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  1. They do say inside every fat man, there's a thin man trying to get out.
  2. Or repeatedly asking Leon Bailey about Bob Marley and weed cause he's Jamaican.
  3. Been expected for so long that it does not rankle too much. I don't blame him for wanting to go, but maintaining the pretense for so long that he was considering renewing when everyone knew it was a lie seems unnecessary. Though nowhere near as good a player, Meyer will be worse if he leaves given all the club has done for him. No doubt he would settle straight back into bad habits as soon as he left Tedesco and returned to attacking midfield.
  4. You should take a leaf out of Liverpool's book - Steven Caulker is available on a free.
  5. Bonus describe now available for anyone who wants to cut my 7pt lead.
  6. Karius should have done better, but these things happen from time to time. As Liverpool fans and the media has decided he is rubbish he gets slaughtered for things that other keepers rightfully get the benefit of the doubt for. He has done well every time I've seen him in the Champions League where he's had consistency of selection. Despite all the calls for Ward to get a shot, the last thing Liverpool need is a third keeper knowing any slight mistake could see them dropped. I find it quite funny that Leno is the second most wanted replacement after Oblak. Maybe Karius lacks the mentality for a big club, but he was twice the keeper than Leno in the Bundesliga, who is well into the bottom half of number 1s.
  7. Kicker say no bid has been made, but BVB believe Aubameyang has been in contact with another club - which would make sense with the Mislintat connection at Arsenal. Seems like it could be a pretty good move all round with Dortmund getting rid of a troublesome player coming towards the end of his peak for good money, Arsenal making a statement that they are not accepting 6th for the foreseeable future and PEA getting a fresh start & a tonne of money.
  8. Polish Genius beat me to it.
  9. Wouldn't it have made more sense for Pittsburgh to kick the field goal once they were in easy range - giving them the maximum time trying to get a single score - rather than pissing around to get the touchdown then, leaving only a second?
  10. Can I have a bonus, please Pebbles.
  11. Wonder who they would go with to replace Zidane. I think they would be best off keeping him as their requirements are so niche - someone with enough political capital to make moderately pragmatic moves like playing a holding midfielder, moderately tactically competent but without any desire to introduce tactical ideas of their own. With Ronaldo coming towards the end of his career, anyone of lesser stature than Zidane will find managing the transition impossible.
  12. Eligibility just goes on and on in the Premier League. James Milner won it in his eighth full top-flight season. He's 32 now and has still played fewer league games since winning the award than he had before.
  13. It is a pretty clear overpayment, but Liverpool know they had the Neymar money and everyone now knows they have the Coutinho money. I doubt they would have got Salah for £40m had this move come before. As for replacing him, I would not look for a specialist winger or number 10 but a natural number 8 or 'free-8' (as KdB described his role) who, even if he lacks Coutinho's brilliance, can facilitate Mane, Firmino and Salah in addition to signing a proper DM. With those players tending to be cheaper, I still think Liverpool can be a better side despite Coutinho's exit despite the surplus they'll need to pay, especially if Lallana can ever come back at near his level of last season.
  14. Yes, it's not as good as last season - though that was an especially bumper year. As others have said, many of the League Two sides are no bigger than those at the top of non-league. Lincoln, for example, have gone on to be one of the better sides in L2 after winning promotion as well last season. That being said, most of the teams through to the third round are the more traditional League One and Two sides, so there aren't too many prospective Premier League trips to tiny grounds. Fleetwood vs Leicester looks good for that, but if Wimbledon can get a draw at Wembley, then Spurs visiting Kingsmeadow is probably the best that can be hoped for. The League Cup is actually good for David vs Goliath fixtures (about all that it is good for), given that L1 and L2 teams only need to win once for a shot and twice for a near certainty of getting a big draw given the seeding systems. As it is treated less seriously than the FA Cup there is a decent shot at an upset too.
  15. The kidnapping in wildling marriage customs is ritualistic - resembling more the 'capturing' of Spartan wives by their husbands than actual rape. Tormund's disgusted reaction to the story is because rape is not a culturally accepted practice amongst them.