits with the way GRRM writes POVs in general and especially Arya's in Feast and Dance. We do not see everything, particularly when she is supposed to be in character but thinks or acts as Arya - the best example being the exclusion of her execution of Dareon from the Cat of the Canals chapter. Is this a further example showing Arya liking lemon cakes in AGOT? I know Sansa at this point is the kind of person to assume that everyone must like the things she does (shown by her mentioning that they will get to spend time with Cersei in selling the trip to Arya), but maybe she knows that it is something that her sister would actually enjoy. Arya never refutes that part of her initial statement with the response only relating to the queen. Whereas the Cersei argument is dropped, Sansa also repeats the lemon cake one in the second plea, which Arya again never denies.
  10. As someone who living in a similar liberal bubble, there is nothing the Tories could do that they would approve of. I'm not a fan of this government either, though there are several qualities of May's that I admire (many more professed than demonstrated, unfortunately) and a decent number of good ideas in the manifesto, but most my friends find even the negatives in the policies she's nicked off Labour. Not that this ludicrous partisanship is limited to young liberals as the Christchurch Tories show.
  11. I think she will meet up with Arya beforehand, possibly crowning her with the one she recovered from the Freys. Maybe Arya will see the suffering she is in and put her out of her misery - showing the development from when she could not bring herself to give mercy to Sandor as she felt he did not deserve death. Another possibility is that LS's targets stops hanging those who are guilty or look incredibly guilty and starts targeting all those associated with the Freys regardless of their support or involvement in the Red Wedding. As a result Arya feels compelled to stop her mother as it is not just.
  12. I've seen lots of people assume it was Sansa, as she is the most famous fan of lemon cakes, but I'm pretty sure that the girl is indeed Arya. The use of the past tense fits in well with the association of lemons and innocence - just as she does not count herself as loving lemon cakes anymore, Arya is no longer naïve.
  13. Huddersfield through to the playoff final. Like Brighton, they would be a breath of fresh air in the Premier League if they can beat Reading. David Wagner deserves lots of credit for assembling a side on a low budget that was expected to battle the drop and taking them so far. Especially with a high energy pressing system and many players used to a 34 game league season rather than 49.
  14. I don't see why Maege would disguise Lyanna as her own daughter, when she could just as easily be her niece or why GRRM would consider it to be a plot twist worth inserting into the books.
  15. Morata seems like a better makeweight in a De Gea transfer. He is apparently unhappy at not getting starts in the important matches, is probably a more realistic target than Griezmann and has a ridiculous minutes per goal record this season. I don't see why Kroos would want to move from being a first team fixture at Real Madrid, even if they were willing to get rid of him. Likewise James seems a poor fit for Man Utd and Man Utd a poor fit for him.