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  1. Joe Hart proving his uselessness once again tonight. Stoke fans were chanting ‘England’s number four’ at him which seemed a bit generous. Meanwhile in the Bundesliga, Pablo de Blasis becomes the first player to score during half time.
  2. Milan vs Napoli Derby della Capitale Revierderby PSG vs Monaco O Classico PSV vs Ajax Old Firm Derby Galatasaray vs Basaksehir All today, all can decide or practically decide titles and champions league places.
  3. Says more about the atmosphere of the Premier League that Liverpool are top than how good the Anfield crowd are. Yes it is substantially better on big European nights, but nothing more than teams in most leagues face on a regular basis.
  4. Better news for Red Bull in Austria, where Slazburg have scored four in twenty mins to go 6-5 up over Lazio. Cannot think of a better few days of football.
  5. Marseille vs Leipzig has been madness. OM gone from all but out when RBL got the away goal, to in the lead, to back behind on away goals when Payet's wonderstrike was disallowed - all in 20 mins.
  6. Direwolves were real animals. How do you screw up the translation of a word you language already has?!? Wikipedia says the actual animal is called Jättevarg in Swedish, Pravlk obrovský in Czech, Canis dirus (just its scientific name) in French and Reuzenwolf in Dutch.
  7. Who else, in their hour of need, is going to look after a perennially dysfunctional, well-supported club with its glory days well in the past than another one? I'm sure Schalke fans will accept a repeat of the last derby - with the four goals down in 25 minutes. What is happening to FCSP and the 2. Liga, by the way? In 15th, only three points off the relegation play-off, but four points away from 4th.
  8. And yet, you could say much of the same about Arya. Labelling Dany as feminine and Arya as masculine is ludicrously reductive. Arya has many traditionally feminine and traditionally masculine traits - pointless though these classifications may be when Westerosi society allows such a narrow range of activities for women.You would probably be right if you argued that such a simplification also occurs amongst many of those who claim to be fans of Arya, who erroneously view her as masculine and like her because of it.
  9. Why do people feel the need to strip female characters of all nuance, force them into caricatures of themselves and pit them in a deathmatch from which only one true likeable woman can emerge? At least Arya vs Dany makes a nice change to Arya vs Sansa, I guess.
  10. In a way, the second half was the more impressive one from Liverpool. We all knew what Liverpool were capable of going forward and Salah’s goal could easily have been ruled out for offside - making the margin considerably less daunting. However, giving away no shots on target or meaningful chances despite the tiredness from the early exertions and City’s increasing pressure was a brilliant achievement from a defence that has been ropy at times this season. Special credit to Alexander Arnold who has been targeted recently, but dealt with Sane perfectly.
  11. 0-0 in the rearranged Milan derby at half time. Icardi with a goal disallowed by VAR for a fractional offside a minute or two after he’d scored. Let Donnarumma off the hook, who went down way too early for the 1 on 1. Now Icardi misses an absolute sitter. Wow.
  12. Love how Barzagli was fouling Benzema, when it was the better idea on every level to let him go - so he’d get in Ronaldo’s way or take the shot himself.
  13. Harsh on Sophocles and Euripides. I thought their attempts were pretty good. Unfortunately I must agree with Spockydog that it was poor. I wonder if they would have had more luck if they actually adapted the Iliad rather than tried to do the entire Trojan War - with its vast scope, numerous contradictory versions and no single source covering the whole thing.
  14. Oh my god Zlatan. So relieved I can like him again now he's left United.