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  1. King Benjen in the North, unless Rhaegar's coup is successful and Lyanna lives to persuade him otherwise.
  2. Once everyone has described or drawn for every chain.
  3. With Costa going, they will only have as many wingers as last year if Gnabry doesn't get loaned out. Even if Robben and Ribery are fit, the two should be in the first team more regularly next year - though I doubt Ancelotti will willingly give them the chance. Unlike Coman and Kimmich who deserved more of a shot, Sanches was just bad when he played. Unless he improves a lot, I doubt he will be adding much to Arsenal's midfield. Maybe Goretzka would be a good idea. Schalke can cash in on an asset instead of losing another player on a free and Arsenal get a quality and flexible midfielder. He'd make a good buy for Liverpool too, as a more realistic target than Naby Keita.
  4. Intriguing. Thanks for sending the bonus.
  5. Just noticed, who is the seventh mystery player? I'll have a bonus if there is one going.
  6. Surprised Littlefinger even bothered with the Knights of the Vale when he could have just fought the Boltons in his mind. It reads like one of those horrible motivation quotes idiots post on Facebook.
  7. I get what you mean, but still somewhat disagree that the similarity is deliberate. Arya's strong emotions seem more like Stark wolfbloodedness than Tully fixation - seen not just in a twisted form as Stoneheart, but also Lysa with Sweetrobin and Cat with Bran after his fall. Undeniably Arya has many similarities to her mother as well as her father. What I love about her and Sansa is how they both take a mix of their parents' attributes, creating two very distinct but believable characters.
  8. It seems more like that's the wolfblood in Arya, combined with her high levels of empathy and an upbringing that emphasised the importance of justice. Whilst there are times early in the books where her emotions get the better of her, these were always short lived and as the series unfolds she learns to channel them. That is born out in the differing approaches between LS and Arya. LS cares only about vengeance - kill as many Freys and Lannisters as is possible. Arya meanwhile is far more even handed and just, only including those she knows personally to have committed heinous crimes on her list.
  9. The 'van hit pedestrians' line was also used initially for the London Bridge attack by most media outlets. Given that a suspect was taken alive, the press will also have to be more careful in their coverage to avoid undermining any trial.
  10. The conversation between the ref and the VAR team needs to be broadcast on tv and to the crowd. Worked pretty well, but for too long it was uncertain what was being checked and those at the game are probably still wondering.
  11. Not even the teams. Germany taking a B squad. Generally makes for entertaining matches, with over 4 goals a game last time, for casual watching.
  12. Salah better than Pjanic? I'd've said the opposite. Dzeko should stay though, at least - or do you think the partnership with Salah was the main reason for his success?
  13. I think the fish in the wolf's mouth foreshadowing has already played out with Nymeria fishing Cat's body out of the Trident. That'd be an interesting read.
  14. The Football League managed to screw up the League Cup first round draw. Charlton given two fixtures and two non-seeds playing each other. Karma for hosting it in Bangkok for sponsorship reasons.
  15. Certainly news to me that I'm on the hard left.